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Wonder Treats That Bands Fantasize About

August 7th, 2016

A few nice washington bands images I found:

Wonder Treats That Bands Fantasize About
washington bands
Image by Indie Bands With a Mission
Our book with recipes from your favorite indie bands: Hotspur, Lights Resolve, Of Color, The Early Coastal, Mozart’s Sister, BOYS will be BOYS, Margot MacDonald, Matt in the Clouds & Playground Etiquette.

For more info, check out our profile page! 🙂
Check out the bands’ music at

100% of all profits benefit Washington DC food banks ^_^

Photos by Mike Washington Photography
washington bands
Image by rawartistsmedia
Photos by Mike Washington Photography

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Narcotics Anonymous – Excited About Recovery Speaker Jam/Fish Fry/All White Affair Dance

July 12th, 2016

Narcotics Anonymous – Excited About Recovery Speaker Jam/Fish Fry/All White Affair Dance
Event on 2016-08-05 00:00:00
Excited About Recovery Speaker Jam/Fish Fry/All White Affair Dance
Hosting Service Body: CPRNA/DC Area/Jump Start To Recovery Group
25 53rd Street NE; Washington DC 20019
Saint Martin's Catholic Church
1908 North Capitol Street NW


Event Info:
Event Info: 202.246.3830

+ Additional Info
Additional Information:
Speaker Jam & Fish Fry 12 noon-7pm; All White Dance 8pm-1am, tickets advance, at door; newcomers under 90 days & treatment facilities free; wheelchair accessible; please see website for flyer 

at Saint Martin’s Church
1901 North Capitol Street NW
Washington, United States

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Teaching About George Washington

June 2nd, 2016

No generation in American history has matched that of the founding era for its array of talented and influential political thinkers and actors. John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and George Washington all possessed certain traits of character and intellect that significantly shaped the new United States of America and its direction for generations that followed. Among these personalities, George Washington is the most difficult for students to know. Compared to Jefferson, Hamilton, or most other important historical figures, our common images of Washington — seen on the dollar bill and quarter, crossing the Delaware River, or enshrined in the impersonal Washington Monument — are cold and distant. Today’s perceptions of Washington seem to validate Ralph Waldo Emerson’s maxim, “Every hero becomes a bore at last.”
Do most students understand the importance of George Washington as a military and political leader during a time that demanded extraordinary leadership? The bicentennial of Washington’s death in 1999 is an appropriate time to reflect upon his role and place in the school curriculum.
By what criteria should educators decide to emphasize a person in history? Extraordinary goodness or virtue should not be the sole standard (Patrick 1992, 12-13). Instead, the touchstone for inclusion should be whether an individual’s achievements have significantly shaped events in his or her country or the world. By this criterion, George Washington merits strong emphasis in the school curriculum. Richard Brookhiser reminds us in “Founding Father: Rediscovering George Washington” (1996, 9) that teachers often stress impersonal forces of history and neglect individuals: “Thus the American Revolution was a triumph of Democracy or the Enlightenment. As reductionists, we believe that the historical figures, who floated like chips in the intellectual backwash, attached themselves to the cause for trivial motives, often sordid. We have lost the conviction that ideas require men to bring them to earth.”
George Washington was one such “great person” whose life and character helped to bring grand ideas about people and governments to earth at the core of a new nation. Washington, however, was not without his faults. Though he disapproved of slavery and ultimately freed all his slaves in his will, he and his wife, Martha, owned more than 300 slaves. And while generally a man of very sound judgment in military and political affairs, he made serious mistakes, such as his precarious disposition of troops on Long Island in April of 1776, and his support of the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798. Nevertheless, he was a person whose personal attributes and life significantly shaped the United States of America and the world, and from whom students have much to learn.
Leadership is a key concept upon which to base treatment of George Washington in the school curriculum. Although usually reluctant to assume leading roles, Washington, from a very early age until his death, was an extraordinary leader. Washington’s capacity to lead the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War, to preside at the 1787 Philadelphia Constitutional Convention, and to serve as the first President of the United States manifests his character — a word nearly synonymous in his own time with reputation (Elkins and McKitrick 1993, 37).
As a member of Virginia’s wealthy planter class, Washington was well aware of the importance of “character” early in his life. Colonial Virginian society blurred distinctions between public and private spheres of life for its wealthy members. The affairs of a person of Washington’s stature affected too many people for almost any aspect of his life to be considered private. Washington was connected to a large group of people in and around Mount Vernon that depended upon his actions and leadership. In turn, Washington depended upon his neighbors, large and small, to elect him to the House of Burgesses, which, in eighteenth century Virginia, ratified a person’s reputation (Elkins and McKitrick 1993, 38). As he grew in stature, Washington’s character continued to serve as the vital foundation for his ability to lead (Lipset 1998, 28-30).
During the American War of Independence, General Washington showed a keen sense of martial leadership. He was acutely conscious of the strategic importance of mobility and strived to keep his ill-equipped army from being pinned down in defending fixed positions against the more powerful British forces. More impressive still was his leadership in simply keeping together an army that usually lost on the battlefield, and whose soldiers were anxious for an excuse to return to their families, farms, or other occupations.
As a popular general, Washington could have used his power to impose his will over the civilian leadership, as did Napoleon Bonaparte in France and Simon Bolivar in Latin America. But Washington understood the republican basis of his power, and that enduringly successful leaders depend on the support and trust of the people they serve.
Washington’s leadership and understanding of power brought legitimacy to a new United States of America. New nation-states often suffer, according to Seymour Martin Lipset, from the problem of weak legitimacy (1998, 27). Lacking the traditional bases of authority of established nation-states, a charismatic leader is required to bring legitimate authority to a new nation-state. Washington consciously employed his character and popularity to “create respect for national authority and to bolster the legitimacy of the new nation” (Lipset 1998, 27).
Washington’s legacy to the presidency and to the Republic was his use of his charismatic leadership to legitimize the authority of the new government while resisting despotic temptations that other charismatic leaders, such as Napoleon and Bolivar, could not resist. Washington understood that a fledgling republic required a leader willing to provide it a national character and set of values (e.g., rule of law, respect for authority, and public virtue) that would serve it well during his presidency and beyond. He also understood that such a legacy would elevate his fame and place in history beyond anything he might accomplish as a king or despot. These aspects of Washington’s character and accomplishments should be at the core of the school curriculum in the United States.

