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Washington County Day of Action

September 19th, 2016

Washington County Day of Action
Event on 2016-09-24 09:00:00
Help Make America Great Again by getting involved with your local neighborhood team and GOP. Our efforts will help us turn PA RED in November. This day will be devoted to using our new door to door technology (different than what you had previously used) and talking to voters. Your efforts will make the difference here in Pennsylvania. Top volunteer of the month will win a chance to meet Donald Trump!

at 6000 Town Center Blvd

Canonsburg, United States

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Amy Klobuchar for Hennepin County lawyer campaign switch

February 17th, 2016

Several good Senate photos i came across:

Amy Klobuchar for Hennepin County Attorney advertising key
Image by Mpls55408

Image by Arenamontanus
The University of London senate building. An art and craft Deco design by Charles Holden, completed 1937.

In accordance with Wikipedia college pupils joke that "you can notify your government persuasion from way they describe the building’s outside structure – when they call-it ‘fascist’, they might be held tilting; whenever they call it ‘totalitarian’ or ‘Stalinist’, they could be proper tilting."

We call it too brief.

Senate Chamber
Image by lharkness

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Image from web page 1078 of “San Diego City and County Directory – 1921” (1921)

January 15th, 2016

Browse these online Radio photos:

Image from website 1078 of “San Diego City and County Directory – 1921” (1921)
on line Radio
Image by Web Archive Book Images
Identifier: sandiegocityco2100unkn
Title: San Diego City and County Directory – 1921
year: 1921 (1920s)
Article Writers: San Diego Directory Co.
Topics: San Diego City and County residents and organizations
Publisher: San Diego Directory Co.
Incorporating Library: San Diego Public Library
Digitizing Sponsor: Balboa Park On The Web Collaborative

View Book Page: Book Viewer
About it Book: Catalog Entry
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Click to view book on the web to see this illustration in framework in a browseable web kind of this guide.

Text Appearing Before Image:
Hillcrest Hughes Lafayette R (Ada V), carp Hyde Eugene, carp Imes Oliver D (Eva V), agt UnionOil Co IRWIN & CO (we Isaac Irwin), Hay,Coal, Mill Stuff, Poultry Supplies,Feed, Grain, Bags and Seed, Whole-sale and Retail, K se cor 4th, SanDiego. Tel 66301 and Main 440(See straight back address, right part linesand web page 34) Jackson Charlotte Jackson Thos R Johnston Isabella Mrs, librarian Johnston Jas F, usage mkr Jones Danl M, meat ctr Jones Edwin G, farmer Jones Harold Jones Paul E Jones Wm B, beef ctr, roentgen Grossmont Judson C S Junghaus Ernst, farmer K Karrer Jos (Amelia) Keifhein Alfred J, rancher Kemp Henry C L, rancher Kennedy Mary, prin El Cajon sch Kerrer Jos, prop El Cajon Meat Mkt Kessler Harry H (Bell M), rancher Kinne Isaac, rancher Knowles David M, resort Knowles Lethia L Knowles Mary L Knox Chas R (Maude R), phys Knox Mabel, nursing assistant Kruemling Alice Kruemling Theodore F (Mary A) Lallement want, rancherLandis Felix (Alice K), rancherLa Pointe Eugene RevLattimer Adelford W (LattimerBros)

