Washington Redskins John Riggins Super Bowl

November 12th, 2011

It was 4th and 1 in the 4th, Skins trailing Miami when the Fins called a time out. The very next play John Riggins ran into Redskins immortality. www.humand.tv
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Evan Gregory of Gregory Brothers Auto Tune in the News, joined C-SPAN’S Washington Journal.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  1. granturismo5101 says:

    2:39 Charlie Brown whats next chuck norris

  2. OlenDukeyJoanBassx says:

    Intresting…? I really want more videos like it.

  3. nothercow says:

    I’m crying it hurts so bad…but I ran out there anyway…dick zipped into pants, trying to jump up and see the replay, forgetting how much THAT would hurt! People looking at me realizing why I’m bent over and laughing their asses off and yelling for the Skins. Meanwhile, I almost cut my foreskin off. hahahahahah
    Ahhh…….good times……..

  4. nothercow says:

    Was watching my Skins at a restaurant with over 300 people. Game was winding down so I went to bathroom on 2nd down thinking, 1) I’ve been holding this for an hour now and 2) I’m NEVER gonna make it in there when the game’s over. So I’m standing there when I hear the ROOOOAR of the crowd! I know it’s something awesome because the sound is deafening. So in my haste to run out to see the play, I forgot the cardinal rule for all males: zip your pants up AFTER YOU TUCK YOUR DICK IN!!! lol

  5. monteroed says:

    I guess you didn’t fully read my comment.

  6. salivabubble says:


    Sneak away? The ‘Skins defense held the Dolphins to zero points in the second half, and their offensive line opened large holes for Riggins to run through. That’s why they won.

  7. salivabubble says:


    Nothing shady about it at all; the ref was following the rule book. The rest of your statement is extremely speculative. The Redskins defense stifled Miami during the second half; the Dolphins were held scoreless.

  8. ANT9363 says:

    Why at 0:07 That Redskins Didn’t leap At the dolphins quarterback?? O.o he was so close to him

  9. Gilch30 says:

    @TheJoec2005 Yea, Marino sure did a wonderful job winning Super Bowl 19

  10. TheJoec2005 says:

    to all redskins fans just be thankful marino wasn’t in this

  11. dabears3495 says:

    70 Chip… Thats the name of the play, that made Riggins the hero of the game… One of the most iconic images in Super Bowl history! Especially the NFL Films version, where Riggins breaks the tackle and runs to paydirt… and as he runs toward the camera, the image of him gets darker and darker… Classic!… John Riggins Rushed for 162 yards on an amazing 38 carries! He really was like a “Diesel” in that game! Funny how you can always remember at least one play in every Super Bowl! =)

  12. WVDave26 says:

    Pretty shady call by the ref ruling it a force-out on Charlie Brown’s TD. Without that touchdown, the Redskins settle for a field goal and only a six point lead, and Don Strock most likely leads Miami back for a touchdown and a 24-23 win.

  13. Bigbadben7 says:

    @000SMITH000 I agree. If my Steelers who lost in the playoffs that year would have won the SB in 82 I wouldn’t be complaining, lol.

  14. Bigbadben7 says:

    I feel like this is sort of one of those forgotten great SB games.

  15. SwalowBonelesSausage says:

    I have a video of big John Riggins buttphucking all 5 of the Hogs especialy George Starke who was called for “holding” after Big Bad John saw George Starke putting his hands on his shoulders.

  16. megaman567891 says:

    haha u got that right

  17. monteroed says:

    David Woodley was given a bad rap for the Dolphins loss in Super Bowl XVII. However, the blame is left to Don Shula. Shula called the offensive plays and what horrible plays he called in that second half. No screen passes, slants or sweeps, every pass was long and every run was up the middle. Shula’s one dimensional offense went nowhere, allowing the Redskins to sneak away with the victory.

  18. megaman567891 says:

    42 yard touchdown run on 4th and a foot,john riggins has given the redskins the lead in super bowl 17

  19. theword76 says:

    I have been a skins fan since I was three….and I’m 35 now. Still by far one of the greatest Redskin moments…. I still remember this game from January of 83. I remember crying while taking a bath at halftime because we were losing (lol). Awesome video!!!

  20. celinetouchedmyhand says:


  21. celinetouchedmyhand says:


  22. ArtMonkforHallofFame says:

    Miami completed ZERO passes in the 2nd half. None. As a footnote, both teams got much better 3 months later at the draft. Miami took Marino late in the 1st round, the Redskins took Darrell Green. not too shabby.

  23. ArtMonkforHallofFame says:

    @BBSC07 my money is on Hogeboom to Dexter to Darryl Grant in the NFC Championship game.

  24. celinetouchedmyhand says:


  25. ComputerJunkie00 says:


  26. 9Godslayer says:

    I kinda find it funny that they got the title wrong.

  27. EdugeBDroN says:

    I always had a crush on this c span guy .I love the program an Greta is a fine lady but this guy ‘ voice so soothing to me him and the guy whispering the name of whoever is speaking at the time

  28. abcumm25 says:

    Evan is HOT!!!

  29. aervanath says:

    So this is C-span sampling the Gregory Brothers sampling C-span? How has the universe not yet imploded?

  30. OmegaProductions100 says:

    @kranzgebaeck Wouldn’t that be “Vidception”? video within a video, instead of dream within a dream?

  31. 24gludokane says:

    i really love evan’s voice!!

  32. kranzgebaeck says:

    A youtube video inside a youtube video.


  33. babyjoker6464 says:

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  34. mrsmusicccccccc says:

    sosososososososososososososososososo funnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyy lolololololololololololololol

  35. conanrocksmysox says:

    @cander51 I think that if you put in auto tune the news climate change bill you could find it.

  36. Pr0Fifa10 says:

    LOL 1:39 haahaha ending lmao “haahaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh”

  37. Sofia20R says:

    I thought they were all siblings, but I gess Sarah is his wife.
    Whatever, the songs are still great xD

  38. 13821080 says:

    i think evans really cute(:

  39. iOrgastic says:

    rofl. Hell no hell no hell noooooo.

  40. ec3591 says:

    @cander51 The first video is ATTN #6… you can watch all of them on schmoyoho’s YouTube channel!

  41. CipherMind117 says:

    @cander51 It’s #6

  42. cander51 says:

    Does anyone know what episode of Autotune the News this footage is from? I really want to see the whole video!

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