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Learn More About The Revolution Of Crosley Radio

May 9th, 2016

For those who love vinyl, a portable Crosley radio that comes in a small suitcase-sized box could be the best option. If you want to take a small step toward the modern comforts as well as digitize your collection, these gadgets can be the best option for you. These radio models has taken the player of the box, with batteries made and thrown into the digital conversion capabilities aboard the Crosley CR6002 Revolution. Although the player has a stereo speaker, the company has also included the ability to attach the device to any FM radio.

Despite the avalanche of digital music and CDs, vinyl still has a devoted army of diehard fans. Crosley radios have introduced a new portable disk player that can satisfy the desire of the audio experience. This is only a seven to twelve inch black disk that can provide and hopes to move into a modern digital world. It is just 276.8 x 76.2 x 104.1mm (10.9 x 3 x 4.1 inches) and weighs only 680g (1. 5 lbs). This is also one of the main reasons for the increasing popularity of these gadgets. The Revolution Crosley record player CR6002 works with either a six-pack of AA batteries or the main electricity. They also come with a handle for easy transport.

The crosley radio runs for two-speed band for albums and singles. Moreover, there is a diamond stylus at the end of the arm manually. The jaw of the device is lifted to allow the user to place a plate on the central axis. The spin speed and the volume could be chosen in the top. The also come with full-range speaker. Moreover, you also have an option to connect stereo headphones that will offer a high quality and crystal clear sound in the player. The revolution is also best for the people, who like listening to music through Hi-Fi speakers with the help of integrating the wireless transmitter that enables streaming of music to any FM radio through one of two preset frequencies. The revolution of these music players have also been used to digitize a collection of records by connecting the player to a computer or laptop through USB port.

