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CB Bain Seal | Build Your Sphere. Build Your Business. (3CH) | Vancouver – New Tradition Homes | September 15th 2016

September 3rd, 2016

CB Bain Seal | Build Your Sphere. Build Your Business. (3CH) | Vancouver – New Tradition Homes | September 15th 2016
Event on 2016-09-15 13:00:00
PLEASE NOTE:   ***DATE CHANGE*** Due to low class registration "Build Your Sphere | Build Your Business" has been postponed and will now be on Thursday, September 15th from 1pm to 4pm.     Build Your Sphere. Build Your Business. (3 FREE Clock Hours in WA)   INSTRUCTOR:  PAM SAUNDERSPrincipal Managing Broker for Clark County Region/Vancouver West Branch   TOPICS:  What is selling? Is it good or bad? What is your job description as a real estate broker? Defining your sphere Managing your sphere Organizing your sphere Communicating with your sphere Has anyone been in a Sales Slump? Suspect to Prospect  and so much more…       ABOUT OUR INSTRUCTOR:  PAM SAUNDERSPrincipal Managing Broker for Clark County Region/Vancouver West Branchoffice: (360) 574-5060 | cell: (360)  Realtor for over 11+ years Principal Managing Broker for Clark County Region/ Vancouver West Branch Member of Clark County Association of Realtors Certified Trainer for State of Washington Training Coordinator for Clark County Vice President for the Clark County Association of Realtors Resident of Clark County for over 40 years Favorite pastime is traveling, running, golfing and spending time with her Grandkids     PLEASE NOTE: This is a CB Bain|Seal event, offered specifically to our CB Bain|Sealbrokers only! A minimum of 12 attendees is required. In the event that less than 12 brokers are registered, this class may be cancelled by the instructor.  In the case of a rescheduled class, those brokers who registered via EventBrite will be notified by email. We respectfully ask that brokers who are sick consider their fellow colleagues and abstain from attending classes until they are no longer sick. Thank you!

at Coldwell Banker Seal of Vancouver West
2105 Northeast 129th Street , #105
Vancouver, United States

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Doing Business in Washington, DC

May 28th, 2016

Doing business in Washington, DC, the nation’s capital, is now better than ever. Although the city and its surrounding communities are still identified with Federal Government activities, the DC area is now emerging as a top destination for businesses. In 2006, a popular business magazine recognized Washington as one of the top ten places in the United States that are favorable for business expansion.

If you are an entrepreneur, there are lots of reasons why you should consider establishing or expanding your business in the DC area, such as Accessibility to units of the Federal Government and excellent real estate. Another reason is the presence of Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies and other booming businesses that have been operating in the DC area for years now.

The economy of the DC area has been growing and diversifying for years now. A lot of businesses are coming to Washington and its suburbs, engaging in varying areas. Such business areas include biotechnology, science and engineering, research and media.

You will not have to worry about space for your business in the DC area. Although the demand for the likes of office space in Reston VA has been in an all-time high because of the entry of businesses, real estate developers consistently launch new projects to cater with the needs of businesses and offices. They are also involved in urban renewal projects to turn old dilapidated sections of Washington into attractive business locations.

An office space in Reston VA and others around the DC area are accessible. You can have them accessed via the Washington Metro, the Metrobus and other forms of mass transport. Parking for your car will not be much of a problem as parking spaces are plentiful.

Washington, DC is the next big hit in the East Coast in terms of being the best place to do business. Why allow yourself to be left out by those who already made the move to the DC area and succeeded in doing so? All you need to do is check out the office space in Reston VA and other portions of the DC area, and bring all of your business needs to Washington.

Learn more about our services at

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Washington DC Business Headshots are Powerful

May 17th, 2016



As the capital of the United States of America, Washington DC is a corporate powerhouse. This is why an outstanding corporate headshot in Washington DC is indispensable. There are many businesses and organizations in the Washington DC and most of these businesses will feature corporate headshots on their website and in their printed literature.

What is a corporate headshot? It is a professional, formal photograph of an individual involved with a business. As there are so many corporate organizations in Washington DC, it can be difficult to make your business stand out in this city. There are a number of reasons why corporate headshots can help improve the performance of a Washington DC company.

Brand -It is important for your company to build its brand. Corporate headshots can help with this as they establish your company’s visual identity. Furthermore, the images are unique to your organization and thus help to develop a distinct brand.
Image -Corporate headshots can help develop your company’s image, in the same way that well-written website or printed text can. Professional photographs of your business’ major players help craft an image of professionalism, accessibility and candidness.
Client engagement -This type of headshot engages existing and potential clients by demonstrating that your organization is professional, but with a personal touch. Also, website visitors will stay longer on a webpage with images than on one which only has copy on it.
Quality -If your corporate headshots are of a high quality, it helps give the impression that your entire business is of a similar high standard of quality.

