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Will Jonas Brothers Concert Tickets Cost a Fortune?

September 4th, 2016

The Jonas Brothers are the top, pop sensations in the world. Some have a misconception that only young girls like them. In actuality, children and adults of all ages appreciate their music. Wherever they go in the world, The Jonas Brothers perform in sold out arenas. Needless to say, many people are willing to pay big money to get as close to the stage as possible. You yourself may even be willing to pay some extra money for Jonas Brothers concert tickets.

These brothers got their start by performing on the Hannah Montana tour. They spent some time trying to make a name for themselves rather than be in Disney’s clutches. Finally, they have a full schedule and create a frenzy wherever they go. If you want to get a hold of a few Jonas Brothers concert tickets, then you need to look at the scheduled dates, venues, and available seats.

The Jonas Brothers World Tour 2009 will kick off on June 20 in Dallas, and will go on until the end of August. Their last planned date is August 31 in Ottawa. American Idol season 6 winner, Jordin Sparks, will be a supporting act for the duration of the tour. Needless to say, no matter where you live, you will be getting your money’s worth. The experience will be one that you will never forget!

Considering many scalpers tried selling Hannah Montana tickets at outrageous prices, the same thing may also end up happening during the Jonas Brothers World Tour. For this reason, you need to be especially careful. Spend some time researching vendors and shopping around. You may be able to acquire Jonas Brothers concert tickets if you start looking for them as soon as possible. Don’t wait for the last minute—the best seats will already be filled and unscrupulous scalpers will try to get you to spend a fortune.

Whether you want to order Jonas Brothers concert tickets for yourself and friends or for your kids, you need to be careful. Don’t go spending a fortune on the first tickets you come across. Shop around online and look for the average cost. That way, you’ll know how much you’ll be able to afford.

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Baby Alice – Pina Colada Boy (The Perez Brothers 2013 Recall DjGurbeti Mix)

November 26th, 2014

All liberties for this movie would go to its owners ????? ??? ????? brand new Best House Music 2013 most useful Dance House Music New House Music 2012 Best home Music 2013 Remix…
Movie Rating: 4 / 5

Only Drinks

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Brindley Brothers present The Kin (at U Street Music Hall) – Sophie together with Bom Boms, Pressing Strings

November 12th, 2014

Brindley Brothers current The Kin (at U Street Music Hall) – Sophie and the Bom Boms, Pressing Strings
Occasion on 2014-11-28 00:00:00
This event is all many years
The Kin

One evening somewhat over a year ago, three young men burst into new york's Lower East Side mainstay, Katz's Delicatessen, and held the joint up. Type of. HIJACK and THORALD, alongside drummer SHAKERLEG, compensate new york musical organization The Kin, were trying to rob ears, maybe not wallets.

"Ladies and men, this might be a musical robbery!" shouted Hijack as he strode in with Thorald on their heels strumming a guitar. The duo established into a genuine song, "Downtown Train" the restaurant's clients, winning them over along with their energetic performance, rich harmonies, and sheer neurological.

The Kin have actually launched several of these "musical robberies," including during the Sundance Film Festival, SXSW, Soho House, and Seven Grand Whiskey Bar in la, even at a French airport. "We're looking to surprise individuals and present them a musical experience," Isaac claims. "Even if it's only for a split 2nd, it's a rush for all included."

The Kin were catching their gritty 'danger-pop' sound in the studio, working with renowned producer Tony Visconti (most widely known for his work with David Bowie and T.Rex), along with former Record Plant staff engineer Jack Douglas (John Lennon, Aerosmith) and Nic Hard (Joey Ramone, The Church) to record the songs that may make up the band's major-label debut album become released by Interscope later on this year, that will include the single 'On the Rise.'

Issue ended up being: How do you bring to life a thing that can be so explosive live? A good way was to showcase not just Hijack and Thorald's dual lead vocals and familial harmonies, and the natural energy of Shakerleg's stick-free, bare-knuckle percussive stylings which the Buffalo, NY-native honed through many years of trying to get the eye of apathetic commuters while doing on NYC subway platforms before he consented to join The Kin.

"we don't think we truly became The Kin until Shakerleg joined. For the six years before that, we used great performers nonetheless it always felt like we had been assembling an ensemble. Now it seems sensible."

In 2010, The Kin continues to play live while they finish up recording their upcoming record album. "So much has been done before however attempt to reach into your very own heart and hear the music within. That's the area i love to compose from."

