Why doesnt my truck receive fm radio signal?

March 13th, 2012

Question by Gilbert: Why doesnt my truck receive fm radio signal?
I have a 96 dodge ram.

My radio doesn’t work well. I tune in to the FM stations and nothing happens. There’s no sound at all, only static. The AM stations work well, no problem at all.

So what could be the problem?
Do I need a new antenna or is the wiring bad?

Best answer:

Answer by Death follows us all
my dad had a 95 ram and he had the same thing happen
we had to get a new radio

i called the dodge dealer in town
he said it was the crystals in the raido went bad

the dodge dealer said they was having
problems with dodge radio

so yes you need a new radio

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  1. Duh says:

    I have the same problem with an ’05 Magnum. Unfortunately it’s out of warranty. CDs work, tape deck works, AM works. I’m convinced it’s an antenna prob. I’m going to be checking the connections, then go to the dealer. Suggest u do same.

    -a guy named duh

  2. TxRealtorTheWoodlands says:

    If it not in the AM/FM switch it is in the radio it self. the cost of repairs warrants a new one unless you want alpine or something like that. try Wally World. Lots of luck…..ME

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