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DC’s SAWA SAWA KIZOMBA FESTIVAL (Jun 30th-July 3rd, 2016)

May 18th, 2016

DC’s SAWA SAWA KIZOMBA FESTIVAL (Jun 30th-July 3rd, 2016)
Event on 2016-06-30 21:00:00
We about to turn DC upside down on the 4th of July Weekend • Oscar B.A. the Kizomba Ambassador+ Ollovar LLC • present———————————————————————————Washington DC's Kizomba Festival "SAWA SAWA KIZOMBA FESTIVAL" (4th edition)Thurs June 30th – July 3rd 2016 • (Independence Day Weekend)——————————————————————————— Join us for 3 days & 4 nights of learning & partying with world class DJs, International and national Instructors, the best Dancers, at the Hyatt Regency Washington Hotel on Capitol Hill (conveniently located on Capitol Hill, close to Union Station and the Metro) ——————–SCHEDULE• Thursday June 30th – The Pre- Party (Venue TBA)• Friday July 1st – Daytime Dance Workshops + Evening Party• Saturday July 2nd – Daytime Dance Workshops + Evening Party +Shows• Sunday July 3rd – Daytime Dance Workshops + Evening Party ——————–HOTELHyatt Regency Capitol Hill400 New Jersey Ave NWWashington DC 20001 BOOK YOUR ROOM NOW AT A DISCOUNTED RATE with this link. Remember, we sold out our room block last year. *******************************featured ARTISTS TBA******************************* Contactemail: sawasawafestival@gmail.comtext: +1 301 433 1945website: WWW.SAWASAWAFESTIVAL.COM #SawaSawa2016 Facebook event… ***********************************************************"Kizomba is an African Dish Best Served Authentic"*********************************************************** Connect with us on social media Follow us on twitter, Instagram & soundcloud using the handle @KizombaFestDC facebook @SawaSawaKizombaFestival meetup Lot 3 : FULL FESTIVAL PASS – 5.00 Friday Nyt Pass – Limited time &/or Availability – .00 Saturday Nyt Pass – Limited time &/or Availability – .00 Sunday Nyt Pass – Limited time &/or Availability – .00 3 Nyt Pass(Fri-Sun) Limited time &/or Availability – .00 LOT 2: FULL FESTIVAL PASS – 5.00

at Hyatt Regency on Capitol Hill
400 New Jersey Ave. NW
Washington, United States

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Washington, DC’s 2024 Summer Olympic Bid

August 3rd, 2014

Washington, DC's 2024 Summer Olympic Bid

DC 2024 is excited to formally announce our intention to bring the 2024 Summer Olympic Games to Washington, DC. Join united states! With an increase of state…

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DeMint on FOX Business with Dave Ramsey: Washington, DC’s spending and debt is out of control

May 8th, 2011

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May 2nd, 2010


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Washington, Dc’s Top Personal Trainer Reveals the Biggest Myth in Exercise

March 19th, 2010

We have ALL been sold a big LIE – that aerobic exercise is the key to fat loss. In reality it is actually THE lest efficient fat loss exercise tool known to man. This has been CONSISTENTLY revealed in the research over the past 15 years.

No one except bodybuilders who are dialing-in for a competition should be using aerobic training for fat-loss. For everyone else it is a complete and utter waste of time and energy compared to more intense, efficient and effective modes of exercise like resistance training.

Don’t Believe The Hype

While it is true that aerobic training burns extra calories, and you must create an energy debt to burn fat. It is NOT true that aerobic training is an efficient way to burn off extra energy. IN REALITY, AEROBICS ARE THE LEAST EFFICIENT MODE OF EXERCISE POSSIBLE TO BURN EXTRA CALORIES AND/OR FAT.

