TYT – Extended Clip June 22, 2011

February 10th, 2012

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18 Responses

  1. freba91 says:

    The very worse thing that? could happen to America is to have Gov.Rick Perry to
    be President ! he is a phony snake Elmer Gantry hypocrite,he lives a life of
    luxury while the poor suffer,then brags about the money he has in the rainy day
    fund.Perry makes me sick.I hate him I really do HATE him !

  2. Puppylove5274 says:

    a storm also happened on this day ?

  3. waggietoo says:

    older asian sing dance gaga more? must see

  4. mcamelyne says:

    @rifter0x0000 – You don’t understand the role of? minimum wages or trade unions in an economy. Free trade eliminates both by forcing jobs overseas to cheaper labor markets. Illegal immigrants undercut the standard of living of Americans by forcing average wages lower. If you enjoy being a wage slave, then do as you say. While it is true that illegals come from every country, the majority come from Mexico. There is a legal path to citizenship now, expecting everyone to obey the law is not racist.

  5. rifter0x0000 says:

    @bhimalnaraine “Whats the dream? act?” It is a proposed law allowing people whose parents brought them to the US illegally as minors who are good students go to school or who want to join the military, and gives them a legal path to? citizenship which does not currently exist (once you’re illegal, you’re screwed basically). I was actually surprised about the military part because I was sure we already let people fasttrack as citizens when they join; it helped us in several wars that people did.

  6. rifter0x0000 says:

    @mcamelyne Also regarding the system what I said was the system does not work. If it did, we would not have an economy relying on millions of illegal immigrants because enough people would have a legal path to come here and do the work, among other things. Illegal immigrants don’t just come from Mexico or Canada, either. Free market forces result in illegals supplying the demand despite bad laws. Those against a LEGAL PATH TO CITIZENSHIP (as Republicans have)? reveal their racism, as well.

  7. rifter0x0000 says:

    @mcamelyne The supreme court ruled that RACE? BASED control of immigration was illegal. The laws were “repaired” with quotas based on NATIONALITY, which correlates roughly to race. We do vote for people to change the laws but idiots who don’t know how they work or the history keep them in place, as well as those benefitting from exploitation. This country was founded on no immigration law. They were added later by the Know Nothing Party, proxies for the KKK. Racist laws with racist reasons.

  8. mcamelyne says:

    @rifter0x0000 – People like me that is a hoot. There is a system, moron. It’s a very unfair one. The point is to keep immigrants out to keep minimum wages up. There is no Supreme Court ruling that controlling immigration is illegal. I have a? son who cannot come into the US because his mother cannot get a visa. Unfortunately she can’t sneak across the border like Mexicans. People that break the law should not be rewarded no matter how nice a person they are. Vote for someone to change the laws.

  9. MrCactopuss says:

    @LeLimeLine? sheesh. hater

  10. Treadsoftly14 says:

    i think its funny how the entire TyT crew is so oblivious to why Obama makes all of these middle-of-the-road, right-wing decisions……….its like none of them want to? admit or cant admit that hes corrupt.
    They’re trying to rationalize his decision making from the left hand perspective…when the entire time hes sitting on the right..and theres nothing to question.

  11. BackToSch00l says:

    Can we please stop blaming Obama for the entire country’s population? The impact of 300 million people can not be summed up by 1 person’s actions (in this case? Obama).

    If we want change ,we need to seek it in ourselves, and then in our country.

  12. teeemoy says:

    Herman? Cain is an idiot.

  13. OTATre says:

    things like? the first 10 or so minutes always makes me feel really really uncertain and afraid for the future of this country.

  14. demonhakkai89 says:

    No one will say? it??? fine i will Cenk for prez. There i said it lol……..

  15. mchchicago78 says:

    Ana- the things you desctribe are? almost universal Asian-American and Asian immigrant experiences.

  16. fuzi151 says:

    eh alta diese seite is zu ich bin? schon 3tage lang auf der suche nach jemanden der mir helfen kann das ich endlich mein eigenes webradio hab aber die haben alle mit now.in diese seite ist zu die is GESPERT wie kann ich den jetz eins machen oda welche seite hilft den noch dabei ?????? Grus fuzi

  17. gamesframesde says:

    wie? machst du 1080p

  18. Erdnuss1998 says:

    kannst du mir? dein hintergrundbild schicken?

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