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How inept does one have to be when given over a trillion dollars and yet cannot create any jobs to speak of?

June 14th, 2013

Question by Patient Sailor reborn: How inept does one have to be when given over a trillion dollars and yet cannot create any jobs to speak of?
Do democrats remind you of someone in a row boat and trying to throw a rock in the lake, and missing?

Is Jimmy Carter breathing a sigh of relief with every act of idiocy this band of fools in Washington try to perpetrate?

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Answer by Dr. Fell
And then pat themselves on the back when the number of jobs increases because they are temporary government jobs.

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Q&A: What is the best car radio under 100 dollars that lets me connect my mp3 player?

April 23rd, 2013

Question by godsguy94: What is the best car radio under 100 dollars that lets me connect my mp3 player?
I currently have a radio in my car that has am/fm radio and a cassette player, so i need one thats am/fm with a cd player and something that lets me connect my mp3 under 100$ please.

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Answer by RJ
I’m pretty sure all aftermarket radios now a days come with an auxillory port, am/fm radio, and a cd player. so anyone you get will satisfy your need.

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Billions of Dollars of Free Government Mo

May 3rd, 2011
by ivva

Billions of Dollars of Free Government Mo

Every the government gives away money to deserving citizens for such things as buying or remodeling homes, starting up or maintenance of a failing business or even to go back to school. Majority of people are unaware that there is free government money available.

For over a decade, the government has given away free money to individuals for business and personal use. Last year alone over eight hundred billion dollars was given away from the government, and every year as people are made aware of these programs, the amount climbs. Regardless of income, credit, sex or race these programs are available for everyone.

With the economy in such turmoil due to the current recession, the government is now willing to provide individuals the funds they need to start a new business or repair a failing one. The government furthermore is offering free money to those individuals who have not yet purchased a house. Experts are hoping government help for such things will stimulate the economy and get it flowing again.

There are many reasons why people do not apply for government money. One of the main reasons is simply that most are unaware these programs are available or exists. The government does not advertise, therefore, unless a person works with the government or is up to date on their dealings they would have no way of knowing.

Government money is tax free, and will never have to returned, however obtaining it is rather tricky. These government grants are obtainable by various agencies, including your local and state government as well as your federal government. Though applying for these programs requires following specific rules, guidelines, and regulations for approval, they are well worth the effort.

There is a plethora of government programs offering various types of money and loans. Typically, when applying for these programs, a grant letter is required, which is usually just a letter outlining your need of the money, along with the desired intent of spending it. However, the way in which the grant letter is wrote, will have a great impact on the approval of the grant money.

By knowing when and how to find and apply quickly for these government grants can greatly enhance the chances of getting the money needed. There are many grant databases available to search for government money, but be sure that the results are current and up-to-date with the latest information. To increase chances of obtaining any of this free money, it is wise to apply for more than one.

Consequently, whether you want to start up a new business, expand an existing one, go to college or pay off bills, there are many government programs for the choosing. A good rule of thumb to remember is, any remote firm that declares to have elite access to government free money, is not a legitimate one. The only way to obtain these funds is to apply for them directly with your government.

Get all the details and information you will need to get the Free Government Money you will need to meet your goals and objectives today! When you read the comprehensive and complete Free Government Money Guide, you will be able to find the money you need quickly and easily!

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Treasury Department Issues Emergency Recall Of All US Dollars

June 3rd, 2010

Treasury Officials say the dye used in printed money is extremely toxic and urge Americans to send all their cash to Washington immediately.

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How Much is a Washington 1964 Silver Quarter Value Worth in Dollars?

March 17th, 2010

The US Washington 1964  Silver Quarter coin was minted before 1965. The 1964 Silver Quarter coin, Roosevelt dime coin, Kennedy half coin and Peace Dollar coin, all these coins contain 90% silver. Yet, sadly the Peace dollar does not exist any more because they were sent back for melt down before they hit the streets. But that’s a story for another day. The nickel has about 35% silver content and the penny was most often copper.

People will invest in silver and gold bullion when they are in times of economic trouble like butter on bread as a hedge to fight against inflation. The price of a 1 oz silver bullion eagle will cost you about 20 – 30 dollars at today’s prices. These silver bullion coins might be out of your price range.

This is where the silver quarter coins minted 1964 and before, could be a good alternative to the full 1 oz bullion coins and bars. The value and worth of these silver quarter coins can be bought for about $2.50 – $3 a piece at today’s prices.  The price will vary with the spot price, as we head into 2010. The silver quarters are generally lower priced than bullion coins, and are fractionally smaller making them more affordable.

It is getting harder by the day to find 1964 silver quarter coin, dime coin,  half dollar coin, and dollar coins in circulation today. People  like myself search for these silver coins. The automatic sorting machines suck out the rest of the silver coins, even nickel coins get sucked up and melted for profitable gains.  Yet still it should not stop one from looking for them little gems. I can spot them pretty fast now that I have looked for the silver coins for years.  At this time, I do pick up the odd silver coin but because I live in Canada it is a little easer to find a Canadian pre 1968 silver coin than it would be to find a 1964 quarter and older coin. It can be fun to spot and find a silver quarter, from change because the tiller did not know that they just gave you 3 dollars in change instead of 25 cents.

Pre 1964 silver quarter coins are collectible and somewhat still cheap.

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