Text Appearing After-image:
F FRANK E G E R SAN DIEGOS LEADING VENDOR TAILORS 243 WEST f PHONC PRINCIPAL 1287 B roentgen 0 S JOHN LOUIS MASSIE WINN DOCTOR OFOPTOMETRY TCL.. PRINCIPAL 221 EYES EXAMINED. GLASSES FITTED 201 AND 212 WATT» BLDG. 620 E Street Greenwood Cemetery and Crematory PHONE. PRINCIPAL 477 40TH AND IMPERIAL AVE. I.LEND KODAKS PHOTOSUPPLIES PICTUREFRAMING 419 BROADWAY PHONEMAIN 6877 PALACETURKISHBATHS SwedishMassage ElectricalTreatments broadcast TherapeuticLamp for Ladiesand Gentlemen OPEN DAY and NIGHT rates Reasonable 920 4th Tel. Main 1404 1116 1921—EL CAJON DIRECTORY—1921 Lattimer Bros (A W & Frank), ranchersLattimer Emma H MrsLattimer Frank (Lattimer Bros)Lea Fred J J (Martha G)Legge Geo (Nettie), v-pres Cuyamaca State Bank, roentgen San DiegoLemberger Lina MrsLemberger NinaLiffreing IsabellaLiffreing Nat, rancherLiljenberg Anna S MrsLiljenberg EdwdLiscoe Emma L, rancherLiscoe Isabella, tchrLittle Medora M (wid Wm R)Locke Clarence E, rancherLocke Eva D MrsLocke Howard H, rancherLocke Jane the MrsLopez Jose, lab W

Note About Images
Be aware these images tend to be acquired from scanned web page pictures which could have-been digitally enhanced for readability – color and appearance of these pictures may well maybe not completely resemble the first work.

Image from web page 195 of “QST” (1915)
on the net Radio
Image by Web Archive Book Images
Identifier: qstamer00amer
Title: QST
12 Months: 1915 (1910s)
Authors: United States Radio Relay League
Topics: Radio Radio
Publisher: [Newington, Conn., etc., Usa Radio Relay League]
Including Library: Internet Archive
Digitizing Sponsor: Internet Archive

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Concerning this guide: Catalog Entry
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Text Appearing Before Image:
on thelower frequencies. Your whole switch addresses 350 kc, supplying lots ofbandspread. (Two crystals are anticipated in theh.f. oscillator to fund the c.w. component ofthe 80-meter musical organization.) With a 350()-kc. crystal whenever you glance at the h.f. oscillatorto cover the 75-meter phone musical company, a dial readingof 500 kc. is 4000 kc, 450 kc. is 3950 kc, and extremely quickly. The calibration will always be put indefinitely. The automated noise limiter was indeed added atlittle extra work or cost. It’s going to jDrove When it had been tested on a long-wire an-tenna, this receiver had instead big image re-sponse. However, with regards to was in fact create inside carand the center-loaded whip utilized as an antenna,the images dropped to a negligible value. Thetuned antenna evidently functions like an additionalfront-end tuned circuit. The over-all proportions are usually 5 by 5^ by 11inches deep, exclusive of presenter and powersupply. This is actually little enough for under-dashmounting in virtually any automobile. The ability use is 100 ma. at 250 v. 1st AUDIO AMP.6C4

Text Appearing After Image:
6V6GRID Fig. 2 — modifications inthe sensor and audio circuitof the BC-453-A. more valuable if the greater frequencies are usually cov-ered with an outboard converter. A.V.C. ended up being alsoeasily added and needs couple of additional components.The b.f.o. functions at 85 kc;. and it is incredibly steady.The antenna trimmer capacitor may be used as a pitchcontrol. Generally, the BC-453-A is utilized with only one Goodman, Selectivity and Phone Reception, QST,March, 1954. This is often furnished by a small dynamotor, orby the broadcast receiver power, if itsregular load is powered down while operating theBC-453-A. The Command receiver employed in our car wasremoved through hamshack where it absolutely was servingas a Q5-er. It turned out believed the loss was indeed more thanoffset by adding an excellent mobile receiver. 34 QST for unless you owb a BC-453-A, rememberthat although the price is significantly higherthan years back, they are nevertheless really worththeir cash. Additionally at todays rates, this modifiedreceiver costs lower than the low priced

Note About Images
Be aware these pictures are usually acquired from scanned page pictures that will being digitally enhanced for readability – coloration and look among these photos might not entirely look like the first work.

