TYT – Extended Clip – March 7, 2011

March 5th, 2012

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15 Responses

  1. MissyFlesky123 says:

    @xVolc0msk8x march 7 is my? birthday too!

  2. xVolc0msk8x says:


  3. Deathrape2001 says:

    U know if U TYT fools cared about making good entertainment, U would fire the guys, shut her up, & sit her under a tree in a tight skirt, eating some bananas =D

    Think I’m joking? Do it? & watch your ratings triple! =)

  4. Deathrape2001 says:

    The girl is very pretty. It’s 2 bad she’s a dyke piece of man-hating krap.? Where can we find Armenian porn? Or @ least cheesecake – bathing suit sites?? List some so we don’t have 2 sift through this junk with the sound off 2 catch a glimpse =)

  5. ChallengerGuy22 says:

    Ben they will come for the? Cops and Firefighters next

  6. guywithmac says:

    young turks are garbage.
    fox news it 1000 times more trustworthy.



  7. 0ldFrittenfett says:

    @edconyosumadre what? shit you’re talking about?

  8. bythe9s says:

    I think that? is the best of Ben I have seen so far.

  9. Volbian says:

    Ana = to? hot

  10. ChicanoBear06 says:

    Cenk brags about all his popularity and hits on YouTube, now he’s short changing us. Aren’t we broke YouTube guys what put him on the map? We should get an hour daily. College students livin on top ramen, and those ten bucks I need for beer and pussy. And please, less Ben.? I’d rather listen to Anna talk about politics.

  11. coolblueforever says:

    @garytcw you mean that i9+++ phones right, if thats what you mean then no. Those? phones are glitched up the ass

  12. MCDon17 says:

    @edconyosumadre Kind of an empthy comment.? You might improve it by explaining, oh I don’t know…….WHY?!?!?!

  13. barkevvv says:

    @Hersi0417 the show? is actually around three hours long

    the youtube clips were an hour

    they still are

    it changes

    … dont be cheap

    join the army

  14. Hersi0417 says:

    @barkevvv Well I remember? when the show use to be an hour long, that’s what really annoys me.

  15. Blindeyeseesfar says:

    Palin: You JUST brought? your kids back into it in that very conversation. The question was – “do you mind her picking on you?” and the answer was “don’t pick on my kids, pick on me”.

    Just answer the question for fuck’s sake

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