TYT – Extended Clip July 26, 2011

February 24th, 2012

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24 Responses

  1. brandonmbarbosa1010 says:

    Great video!?

  2. Fly2Azeroth says:

    I will? stay hear in Europe

  3. MrRager84 says:

    holy shit who’s? the blonde at 27:41?

  4. TheGravygun says:

    I? tink he is on drugs honey?

  5. FrogsGames says:

    I got bored and searched my birth date.? Hmm.

  6. Partyffs says:

    “And i give onto thee all the seed bearing plants” bible.
    PS correct pronunciation of? bible is( bi-bli.)

  7. Partyffs says:

    @mdt2189 amen? ^^

  8. mdt2189 says:

    I hate the large banks. To learn more about them, you should google Zeitgeist and Zeitgeist:? Addendum.

  9. jpkm123 says:

    @Shangori I’m from Europe as well which is why TYT pisses me off when they pronounce on matters they clearly haven’t done the slighest bit of research on. ?

  10. musicbcwalk says:

    Love Cenk cause he’s fuckin real.?

  11. downwithbreeders says:

    Blah blah blah blah blah SMOKE! blah? blah blah blah SMOKE! blah blah blah blah blah blah blah SMOKE!

  12. downwithbreeders says:

    Just to let? everyone know I’m not racist, but, tele-prompters are nigga-technology!

  13. 157626 says:

    Amazing – You can’t make? this stuff up!

  14. thesarcasticliberal says:

    Cenk is? my favorite liberal sources of information (second being Olbermann). Cenk doesn’t distort facts, has an insightful take on subjects, and is amusing. Being an unemployed PoliSci grad i started a blog giving a liberal take on current events while trying to be amusing? at the same time. While I admit that I am not in the same league as Cenk, I believe that people who enjoy the young turks would enjoy my writing. Comments and critique are very welcome


  15. robertb2468 says:

    I see we have? a lot TEAPARTY HOBBITS here,Thanks John McCain for the new and proper name for this cult that you presented on the senate floor.

  16. MorbidAngelification says:

    I <3 TYT? extended clips!

  17. MorbidAngelification says:

    @TAz69x Yea if your a? modern catholic.

  18. jschultzVII says:

    You cannot beat someone like that, I get it? puts the dude’s business in jeopardy, and I understand his anger…. but damn that’s over-reaction at it’s worst. If it’s such a concern, you need to turn the evidence over to the cops. That’s why we have laws, to put people who do wrong in jail. I also have a serious hatred for sucker punching people and kicking them after they’re down. That’s not how a man fights. If you gotta do it, go out back and square up… at least thats what I was taught.

  19. kutgangmusic says:

    so the story is correct i actually went to jail becus the guy who i hired and his brother refuse to own up to the drugs the cops found in the shop and then came back into to the shop after we got out asking for his job back …then when i asked him if he was gonna take responsibility for him and his brothers wrong doing he told me no hecouldnt and basically i was on my own i didnt? intend to spaz but when he servedme the line “im just as salty as you are i lost it”

  20. SensitiveVirmin1234 says:

    the Ronald Reagan comment me me laugh?

  21. MTVVH1sucks says:

    @philipsidney PS I never said that I should be above the law, If I got my revenge and then got caught I believe that I should go to prison for what I had done to that tuff guy barber lol seriously lock me up! I would have shot that mother fucker in both legs and then tortured the shit out of him hahaha but I believe after that? I should go to prison for at least a couple years. I would not give a fuck either I would serve the time with a smile on my face.

  22. MTVVH1sucks says:

    @philipsidney “both sides of my mouth”? why because I believe that violence should be justified? I could have someone follow me around with a camera all day filming me beat people’s asses then turn around and claim I was doing it for one reason or another but the reality is unless you are clearly defending yourself or others then you are just a criminal. I on the other hand identify more with the (victim) or as you? call him “the drug dealer” because the video shows him being victimized

  23. philipsidney says:

    @MTVVH1sucks You’re still talking out of both sides of your face. When you say we shouldn’t rush to judgement, we should consider? evidence, etc. it sounds like you believe in the law. Then you say, “. . . fuck with me and I will kill you end of story.” Are you saying that the barber and I should believe in the justice system, but you are beyond it?

    Being such a bad ass, how come you identify more strongly with the dealer than with the barber? He’s the bad ass in this scenario!

  24. atenschnplies says:

    Cenk? I love you, but don’t do stories on europe without doing any research. Virtually every story you do on europe is misinformed.

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