Image from web page 1046 of “QST” (1915)
on the web Radio
Image by online Archive Book Images
Identifier: qstamer00amer
Title: QST
year: 1915 (1910s)
Writers: American Radio Relay League
Subjects: Radio Radio
Publisher: [Newington, Conn., etc., United States Of America Radio Relay League]
Adding Library: Internet Archive
Digitizing Sponsor: Internet Archive

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Text Appearing Before Image:
listening on a unique 75A-3. Traffic: (June) W4HKK 180,YRO 78, WOG 70, KIX 65, DTT 35, ZSQ 27, TKL 26,ZSH 21, OAO 14, CAH 11, EJZ 10, MI 9, TXO 9, EVO 4,TWK 2, USM 2. (Mav) W40A0 29. EASTERN FLORIDA —SCM, John W. HoUister, jr.,W4FWZ — may seem like summertime field-day relocated over in a giant,big method. Radiograms was received from K4DPZ, K4NRC,K4ANW, W4DU, NEK, NVU, PLB, YI, YKY, and ZBA.As typical, Jacksonville and Miami had huge turnouts. Anexcellent report from lYT shown results of mindful plan-ning. Daytona: FSS uses a T-90 and states that A YD isportable in Okeechobee (June) as well as FEI has in fact returnedfrom near WSM! Lake City: Realizing that their town had noamateurs YNM obtained a ticket plus in a year coachedmore than 14 fellows. Their AREC features 13 members. That{Continued 07t website 100) SIMPLE IDEAS TO BUY: to provide the fastest feasible service, crystals and oscillators can be obtained direct. In which cashaccompanies your purchase, International will prepay the postage; often, cargo will probably be made C. O. D.

Text Appearing After-image:
FO-1 PRINTED CIRCUIT OSCILLATOR For Generating place Frequency indicators with Guaranteed Tolerance1000 KC to 15,000 KC fundamental procedure given that the working tolerance of a crystal is considerably affectedby the associated running circuit, the employment of the FO-1 Oscillatorin conjunction because of the FX-1 amazingly will guarantee close toleranceoperation. Tolerances since close as .001 percent are available. FO-1 —Otcllloter Kll (lett tub* and cryttal) .95 FO-1 A —^>tclllater, factory wired and taitcd with tub* (l*ti cryttal) .95 FX-1 CRYSTAL Companion into FO-1 Oscillator The FX-1 amazingly is designed for useonly using the FO-1 Oscillalor. For tol-erances of .01 percent and .005percent, ony FX-1Crystal works extremely well with any FO-1Oscillalor. For tolerances closer than .005*/.the oscillator and crystal must certanly be pur-chased together. The oscillator is factorywired, ond the crystal customized calibratedfor the precise oscillator. ^r^v, T«l«ranc* 1000-M*« KC IS00-l»««KC 1000-*»»« KC 10,&0O-1S,000K

Note About Images
Take notice why these pictures are removed from scanned web page pictures which could are digitally improved for readability – coloration and appearance of the pictures may well not completely seem like the first work.

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Seattle/King County Clinic

July 30th, 2015

Seattle/King County Clinic
Occasion on 2015-10-22 00:00:00

Seattle/King County Clinic
Oct 22 – 25 , 2015

Seattle/King County Clinic

The community is coming together to create the Seattle/King County Clinic Oct. 22 – 25 in KeyArena at Seattle Center. This giant health clinic offers the full range of free dental, eyesight and health care to underserved and vulnerable populations in the region. The effort, involving months of preparation and tens and thousands of volunteers, transforms KeyArena to the largest clinic of its type in Washington State. As many as 4,000 clients are offered by over 1600 professional medical and general support volunteers, providing more than .5 million in healthcare services.

