What makes a radio select and hold a specific frequency?

January 21st, 2012

Question by Karen R: What makes a radio select and hold a specific frequency?
My cars antena broke (the kind that goes up when you turn the radio on). Replaced it but when I turn the radio on and the antena comes up I get service but I’m unable to select and hold a station. I get every station in range and all at once. Just curious why that is.

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Answer by uhlawpup
It is possible that there is a tuning capacitor at the back of your radio that needs to be adjusted to match the antenna to the radio input circuitry. If this match is not done, you may be picking up signals that are spurious. Check either your car’s manual or the instruction book that came with your radio to find out if there is a tuning control like this on your set.

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  1. john f says:

    Possible your antenna is not exactly the same length as before. It does not sound right to me that even that would cause this. There is a trimming capacitor which may be adjusted through a hole in the case. This will closley approximate the electrical length of the antenna to get the strongest signal. Sounds like the bandwidth is to broad to me.

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