WSTK-ITV – Sid Roth interviews Ryan Wyatt on “It’s Supernatural”

March 28th, 2012

WSCIRO – Seek Christian Internet Radio Outreach Station Blog: http – WSCIRO Direct Access Ryan Wyatt has a unique and inspiring prophetic teaching gift and a calling to train believers how to live in intimacy and union with the Lord, live in the supernatural realms of God and manifest the healing power of God in day-to-day life. Dr’s Shirley and Jeffrey Canniff, General Managers of WSTK-ITV are bringing to the You Tube Family, the official “Life In The Spirit Seminar 7 part series. Talk 1 is God’s Love. Below will be an explanation of the nature of the talks. Life In The Spirit Seminar Talk 1: God’s Love — ” I Wanna Know What Love Is” Talk 2: Salvation — “Back To The Garden” Talk 3: New Life — “Securing The Victory” Talk 4: God’s Gifts – TBA Talk 5: Receiving The Gift of the Holy Spirit – TBA Talk 6: Transformation – TBA Talk 7: Growth -TBA Life In The Spirit Video Talk 2: Salvation: “Back To The Garden” – You Tube Music Video Link: ” I Wanna Know What Love Is” by Foriegner: Help WSTK-ITV Support our ministry to Afria by purchasing products from Zazzle at the following address: Purchasing Join Dr. Shirley Canniff on WSTK-ITV on FACE BOOK! Please visit Glory Streams ITV @ the link below: WSTK-ITV – Glory Streams ITV: You are invited to join and watch more video in our stream, “The Glory Streams by

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  1. ChristJesus32 says:

    Wow!!! God is awesome!?

  2. GoldenArmyofGod711 says:

    Glory Glory Hallelujah!! ?

  3. juliet97 says:

    please pray for my friend Amy Winchester, that? she will be saved. She doesen’t believe and I know that can change with the power of prayer! Thanks everyone!

  4. purplesaxark says:

    Full Inheritance. I? like that!

  5. innadays says:


  6. meggy8868 says:

    The church makes known to the heavenlies?
    Yes, we serve notice on the? devil,
    But How are we to position ourselves ?
    something else that we have to figure out HOW to do! Spiritual senses?
    How do we tap into it?

    The realm of the impossible always comes when the Holy Spirit brings healing to the natural man.

  7. emerald941 says:

    To God? be the Glory!!!!!!!!

  8. TerraformerOfLight says:

    Me TOO on all points!!!! Check out my channel, I’m collecting all things on Youtube that exist about the manifest power of God? and I’m studying and learning and growing, God is Awesome, and Uber-credible, and super-believably Amazing! PRAISE GOD for that Fire in you! May you receive more in Jesus Name!

  9. peacechild4 says:

    Wow.. wow… wow.. thank you for posting this.. I am seeking God more and more and more.. and He is incredible.. awesome.. and amazing.. Praise God!! I am desperate? for HIM to manifest Himself to our world..

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