"Ladies and men, that is a musical robbery!" shouted Hijack as he strode in with Thorald on their heels strumming a guitar. The duo launched into an authentic track, "Downtown Train" for the restaurant's clients, winning them over along with their energetic performance, rich harmonies, and sheer nerve.

The Kin have actually launched a number of these "musical robberies," including within Sundance Film Festival, SXSW, Soho House, and Seven Grand Whiskey Bar in Los Angeles, also at a French airport. "We're trying to surprise individuals and present them a musical experience," Isaac states. "Even if it's only for a split second, it's a rush for all involved."

The Kin are capturing their gritty 'danger-pop' sound inside studio, working together with famous producer Tony Visconti (most widely known for their work with David Bowie and T.Rex), along with previous Record Plant staff engineer Jack Douglas (John Lennon, Aerosmith) and Nic tricky (Joey Ramone, The Church) to record the songs that may constitute the band's major-label debut record album to be released by Interscope later this present year, that may include the solitary 'On the increase.'

The question had been: How do you bring alive a thing that is so explosive reside? A proven way is to showcase not only Hijack and Thorald's dual lead vocals and familial harmonies, and the raw power of Shakerleg's stick-free, bare-knuckle percussive stylings that the Buffalo, NY-native honed through several years of trying to get the interest of apathetic commuters while performing on NYC subway platforms before he consented to join The Kin.

"I don't think we certainly became The Kin until Shakerleg joined up with. For the six years before that, we used great musicians however it constantly felt like we had been piecing together an ensemble. Now it seems sensible."

This season, The Kin will continue to play live as they go on trip due to their 2014 launch 'Thick As Thieves'.

at Jammin’ Java
227 Maple Avenue East
Vienna, United States

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The Brothers Comatose

September 23rd, 2014

The Brothers Comatose
Occasion on 2014-10-31 21:00:00
with The Coffis Brothers, Brother Grand
"The good thing about a sequence band, usually things tend to culminate with dancing instead thanelbows flying in a mosh-pit," says Gio Benedetti associated with Brothers Comatose. The originalmembers of quintet with brothers Alex and Ben Morrison, bonded during the Morrison familyacoustic music parties before using a youthful foray into punk and stone bands *andultimately* before circling back again to the music they discovered because family room. They credit bothbeginnings the mindset of their present music. and As a testament for their skillfulenergy; they have played the major festivals including the esteemed scarcely StrictlyBluegrass Festival, The Strawberry Festival and tall Sierra.On the latest record album, Respect The Van out May 22, their music isn’t a wavering mlangeof assorted designs, but decided and strong bluegrass-influenced people rock. Because of the addition ofmembers Philip Brezina (fiddle) and Ryan Avellone (mandolin) the band aims "to offer a damngood time, with a no-bullshit design we found in those initial living room parties and ourlive programs," states Ben. "We monitored everything the album reside in one big room treatingthe studio like a stage," he explains.As for the title, just a brother could pick it down by observing their sibling. Guitarist *andvocalist* Ben said when brother Alex Morrison *(banjo and vocals) * goes into a trance-likestate playing their banjo, "his eyes move in their head like he's in a coma." It's certainlynot indicative of their music, which doesn't have associated with the indulgent noodling breakscharacterized by other sequence based bands though the musicianship is sturdily there, it's givenwith a communal and comprehensive spirit to sing and dance along to. Now, at live shows, the SanFrancisco band is famous for providing chopsticks to your market for participatorypercussion on whatever area is closest.And although the music is strong and clear, there are some serious themes as in the lead track"Modern Day Sinners," a Guthrie inspired populist sing-along with tones of 50's R&B anddoo-wop inside harmonies and feel. "i needed to phone 'bullshit' associated with the style of politician or fatradio host that's offering advice while living a terrible and shameful life," states *bassist and*vocalist and banjoist Gio."Scout" had been published by Ben within "The 52 week club," a songwriting team that sends outtheme a week as a writing prompt. "It my very first contribution. I had written it from anautobiographical viewpoint of a new kid scout hanging out with his grandpa," stocks Ben."My grandpa ended up being a nice man some of the time, but may also you need to be bitter and I also alwayswondered exactly what he was so crazy about. This song is approximately the young scout hanging onto hisyouth and and hoping to help keep that character at the end."120 East" is a harmonic ode towards the brotherhood of a band, discussed The BrothersComatose's journey to and through the Strawberry Music Festival. "i needed to recapture the senseof being along with your close friends, to be willing to trust them and follow them anywhere," saysGio.The musical organization had written a raucous, fiddle tune ode to their 1988 Chevy G20 trip van and called it,fittingly, "The Van Song." "Phil penned most of the instrumental melodies plus it didn't have anyofficial words for a long period," states Gio. "It saw two rowdy live performances in which all of us justmade up verses immediately. We finally published some real words, and had to record it – we loveour van in a manner that is border-line obsessive.""Morning Time" is Ben's folk-country duet with breakout artist Nicki Bluhm. "It informs of this everpresent struggles between guy and girl the man would like to maintain their life within the big citywith all its belated evenings, bustle and craziness additionally the girl is prepared for a mellower life. It'sa compromise and eventually putting aside some quality amount of time in the early morning to spendtogether," shares Ben."Feels Like The Devil" is a drop-tuned, resonator-driven shit-kicker that could be at home onany bluegrass phase, while "Pennies are Money Too" is an old-timey instrumental that wellillustrates the band's musicianship.Despite their name, the band is not Comatose. "It's only one, big, extensive Morrisonmusic celebration," they do say. The Brothers Comatose are playing all spring and summer time includingApril dates in Boise, Portland, Eugene, Washington State, North Carolina and all thruCalifornia, including appearances at Banjo-B-Cue event, and Kate Wolf Festival. Moredates and brand new videos are established quickly.