Learn more at:

Ticket Information

2015 SKCC Volunteer Flyer.pdf

For additional information: [email protected]
/* <![CDATA[ */!function(){try{var t="currentScript"in document?document.currentScript:function(){for(var t=document.getElementsByTagName("script"),e=t.length;e–;)if(t[e].getAttribute("cf-hash"))return t[e]}();if(t&&t.previousSibling){var e,r,n,i,c=t.previousSibling,a=c.getAttribute("data-cfemail");if(a){for(e="",r=parseInt(a.substr(0,2),16),n=2;a.length-n;n+=2)i=parseInt(a.substr(n,2),16)^r,e+=String.fromCharCode(i);e=document.createTextNode(e),c.parentNode.replaceChild(e,c)}}}catch(u){}}();/* ]]> */


  • October 22, 2015 – TBA
  • October 23, 2015 – TBA
  • October 24, 2015 – TBA
  • October 25, 2015 – TBA

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Launch Calendar

at KeyArena at Seattle Center
305 Harrison Street
Seattle, United States

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4-H County Contests [3rd-12th Grade]

May 8th, 2015

4-H County Contests [3rd-12th Grade]
Occasion on 2015-06-18 15:00:00

That is your opportunity to enhance your presenting and public speaking skills!

All 4-H people are welcome to RSVP to offer a prepared general public message, demonstration, or impromptu public message.

Listed below are the appropriate speaking lengths for each age division:

Prepared Public Speech

  • Juniors: 3-5 minutes
  • Intermediates: 5-7 minutes
  • Seniors: 6-8 minutes


  • Juniors: 5-10 minutes
  • Intermediates: 7-12 minutes
  • Seniors: 10-15 minutes

Impromptu Public Speech

  • Juniors: 2-4 minutes
  • Intermediates: 3-5 minutes
  • Seniors: 3-5 minute

at USU Washington County Extension
475 S. Donlee Drive
Saint George, United States

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Washington and Yamhill County Rights Campaign

April 7th, 2015

Washington and Yamhill County Rights Campaign
Event on 2015-05-10 10:00:00
Washington and Yamhill County Rights Campaign – Nana Cardoon – Sun May 10 at 10:00AM 

Washington and Yamhill County Rights Campaign

Might 10 @ 10:00 am – 3:00 pm

| .00

Instructor: Harry MacCormack of Sunbow Farm

Harry is certainly one of three writers and petitioners of this Benton County Local Foods Ordinance. The cornerstone of the ordinance, what it took to obtain this ordinance on might 2015 ballot, 3 years of experience with the do’s and don’ts of organizing a residential district are going to be shared. The intent with this workshop would be to help work going on in Washington and Yamhill counties, whilst getting you up to date just how to protect our local meals.

  • What is a Local Food System?
  • just what dilemmas could limit or destroy that system?
  • the container of allowable treatments
  • what exactly is a local ordinance and exactly why is it necessary?
  • Exactly what offers power to a LFS ordinance?
  • Just how to arrange around an LFS ordinance
  • obtaining the ordinance through the State and Local systems
  • establishing a campaign
  • The long term: protecting the ordinance

Vegetarian lunch and beverages are homemade from farm ingredients since the season permits and are usually included in the cost of your booking.


source groups: Community

occasion syndication by

from Account: forestgrove

at Nana Cardoon
temp Forest Grove OR 97116 United States
, United States

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Fresher Orange County Graphic Design

March 19th, 2015

Having an online website increases a small business’ prospects significantly. A top quality web site accentuates the image of an organization. Once you develop a good searching site, you focus on its functionality. Every company must have a website that scores at the top of usability, along with the quality of its images and layout.

Why web sites benefit internet marketing

internet sites need little investments and yield high returns. Once you create a great web site, remember to optimize it with SEO (search engine optimization) techniques. After doing additional advertising tasks on the web, an online site will likely be all that is needed to generate leads, hence earning cash.
The effectiveness of a good web site is undisputed, specially considering that the Internet is used nearly every day by most people. However, users never see simply any internet site. It is vital that quality internet designs be properly used as to attract users into the right context.

How can Urban Geko help?

if you’re located in Orange County, graphics design companies are really easy to find. Additionally, Irvine graphics design firms will also be in abundance, but one southern Ca company has made news for producing compelling web site designs.