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Marooned 5-0 and It’s About Time

April 12th, 2016

Marooned 5-0 and It’s About Time
Event on 2016-04-29 19:30:00
First, in Marooned 5-0, a shipwrecked whale watching tour uncovers trouble on an island protected by mer-people and plundering pirates. Then, a palatable pursuit through time and space as detectives chase a wily prankster from the future in It's About Time. A pair of inclusive adventures like you've never seen! Inclusive Theatre Companies are directed by trained theatre professionals and feature actors who have intellectual disabilities or learning disabilities, or are on the Autism Spectrum. An original script is developed during the rehearsal process through improvisation techniques. A play is scripted and then blocked, memorized by the actors, and performed for the public. The final production is designed to showcase each actor's unique talents.

at JCC Greater Washington
6125 Montrose Road
Rockville, United States

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what about Washington? (Gratis)

January 21st, 2016

think about Washington? (Gratis)
Occasion on 2016-02-26 21:00:00
Belgische musical organization. Washington is het nieuwe London. Indietronica. BRCHTDMR – JRNBRL – KNRDDPW – SVNSBB – WSHNGTN

at The address
Vrijdagmarkt 26
Gent, Belgium

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Negative Urban Myths About Online Faxing

April 26th, 2015

For many not known explanation, in terms of technological advancements, many individuals have become victims of mistaken values. Cyberspace has served since the quickest catalyst in the unfold of both accurate and inaccurate information. Needless to say, the draw back to getting information from the web is the fact that some of the knowledge are either, incomplete, ambiguous, confusing, or just wrong. Unfortunately, these are written skillfully sufficient that they’re mistaken to be the reality.
On-line fax is not an exception. Since its introduction to your market in the first 90s, hence have actually the amount of gloomy Gus unfold cynic info regarding it. One of them are as follows:
1. online Fax is simply too Dear – through the introduction of this technology, it is real your service was certainly priced over the same old cost obtained from traditional fax device. Technology, but has generated a huge amount of enhancements that after more and more providers were introduced in the market, the registration to on-line fax solution has leveled comparatively and even means cheaper than compared to the traditional machine. Definitely, calculate the worth of maintaining the actual machine versus on line fax solution, and you might recognize you’ll be prepared to chop costs remarkably whereas maintaining the dependability and stability needed in just about any business.
2. online Fax is Complicated – While this declaration might be real for folks who haven’t any knowledge whatsoever concerning computer systems, it is something that’s for that reason merely sufficient become discovered. Even kids or oldies gets the suspend from it like most fundamental activities they generally do given the proper training. Knowing how exactly to read and kind, then online fax can’t be numerous of a challenge.
3. computer systems crash. Fax machines never – Computers very do crash, though the average is once in every 24 months of continuous, unsecured, usage. Sometimes, if you should be careful sufficient, they cannot crash whatsoever the longest time feasible. Laptop system designers every day devise ways and way of preventing system crashes. And also for the record, fax devices not it’s quite likely have less chances of “crashing”, however they have the bigger possibility of being fixed as a result of mishandling. In all honesty, computer systems are some mature, stable, and dependable, than they certainly were 3 years ago.
4. Phone lines are far more dependable than web – Phone lines are dependable. Nevertheless this conjointly holds true for the internet and much more. The technology behind high-speed and cable internet are even additional than a hundred % plenty of steadfast than compared to phone lines which makes them better made suggests that of supporting online fax technology.
5. On-line fax is not guaranteed – old-fashioned fax devices are often on a dining table beside the secretary whom might from a coffee break, lunch break, or merely inside the washroom doing her typical make-up retouch and anybody with harmful intent may seize papers being sent. Just what may be lots of guaranteed than the encryption technology being used in an on-line document transmittal?

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Visual Arts Series: “Can You let me know About It?” by Jessica Caldas

February 4th, 2015

Visual Arts Series: “Can You let me know about any of it?” by Jessica Caldas
Occasion on 2015-02-22 10:00:00

Event Dates: January 15 – February 28, 2015

First Thursday Downtown Art Walk:  February 5, 2015

“Can You let me know about any of it?” is brand new work, paintings and prints by Atlanta artist Jessica Caldas.  Caldas’ work centers on the sharing of people’s stories and connecting those narratives to larger social issues. Mainly a printmaker, she received her BFA in printmaking through the University of Georgia in 2012.  Caldas received the town of Atlanta Office of Cultural Affairs Emerging Artist Award in Visual Arts for 2014 and was a finalist the ahead Arts Foundations 2014 appearing musician Award. Although at this time unrepresented, she shows work nationwide and regularly through the town of Atlanta at various galleries and through several general public art tasks.