at Catalyst Club
1011 Pacific Avenue
Santa Cruz, United States

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Brindley Brothers present M.H. & His Orchestra

July 4th, 2014

Brindley Brothers present M.H. & His Orchestra
Event on 2014-08-30 20:00:00

Brindley Brothers present M.H. & His Orchestra

Are you a ‘Honeymooner’ yet? The term, of course, being the affectionate sobriquet for the wildly enthusiastic and dedicated fans of M.H. & His Orchestra.

One could easily throw a "musical chairs" allusion into the formation of this group: from a one man project to a 44 piece orchestra then finally resting as ten person touring band– it's impossible to escape the notion that this has shaped what Sounds of RVA calls their "ever-shifting wall of sound". One could also employ the monstrous power of a rolling train to describe their onstage show- which is fitting because that’s where they all met.

It’s true, half of this band of world class musicians belonged to fellow bandmate Lucy LaCoeur who provided live entertainment on rails owned by her father- others by way of kismet or deus ex machina followed suite and soon, the man in white, M.H. -or- Max Holiday. It was Holiday himself who described the group’s formation as “A romantic folly; a honeymoon.” but that plays lightly the work and energy put into the spectacle that is: M.H. & His Orchestra…

“Sound experimentation executed by instrumentalists that actually know what they're doing.”

Examiner said of their 2012 debut release: The Throes, a short and sweet orchestral pop travelogue of songs that allude to the bands formation “The Train” and the humorous, irate musings of M.H. “Cobblestone”. Quickly they began traversing the Mid Atlantic from DC’s 9:30 Club to Brooklyn’s Spike Hill with their enigmatic live act: strings, horns, woodwinds and a tight rhythm section blasting behind M.H.’s distinctive baritone croon and LaCoeur and Lady Viorii’s lush harmonies often morphing into audience interactive gestures and theatric monologues.

“They are one of the few bands in D.C. who go above and beyond their performance duties and truly make their live shows into an experience.”

D.C. Music Download

Now, after 2 years of touring and a few cosmetic adjustments the group is nestled in the Nation’s Capitol: Washington, D.C. culling their hushed sophomore release: AGITPOP which makes musical pun of the Soviet concept, art as propaganda and features a slew of politically, socially and funkily oriented songs that still adhere to the band’s trademark eccentric brand of humor and melody. It may all seem overwhelming, it’s safe to assume the band likes it that way but don’t be afraid to catch a ride on “The Train”- – in the words of NPR’s Bob Boilen, a night with M.H. & His Orchestra is: “always a fabulous night”.

Official Site Twitter Facebook Videos Audio

at Jammin’ Java
227 Maple Avenue East
Vienna, United States

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Lauren Calve Band and The Brothers Nance with Michael Mattice

June 24th, 2014

Lauren Calve Band and The Brothers Nance with Michael Mattice
Event on 2014-07-17 19:30:00
Lauren Calve Band and The Brothers Nance with Michael Mattice
Thursday, July 17, 7:30 PM to 10:00 PM · Add to Calendar

Ebenezers Coffeehouse

Lauren Calve

Virginia native Lauren Calve is a singer-songwriter based in Washington, D.C. Steeped in American roots music, Calve’s songs are by turns anthemic and poetic as they move between rousing blues-rock, sweeping folk-driven numbers, and delicate balladry. Her multifaceted vocal style takes inspiration from such powerful female singers as Patty Griffin, Bonnie Raitt, and Emmylou Harris to which she adds the steely, haunting sounds of the slide resonator guitar. She is currently recording her first EP—set to be released Winter 2014—and is sure to bring a vital new energy to the East Coast’s Americana scene.

