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Airplanes at night time – Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport

February 18th, 2016

Some cool journey to Washington images:

Planes during the night – Ronald Reagan Washington Nationwide Airport
Flight to Washington
Image by Glyn Lowe Photoworks.
Ronald Reagan Washington nationwide Airport is a residential area airport located 3 statute miles (4.8 kilometer) south of downtown Washington, D.C., in Arlington County, Virginia. It’s the commercial airport closest to Washington, D.C. For most years, it had been called Washington nationwide Airport, but this airport was indeed rebranded in 1998 to honor former President Ronald Reagan. With a few exclusions, channels into and regarding DCA are limited by spots within 1,250 statute kilometers (2,010 kilometer), in order to control aviation sound and deliver the primary air-traffic amount towards bigger but more remote Dulles airport terminal. In 2006, the airport served about 18.5 million passengers. Reagan nationwide is a focus city for individuals Airways, Reagan nationwide’s largest carrier. The usa Airways Shuttle provides near-hourly environment shuttle solution to LaGuardia Airport in new york and Logan international airport in Boston, Massachusetts. Delta Air Lines’ Delta Shuttle additionally provides near-hourly environment shuttle means to fix LaGuardia. Reagan National simply provides U.S. immigration and traditions services for business jet traffic; certainly the only global flights allowed to secure at DCA will be the ones from airports with U.S. Customs and Border protection preclearance, including the airfields in Bahamas and Bermuda, as well as some significant Canadian airports. For all other intercontinental passenger paths, people who work in the Washington Metropolitan region could use Dulles International Airport western of city and Baltimore-Washington International Airport northeast of city.

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Flight to Washington
Image by
jo1452 Seattle WA Washington Museum of Flight Boeing Team work Statue AJD52757 Seattle WA Washington Museum of journey

Flight to Washington
Image by matthewpiatt

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Q&A: Can I plug my laptop on United airplanes?

August 12th, 2013

Question by Max Kennedy: Can I plug my laptop on United airplanes?
I got a small 5 hours flight (Burlington- Washington-Houston) and I just want to make it less boring by watching downloaded movies.

Do they have electric sockets near the seats?

(First trip in 6 years)

Best answer:

Answer by tonalc2
Only in business and first class.

Here’s info:,6722,1074,00.html

What do you think? Answer below!

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