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Buying Cheap Concert, Sport and Theatre Tickets

September 6th, 2016

Some of the best ways to obtain the best tickets for concerts, sports and theatre are methods almost anyone can use to get tickets for personal use or resale.  Some stay at home workers make a decent reliable income just by reselling tickets.

Join the artist or team web site an/or email mailing list.  Most artist have fan clubs that do not charge, but even if there is a small annual charge, it’ll usually be worth it  because a small batch of some of the best seats are usually held for fan club members, but remember, ticket scalpers can also join the fan clubs.  Even if you do not join the fan club, many times you try to guess the passwords which are sometimes based on an artist’s song or album title,

Search Google for phrases like “presales passwords,” “free presales passwords, and “presales passcodes” and you will find a few reputable sites that compile passwords from various sources and are updated on a daily basis.

Ticketmaster and American Express have a partnership where many artists use Ticketmaster and American Express for their presales.  Sign up for an American Express Gold Card.  You really do not even need the Gold Card, but can usually work with a regular Amex card.  The password for these presales are usually the phone number on the back of an American Express Gold Card and in some cases you can use the AMEX phone number for entry to presale but use a different credit card to be charged.

Sometimes radio stations will sponsor a concert and will have a special presale on Ticketmaster.  You can usually call or email the radio station to get the password.  

Go to the venue and wait until the event begins.  Ticket sellers will usually drop prices significantly.

eBay is also one of the best places to buy tickets at low prices.  Ticket scalpers use eBay as a dumping ground where the seller is motivated to sell the ticket at any price because they do not want to lose the entire amount they have invested in the tickets so they will pop the tickets up on eBay with low minimum bids.

Facebook is a good place to connect and network with others to get tickets at face value from people who have purchased extra tickets only to have their friend back out at the last minute.

Craigslist can be used but with an extreme amount of caution.

Visit BBB Concert Tickets for presales info, tour dates, videos, set lists and much more!

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Washington, DC – Free Redfin Home Buying Class

December 27th, 2014

Washington, DC – Free Redfin Home Buying Course
Occasion on 2015-02-19 18:00:00
Real estate Class

Thinking about purchasing a property but don't know where to start? Redfin Agents Rebecca adore and Steven Centrella will walk you through the home-buying procedure and that means you know very well what to expect.

exactly what we'll cover:

  • Is purchasing for you personally?
  • Washington home rates, inventory & market conditions
  • Special property kinds (brief product sales, foreclosures, new construction)
  • house funding & the purchase process


Free bites & beverages will likely be provided!


Hosted by Redfin Agents:
Rebecca appreciate and Steven Centrella

Rebecca prefer and Steven Centrella are expert agents in the Eastern DC team. Wish to fulfill them before the course or perhaps have an instant concern? Feel free to offer them a call at (202) 595-1913 or email them at They're pleased to answer your entire property and selling questions.

Can't make it? Click the link for a full variety of free Redfin classes and activities!

Free and Never any Obligation
Our mission is to reinvent real estate. A huge part of this means we wish one to be since informed that you can about selling or buying a property. Going to this class doesn't obligate one to work with a Redfin Agent however it does suggest you consent to Redfin regards to Use, Privacy Policy, and End Consumer License Agreement. We’ll additionally produce a Redfin account for you.

at Redfin DC Workplace
2001 S Street Northwest
Washington, United States

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Slr Lens Buying Guide

November 3rd, 2014

Constantly taking pictures? Love b??ng that person alw??? updating their instagram w?th n?w and exciting photos? Well now you ??n tak? m?r? professional look?ng photos with an? smartphone.

At hi? point we hav? ? bellows but we ne?d a lens. I will discuss gett?ng a good lens ?n detail in ?nother article, but t? summarize, an? normal to telephoto lens canon w?th ?n M42 mount w?ll complete th?s kit. A lens wh?ch was designed to b? macro ?s best, but ? plain normal 50-80mm lens w?ll work. Just remember, th? lens should have aperture control, ?nd manual focus, whi?h w?ll h?lp ?ou precisely adjust ?our composition, ?nd w?ll let ?ou control depth ?f field. Older lenses fr?m manufacturers l?ke Carl Zeiss, or Pentax ?re of excellent mechanical and optical quality, de?pite th?ir age. Once again, eBay i? ? good place to pick ?ne up. Do not expect to pay ?ny more th?n appx. $ 150.

