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Dazzling Band-e Amir – The Extreme Adventure Destination

August 6th, 2016

Picking out a place to go on your trip can be very demanding for many men and women. Sure you can go to the same old bland places that everybody goes to; theme parks, national parks, sunny islands with beaches, or Europe… but why not look into someplace unbelievable, someplace so out of the ordinary that you’ll remember it for as long as you are living?

Take a look at Band-e Amir.

You may never have heard of it because it lies in Afghanistan and most people don’t really think of Afghanistan as the finest vacation destination, but Band-e Amir is undoubtedly worth your attention.

So what exactly is it?

Basically it’s six amazingly blue lakes that are located high up in the Hindu Kush mountains. It’s about 45 miles from Bamiyan if that helps narrow it down in your mind at all. The best time of year to go is between the springtime and autumn.

Regrettably you can’t just step onto an airplane and then take a taxi. No, to get there you need to take a 4×4 truck from Bamiyan. Like I said, this isn’t your usual trip!

The lakes are formulated by water that flows down a number of natural terraces. It’s hard to visualize how breathtaking these cobalt blue lakes look enclosed by red sandy rocky mountains and hillscapes. The colorations are an awesome contrast.

You can expect to find all kinds of animals in the area including wolves and foxes and even rabbits and some wild sheep and goats. In the water you can find big yellow fish that the local folks calls Chush.

Band-e Amir is a national park, in fact the very first national park that Afghanistan has ever had and it was created in 1973. Though a national park in Afghanistan doesn’t really necessarily mean the same thing as it does in The states, you won’t find park rangers and camping grounds for instance.

Unfortunately right now America is involved in a war in Afghanistan so it may not be the best time to visit, in fact I would suggest putting off a trip there until things settle down. Contact the foreign office or your local embassy before planning any sort of plans to take a trip there.

While you won’t find any travelers shops or really much of anything at all… if you’re looking for a vacation that’s off the beaten path and puts you smack dab in the middle of some of the most incredible natural landscapes that you’ll ever see in your entire life, and you don’t mind roughing it and are up for little or adventure, then Band-e Amir may be just right for you.

Jason Markum runs a Jura Capresso online business where he also critiques the best Capresso Coffee Maker around. He has been an article editor online for well over 13 years and also enjoys competitive boating and drag racing.

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Why computer software development India is the more preferred outsourcing location?

June 24th, 2015

With regards to outsourcing to Asia, we could find out numerous political hue and cries. Recently, US government has passed away a bill where in actuality the Senate proposes a rise in visa cost for Indian computer software workers hired by pc software company Asia for computer software development jobs in US. Well, this bill will disturb the Indian software outsourcing industry and beat big software organizations like Infosys, TCS, Satyam and Wipro underneath the belt for a while. Anyhow, the impacts is likely to be short-lived as computer software development India has gained a reputed status in last 2 full decades. It’s enthusiastically server international clientele making niche for itself.

The strong point of computer software development Asia industry is based on its capacity to develop faster and provide innovative and personalized software development solutions. This ability to offer incredible internet and computer software development solutions makes the united states extremely smart outsourcing location. Computer software development India industry will continue to shine on the global IT platform in future. Another strong point of computer software developing business India is the capability to provide custom software outsourcing. The technical expertise of Indian software experts is known worldwide and pc software development India industry has accumulated rich computer software development experience in the last two decades.

Apart from this, around 65% of the world CMMi degree V companies are resided in Asia. With your benefits, India is offered using the competitive side over other countries within the battle for the pc software development outsourcing crown. Your competition from Philippines, Asia and appearing economies in Eastern Europe and Latin America is increasing. They will certainly bite closely into the software outsourcing cake but will unable to bump off India from the current number 1 place. Everyday the entire world is now increasingly more dependable on the web technology and computer software. There are newer software development competitions and their triumphant creation and incorporation needs technical expertise, which will be loaded in pc software development India industry.

