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Emerald City Comicon

November 29th, 2015

Emerald City Comicon
Event on 2016-04-07 00:00:00

at Seattle, Washington, United States
Ca Avenue Southwest and Alaska Street Southwest
Seattle, United States

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Become a Collector of Gold Emerald Jewelry

December 10th, 2014

Become a Collector of Gold Emerald precious jewelry

Cleopatra is one of the avid fans of emeralds. These valuable rocks have obtained equal praises from both women and men in the past. An authentic emerald is truly a breathtaking beauty particularly if emerge gold and is particularly considered one of the best gemstones aside from diamond, sapphire and ruby. Traditionally, we utilize emeralds to commemorate the twentieth and 35th wedding anniversaries. Which is not only the band that is well-liked by people but the whole number of emerald precious jewelry and. It is really not only in a single an element of the globe these emeralds are famous but all around the globe besides.

Brazil and Colombia have probably the most manufacturing of emerald as well as other South US countries. The whole Africa, Nigeria, Zambia and Zimbabwe will also be in which many emeralds are mined. Columbian emerald is the most popular of the types. This gem is available in many different colors like blue green, yellowish green and a lot of various shades in green. From each one of these colors, lawn green is the most favored. Moreover, as soon as we talk of value, this is directly proportional to the greatness regarding the color. Size may also change its worth. But flaws are actually unavoidable in virtually all emeralds plus they are also extremely delicate aswell. This is why care will become necessary when managing this rock.

There are a great number of imitation emeralds in the market like YAG and spinal triplets. The rock underwent a few procedures. And there are many methods in order to understand what type is genuine. Emeralds may be used in earrings, rings, necklace, bracelets and pendants. Gold emerald jewelry is extremely bright and would compliment how you look. Accent stones are put into emerald jewelry like diamonds, ruby and sapphire. However, if you might be kind of quick in money then select another combinations such as amethyst, citrines and garnets.

Gold emerald precious jewelry would fit you in nearly every occasion. Additionally, you will find correct means of cleansing them and an ultrasonic cleaner should never be properly used. Since emeralds have actually internal flaws the strategy where you clean them could in fact destroy it. Usually do not also utilize soapy water once the detergent contains harsh chemical substances which may damage the stones. And, make certain you have a certificate when you purchase silver emerald jewelry to make sure that they have been genuine.

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Enjoy the Emerald City, the City of Seattle

September 10th, 2012

There are many reasons the City of Seattle is known as the Emerald City, but one of the main reasons is the glowing green seen there year round. The city resides in the northwest central portion of the state of Washington next to the water with a temperate climate seen all year round, this allows an extended growing season giving the color green in almost every aspect of the city through out the year.

Also, you’ll find the proximity to the water offers many different tourist activities, again, the year round, allowing for many opportunities to enjoy the area. The city itself has many different cultural activities and the proximity to the mountains (two different ranges) again, offers activities all year.

Whether it’s the water and Puget Sound you’re looking to enjoy or the Cascade Mountain range and the Olympic Mountain range you’re sure to find an activity that suits your outdoor style. In fact, Seattle residence are known as some of the fittest city patrons in the nation due to the variety of activities you can participate in throughout the year.

The city of Seattle is also known as an economic growth area due to not only the many industries but also because the area is also known for farming, tourism, and of course, is a base for Boeing and Microsoft.

All of this has made the Emerald City an attractive place to live and play and because of the climate, activities are offered throughout the year. So whether your looking to relocate or just visit, take a look at the city itself, and also the nearby attractions which often are just minutes away.

The city of Seattle is a great place to live and play and if there is one thing to complain about it could be the rain, but the other side of the coin is the greenery seen all year round due to that same rain that some complain about.

You can find tickets to all the Seattle Events at

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Pokemon Emerald Nuzlocke Random Encounter Co-Op – Part 7 ~ Last Part Desync Please?