The Brothers Nance

Usually playing gigs under the name Rob Nance and the Lost Souls, for this show, Rob is joined by his brother Jordan Nance to form The Brothers Nance.

Rob Nance grew up in the mountains of western North Carolina on a steady diet of musical influences that ranged from Doc Watson to Neil Young, and writes songs that echo southern and contemporary folk traditions to create his own unique brand of roots influenced music. His debut release, Lost Souls and Locked Doors (2013), winds its way between heartfelt folk songs and rock numbers that make up a sound both familiar and new. 

Sycamore (2014), follows in the footsteps of his initial EP, Wake Up and Smile (2012), and features much of the same rhythm and feel in songs that speak to the trials and tribulations of the soul.  After spending the last year touring and writing, Rob is preparing to record another full-length studio album in Boone, NC this fall.  He’ll be joined by his full band, Rob Nance and The Lost Souls, for another album that is sure to honor the southern Appalachian mountain heritage that is evident in the lyrics and melodies of each tune.

Cost: advanced ticket at the door

Buy Tickets

at Ebenezers Coffeehouse
201 F Street NE
Washington, United States

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Brindley Brothers present Carsie Blanton CD Release Show + Milton (at Sixth and I Historic Synagogue)

May 19th, 2014

Brindley Brothers present Carsie Blanton CD Release Show + Milton (at Sixth and I Historic Synagogue)
Event on 2014-07-20 20:00:00

8pm – Brindley Brothers present Carsie Blanton "CD Release Show" + Milton (at Sixth and I Historic Synagogue)

After the show — The lobby bar stays open!

Brindley Brothers present Carsie Blanton CD Release Show

Carsie is a young singer-songwriter who grew up in rural Virginia, logged time in Eugene, San Francisco and Philadelphia, and landed in New Orleans in 2013. Carsie’s songwriting is known for its wit, insight, and melodic sensibility. Her live performances are lauded for humor, wit, and the clarity of her voice. Since 2007, Carsie has toured extensively throughout the U.S. as a headliner and as support tour for Paul Simon, Shawn Colvin, Bruce Hornsby, Joan Osborne, The Weepies, Loudon Wainwright III, John Oates, The Wood Brothers and others.

In 2012, she released her third studio album, Idiot Heart, produced by Oliver Wood of the Wood Brothers.  The Washington Post says “Idiot Heart is funny. It’s tender. It’s cute. It’s edgy. It’s fresh. It’s folksy without crossing into the realm of kitsch. Each track bursts with its own pithy, poignant commentary on that ficklest of organs for which the album is named.” – Jess Righthand

Official Site Twitter Facebook Videos Audio

at Jammin’ Java
227 Maple Avenue East
Vienna, United States

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Would you prefer to buy a world music cd like Putumayo’s or a Jonas Brothers cd?

March 16th, 2014

Question by I´m the Money: Would you prefer to buy a world music cd like Putumayo’s or a Jonas Brothers cd?

Best answer:

Answer by @lex Peregrin@
The truth is I like World Music 10,000 times over the Jonas Brothers but not necessarily from Putumayo I like to do my own searches and Putumayo is a good label but is like buying Mexican food from an American fast food chain… sometimes good but very generic and falling in the stereotypes a lot !
I invite you to try KUGS 89.3 FM in Bellingham, Washington is on line as well and they also play World Music run by Western Washington University students ..a good college radio station! check it out please!
That’s my honest answer Bye

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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Ron Livingston’s Band of Brothers Video diary: Part 5/12

March 6th, 2014

Sorry the video is so little and centered, its just the way it turned out. I do not own this video.
Video Rating: 5 / 5


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Great Northwest Music Tour – Wheeler Brothers

February 21st, 2014

Great Northwest Music Tour – Wheeler Brothers
Event on 2014-04-15 19:00:00
Great Northwest Music Tour
Wheeler Brothers

    Olympic Club Theater |
    Tuesday, April 15, 2014

    Every month the Great Northwest Music Tour blazes a fresh musical trail, bringing an ever-changing lineup of talent to McMenamins Historic Properties. There is no admission charge to the festivities, and our unique hotels offer food, handcrafted beverages and a cozy place to bed down after the last note is played. Bring your friends and family and jam to a different artist every month.About Wheeler Brothers