Numerous accessibility to computer software designers drives Asia prior to the pack. There is a technical gap among India and its particular rivals as Indian computer software professionals have learned and developed software development abilities through the years. So, US computer software outsourcing to India will continue to grow, irrespective of governmental hue and cries as US organizations will rely more on Indian professional to provide them latest web applications and pc software development. The increasing dependence for the US company on internet technology and pc software development promises an excellent future the pc software companies Asia. Indian companies offer outstanding pc software development solutions at very competitive prices.

The competitive business ambiance in America, the sluggish recovery from recession an such like will certainly drive up pc software outsourcing to Asia. Nations like Philippines and Asia might set a stiff challenge on price front side but will continue to lag behind Indian regarding the technical front within the coming days. The technical expertise and rich knowledge base of Indian specialists will enable software development Asia industry to deliver innovative and affordable computer software solutions to United States and other foreign nations.

The Author was writing for over twenty years. He’s a professional journalist and it has worked in Software and Android os Developing Company writing for the past couple of years particularly about Outsource Computer Software Development. To find out more see

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Q&A: Frankfurt to London, final destination Washington DC, where do I go through customs?

February 12th, 2014

Question by Monika: Frankfurt to London, final destination Washington DC, where do I go through customs?
On my return flight from Germany I have a layover in London. Lufthansa to London, United to Wash. Dc on a single ticket. DO I have to go through customs and immigration in London or at my arrival in the US ?

Best answer:

Answer by NOLA guy
Check with Lufthansa, but the Frankfurt-London flight may be a domestic flight and you will exit the EU in London.

You also go through US Immigration/Customs in Washington. Go to passport control first. Then collect your luggage and take it to the Customs checkpoint. If you have a continuing flight out of Washington then Interline Baggage is just after Customs and you give your luggage back to the airline there (you don’t have to check-in again). Then follow the signs to your next flight.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

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Investigation Destination – Wacky Winter Olympics

December 18th, 2013

Investigation Destination – Wacky Winter Olympics
Event on 2014-01-09 18:30:00
Location: Children's Rooms A & B

In honor of the Winter Olympics, join us for an evening of Wacky Winter Olympics!

at Avon-Washington Township Public Library
498 North State Road 267
Avon, United States

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Is Panama City An Ideal Destination For Travellers?

September 13th, 2013

Central America is known as a region where Caribbean paradise countries can be found. It is also where Belize is located. Being one of the places tourists flock annually to, especially when they are on holiday vacations, the country has earned the reputation of being a tropical paradise that’s rapidly emerging as a very successful tourist destination spot across the globe.

This is evident with the number of tourists who visit each year, not to mention the number of expatriates and retirees moving in have increased in significant amounts. Therefore, Belize real estate properties have increased their count in order to meet the unrelenting demands of the people wanting to have a Belizean life.

Vacation homes in Belize are one of the best things you can purchase, especially if you are to purchase one in Sanctuary Belize. Not only tourists, but expatriates and retirees should also take a look at the community for beautiful homes that will definitely match all their needs.

Homes here are reasonably priced so you don’t have to worry about it exceeding your budget. Homes aren’t the only properties they sell here, but they also have private cayes available if having your own small island in the Caribbean is what you really want. You can be assured that homes are as grand as those in your dreams. Designed with such intricate and impeccable taste, homes here are built by the best developers that are renowned worldwide. Using only the highest quality and eco-friendly materials, you can be assured you are also giving nature a hand in its preservation and protection when living in one of the residential units here.

The location of this community is perfect since it is ideally resting in between two wildlife reserves and certain spots where people would frequent. Residing in the Stann Creek District, the community is only south of Belize City which is reachable by land. Scuba divers would definitely love living in this place since the Great Blue Hole is accessible within minutes from the community’s shore. The Belize Barrier Reef is only within minutes away from the community where one can discover all the beauty and mystery of the largest barrier reef in the Western Hemisphere.

If you want to try your hand on some extreme water sports then trying out wild river rafting and kayaking would be easy since the Sittee River is in the vicinity of the community. You don’t even have to go far to try it out, it’s actually just waiting for you around the corner.

Do you prefer a rather relaxing and easy activity? Then try out the hobby of birdwatching. There are thousands of migratory birds who fly to the area of the community. Watching exotic birds and other animals can be quite a treat that can relax your spirit and help you appreciate the wonders and beauty of nature even more. If you want a more hands-on hobby then you can also pick up fly fishing!

