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NYU Tisch Undergraduate Drama: In the Heights

September 25th, 2016

NYU Tisch Undergraduate Drama: In the Heights
Event on 2016-10-05 20:00:00
New York University Tisch School of the Arts Allyson Green, Dean Institute of Performing Arts Department of Drama Sarah Schlesinger, Associate DeanRubén Polendo, Chair   Presents: IN THE HEIGHTS Music and Lyrics by Lin-Manuel Miranda Book by Quiara Alegri?a Hudes conceived by Lin-Manuel Miranda   directed by Melissa Maxwell Performances:  Sept 29 – Oct 8   This musical explores the lives of characters living in the New York City Latino neighbourhood of Washington Heights over the course of three days. With a hip hop, salsa, merengue, and soul music score, the bodega owner Usnavi is dating Vanessa, who works in a beauty salon. This show is not one to be missed!   Ticket Info: – All sales are final. No refunds or exchanges. – There will be no late seating. – Tickets not picked up by 5 minutes before the scheduled curtain time will be released for sale at the door.   Public Transit information can be found at Parking near the theater can be found using Google Maps.

at Abe Burrows Theater
721 Broadway , 1st Floor
New York, United States

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Qechen Fikir 040 (Radio Drama) Sheger 102.1 FM — MP4

April 23rd, 2014

Qechen Fikir 040  (Radio Drama) Sheger 102.1 FM -- MP4

A Sheger 102.1 FM full – Cast dramatisation of Tesfaye Shemel’s best Radio Drama “Qechen Fikir” Written and Adapted By Tesfaye Shimelis.

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Stamped Metal Drama Tile

November 2nd, 2013

A few nice metal images I found:

Stamped Metal Drama Tile

Image by cobalt123
Taken of an exterior building ornament in Miami, Arizona on a flickr photo stroll in February. This building had the corner covered with this tile to accent the corner edge vertically. The next photo in my stream shows the tile in the larger view of the street corner. I just liked the colors and pattern here and appreciated having the strong light cast the right brights, light and dark, to capture the image. This is the type of stamped metal that used to be used to cover the ceiling in numerous old shops and saloons at the turn of the century. Americana that is getting harder to find these days.

old metal money coins from China

Image by
This free picture of the old Chinese golden coins was created by my honest friend This beautiful picture can be used for free, if you link as the original author of the image.

These are the currency of the Ancient Chinese. They were used as money and they are unique because of squarish holes in the middle of each golden coins. The Chinese characters crafted on the coins can mean good wealth or great prosperity. These phrases are important to the Chinese during those days and are still widely used during the Chinese New Year of today too.

The metal coins are now considered as antique coins. Asians collector keep them as antiques and as a good luck charm wherever they go. Some say, these golden coins can even ward off evils!

Thank you for sharing this picture with your friends !

20110806 – yard sale booty – The Beatles – Yellow Submarine – metal box – 1 – front – IMG_3419

Image by Rev. Xanatos Satanicos Bombasticos (ClintJCL)
How could I resist a Yellow Submarine metal box for only 10 cents? I think it used to be a puzzle.

I bet with some work, this could be fashioned into a counterfeit Beatles lunchbox. If you could somehow get the scratches and smudges fixed, this could be sold for 0 to 00 — Check these ridiculous links out:…

Okay — a serious collector would probably not be fooled. BUT WE ONLY PAID TEN CENTS. I think that’s pretty cool.

The Beatles – Yellow Submarine album cover, The Beatles metal box.

nothing is real.

upstairs, Clint and Carolyn’s house, Alexandria, Virginia.

August 6, 2011.

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BACKSTORY: Full recount of our yard sale expedition at… … In summary, we drove 35mi over 3.25hrs, spending .71 on 28 purchases valued at about 9.45.

Amazing Videos

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This Drama @ OCA 2006 07/10

October 1st, 2013

A few nice Music Radio images I found:

This Drama @ OCA 2006 07/10
Music Radio
Image by Ventura Mendoza a.k.a. Miurihausen /

This Drama @ OCA 2006 07/10
Music Radio
Image by Ventura Mendoza a.k.a. Miurihausen /, live in Tenerife, Canary Island.

Citizen Cope
Music Radio
Image by Gone-Walkabout

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NYC: Rockefeller Center – Radio City Music Hall – Drama

August 10th, 2013

A few nice Radio images I found:

NYC: Rockefeller Center – Radio City Music Hall – Drama
Image by wallyg
Dance, Drama (pictured) and Song, three highly stylized decorative plaques designed by artist Hildreth M. Meiere in collaboration with metalworker Oscar B. Bach, were installed along the south facade of Radio City Music Hall, along 50th Street, in 1932. Bach created each 18-foot diameter plaque from a variety of traditional and new lightweight modern metals–including carbon steel, copper, alumnimum, chrome-nickel steel, vitreous enamel, gold and silver lining–from Meiere’s small, very detailed studies.

Radio City Music Hall is an entertainment venue located in New York City’s Rockefeller Center. Known as the Showplace of the Nation, the Music Hall opened to the public on December 27, 1932. It is now home to the Radio City Christmas Spectacular, a New York Christmas tradition since 1933, and to the women’s precision dance team known as The Rockettes. The theater is also used for a variety of concerts and special events.

Designed by Donald Deskey, the interior of the theater incorporates glass, aluminum, chrome, and geometric ornamentation. Deskey rejected the Rococo embellishment generally used for theaters at that time in favor of a contemporary Art Deco style. Radio City has 5,933 seats for spectators; it became the largest indoor theater in the world at the time of its opening.

