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1776 – The Signing (1972)

August 2nd, 2012

From the Columbia released film of the musical play “1776”, this is the scene in which the Continental Congress signs the Declaration of Independence. It’s the finale of the film – end titles and music are included. Music by Sherman Edwards. “1776” starred William Daniels (John Adams), Howard Da Silva (Benjamin Franklin), Ken Howard (Thomas Jefferson), Donald Madden (John Dickinson), David Ford (John Hancock), and John Collum (Edward Rutledge). Both the DVD and the VHS versions are available for purchase at NOTE: There is available a fully restored DIRECTOR’S CUT version, on DVD. This clip is from my VHS copy that I purchased long ago. 🙂 Copyright now belongs to Sony Pictures, and I’ll remove this clip if they want me to – but I think the presence of this clip might increase sales of the DVD, since the film is seldom seen on TV these days. I think it’s an excellent, and timeless, film, and probably should be in everyone’s collection. Total run time of the film is about 140 minutes.

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Mike Quatro Concert 1972 # 4

February 9th, 2012

Some cool washington concert images:

Mike Quatro Concert 1972 # 4
washington concert
Image by washington_area_spark
Image of students gathering on the football field at Montgomery College in Maryland for a Mike Quatro concert Sept. 1, 1972. See if you can spot the person in the crowd apparently rolling a joint.

See set description for more information.

This image was scanned from an original negative. The negative was in poor condition and some minimal restoration work has been done to make this image viewable. Non-commerical use of this image should be credited to Reading/Simpson. Commercial use of this item is prohibited without express permission.

Stilts in Crowd
washington concert
Image by clydeorama
Performance by Baile’s African Drum Works–Drum Call; a dynamic presentation of African Drum music, highlight the melodic capacity of the African Djembe Drum Orchestra at the Washington National Cathedral in Washington, DC prior to the "Lighting to Unite" illumination program on Saturday May 10, 2008 celebrating the Cathedral’s centennial.

washington concert
Image by aaronjwebb
A view of the lawn at the Gorge Amphitheater in Washington.

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Washington Redskins Over-the-hill Gang 1971 1972

February 11th, 2010

The Washington Redskins was the team I loved to hate back in the seventies. When George Allen took over the Washington Redskins, he held the philosophy that said The future is now. Thus he acquired many veteran players to fill his roster, instead of waiting for the younger players to bloom.

And what a laundry list of old stars he got: Billy Kilmer, Marlin McKeever, Jack Pardee, Myron Pottios, Maxie Baughan, Diron Talbert, John Wilbur (yes, this list is thick with recycled Rams – George’s old team), Clifton “Sticks” McNeil, Boyd Dowler, Richie Petitbon, Alvin Haymond, Speedy Duncan & big Ron McDole.

The average age of his starters was 31, and his plan paid big dividends, as the Skins finished second in the East at 9-4-1 in 1971 and won the East & went to the Super Bowl only to lose to the unbeaten Dolphins the next year.

I admit, as a Dallas Cowboys fan, I hated George and the Redskins back then. George was just too prissy and too much like football’s Richard M. Nixon for my taste. Still, there was nothing like that rivalry back then, George matching wits with Tom Landry. Those two games between them each season were just nail-biters for me – wondering, among other things, would Larry Brown be able to be contained on the ground and Charley Taylor through the air? would Calvin Hill and rugged Walt Garrison be able to bust through the Redskins’ stingy defensive line?

Today, I would give anything to turn back the clock and have old George squatting down on the sideline, maniacally licking his thumbs the way he always did, so I could love to hate him just once more. Here’s to you, George Allen, and to your great Over-the-hill gang.

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