Whether you are seeking a vacation home—expatriate or retiree—you can always find Sanctuary Belize as the perfect place for a Belize real estate home for yThere are numerous attractions in panama that can captivate each and every tourist on this earth but can you consider it as the perfect place to spend your vacation? Well, I am putting this question in front of you as the name Panama is now increasingly being mentioned in newspapers, news channels and other broadcasting mediums for widespread corruption, lack of hospitality to foreigners and also for the maltreatment of tourists by police officials in the country.

As you get to know about the large-scale corruption that has taken root in the country and the hostile anti-foreigner attitude adopted by employees working in the hospitality industry, you would never think of embarking on a panama tour. Altogether, as the hidden dangers looming large in panama are made evident to you, it becomes your responsibility to advise your friends and other acquaintances against planning panama holidays.

Guys, let me inform you that Panama City is in the grip of corruption which is spreading like wildfire throughout the entire country. Bribery is common among the police officials out there and if a traveller desists from shelling out huge amounts of money to the authorities, he is not allowed to explore the country any further and in some cases, even taken under custody. Police officers demand special permits to pursue driving in Panama City. It is nothing but a pretext for extracting money, it is also seen that policemen forcibly take away passports from tourists and give them back only when an amount of $ 50 or $ 60 is paid.

So, will you decide to visit panama in the near future? Don’t you think that the number of people travelling to panama would reduce to almost nothing if the rate of corruption persists and is not checked by the government? Panama is indeed famous across the world for its national parks, beaches, islands, reserves et al but it is also true that not a single tourist on earth would consider opting for panama tours if it is inevitable that he would be fleeced out of his money as soon as he lands up at the country.

Guys, I am not lecturing you against panama travel but instead of that, I am only trying to throw light on the facts. Let me also add right here that there are not enough skilled employees in the Panamanian hospitality sector that are capable of effectively catering to visitors. A few months back, I visited Boquette in panama and there, I was badly treated by the hotel manager and I also found the taxi driver as well as the tourist guide completely abusive. Well, I learnt a bitter lesson and decided not to plan any panama vacation in the future. Neverthess, these issues faced by tourists is to be addressed at the earliest if Panama is not keen to lose its reputation. Is the government out there listening?ou!

Bob Woodward is a seasoned writer of the travel industry and his write-ups throw light on issues such as common dangers faced by tourists who are eager to visit panama, facts relating to the worthiness of panama as a tourist destination etc.

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Visit Panama (1) – a travel destination video

March 15th, 2013

View more travel videos from all over the world; find information on destinations, hotels, attractions and more at
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Panama! Visit & check out RICH Novak, THE Man in Panama! Come To Panama & Turn YOUR Frown Upside Down!
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Panama Realty

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Schindler Miconic 10 Traction elevators @ JW Marriott Washington DC (destination Dispatch)

November 5th, 2012

These are VERY nice elevators, however they are glitchy. We took a few rides and on one ride the elevator stalled for a few seconds, right when I got the camera out (thinking we were stuck) it started moving again.. Filmed with Cober6711

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Washington DC: A Top Destination for History Student Tours

August 17th, 2012

Article by Robert Emdur

Washington DC: A Top Destination for History Student Tours – Travel

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Washington DC, seat of some of the world’s most powerful politicians, is a fascinating destination for student tours, whether your focus is American history or otherwise. Read on for an idea of what students could experience.

Lincoln Memorial

Learning groups with a focus on American history should be sure to include the Lincoln Memorial on their itinerary for student tours. This monument to Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, can offer a great focal point for discussions about Lincoln in particular and the presidential role in general. As the site of several famous speeches – such as Martin Luther King’s ‘I Have a Dream’ – it has also played a part in some of the USA’s more recent historical turning points. In fact, the memorial has come to be regarded as something of a sacred space for political movements concerned with rights and freedom, most significantly the Civil Rights movement. A visit can bring together several different strands of history and demonstrate to students the importance of looking at historical events in their cultural contexts.