The Great Stage, measuring 66.5 feet deep and 144 feet wide, resembles a setting sun. Its system of elevators was so advanced that the U.S. Navy incorporated identical hydraulics in constructing World War II aircraft carriers. According to Radio City lore, during the war, government agents guarded the basement to assure the Navy’s technological advantage. The Music Hall’s Mighty Wurlitzer pipe organ is the largest theater pipe organ built for a movie theater.

In 2007, Radio City Music Hall was ranked #100 on the AIA 150 America’s Favorite Architecture list.

Radio City Music Hall National Register #78001880 (1978)
Rockefeller Center National Register #87002591 (1987)

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Timeship Radio Drama

January 11th, 2013

Check out these Radio images:

Timeship Radio Drama
Image by Space Art
My radio drama series from the 1980s, long sold, but the music we composed for it is in our other CDs packed with soundtracks. More at

Viral Radio at Trouw Amsterdam
Image by Juha van ‘t Zelfde
Viral Radio invited Brainfeeder to Amsterdam on 1 May 2009. Flying Lotus, Gaslamp Killer, Samiyam, Cinnaman and Juha tore down Trouw Amsterdam.

Viral Radio is a monthly night of experimental electronic music run by Amsterdam residents Cinnaman and Juha. They have a biweekly radio show on VPRO 3voor12, playing emotronic, aquacrunk and experimental beats.

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Where can I find job listings for theatre, drama and creative writing theatre artists?

June 24th, 2011

Question by Kyle Jackson: Where can I find job listings for theatre, drama and creative writing theatre artists?
I am graduating at the end of this month and I have started my job search. I am trying to find teaching artist positions in various cities throughout the U.S., including Washington, DC, Philadelphia, New York, Chicago and Atlanta. Are there websites geared specifically toward these positions or positions like them? These can also be sites with job listings for other theatre/writing jobs.

Best answer:

Answer by mamianka
Graduating from what/where – specifically? There will be a big difference in what doors open for you if you have a degree from some backwater state school, or from a school famous for its wonderful program. How well did your college prepare you, if they have thrust you out into the world with no knowledge of how to make contacts? You give us NO information about yourself – when you add more, we can help more – guessing on our part is useless.

And – just because it happens here – please God that you do not mean graduating from high school. There are 15-year-olds here that refer to themselves as “performing artists” . . . .

Give your answer to this question below!

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History of the theatre: Syllabus for History of the theatre 127, 128, 129, University of Washington, School of Drama

May 22nd, 2011

History of the theatre: Syllabus for History of the theatre 127, 128, 129, University of Washington, School of Drama


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A Closer Look at Radio Drama

June 13th, 2010

Similarities do abound of course between radio drama and pieces performed on the stage, film and television, however, the ability to move, inspire, and create solely through the collaboration of the human voice and the mind is a magnificent feat that requires the utmost discipline, insight and flawless interpretation of a voice actor.

To recognize the obvious, radio drama lacks a visual component and therefore is subject to the interpretation of the listener through sound and speech. Theatre, film, and particularly, live performances, are all visual experiences that generously communicate to their audiences through additional senses such as sight, smell, and touch while incorporating sound and speech.

As radio drama caters specifically to sound and speech, the most universally heightened of the senses, opportunities arise for a richer listening experience free from external distraction while enabling an audience member to conjure up their own visual version of the radio drama.

In radio drama, the script needs to be expertly written, accommodating the intellectual needs a listener. The voice actors role is to breathe life into the script and the producers role is to observe all Foley elements as are required to enhance the performance while providing additional mental stimulation for the audience. I liken this parallel to the intellectual experience and satisfaction that reading quality literature brings.

Performers of radio dramas are indeed actors. There is no question about it. It is simply a different application that provides its own unique set of challenges and adventures. In order to perform a voice-acting role, a person needs to be first and foremost an actor at heart.

In fact, many people use physical gestures and dialog with each other in sessions similarly to how actors feed off of each others energy on stage, film or television. There is a real chemistry that comes across when voice actors have synergy with their cast mates, quite comparable to the same electricity that face-to-face acting brings.

Now that we’ve looked at radio dramas in general, let’s explore marketing audio dramas and increasing the number of listeners for a radio drama.

Independent producers and groups have an enormous opportunity to reach new listeners on a global scale by means of podcasting. Using podcasting as a means to attract new listeners is fundamental to the success and continued discovery of this art form through popular and new media.

There are several independent radio theatre troupes around the globe that have sought to expand their listener base through podcasting and have affiliated themselves with websites that facilitate the spreading of their message, including organizations such as LibriVox, a group of people dedicated to recording audiobooks and making audio dramas more accessible to the public.

Submitting an established radio drama to podcast directories is also a brilliant way to increase the circulation, mind-share (and ear-share) as well as awareness for the craft. One popular radio drama I discovered this year, The Radio Adventures of Doctor Floyd, leveraged the celebrity status of one of their cast members, June Foray, to boost its appeal and gain a larger audience.

Voice actors who perform audio dramas ally themselves with Voices to help promote their work and gain a wider reach concerning new listeners and even new members of their radio drama clubs. For instance, there is the Amateur Voice Acting Group (AVAG) in San Diego, California established by David Johnson.

When he launched his voice-acting group, the VOX Daily voice actor blog was there to help with promoting David’s organization to other talent in the San Diego area through Voices.

A membership to an online voiceover marketplace is without question one of the best investments and outlets for voice professionals in the radio drama field. Each voice actor is encouraged to upload a sample of their voice and list their work or voluntary experience. Many voice talent have started out as narrators for audiobooks produced for the blind as a steppingstone in their careers.

Stephanie Ciccarelli is the VP of Marketing with, the voice over marketplace hosting more than 8,000 professional voice talents. Stephanie is also the author of The Definitive Guide To Voice-Over Success.

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