TYT Extended Clip – November 17th, 2010

December 29th, 2011

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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14 Responses

  1. MutantZombe says:

    ana is hot and smart…and she has morales, and ideals. Why arent there? more woman like this?

  2. oodoodanoo says:

    6:57 – 7:07

    Ana made me spit coffee? all over the monitor.

  3. marsCubed says:

    @1984chupacabra “i cant stand the republican? party. Why does it exist?”
    Why do UK’s royals exist?
    Both anachronisms, both supposedly ‘quaint’.., although they’re based on inequality.
    UK royals learned to equalize in time. else it was off with their heads. We can like people who are seen to make an? effort.
    Republicans should take note.
    ‘conditioned’ fools might win votes. but it drains skills.
    It simply doesn’t work. rational balanced economies require open informed decision making.

  4. sr038 says:

    and bristol is still a child too….with a child’s metabolism…..she must be eating? every second she’s not dancing or sleeping

  5. mexicanexalted says:

    Simple Explanation with Bristol’s weight gain. She doesn’t train 8 hours a day, she spends more time eating than dancing, thats why she’s gotten fatter, thats why she’s a bad? dancer.

  6. DeathByImpulse says:

    @1984chupacabra because? people are racist and immature. that is why.

  7. izdagrimeyone says:

    unless men do it with men (which they do but not the case)women? should stop saying its what men do

  8. jrda128 says:

    You fucking people burn brain cells by watching the bullshit on television? Americans are dumb..Pick? up a fucking book..Geez

  9. BadLuck765 says:

    @hamrite He said the final show on Sirius Radio, so the internet show should still? be going.

  10. moh1890Ch says:

    “Oh, that would be the best!” Never heard Ana so? excited.

  11. hamrite says:

    Please inform us whats going on…about a “final show”???

  12. Ivan951 says:

    What do they mean? last show??? whats going on??

  13. Ivan951 says:

    Theyre milking the? intro…

  14. SuperTroll735 says:

    the young turks!? something actually gayer than Twilight!

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