One thing about the d?wn side c?uld be th? aperture range w?th respect to lower light shutter speeds. The f/4.0-5.6 ?ust isn’t ideal reg?rding digital photography ?n low light, even th?ugh it ?s achievable to obtain thos? sluggish shutter speed images ?f y?u ?re using ? tripod. But it if you ar? go?ng t? shoot in th? daylight, l?ke wildlife, it truly ?s fantastic. The Tamron people claim ther?’? ? 4-stop bonus while u?ing Vibration Compensation, ?nd studies ap???r t? verify this. This basically means y?u ar? ?ble t? hand-hold ?our digital camera mo?t of th? time in?te?d of b? ver? bothered pertaining to hauling ? tripod ?long w?th you.

She says action pictures ?re s? much diff?r?nt that ?he has to learn th? trick to capture ? horse ?n motion. The wrong angle ?f ? cantering horse c?n make him l?ok incredibly awkward. Horses in action ?r? b??t captured with ? telephoto lens, a?cord?ng to th? artist. She covered a? m?n? a? 15 18 shows ? year wh?n ?h? wa? in th? thick of horse show photography.

Here my short review ?bout Canon SLR Camera. I h?v? ?v?r review m?ny review ?b?ut SLR camera, camera lenses. You ?an read m? other review ?n m? camera category. Get ??ur camera ?nl? in m? sites. I hope this review ?an be th? b?st information f?r you ?n purchase one. Read ?lso m? ?th?r guides ?r reviews ?bout camera on Short Tips To Change Projector Lamps And Review, Refurbished Camera From Nikon, Canon 500D 77mm Close Up Lens From Amazon Store, and Nikon D7000 SLR Camera.

Third, the places. In the area wh?r? you live, ??u ??n stroll ?r?und ?nd t?k? photographs of buildings w?th Christmas decorations. Get close up and full shots to capture the drama ?f that p?rt?cular place.

If ??u ?an load all ??ur camera and optics gear ?nto ? carry-on bag, that’s ?ven better. When packing a backpack full of stuff, ke?? th? lenses at the ver? top. This w?ll k?ep the weight fr?m th? ?th?r items present from crushing them. It ?l?? ?ust giv?? y?u easy access t? th?m if ??u want to t?k? ?ome impromptu pictures ?n th? flight itself. You ?h?uld ?lwa?s check y?ur bag’s straps t? make sure the? are in good condition ?nd n?t worn. Once a strap breaks, th?t c?uld m?an ? broken camera when ?t falls t? the floor. So ?lwa?s b? on top of the condition of ?our bag.

find out here

The post Slr Lens Buying Guide appeared first on Super Telephoto Lens.

Super Telephoto Lens

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Silver Coin Pricing Guide, 1800-2000: A Reference for Buying and Selling 19th and 20th Century World Coins on eBay, Websites and at Coin Shows

May 30th, 2013

Silver Coin Pricing Guide, 1800-2000: A Reference for Buying and Selling 19th and 20th Century World Coins on eBay, Websites and at Coin Shows

Silver Coin Pricing Guide, 1800-2000: A Reference for Buying and Selling 19th and 20th Century World Coins on eBay, Websites and at Coin Shows

This is a guide for people who buy and sell silver coins—on eBay, on other Internet websites, at coin shows or coin stores, or elsewhere. It is intended for those who buy or sell coins based on their investment value, rather than their design or scarcity. This book displays the bullion value of silver coins for every world nation and year of origin between 1800 and 2000. An alphabetical listings of countries and denominations (and sometimes a simple addition), shows the base value of any common silver coin. This is vital information, because many current coin guides have not recalculated bullion values, and continue to estimate coin value based on silver prices from a time when it was worth only a fraction of today’s value.

List Price: $ 8.95

Price: $ 6.75

More Panama Estate Products

Panama Realty

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Portable Radio Buying Guide

August 29th, 2012
by Maia C


With the recent technological advances in portable media, it’s no surprise that portable radios have also seen a lot of change in recent years.

While you can still find the old analog tuning radios if you look for them, most new portable radios feature digital displays and digital tuning. However, not all radios handle this new technology in the same way.

For instance, some radios will have a digital clock. Some will have a backlight that’s always on, and some will have a backlight that only stays on for a few seconds after you interact with the radio. Many radios feature auto-shutoff features, whereby you can program the radio to turn off after a certain amount of time.

