December 28th, 2011

Alyssa and I went to World of Beer UCF to watch Chris Burns’ live performance! Check out his channel and music! Alyssa’s secret channel: (videos soon!) ?LIKE my videos? Share them! ?WATCH MORE: ?Buy T-shirts: MY LINKS: • Main ? • Daily ? • Alternate • Twitter ? • Facebook ? • Google+ • Dailybooth ? • Tumblr • Formspring ?http • Flickr ? • Funny or Die? Theme song produced by Robbie Jay •
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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17 Responses

  1. maxwoudenberg says:

    @SCOTTaMINUTE My brain does? strange things when I’m tired hehe hides in the corner 😛

  2. SCOTTaMINUTE says:

    @maxwoudenberg That would be an awwwkward title!? =P

  3. 2010eKc says:

    Congrats on the 301 vid :)?

  4. urlocaldumbguys says:

    can? you put this comment in your next video………….

  5. DEATH2thaSTUpid says:

    world of beer……thats my? world

  6. SCOTTaMINUTE says:

    @raychellewade I hope to never be overrated. I’d? prefer to be underrated but still turn heads and have strong the strongest supporters!

  7. SCOTTaMINUTE says:

    @Cicadapaladin027 That was my? boy Elliot. Check out his channel: @LittleBroExpress!

  8. Cicadapaladin027 says:

    hey scott who was that guy? behind you in the end of the video? lol

  9. brentkillian says:

    I? thought Alyssa was gone Glad I was wrong

  10. lordcoyote2000 says:

    He has a very good voice. Great to see Elliott in? this video.

  11. THEscOrpiOo1 says:


  12. ScottKinmartinTV says:

    @Wrestlingthemeremix? No. Don’t go there! lol

  13. ScottKinmartinTV says:

    @Domingo0022IWAY? Love it! xD

  14. ScottKinmartinTV says:

    @TabithaStarr Thank? you so much! <3

  15. raychellewade says:

    it actually makes me happy that your not overrated and everyone watches you and i also don’t mind being and active viewer because i like? the way you interact with your viewers it just makes me wanna watch your vids more 🙂 KEEP BEING SOO AWESOME

  16. SCOTTaMINUTE says:

    @WriteRandomNameHere I am a VERY? luck guy! 😀

  17. SCOTTaMINUTE says:

    @xPandaSwagger Awww, give him a pat on the head for? me. 🙂

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