This Provider is Urban Geko. Based in southern California, this design company has a good attitude and a portfolio of work to fit it. Into the competitive landscape of Orange County graphical design businesses and Irvine graphical design organizations, Urban Geko creates a distinct segment of its own.

What makes Urban Geko work?

If you need a website or a product design instantly, Urban Geko can step-up towards needs. This will make it an ideal firm to produce a long-lasting relationship with since it provides consistent quality. The designs are fresh, innovative, and in tune using the particular business’ brand name. The business cannot compromise the message for creativity, nor creativity for the message. This will be one of the most difficult what to accomplish in web page design. Often generate exemplary design, the core message gets compromised and vice-versa.

Urban Geko offers consumers exemplary service amounts. Distribution is as crucial as running the business enterprise and it is constantly on time. Concentrating on building lasting client relationships, Urban Geko works together their consumers like company partners.

an online business is only half the journey. Having a great website that’s easy to use and contains a nice-looking look completes that. You can trust Urban Geko to deliver on the promise generate a great site. See to learn more or view their portfolio of work.

Viktor Morris is a web page designer and an active writer who writes on different topics regarding Orange county graphical design, Irvine graphical design and new technologies coming up within industry. Viktor keenly follows the latest technologies useful for Orange County graphical design and reports on brand new and exciting developments inside field.

Song Name: Orange Juice Vocals, Lyrics: shoorad :( :::::::::::LYRICS:::::::::: I cant sleep My brain’s just too weak I cant switch off all my memories, i recall your sweet face,…
Movie Rating: 4 / 5

Just Drinks

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24th Annual Maple Syrup Festival at LM Sugarbush in Washington County.

February 20th, 2015

24th Annual Maple Syrup Festival at LM Sugarbush in Washington County.
Occasion on 2015-03-07 09:00:00

Two weekends of enjoyable in the united kingdom at this family members farm in southern Indiana. Pancakes and syrup, demos, games, Sugar shop, vendors, wagon rides, crosscut sawing, and much more. Feb. 28-Mar. 1 and Mar. 7-8: 9 AM to 5 PM. Information: 812-967-4491.
Location: LM Sugarbush Family Farm, 321 N Garrison Hollow Path, Salem, Washington County.

at LM Sugarbush Family Farm
321 N Garrison Hollow Road
Salem, United States

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8th Annual Pierce County Career Day

January 24th, 2015

8th Annual Pierce County Job Day
Event on 2015-11-19 09:30:00

Pierce County profession Day is a cutting-edge workforce development device made to provide kids with hands-on exposure to diverse and growing professions also to provide employers with a pipeline of experts for tomorrow.

Over 2,000 students from all areas of Pierce County attend the event, discovering the technical skills required for vocations into the trades through interactive displays and information on internships, registered apprenticeships and training resources.Industries Represented:

  • Construction
  • Aerospace
  • Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Utilities
  • Transportation

at Washington State Fairgrounds Showplex

Puyallup, United States

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Avoid Falling For a Jerk or Jerkette! Washington County, Class #546

January 10th, 2015

Avoid Falling For a Jerk or Jerkette! Washington County, Class #546
Occasion on 2015-01-26 19:00:00

A three time course Mondays January 26, and February 2 & 9.

Class starts at 9:00 am and ends at 4:00 pm. 

Please anticipate going to all three nights.

All class attendees must be at the least 18 years old.

Complimentary and informative course!


For those who have concerns or need assist registering call or e-mail Michele Bristol at (801) 557-6640 or


Funding for healthy relationship programs is provided, partly, by Utah State University, Utah Department of Workforce Services, plus the united states of america management for Children and Families. Grant #90FM0001. Any viewpoints, findings, conclusions, or recommendations expressed in these programs are the ones regarding the author(s) and never always mirror the views associated with the funders. Utah State University is an affirmative action/equal opportunity institution.

at USU Washington County Extension
475 S. Donlee Drive
Saint George, United States

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