Unlike analog radios, digital radios allow you to define presets. While the number of presets varies by radio, most will allow between 10-25 presets across both AM and FM bands.

Determining which features are most important to you is an important first step to identifying which radio would make the best purchase.


Do you want a radio for a table in your house? To take on the bus? Or to strap to your arm while you work out at the gym? Different sizes of radios come with different feature sets. Identifying where you want to use the radio (and what size will work for that purpose) is almost as important as deciding which radio to buy.


As with all electronics, portable radios come in a wide variety of styles, from the smooth and tiny to the ugly and bulky. As always, style comes with a price, and that price doesn’t always guarantee a functional device.


Some radios get better reception than others, but there are a couple things to keep in mind:

1. No matter how good your radio, if you’re working in the basement of Fort Knox, you aren’t going to get a signal.

2. The quality of the sound depends largely on your headphones. Most portable radios will come with a set of earbuds, but they are generally low-quality and should be replaced with a nice set of headphones. It’s also worth noting that many portable radios use the headphones as the antenna.

Power Source

Most portable radios use alkaline batteries, but the type and quantity will depend on the size of the radio. Generally speaking, portable radios are simple electronics, and tend to get exceptional battery life. Some even come with AC adapters and rechargeable batteries like you would expect to see in a cell phone.


As more and more mobile devices hit the market, we’re starting to see FM receivers built into other devices, such as MP3 players and cell phones. Nobody wants to carry around more electronics than they need to, so if FM radio is your thing, it might be worth checking out a converged device.

Radio Portable.

Kevin Spence writes portable radio reviews for Radio Portable [].

Article Source:

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Buying and Owning Digital Camera Memory Cards

July 23rd, 2012

Camera memory has grown in popularity with the digital cameras market and made it much easier for the average photo enthusiast to store hundreds and sometimes thousands of images. This need to store more photos and video has been recognized by the industry and has led to more advanced types of memory cards to meet with end-usage demands. Enhanced standards and miniaturization of memory cards for use in digital applications have also made the purchase and usage of memory cards complex. Following are a few simple memory considerations for digital camera memory card users.

You’ll be tempted to purchase digital camera memory that looks very similar to what you’ve been accustomed to, because well…the logos look the same. But imitation cards may not use the same flash memory technology or may even be made in sub-standard production processes. You might not be getting what you think. These cards can fail at a higher rate than flash memory manufactured under more notable brands, like Sony or Lexar or Kingston and others. Stick, therefore, with the brand names you trust.

General consensus is that more is better, in homage to the old saying about eggs and baskets. While rare, camera memory fail. It’s true that not every image or file on a card is important. However, to safeguard against loss of those digital memories you cherish, do what some photographers do: purchase many smaller capacity cards instead of a few larger capacity cards. Losing a 2GB card won’t sting as much as if you’d lost a 16 GB one. Eyefi cards, with built in wireless capacity, can actually send your photos to your computer from your camera.

With some exceptions, camera memory can work across a broad range of camera makes and models.  SD memory cards are made for Sony, Nikon, Canon, Kodak and Fuji digital cameras.  Since SD memory is the most popular standard, compact digital camera users are savvy to purchase this type or one of its offshoots, such as SDHC or SDXC for use in typical photography applications.  Higher end DSLR cameras will likely use CompactFlash memory and some Sony and Olympus cameras may require the proprietary flash memory developed by these companies.

Compression will determine the size of your picture files. Digital cameras snatch image data from a CCD or CMOS sensor for the most elemental information about your photo, or a file in RAW format. These files can be pretty large, around 13MB or even more without compression. A digital camera memory card cannot hold as many of these RAW files, for example, as it can a compressed JPEG of the same image. Some photographers or even amateur shutterbugs like the larger files because high-resolution photos can be cropped in without losing detail when enlarged. It’s prudent then, to buy more memory than you think you will need if you prefer to take photos with a high amount of detail.

You will, in most cases, be able to get accidentally deleted images back on your camera memory card just as you could on your hard drive. Digital camera memory cards are solid-state devices, but use file allocation tables and master file tables like any other drive. Accidental deletes can be recovered from very easily with a few simple steps, not to mention that camera memory manufacturers are including recovery software with their products.

Photo Cameras & co.

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Port Washington Homes – What One Should Consider Before Buying One?

