TYT Hour – September 13th, 2010

January 20th, 2012

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19 Responses

  1. mobby32 says:

    @mastronumberone troll harder nigga?

  2. theyoungster2 says:

    Troll? wars!
    popcorn anyone?

  3. yankeefan316 says:

    This guy? might be the biggest retard on YouTube

  4. xDepthChargex says:

    @mastronumberone 29 yr old troll. wat a life? u have

  5. mastronumberone says:

    what a Stupid turkish.This is nonsense asshole we don believe non of ur shit. you are not even an american citizen so dont pretend like u care for us. you only care about how much money your stupid show makes.nesxt time show? some papers and documents otherwise all u get is trash…

  6. mastronumberone says:

    what a Stupid turkish.This is nonsense asshole we don believe non of ur shit. you are not even an american citizen so dont pretend like u care for us. you only care about how much money your? stupid show makes.nesxt time show some papers and documents otherwise all u get is trash….

  7. CraigMetalHead says:

    @potp5150 No, I can very much read… I live in England and I have seen his birth certificate. If you want to close your eyes and shit your pants about this then whatever, just because you want to insult the people (who are clearly more intelligent than you)? for believing FACTS and seeing reality as it is!

    Go fuck yourself in your empty fucking head.

  8. Fangtorn says:

    @potp5150 I’m not interested in talking with you. You’re just the guy standing on the street corner with The End Is Nigh written on a cardboard vest, shouting about Roswell and claiming that reptiles control the oil industry. You’re not interested in the truth, you want to believe Barack Obama isn’t a citizen, you want to believe 911 was an inside job, you want to believe secret societies are controlling everything and nothing I? or any other reasonable person could say would job your mind.

  9. potp5150 says:

    @CraigMetalHead NO HE DIDN”T!!! No matter how many times you say it it doesn’t make it true, he did not provide a birth certificate, he was not born? in Kenya, that’s the idiotic white wash of the situation, like Fahrenheit 9/11, but he did not provide a birth certificate, and I’m not going to justify your retardation any further than that. If you think he did, you are very stupid and apparently CAN’T READ!

  10. potp5150 says:

    @Fangtorn A. He never showed his birth certificate, he showed a naturalized one, which isn’t the same whether you want it to be or not, B. Inconceivable?!?! Like anyone but Muslims being in on 9/11 and votes being rigged, and secret societies running things from behind the curtain……Inconceivable is what I though about people like you ruining this country with your ignorance. I have been proven wrong over and over.? Inconceivable my American ass.

  11. potp5150 says:

    @Fangtorn So what about his real birth certificate? It’s just a conspiracy theory right? You didn’t? even mention it, like I said you wouldn’t. That’s a legit issue, if you don’t understand why, you shouldn’t be talking in public.

  12. Fangtorn says:

    @potp5150 And actually if you’d pull your partisan racist head out your arse you’d realise real progressives and liberals HATE Obama, but because of trash like you we have to defend Obama from bullshit like “he’s a Kenyan, he’s a muslim, he’s a marxist” rather then call him out and critize him for all the bullshit? he is actually doing, like pathetic healthcare reform, laughable finicial reform, a military running itself and a congress full of corporate owned senators..

  13. Fangtorn says:

    @potp5150 “Unbiased answers”,? good one, as if you care about answers. If you were that smart you would realise how inconceivable it is that a US president would not have a valid birth certificate and that the FBI, CIA, military, congress, supreme court and every other establisment accept him as president because they’ll all “PC bitches”. He has already shown his birth certificate. We are two years into his term. The president can not go round with his birth certificate stappled to his forehead.

  14. potp5150 says:

    Luckily because he’s black he can have a “write in” certificate….and no one will say anything. Without trying to marginalize me with bullshit excuses just answer one question honestly…Why can the fucking PRESIDENT not produce his original birth certificate? And why should he not? have to? Because you people are all race obsessed pc bitches? Not a good enough reason for those of us who want unbiased answers.

  15. potp5150 says:

    @Fangtorn I don’t think he’s a communist, I’m not an idiot. Anyone who knows anything about the birth certificate issue knows that the one he produced is bullshit…you Obama lovers love to pretend that it’s legit because it’s all you’ve got, but it’s bullshit. Why can’t you produce his ORIGINAL birth certificate. I’m not a republican, dem or anything else. I’m? just a guy with a much better understanding of the law than you. And in a non racist world he’d have to produce it like anyone else.

  16. cricage17 says:

    Since 1959 huh? I wonder what the tax situation was going? into that…..

  17. Ivan951 says:

    @Gargantua606 Nah if he doesnt have the integrity to stay consistent no? matter what I wont view or respect him.

  18. jumbobobcleo says:

    gingrich could have been somebody. but instead he went all republican and
    didnt turn out much quality in his? personal life either. what a mess he is. pitiful.
    why does anybody give him a venue?

  19. stan137q says:

    @crazzynez like? every other hour long show in us. it’s an hour with the commercials. like every half-hour show is actually 22 min

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