What is the difference between radio waves and TV waves?

March 20th, 2012

Question by ardy1234567: What is the difference between radio waves and TV waves?
Does the FM radio works similar to a TV? I mean the way it transmits signals. Do they have the same signals that they receive?

I am just a bit curious here. My Nokia 5310 XM has FM radio. I am just wondering If I can turn my cellphone into a TV by downloading some kind of java application that receives signals just like the built in FM radio.

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Answer by John
Yes, they are. They are both electromagnetic radiation. However they operate at different frequencies, so the receiving circuit needs to be built to receive that particular section of the electromagnetic spectrum. And even if they used the same frequencies, the circuit also needs to be different to decode and display the video vs. the radio.

So no, you couldn’t just have an application to do it.

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  1. steveophonic says:

    TV waves are much more complex than radio waves,although they can use the same frequency. The entire FM radio band is actually located between TV channels 6 and 7! But it’s not possible to do what you suggest. As far as I know,cellphones that play video do so by decoding digital formats,like MPEG,from the Internet. However, technology is coming that will enable mobile TV reception since transmission went digital last year. Chrysler has a setup like this coming out in some of it’s minivans.

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