Having a great corporate headshot is beneficial to your bottom line and therefore it is important that your portrait is a first-rate image. This is why it is vital to have these photographs taken by a reputable photographer, a seasoned professional who has proper photography qualifications, as well as considerable experience working in and around the Washington DC area. A top Washington DC photographer or photography service will:


Deploy up-to-date technology. Someone who makes use of the latest digital photography will probably take photographs of a higher standard.
Get you involved in the creative process. Corporate headshots matter, so you want to have your say when you’re getting them done. A top quality photographer will know this and will therefore be candid with you throughout the process, while also acknowledging your comments and suggestions. They will allow you to review the pictures thoroughly during the shoot and will discuss them with you openly.
Provide retouching services. Retouching photographic images after the shoot is frequently the difference between a decent photo and an outstanding corporate headshot.
Work quickly, but at a high standard. Time is money. A good corporate headshot photographer understands the difference between being fast and being efficient and has a logical, productive, and proficient workflow technique that allows the entire experience to be cost-effective for you and your organization

Corporate headshots are important in Washington DC because business is important in Washington DC. If you want your company to succeed in this city, you should invest the time and appropriate financial resources into creating corporate headshots that WORK for you and your business.



Reed Keys is an author and 1995 graduate of North Carolina State University. In his spare time he likes cycling the roads of Southern Maryland and collecting vintage camera equipment.

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An interior view for the Paris environment seminar: Implications for company

March 15th, 2016

An internal view associated with the Paris environment seminar: Implications for company
Event on 2016-04-06 12:00:00
An inside view of Paris environment seminar: Implications for business Featuring Sanjay Patnaik   Initiative for international Environmental Leadership (IGEL) Wednesday, April 6, 2016 12:00-1:15 pm F 60 Jon M. Huntsman Hall The Wharton course, University of Pennsylvania 3730 Walnut Street Philadelphia party Overview:  Senior IGEL other Sanjay Patnaik went to the UN Paris environment conference in December 2015 within an observer delegation. Within information system he can point out their experience within meeting, share tips from sessions he attended with world leaders and provide an internal view into some of the important aspects of international climate negotiations. He can especially pay attention to the aftereffects of this Paris environment agreement for business leaders, organizations and investors and talk about the element of carbon rates in handling environment modification. Sanjay Patnaik is a Senior IGEL Fellow at Wharton and an assistant teacher inside Department of Strategic control and Public plan on George Washington University class of company in Washington, D.C. Sanjay obtained his doctorate running a business administration (technique) from Harvard company class in 2012 and his primary study and training passions function yet others non-market technique, environment change, international strategy, environmental legislation and worldwide governmental economy. Prior to the conclusion of their doctoral studies at Harvard company class (2007-2012), he worked in investment banking and academia. He also holds a master’s degree operating economics and computer system technology and a master’s degree functioning manufacturing and computer system technology, both from Vienna University of tech in Austria. Region: The seminar is supposed to be held at Wharton class, University of Pennsylvania, in Jon M. Huntsman Hall, at 3730 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA. View instructions to Jon M. Huntsman Hall. For extra information on parking and just how to-arrive into University of Pennsylvania, just click here.

at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States Of America
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Usa
Philadelphia, Usa Of America

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Creative Arts Business Summit

March 8th, 2016

Creative Arts Company Summit
Occasion on 2016-03-31 00:00:00
Creative Arts company Summit is being conducted on 31 Mar 2016 at Hilton Washington Dulles Airport Maryland Heights, United States Of America. Its a premier occasion in operation Services business.

Book a stall at!

at Hilton Washington Dulles Airport

Maryland Heights, United States Of America Of America

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Senate Health Business Zones Testimony

December 19th, 2015

have a look at these Senate images:

Senate Wellness Enterprise Zones Testimony
Photo by MDGovpics
Lt. Governor Anthony Brown testifies on SB 234 about Establishment of health Enterprise Zones. by James W. Brown at Annapolis

Senate Health Enterprise Zones Testimony
Picture by MDGovpics
Lt. Governor Anthony Brown testifies on SB 234 regarding Establishment of wellness company Zones. by James W. Brown at Annapolis

Senate Health Enterprise Zones Testimony
Photo by MDGovpics
Lt. Governor Anthony Brown testifies on SB 234 regarding Establishment of health Enterprise areas. by James W. Brown at Annapolis

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Grow! Building Your Young Residing Business

August 31st, 2015

Grow! Building Your Young Residing Business
Event on 2015-09-19 10:00:00
Can you love important natural oils? Have you been using them to boost your wellness? Do you need to make additional income by assisting people discover the great things about crucial oils? In 2014, younger Living sales had been bigger than in 20 past years combined. Important oils are explosively popular! This growth has empowered large number of business owners with monetary and personal success. Workshop Topics: know younger Living’s simple like it? Share It! system Explore the compensation plan Learn sustainable techniques for arranging your business Discover tools for sharing and empowering a group If you're wondering if a lifestyle “business” is for you personally, or you wish to boost your present effect, attend this occasion to master and network! Taught by Lisa Spindler from Indianapolis and Patryce Williams from Washington, D.C. as well as other users regarding the important Method group. The Essential Way includes Young Living users from all over the world! See to learn more.  

at Starbucks (Beacon Hill Mall)
6754 Richmond Highway
Alexandria, United States

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Building a Successful Business