    Making music continues to be a family affair for Wheeler Brothers. The Austin, TX quintet traces a personal lineage of rock, folk, roots, Americana, and blues on its second full-length album, Gold Boots Glitter [Bismeaux Records], cooking up an irresistible and inimitable gumbo of styles in the process. Marching forward from 2011?s critically acclaimed Portraits, the group-Nolan Wheeler [vocals, guitar], Patrick Wheeler [drums], Tyler Wheeler [bass], A.J. Molyneaux [guitar, lap steel, back up vocals], and Nathan Rigney [guitar, backup vocals]-opens the door even wider for everyone to join the family.

    Gold Boots Glitter began to stomp to life while the band was on the road supporting Portraits.  Holed up in a Wichita hotel for two blisteringly cold days in early 2012, the boys began sharing ideas for what would eventually become their next batch of tunes.

    "That was when we really started working together on music," remembers Nolan. "It was freezing outside so we bunkered down and got to work on some songs.  This album truly began out there on the road."

    Returning to their ranch in Texas hill country to record, the collective vision started to take shape naturally. Located an hour outside of San Antonio, there isn't any cell phone reception on the secluded ranch, but there's lush wilderness to jog through and a lake perfect for a refreshing swim. The atmosphere definitely allowed the musicians respite from the hustle and bustle of touring. Simply put, trivial distractions didn't exist.

    "There's just something about removing yourself from the city and getting out into the country," Nolan smiles. "Nobody's cell phone worked! We had to climb up a mountain to get service, but it was so beautiful. We were able to fully immerse ourselves in the process."

    Local Austin singer-songwriter Drew Smith definitely encouraged that immersion as well. This time around, Wheeler Brothers enlisted Smith's production talents behind the board. Together, they further fine-tuned the band's signature sound as they cut everything live in unison.

    "It was our first time collaborating with a producer," the singer goes on. "His background resembles ours. He understands mixing genres and implementing different elements into one thing. We have similar personalities, and we were all working towards the same thing."

    That cohesion shimmers on "Sleep When I'm Dead." A finger-picked twang kicks off the song with Southern-fried flavor before it rolls into an anthemic and amplified refrain.

    He reveals, "It's a rock 'n' roll song with a little Americana and rockabilly. Lyrically, it reflects on some of the late nights you spend in barrooms on tour. You're always up past two or three in the morning and driving to the next gig or hotel to go to sleep."

    Elsewhere on the record, "Cigarette Smoke" billows with a calculated blues chug, while "You Got A Lot of Love" boasts a dreamy melody and Nolan's soulful delivery. "Straight & Steady" channels both bluegrass flare and raucous energy. Touring informed and inspired pensive and poetic "My Time." A soft strummed ukulele and slide guitar round out this vivid rumination on missing home.

    "It's also about being on the road and away from somebody you love," Nolan continues. "You've got to understand one another in order for it to work if you're going to be away from somebody you really care about. You might miss home and your family, but touring and the people you meet out there are truly inspirational at the same time."

    Wheeler Brothers have certainly spent their fair share of time on the road. Along the way, they've opened for The Avett Brothers and appeared at festivals including SXSW, Austin City Limits, and many others. For 2013, they've got Lollapalooza, Firefly, Newport Folk Festival, and more on the horizon.

    They made their national television debut on Last Call with Carson Daily and received widespread acclaim from tastemakers including Rolling Stone, Paste Magazine, AOL Spinner, The Washington Post, Elmore Magazine, and The Austin Chronicle to name a few. In addition, with "Portraits," they swept the "Austin Music Awards" at SXSW 2012, winning "Best New Band", "Best Roots Rock Band", Nolan Wheeler for "Best Acoustic Guitar", Tyler Wheeler for "Best Bass", and A.J. Molyneaux for "Best Miscellaneous Instrument" for lap steel. Meanwhile, their label, Bismeaux Records was named "Best Local Label".

    At the end of the day, Wheeler Brothers are welcoming everyone to put on Gold Boots Glitter and become a part of their musical dynasty. "We consider the listeners our extended family," Nolan concludes. "We want people to feel like they're a part of our music. To have their support is the most powerful thing in the world. They've brought us here, and they'll be a part of this family forever." – Rick Florino, February 2013


    Map & Directions

at Postal code 98531, US
112 N Tower
Centralia, United States

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