White House Visitors’ Centre

After looking into presidential history at the Lincoln Memorial, give your students the opportunity to see the place where every President since John Adams – the second President of the United States – has lived and worked. A visit to the White House can offer an important sense of continuity, and of history still being in the making. Tours are available with prior arrangement, so talk to your trip organiser about taking one.

National Museum of American History

Those studying the history of the US will have read about it in textbooks or watched documentaries; but the National Museum of American History allows visitors to ‘read’ history in a different way – through objects. Its collections of over 3 million artefacts cover diverse subjects including clothing, weapons, film and TV props, locomotives, computers and more. There’s something to suit every interest, and altogether the displays build up a multifaceted and often surprising record of the nation’s history. The museum also has some special educational visit oriented exhibitions and interactive elements, which, while geared to the American curriculum, can provide great material for student tours from further afield.

Holocaust Museum

American history isn’t the only curriculum focus that a visit to Washington DC can illuminate. The Holocaust Museum is worth visiting for any students of the Second World War, but also for history students and teachers in general. Teachers organising student tours be warned though: this museum is, by nature, emotionally affecting, and it can be a harrowing experience for adults and young people alike. However, the value of empathy in the study of history is enshrined in many curricula, and the Holocaust Museum certainly engages visitors’ empathy skills – teaching not just facts but ways of emotionally relating to history. As such it is arguably the most important of Washington’s museums, but preparing your students for it in advance is advisable.

About the Author

Robert Emdur works for Equity Student Travel, the UK’s leading specialist in group travel for students in higher and further education. We organise student tours to destinations around the world covering a wide range of subjects, as well as conference & event-focused trips.

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Robert Emdur

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Robert Emdur works for Equity Student Travel, the UK’s leading specialist in group travel for students in higher and further education. We organise student tours to destinations around the world covering a wide range of subjects, as well as conference & event-focused trips.

Use and distribution of this article is subject to our Publisher Guidelines
whereby the original author’s information and copyright must be included.

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Romantic Washington State – A Paradise Destination of Activities and Adventure

July 11th, 2012
Washington DC
by wallyg

If you have never been to Washington State or, even the Pacific Northwest, then you really don’t know what you are missing or understanding about this State of awe inspiring activities – activities that most would call a romantic paradise for those of the out of the ordinary mind-set.

Washington – The Evergreen State is so full of surprises and wonderment that it intrigues, envelopes, hypnotizes and inspires all that live here and who visit here because of the attractions and various entertainment venues that are available today and its relationships to the history of its remarkable activities of its past.

You could spend a lifetime in the state (and the Northwest) and not ever really find out why in all its earlier history it is such a hotbed of movement towards the arcane, the unusual, the mysterious, the bizarre, the wacky and strange and even its uniqueness compared to other States in America.

Perhaps it’s the weather? Maybe, because the towns and cities locations so close to the shadow of several volcanic mountains? It’s strong Native American Histories? Or, even the possibilities that the Pacific Ocean’s tides and currents have some sort of effect on their moods, consciousness, awareness and psyche? Whatever it is that brings out the distinctiveness about Washington State, surely it is catchy, appealing, attractive and memorable.

From great American Native American chiefs, early bordello sustained and financed cities (Seattle), Bigfoot, active volcanoes and haunted hotels, to a famous TV clown, a gorilla in a mall, software guru’s and an eclectic bohemian Goddess on public cable and festivals that border on the bizarre – The Evergreen State is purely one-of-a-kind romantic in its own extraordinary way!

Romance, to those who believe it is all about flowers, cards and poems really are awakened to what this area of the United States is offering to those who take romantic adventure to a higher plane. Washington really is a romantic voyage and transposes this emotion in many different ways to a lot of people and a lot of couples of so many various age groups and backgrounds, that you just can’t put one simple label on the term within the borders of this State.

Take for instance the variety of pleasurable activities that a couple can find to do when visiting here or, for those who are already residents. Within the different regions of Washington State, not only are the geographic features diverse, the people who populate these various cities and towns have their own unique lifestyles as well.