July 14th, 2012
by NCinDC

Article by Maria George

Port Washington Homes – What One Should Consider Before Buying One? – Real Estate – Condominiums

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When you are young, you always love to live a luxurious life and in a high tech society with modern exquisites. But, once your age is near 40s; you no more look towards those modern amenities rather you prefer to look for a normal and peaceful life with solitude. With an eye on life after retirement, you always look for a serene and calm environment where you can live your life in relaxation. So, in order to live your rest of the life gracefully, you can easily opt one of the Port Washington Homes, which will always suit you as per your requirements.

Port Washington Homes are always considered as the first choice of the people as not only these homes are best for residing but also this is the place where people can make their wishes come true. With such beautiful and exotic villas comprising of world class interior and exterior, no one can miss the opportunity to buy any one of them. Anyone can live a chaotic life when they are young, but later when the old age comes near; everyone tries to live a life where time can spend with the family without any hassle.

Most of the cities have very hectic life with noise from each and everywhere, but in Port Washington is a place where you can have peace flowing everywhere. port Washington homes are located in one of the most peaceful and serene environment where flourishing green grazing land are the sight to withhold. All these reasons are good enough for attracting anyone and this is the reason why the sale going in Port Washington area is always at peak. Apartments, villas, farm houses, cottages are always at sale in Port Washington and so it’s always considered the booming place for the real estate industry.

The best part of the Port Washington Homes is that you can choose any one which can lie within your budget and may fulfill your requirements. Also, the resale of the properties in Port Washington allows you to have a home even when running low of budget. People from all walks of life opts for Port Washington as its one of the most beautiful place to live and one can feel near to natural beauty. You can easily buy a newly constructed Port Washington home or you can even invest your money in previously owned property of anyone. Moreover, if you have come in Port Washington for a short time, then you can easily get a home on rent.

The Port Washington Homes which are near to marine are more costly then the ones which are far away. This is because people love to live in a place which is closer to natural beauty, however, there are few things which are very important to consider before buying a home in Port Washington. Few of those points are:

1.You should always check the damages that are in the house so that you can get them repaired before taking the position. 2.Also, it’s advised to approach more than one real estate agent and then choose the one which suits your budget and requirements as you will get more options to choose from.

About the Author

Maria George is a famous writer and shares his knowledge on real estates. If you want to know about port Washington homes, Port Washington homes for sales, homes in Port Washington and port Washington homes sale.

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Maria George

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Maria George is a famous writer and shares his knowledge on real estates. If you want to know about port Washington homes, Port Washington homes for sales, homes in Port Washington and port Washington homes sale.

Use and distribution of this article is subject to our Publisher Guidelines
whereby the original author’s information and copyright must be included.

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Buying Folk Art Paintings

June 18th, 2012

Buying Folk Art Paintings
Acquiring folk art art has turned into a passion of mine. I have been searching for them all over the place it appears. I discovered a lot of folk art paintings recently and that i am having problems choosing which to purchase.

There is a folk art painting by Rev. Howard Finster that’s titled Howard in 1944. It becomes an all enamel folk art painting which was painted in 1988. The smile about this portrait is extremely interesting and makes me smile just like big.

I’m also really taken with a folk art painting which was painted by painter Bill Dodge in Oct 1962. The title from the painting is First Trolley To Van Nuys. The painting is aboard and depicts the middle of town with the people in town. They’re within the windows as well as on the street. The city market, bakery, Hotel Van Nuys, an frozen treats parlor and also the Wing Lee Laundry are depicted in vibrant color. The women within the foreground are from the Trolley and their signs say “Ban the Monster” and “Keep Van Nuys rural”.

Thomas Chambers is just one of America’s foremost folk artists. I discovered an item by him which i just can’t stand greatly. It’s a bit austere for my tastes. The topic is really a fishing scene with villagers and boats. I do not believe that I’ll purchase this folk art painting because I simply can’t stand it.

There is a folk art painting I discovered called Alligator Fisher which was painted in 1940 which i enjoy. The blue from the bayou is extremely calming and also the trees provide an extremely Southern feel. There’s a swamp house within the painting and that i such as this one greatly. It reminds me very strongly of Louisiana.

My mother began this enthusiasm of mine for folk art paintings. She were built with a folk art painting by John Roeder within our parlor becoming an adult. I did previously spend hours just staring involved with it. The trees were so relaxing to get rid of myself in. I’ve asked her to provide me this excellent folk art painting often, but she says which i will need to hold back until after her funeral!