June 7th, 2012

In this part, we make it to Mauville City and Robert is REALLY starting to catch up with that 500% speed! I also get the evolution to my favorite Pokemon, too! I know that the audio is SEVERELY lagged, resulting in commentary from me being said before the video even shows it, but this is hopefully the last part since we will be using a different tactic to record the audio. Anyways, try to enjoy guys! GiantAnt456 – Thank you VDOGamerGraY for the template! How to get wild encounter codes: Steps to run the randomizer: 1: Open up randomizer, extract it, then run it. If it doesn’t work, run it as an administrator. 2: Load an original Emerald ROM and it will give you a few options, and you can pick what you’d like. – Should look like this. If you get it to look like that, then you’re basically done. 3: Open up your GBA emulator, and load the Emerald game. Follow me on Twitter – Like me on Facebook –

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Explore the Local Favorites of the Emerald City

May 14th, 2012

Seattle, home to such American institutions as Starbucks, indie music and Microsoft, is the largest city in the Pacific Northwest. Known as the Emerald City for the surrounding lush forests, the area is a unique mix of stunning mountain views and a thriving city-center. Cutting-edge culture and art venues rub elbows with elegant theaters and restaurants. At the heart of Seattle, luxury hotel suites provide a fantasy escape from everyday life.

Pike Place Market

A piece of Pacific Northwest history that should not be missed, Pike Place Market – or simply, the Public Market – is a Seattle landmark. Pike Place is one of the country’s longest continuously operating public markets and features several levels of shopping overlooking Elliott Bay. On the upper street level, you’ll find fishmongers bringing in the day’s catch, fresh produce, local artisans displaying their handiwork and the most gorgeous array of locally grown tulips available in practically every color of the rainbow.

On lower levels, the market offers a wide variety of shops and restaurants, including antique dealers, art galleries and the very first Starbucks location. Families traveling together will appreciate the kid-friendly restaurants and discerning shoppers may discover a hidden treasure in a dusty antique market. Whatever your passion, Pike Place Market has the answer.

The market opened in 1907, and today enjoys more than 10 million visitors annually, making it one of Washington’s premier tourist destinations. In addition to sightseers, Pike Place is home to some 200 commercial businesses, 300 farmers and artists who rent tables by the day, 240 street performers and 300 apartment units reserved for low-income, elderly residents.

The Space Needle

No trip to Seattle is complete without a visit to the Space Needle. Built in 1962 for the World’s Fair, today the Space Needle is home to Sky City, the revolving restaurant that serves up a spectacular view of the Seattle skyline along with superbly prepared local delicacies. You’ll gaze upon the vistas of the Olympic Mountains, Mount Rainier, the Cascade Mountains and Elliott Bay, all without leaving your seat.

Don’t miss the opportunity to take in the view from the observation deck, perched 520 feet above the city. On a clear day, the view of the surrounding mountains and islands that dot Puget Sound is stunning. On any day, the 43-second ride to the top in an elevator traveling ten miles per hour is alone worth the trip.

Wine Tasting and Tours

The Pacific Northwest is home to a large and successful community of winemakers and vineyards, and downtown Seattle sports more than 29 wineries and 21 wine bars. If wine is your passion, you’ll find many places to savor the area’s offerings. Local vineyards, wineries, and boutique hotels schedule tours and tastings, where you’ll have the opportunity to sample flavors you might otherwise miss.

Whether traveling on business or pleasure, take some time out to enjoy the unique sights of Seattle. Boutique hotel accommodations, modern musical fashion, the catch of the day at Pike Place Market, world-class wineries and more all combine to make Seattle an eclectic, exciting vacation destination.

By Barbara Wade © 2010, All Rights Reserved

Barbara Wade writes for Hotel Vintage Park, a Seattle luxury boutique hotel inspired by Washington’s Wine Country. Visit today.

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Emerald City Seats

April 14th, 2011

Emerald City Seats

“Emerald City Seats”,, your clear-cut choice for premium seating, based out of Seattle, announced today their newly released website.
With the new integration, designed by, “” will be able to provide customers not only Seattle tickets, but tickets throughout the entire United States and events World-wide. You can still reach “Emerald City Seats” through their 866-958-TIXX number or locally at 206-313-2564. will still continue to center their business upon the Northwest ticket sales market, their newly integrated site, hosted by TicketNetwork, will allow their customers to purchase tickets to nearly any event in the United States, including sports, concerts, theatre, and more.

In the past focused on clients who wished to buy Seattle Seahawks tickets, buy Portland Trailblazers tickets, buy Seattle Mariners tickets, buy Seattle Sounders tickets, or buy University of Washington football tickets and University of Washington Basketball tickets..