Concerning the Rialto Visual Arts Series

The Rialto’s Visual Arts Series are skillfully curated, bi-monthly exhibitions, showcasing artistic music artists whoever works transform our lobby area into a great gallery that’s free and open the public to enjoy. The Visual Arts Series exhibitions function regional growing musicians who present dynamic works in photography, artwork, or blended media. Featured music artists have included Julio Mejia, Susan J. Ross, Eric Waters, Shannon McCollum, Lucinda Bunnen, Cullen Washington Jr., Charles Nelson, Alex Brewer aka (Hense) and Benjamin Jones.

The Rialto is amongst the participating galleries for the First Thursday Downtown Art Walk. The Rialto holds artist talks and receptions and through the Art Walk, providing opportunities the public to meet our featured music artists and learn more about the musicians and their work.

at Rialto Center for the Arts
80 Forsyth Street
Atlanta, United States

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Stay informed about India news

January 19th, 2015

There are numerous leading and supporting web portals of news networks in Hindi on the web. There are many media ventures which were produced by the Sahara Asia television. The group of media specialists is undoubtedly and expert. They upgrade the people on a 24*7 basis. Their global network is very vast. Reporting is completed extremely efficiently.  An eagle attention was maintained the world news, recreations news, latest governmental news, worldwide news also nationwide news. India news has been really sought after. The experts are very skilled keeping in mind their site visitors updated about all of the present happenings within the latest news Asia and political news. You can get all good updates on lifestyle news along with the activity news. There are various updates on celebrity gossips, latest Hollywood news in addition to movie reviews. It’s believed by major portals that it is essential to have a correct and a detailed reporting of various forms of breaking news Asia. This is apart from the occasions and latest news.

Various study, general public views and poll concerns can be found by these internet portals towards valuable visitors. They highly believe in the right and detail by detail reporting of various types of activity news really quick period of time. If a person has an interest for reading by what has occurring inside the Bollywood news part or with the favorite Bollywood star, they can surely achieve this. There are different latest updates on entertainment news, celebrity gossips and latest news. You will find updates about music launch, celebrity news plus on line news. Independent of the celebrity gossips and entertainment news, web portals are providing general public viewpoints, study and poll questions aswell on site visitors.

To get all kinds of current updates about national, politics and international news, the web portals on the web could be visited. There are various web sites where one can get details about politics,  international and national news. There are numerous groups for finding such news. There are many different national news independent of the latest news India.  After that you can find governmental news, breaking news India in addition to Asia news. All updates are available in these portals. Here a person can additionally get Hindi news along with coverage of international news. Latest political information is additionally available. A person are going to be kept updated with all forms of headlines and breaking news.

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News about North India

December 19th, 2014

Latest news about Asia states that Asia is popular for unique set of impressions. North Asia is well-known for these tourists’ attractions. In north Asia, Kashmir is a famous spot for cold valleys. The individuals of North India are popular because of their warm-hearted attitude and hospitality. North India news is witnessing the marvelous apple orchards within the spring season. The Madhya Pradesh news delivers lots of information regarding the tourist devote North India and Madhya Pradesh. The North Indian culture could be the combination of diverse customs. They’re oldest surviving tradition inside world. These include the sultan’s tradition, Rajputs, Nawabs, Mughals as well as the Buddhist tradition of 5000 years of age also. Asia is destination for Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa civilizations and 4 primary world religions that is Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism and Hinduism. These major religions have actually great festivals inside their calendar. Plan a tour for North Asia for enjoying these cultural festivals. North Asia news updates these religious festivals that are celebrated in style. Delhi is also famous state of North India which includes the initial architecture of Sultans in addition to Mughals. As Taj Mahal is one of the great monuments built by a Mughal emperor and is one of the 7th wonder. Madhya Pradesh is constantly delivering the knowledge your Taj Mahal is at risk due to environmental air pollution. Red fort had been built by a Mughal Emperor called Shah Jahan. Today latest news offers the updates regarding the issues occurring at a negative balance fort of Delhi. In North Asia there are lots of other states that are saturated in places of interest. Most likely Madhya Pradesh news delivers the latest issues happening in these tourists destinations so people need to check out those places. NorthIndia news isn’t only showing you the holiday destinations news but also one other forms of news like political news, company news, activities news and many others. People mostly try to find latest news while they comes to understand exactly what’s happening across the world. Once you’re about to make a North India tour package, firstly determine aided by the location in which you will need to travel. Discover with the news about North India to be able to see if the location is safe or perhaps not. Asia news will deliver the new about the weather where you likely to go to. Information about Asia will give recent updates in regards to the places. Therefore, a person should remain updated along with present news.

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