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2009 03 14 – 2802 – Washington DC – Shamrock Festival – Flogging Molly

September 13th, 2016

Some cool washington bands images:

2009 03 14 – 2802 – Washington DC – Shamrock Festival – Flogging Molly
washington bands
Image by thisisbossi
2009 03 14
Final act of the Shamrock Festival at the RFK Stadium Fairgrounds in Washington, D.C.

Despite the cold, despite the rain, despite the crowds, and despite the long haul just to get a bite to eat or a drink: the crowd turned out en masse for Flogging Molly, and there was certainly energy in the air.

However, mirroring the quality of their beer, the Bud Light Stage seemed to have some audio problems. With almost every song, the microphones totally cut out and the audience was left with only the sounds of themselves. Furthermore, as far as the band could tell: they were still on. So they kept playing, leaping, and moving all about… it was like watching Flogging Molly mime their songs.

They did catch on a couple times that the sound was giving out, but the technicians seemed unable to do a thing to fix it… even their top songs such as "Drunken Lullabies" and "Rebels of the Sacred Heart" cut out; and to add insult to injury… their last song of the set (and the last song of the entire Shamrock Festival) cut out.

Bravo Flogging Molly, of what we could hear; but ouch to DC, Bud, and the fans.

The terrific country hip band last night at the Quarry House
washington bands
Image by dionhinchcliffe
J.P. McDermott and the Western Bop

washington bands
Image by Silveira Neto
George Washington vs Saint Joseph’s Hawks, basketball match at the Charles E. Smith Athletic Center in Washington, DC.

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