All activity, even standing in line at the DMV, burns calories above your resting metabolic rate (RMR) – what you burn if you were to be on bed rest 24/7. In addition, standing in line will actually burn a higher percentage of calories from fat than jogging in your “fat burning zone” (FBZ) ever will, but we’ll get to that in due time. If you do 30 min of FBZ aerobics all you will get is a 30 min increase in metabolism, so it is in fact better than watching TV. BUT, if you were to kick butt for 30 min. in the weight room you would:
*A) Burn significantly more calories during the actual exercise session
*B) Create a very significant metabolic boost for the next 12+hrs from the oxygen debt (EPOC) you have created with your high intensity workout (that you cannot get from aerobic training)
*C) Create a second metabolic boost from your body working to repair the muscle you broke down during your lifting session, AND
*D) Help to maintain or increase your metabolic rate for life. Every single pound of muscle you gain will burn lots of calories 24/7/365. With more muscle mass every activity you do now becomes more caloricaly demanding because of your extra muscle. Plus, muscle is the only tissue that can burn significant quantities of fat. For the ladies, muscle is denser than fat. So, if you lose 5lbs of fat and gain a 5lbs of muscle, even though on the scale you will weight the same, you will be smaller, firmer and have a faster metabolism which will help you continue to get smaller and firmer. You can’t get “big” unless you take drugs; it’s just not in the gonads, as they say.

As if that wasn’t enough, if you do enough aerobic training to get any real progress on the scale, you will probably end up burning off muscle – meaning that you will now burn fewer calories 24 hours a day, seven day per week and 365 per year. Say it with me, “Aerobics suck!”

B) The “fat burning zone” is fat burning BS. While it is true that you burn a larger total PERCENTAGE of calories during lower intensity exercise, what they don’t tell you is that it is a larger percentage of a much SMALLER number.

So, the net result is less fat-loss, it’s boring, you have to do it forever to get any benefit from it, and you get zero residual benefit – i.e. EPOC, energy expenditure from repairing damaged muscles and the metabolic boost from maintaining or increasing your lean body mass (you will probably lose muscle doing it.)

On top of all that you should know that aerobic training is NOT necessary for cardiovascular health and fitness. You can get the equivalent (if not superior) benefits from circuit training or interval training (below) in a lot less time and with improved muscle tone/size and reduced boredom.

Burn More Fat In Less Time

The solution? Interval training! Interval training is a form of energy work that alternates periods of high and low intensities to produce a more intense and efficient workout.

Energy work is exercise designed to increase energy (calorie) expenditure. Steady state aerobics would fall into this category also, but it’s just poorly designed for fat-loss. 1-2 pounds of fat-loss per week is realistic if this is used in conjunction with sound nutrition and a well-designed resistance training program (90-120 min/week should get the job done). In addition to actually getting results, your interval workouts will never take more than 20 min. to complete.

Weeks 1-4: 4 Intervals (60 sec “up”/120 sec “down”), 4 days/week (17 min)
Weeks 5-8: 5 Intervals (60/120), 4 days/week (20 min)
Weeks 9-12: 5 Intervals (60/120), 5 days/week (20 min)
Weeks 13-16: 6 Intervals (60 sec “up”/90 sec “down”), 5 days/week (20 min)

Example (weeks 1-4)

Warm-up 3 min.

Interval #1 1 min as fast/hard as you can go (9 or 10 on a scale of 1-10), 2 min recovery (about a 6) Interval #2 1 min as fast/hard as you can go (9 or 10 on a scale of 1-10), 2 min recovery (about a 6)

Interval #3 1 min as fast/hard as you can go (9 or 10 on a scale of 1-10), 2 min recovery (about a 6)

Interval #4 1 min as fast/hard as you can go (9 or 10 on a scale of 1-10), 2 min recovery (about a 6) Cool down 2 min

Grand total 17 min (more energy consumed during the workout and the “after burn” – I stole that word from Alwyn Cosgrove)

You should be sucking wind big time on the “up.” This is not lollygag cardio that you can read a magazine while doing. Your goal is to work as hard as you safely can to stimulate hours of fat-loss. Maybe you can get away with reading during warm up and cool down, but when you are “up” you need to be completely focused on what you are doing and on sustaining a kick-butt interval. Not watching TV. Not chatting (you shouldn’t be able to hold a real conversation because you are breathing so hard on the “up). Focus, work hard and work smart.

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