August 2nd, 2015

Building a Successful Business
Event on 2015-08-29 09:00:00
Female Entrepreneurs – you have got a small business which AMAZING while understand it will also help lots of people. You like your product/service! But have you been getting enough customers to go out of your 9 – 5 job and do everything love? If you need to earn more money within business this workshop is designed simply for you! Time for you wind up your business and obtain it in GEAR! Join us because of this dynamic in-person, 3-hour workshop with other entrepreneurs on: How to attract new customers How to be considered as a professional inside industry Having an INCREDIBLE Sales & Marketing Success Arrange Creating objectives and eyesight for your business developing a coaching practice (for anyone being coaches)   Kiki Strickland has taken a part-time singles company to operating a Full-time dating coaching business with customers all over the world.  She had been showcased in EBONY MAGAZINE and hailed as one of the Country’s Top Matchmakers.  She’s three publications on Amazon Kindle and it is at this time in talks with a variety of Television manufacturing companies. early-bird – August 1 after August 29, 2015 9AM – 12PM Location:  Kiki’s Office – 1629 K Street NW, Washington, DC 20006 (1 block from Farragut North metro) Coffee, tea & water supplied If you’re willing to stop procrastinating and begin getting consumers and start making additional money in your business, JOIN United States!

at Kiki Strickland’s Office
1629 K Street
Washington, United States

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Braintree Business Networking occasion for August 2015

June 22nd, 2015

Braintree Business Networking Event for August 2015
Occasion on 2015-08-12 09:00:00
Join united states on Wednesday early morning, August 12, for the COMPANY NETWORKING EVENT that’ll prompt you to new connections, grow your business, and discover brand new tips and technologies on how to effortlessly network in Braintree, Massachusetts.  Our activities generate countless online business offerings and there is cost-free to wait!   Enroll early before the event closes out, and feel free to ahead this invite to a co-employee!  DATE: August 12, 2015 TIME: 9:00 have always been to 10:30 AM PRICE: None LOCATION: Sandler Affiliate – Greg Nanigian and Associates 400 Washington Street, Suite 302 Braintree, MA 02184 this might be a structured meeting and starts IMMEDIATELY at 9:00 AM. Enrollment is necessary

at Greg Nanigian & Associates, Inc.
400 Washington Street
Braintree, United States

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SCALING UP™ EXECUTIVE SERIES Business Development Workshop

April 25th, 2015

SCALING UP™ EXECUTIVE SERIES Company Development Workshop
Occasion on 2015-10-08 08:00:00

Bring YOUR LEADERSHIP TEAM towards revamped MASTERING THE ROCKEFELLER HABITS™ Workshop and discover the proven tools and strategies to reach greater: 


Get faster results when your entire group is for a passing fancy web page, and inspired to check out your clear and sustainable development plan.



See your business’s industry reputation soar as you create a culture of reliable quality (in which A-players elect to remain).



Light your revenue documents unstoppable.  This is a breakthrough year for your business growth. (You’ll wish to keep this Business development workshop a secret from your own competitors.


THE FOUR DECISIONS ™ reference the critical choices that growth companies must get straight to optimize their income, revenue and time. This workshop will coach you on tools to make the proper decisions in regions of People, Strategy, Execution and Cash.

Design a roadmap to success by leading your business with quality while focusing making use of these proven tools to fuel everybody within business and drive company growth.


Intimately comprehend your target consumer and how your brand promise is the unique solution they’ve been awaiting.



Create a high level of credibility and enliven your identification with quality on your own business’s core values.



Learn five methods to find money in to your business to increase your fiscal efficiency and boost your profit margin.



Strategize your most important short-term decisions for your 13-week competition with concentrate on your yearly initiatives, critical number(s), quarterly priorities and metrics.



Learn the updated “10 Rockefeller behavior” to flawlessly achieve constant, exact, and predictable execution as you scale.


What exactly are they saying!

“Keith has helped my company increase income by over 200% and grow from 9 workers to over 20.  He’s helped us transform from an entrepeneurial business to a leader within our market.  Personally I think our company is so much more concentrated and aligned on our objectives now.  And also as a leader, accessing a coach for insights and feedback happens to be indispensable."               

Kevin Lewandowski, President, Beaverton, OR



"Keith's experience as a CFO coupled with his experience as a Strategic development Coach has added significant expertise to our group.  I would personallyn't wait to recommend Keith as well as the team on Upkes Group for CFO Advisory servies and Strategic development Coaching"

Mark Rawlinson, CEO
New System Laundry, Portland, OR


Workshop Cancellation Policy:

Cancellations made thirty days or maybe more ahead of occasion will receive a full refund. Cancellations between 8 and 1 month associated with the occasion will get a refund for the compensated quantity, less a 0 per individual termination fee. Should your cancellation is created with under 8 days prior to the event, we have been pleased to transfer your enrollment to a different group member within business. You will have no reimbursement for cancellations less than 8 days before the occasion.

at Washington State Convention & Trade Center
800 Convention Pl
Seattle, United States

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