TYT – Extended Clip July 6, 2011

January 20th, 2012

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. KayMyrtadq246 says:

    mmh? meine brüste wachsen

  2. TomekHujek151 says:

    nice vid man ? amazing vid dude

  3. CssAfc says:

    @Csforce Your names like? my name!

  4. CssAfc says:

    PLEASE, do a video about the Eurozone crisis, Greece, England. I would? be so grateful, we don’t have independent media like you guys in europe. Thanks x

  5. Csforce says:

    @RevLuti0N I mean? stfu

  6. RevLuti0N says:

    @Csforce What do? they mean with TURKS ?

  7. Csforce says:

    Turks are? NUMBER 1

  8. underbjorn says:

    @sooperfukker —
    Damn, you? are right.

  9. sooperfukker says:

    @underbjorn these are mere estimate numbers, gathering hits from all google servers, without proper filtering … they haven’t got to do anything? with the “real” amount of related search results… You need to put the search terms in brackets… then you get proper results.. example:

    “stupid jews” = about 25.500 hits
    “stupid muslims” = about 61.100 hits
    “stupid europeans” = about 26.900 hits
    “stupid americans” = about 453.000 hits

    so the real factor isn’t 1:4 , but 1:17 #LOL

  10. underbjorn says:

    @erdal0 —
    Google “stupid Americans”, 62 600 000 hits.
    “stupid Europeans”, 14 900 000 hits.
    Stasticially speaking, Americans is 4 times dumber but because they have the God-mode bonus, they walk down to over 9000 times dumber.
    And that was all from the “Fox News is? true because many watches it” show.

  11. erdal0 says:

    usa, the land? of the dumb and the fugly

  12. tstruss912 says:

    @Fangtorn ? hahaha. Yes, then bad show could be called “a sprained ankle”.

  13. AnswerFortyTwox says:

    @moestietabarnak Preach my brother (or Sister) preach! To much truth in that statement? it’s awful..

  14. orchoose says:

    I guess Michael was getting ? some feedback about his performence on TYT. like he is boring , doing ´´ehm´´ to often ect…. So he is trying ,and i must say its better, ofcourse he will never be Cenk.. but he is inproving and that important .. GJ Michael

  15. PassionateMistress says:

    @aaronsande Good? idea! Thanks : )

  16. Fangtorn says:

    @benchfordeath Um, no, not that I’m? aware of…

  17. aaronsande says:

    @PassionateMistress There usually are different videos in the separate clips too, yes. Your best bet is to load the extended clip,? and watch the short clips while it dls to your browser. Then, you can quickly skip past stuff in the extended clip that you already saw.

  18. PassionateMistress says:

    @aaronsande Thank you for replying, very kind. So the extended covers all the clips and usually something else. Do the individual clips ever show anything that is NOT on the extended video nowadays? I am debating whether to just watch? the extended.

  19. bunkmasterflex says:

    The sad truth about the different incomes for different employees. Is that in the jobs? where it might be justifiable. There are certain jobs where an employee who can’t do certain physical aspects of the job man or woman deserves less money in almost all of these cases pay is the most equal. Whereas when you get into the business world a world where there is no difference between men and women whatsoever other than male bigotry, is where the inequality actually exists.

  20. MegoBee123 says:


  21. TheCorruptCores says:

    81 people thought there were flights for? 50p XD

  22. airportstlouis says:

    Love this. I’ve never heard of this group before.? Amost 3.5 million views in 7 months is amazing !

  23. hp5man says:

    He had a? link to this video on the front page of the Ryanair website for a few weeks last summer.

  24. megmegmeg04 says:

    working for an? air service provider it made me laugh my socks of Michael O’Leary will love this.

  25. MrDjdom66 says:

    81 people find it easy to see Stansted? on a map.

  26. AnyMusicalWillDo says:

    So True! So? true! 😀

  27. BlueMaking says:

    @richnwood2000 I once slept with a Ryanair pilot. He actually defended? this crap.

  28. ghettogamer2k11 says:

    80 now m8

  29. Mehlwurm16 says:

    Ich bin deutscher Abstammung, du Hirn. Ein Blick auf mein Profil hätte genügt, wenn du schon nicht von meinem Benutzernamen? darauf schließen konntest, dass ich deutschsprachig bin. Ferner: Vergleiche die Anzahl bekannter und guter deutscher Sänger der letzten 50 Jahre mit der englischsprachiger Sänger und beurteile das Resultat selbst, wenn du schon mir die Urteilsfähigkeit absprichst.

    Abgesehen davon mokierte ich mich anfangs nur über deine offensichtliche Humorlosigkeit.

  30. luek1990 says:

    @Mehlwurm16 well … as if you could judge ?! 1st i’m german and sing pretty well, also i’m not the only one who does so, 2nd it’s a? pain in the neck that british simply can’t stop picking on germans and 3rd i try to promote international understanding, you don’t seem to be international though since your name is sth like “maggot” in german.

  31. Mehlwurm16 says:

    They simply can’t, what’s your? problem?

  32. TLCtiffany says:

    Love? this!

  33. chrissytanaka13 says:

    this is well? funny :L

  34. barthycolin says:

    haha I laughed my socks of at this Ryanair the video is dedicated to you? LOL

  35. muscleboi4use says:

    These ladies were FABULOUS this? evening in London… thank you for making my Christmas!

  36. Resvysmith says:

    This is what I was really looking? for. Thanks very much. Keep up this good work. For cheap train tickets you may check out my video……..

  37. 123456789eb123456789 says:

    Amazing!? love FASCINATING AIDA!

  38. 4jDulcie175 says:

    i? dont think so

  39. leef0flife says:

    BREAKING NEWS– BANK RUN -TRINIDAD AND? TOBAGO WEST INDIES, REPUBLIC BANK, ROYAL BANK, FIRST CITIZEN BANK and SCOTIABANK thousand of customers simultaneously secretly? withdrawing all their funds, because they believe that the banks might go into bankruptcy, and? for fear of the bank becoming insolvent and? that they the customer, will lose all their money.people are putting their money in smaller credit union banks? or keeping it at home.

  40. luek1990 says:

    yeaaaah,? germans can’t sing, whatever -.- (5:50)

  41. amalemany32587 says:

    77 people had to feckin’ jump?

  42. GamingWizardKiddy says:


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