As of today, clients will be able to navigate a state-of-the-art website to find the seats they are looking for and buy Super Bowl tickets, buy World Series tickets, buy Sugar Bowl tickets, buy Rose Bowl tickets, buy Capital One bowl tickets, buy Alabama Football tickets, buy Boston Red Sox tickets, buy Chicago Cubs tickets, buy Nascar tickets, buy Dallas Cowboys tickets, buy LSU Tigers buy Masters tickets, and having the ability to buy tickets to any sporting event in their price range. clients will also be able to seek-out and find seats in any price-range and be able to purchase Madonna tickets, Justin Timberlake tickets, Lion King tickets, Wicked tickets, Metallica tickets, AC/DC tickets, Disney tickets, Celine tickets, and Phantom of the Opera tickets.

Where many of our clients would have to go to,,, or other sites to buy tickets, they can now tap into the Emerald City Seats website,, and obtain the same quality service with greater inventory and less mark-up.

Emerald City Seats always backs their tickets with a 200% guarantee. Over the years Emerald City Seats has served clients from,,,,,, and countless others. While Emerald City Seats,, will continue to be the leader in customers who wish to buy Seahawks tickets, buy Mariners tickets, buy Blazers tickets, or those who buy Husky tickets, they will now offer their cliental a much greater platform, with a top of the line website to “buy tickets” and “sell tickets”.

Emerald City Seats ( will also be doing an ad campaign with,,, and “Buy Seattle Seahawks tickets” and “buy Seattle tickets” as well as “buy Seattle Concert Tickets” will be used. Emerald City Seats has served customers such as and and, and in buying Alabama tickets. “Buying Blazer tickets” and “buying Huskies basketball tickets” will be very important coming up for Emerald City Seats.

For more information about any events, including College Bowl Tickets, or to get other great sports, concerts, and theatre tickets, please visit

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Emerald City Seats – the Pacific Northwest Leader in Entertainment and Sports Tickets

March 28th, 2011

Emerald City Seats – the Pacific Northwest Leader in Entertainment and Sports Tickets

Emerald City Seats, the Pacific Northwest leader in entertainment and sports tickets ( redistribution, has great seats for the Lion King, Seattle Seahawks, Portland Blazers Basketballand University of Washington men’s basketball team to name a few.

Disney’s Lion King (’s38;stype=0) The Musical is the hottest holiday ticket across the nation, and it is coming to Seattle in February at the Paramount Theatre in downtown Seattle at 911 Pine St. Seattle, WA 98101. Tickets ranging from the front row to the great deals are available now and are going fast. Other upcoming shows at The Paramount Theatre includes: Robin Williams and Cheech & Chong. To look up a complete list of events, visit

Emerald City Seats contains one of the largest inventories of tickets to all Portland Blazers Basketball games. From courtside seats to tickets that will just get you into the Portland Blazers home, The Rose Garden, Emerald City Seats has the seats for you. For more information, call 206-313-2564 or 866-958-TIXX (8499), or email sales @ Great sports tickets ( are also available. The University of Washington Basketball season has begun with a renewed sense of enthusiasm for Huskies fans. ESPN commentator Dick Vitale has said the Washington Huskies could be the top team in the Pac-10. Emerald City Seats has the largest inventory of Washington Huskies basketball tickets at the best prices.

With the Seahawks struggling this year Emerald City Seats is having a blow-out sale on Seattle Seahawks tickets (’s38;pid=917). The New England Patriots are still coming to Qwest Field and Mike Holmgren’s last home game will be against Brett Favre and the New York Jets. To buy Seahawks tickets click on the link above or give 206-313-2564 or 866-958-TIXX(8499) a call. Emerald City Seats has the lowest prices available with free shipping for events, or they can be picked up at will call or they may be available at Emerald City Seats office.

Have extra tickets to an event Sell them through the Emerald City Seats Consignment Program. Leave it to the experts to list the tickets. Emerald City Seats boasts an industry-leading 80/20 split allows sellers get the maximum dollar amount per ticket without paying high-end commission fees, not to mention the great deal of time and effort it takes to attempt to sell just one pair of tickets on a single site for a single event. With their connection to more than 3,500 of the most viewed sites in the ticket business, coupled with the experience and knowledge of the sales team, Emerald City Seats take the work-load off ticket holder.

If fans wish to “buy washington huskies tickets” or “sell washington huskies tickets” they can go to or simply call 866.958.TIXX. With as a partner, and having such a high number of “washington huskies basketball tickets”, hopes to compete with “StubHub” and other large secondary market ticket brokers. If you wish to “buy university of washington tickets” or sell “university of washington tickets” “Emerald City Seats” is your clear-cut chhoice for “Husky Basketball tickets”.
“Emerald City Seats” is your home for “uw basketball tickets”.

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