In the Western region of Puget Sound for instance, you have a multitude of peoples who come from all walks of life and nations – from Russian, German, Irish Scottish and British to Norwegian, Native American, Pacific Asian and Middle-eastern. A virtual crock-pot of humans living in a one hundred mile radius of the Emerald City – Seattle, that combine to add their cultures and histories into an exceptional community minded landscape.

Then you have Eastern Washington – Entrance to the Gateway to the Rockies!

This region with its wide open plains, numerous dams, charming old-western towns and Spokane with its rich history and past offers a completely different aspect to what many think of Washington State when someone from another part of the country mentions the Northwest.

The diversity of this area with its many rocky high desert canyons, extreme weather changes and larger Hispanic population reveals that the area is full of hidden treasures not only with its mining past, but with also in how the people seem to be more independent, rugged and friendly, and how each town has a proud history of maintaining an American past that we only read of in the history books.

Activities in this state are as assorted as the people who claim the Evergreen State as their home – From watching Native American dance, kayaking the many rivers, lakes and coastal regions, hiking a mountain wildflower meadow – To dining at the top of the Space Needle, exploring an old mining ghost town, watching a sunrise along the Eastern Columbia River Gorge, the list is endless here – I believe no other state besides Oregon offers so much to do and explore and which, creates such a lifetime of opportunities to do it in.

So, in your adventures traveling Washington State, just don’t think of “Romantic Activities” as a stay in an expensive resort, shopping at the big malls, eating at the most exquisite restaurant. Know that in Washington State, that romantic activities include the wacky, the off the wall – off the chart, the strange, the weird and the totally unprepared, “I’ve-never-done-this-before-man-that-was-cool” mentality.

Welcome to New and Old Romantic Adventures and Activities Here In Washington –

This Is What Our Home State Is All About And More! Just Let It Happen!

Stephan & Sally Crawford


Washington State! A mystical and awe-inspiring place to visit for romance and adventure. offers links to places for couples to explore The Evergreen State. We are a new and upcoming resource for all your Washington State travel needs and information. We have created this website for couples planning to visit or couples already living in Washington State to find ideas and destinations to have an romantic vacation, weekend getaway or honeymoon. Please visit us soon as we are updated daily and have only just begun to bring the Best of what Washington State has to offer your romantic plans.

Article Source: — Join us in supporting the Middle Eastern uprisings for freedom and democracy. Location US State Department in Washington, DC. July 15, 2011; 11am-2pm. Iran, Iraq, Bahrain, Egypt, Syria, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Yemen and others in the Arab Spring and Persian Summer.

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Washington DC New Years Party Destination

October 20th, 2011
Washington music
by dbaron

Washington DC New Years Party Destination

Washington DC New Years parties are the most diverse parties of the country among professional party goers.  It is also the most unrecognized yet best vacation destination for the holiday of the year.

Most people who travel out to large cities for the holiday choose to go to New York, Los Angeles, New Orleans, or Las Vegas.  Those are the most well known places when it comes to the washington dc new years’ holiday.  When someone says “watch the ball drop”, those are the ball drop destinations that come to mind.  Of course, most people are too broke that time of year to travel anyway because it is right after Christmas.

People who decide to travel do not think Washington DC New Years is the fun place to go, but it is.  Because most of the people who live and work in Washington are professionals or college students, people take the name of the capitol city as being a straight-edge, strictly business, educationally focused place.  That is not really how it is at all.

Actually, college students are the largest group of people who like to have fun.  People come from abroad to study at colleges and universities in and around dc.  There are Caucasian, black, Asian, and all other ethnicities, religions, backgrounds, etc. studying, living, and working in the city.  Likewise, professional business career people love to get out on the weekends and holidays to have a really good time outside of their office.  They work very hard every day to make lots of money, so they are not hesitant at all to go spend their money to have a ball.  This is especially true about the new year washington d.c. holiday weekend.

For the people who do celebrate Washington DC New Years in the capitol, there is such a good time to be had.  Organizations such as Professionals in the City organize huge galas and dance parties– even dinners– to bring together couples and singles alike.  Whether or not you come with a friend or more, you will definitely make more friends by the end of the night.  Enjoy music, art, dancing, and so much more at the hottest and hugest event of the year with over 3,000 in attendance and more waiting outside to come in the door.

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