I discovered one folk art painting within my journey which i felt sad each time I looked over. The specific painting is really a Letter from My Mother. The appearance within the girl’s face is really serious and sad. I’ve no clue where that folk art painting should hold. The painting itself is magnificent; it simply makes me feel sad.

There’s a whole subset of folk art paintings that represent black Americana. I do not usually buy these pieces because they don’t talk to my experience. Used to do locate one piece which i purchased for any collector friend of mine that loves this kind of art. The folk art painting were built with a whimsical feel into it along with a woman soaking in a hammock. He hung this in the hallway and it has loved it for a long period.

My buddy likes folk art paintings around I actually do. He prefers animals to become the topics of paintings he purchases. I discovered an attractive clouded leopard folk art painting for him last Christmas and that he has asked which i keep my eyes open for additional enjoy it. He explained he will buy any art I find for him because he trusts which i know and understand his tastes.

I’ve kept my eyes open for animal themed folk art paintings for my buddy, but I simply find it hard to locate any as nice since the leopard which i got for him. The grand extent of animal themed folk art paintings I have found recently would be a painting of two owls on the limb and I realize that he’d nothing like it. Since i was kids, owls totally freak him out.

Eric is a collector of comtemparary art and paintings, such as oil paintings and acrylic paintings. He’s got skills of paintings for sale and contemporary art for sale.

Free Anime

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Advantages of buying Christian gifts online

April 27th, 2012

Advantages of buying Christian gifts online

Christianity is a religion that is recognized worldwide and its followers are usually proud to be associated in whatever way with their chosen faith. This has contributed to the increase of stores that deal in Christian gifs and gift items to be able to cater for this unique market. These stores can either be found at a physical location which is usually a mall; or on the internet.

Online Christian gift stores are the most popular especially with the growth in internet usage across the country and the world as well. The internet has made it possible for buyers to purchase gifts from anywhere in the world as long as they have an internet connection. This lack of barriers in the geographical location has enabled Christian gifts to be shipped to any part of the world thus allowing Christians in those areas to exchange gifts that communicate their faith to people.

Another advantage of online Christian gifts stores is that they can be purchased at a click of a button in the comfort of your home or office.

This enables the buyers to save time and money that they would have had to use had they gone out looking for the gifts on their own.

There are several online Christian gift stores that sell a variety of gift items that allow a buyer to browse through the options before making a purchase. When browsing it is important to be aware of what you are looking to purchase so that the search might be easier and you are able to get the best bargain as well. These stores also have photos on the sites so that the buyers are able to see the item that they will be purchasing.

In case you want to buy a book as a gift item for a friend or a loved one then you will be able to read an excerpt from the book on most online Christian gift stores. This will allow you to make a decision based on the sample and also is a way to assess if the person you are buying it for will benefit from it.

However, it is important to look at the reviews of the Christian gifts website on various websites before making a purchase so as to avoid losing money on online stores that have been put up by fraudulent individuals. Their main aim is to swindle the customer by advertising goods that do not exist.

Welcome to Gift of Grace Books, carries a great selection of christian products. We proud to offer you a wide selection of Christian Gifts including some of the coolest Christian clothing with over 175,000 other products in stock. Our collection of christian purity rings help remind us to cultivate the quality in all aspects of our live, not just relationships.

ClipArt Video

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So ANA, Royal Air Maroc & JAL are buying 787 Gliders? (Nope, see description)

September 22nd, 2011

A few nice Flight to Washington images I found:

So ANA, Royal Air Maroc & JAL are buying 787 Gliders? (Nope, see description)
Flight to Washington
Image by AvgeekJoe
I don’t see a single one with an engine. But according to the Boeing Tour guide the jets are waiting for better engines than originally planned. This was taken on my 1 April 2011 visit.

Geotagged to the flightline. Taken from the Future of Flight Museum viewing deck.

I did ask Boeing for clarification considering the traffic to this pic today and a Boeing spokesperson said this afternoon, "Engines are usually installed as close to delivery time as possible because they are an expensive asset to carry on the books." 🙂

TWA Transatlantic Flight to Egypt 1946
Flight to Washington
Image by teddyb
"TWA inaugurated its transatlantic passenger service February 5, 1946, with a New-York Paris flight and began service to Egypt on April 1, 1946, from Washington and New York. TWA introduced one place Lockheed Constellation service between Chicago and Cairo on May 3, 1946, via New York and European cities. Here a Lockheed 049 Constellation flies past the Pyramids of [sic] Gizeh."

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