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Europe in the State of Washington?

August 16th, 2016

“All problems have a solution,” we hear, and people always seem to be right! So when the solution you are aiming for is “the perfect European vacation”, but the Euro is getting in your way… No problem! The solution you are seeking is right in your North West Washington “back yard”, and it’s called: Port Townsend, Washington.

Port Townsend is a city with the European flavor you crave in food, wines, (both imported and/or the splendid local reds and whites), architecture and culture.

Lodging here can also be a charming “one of a kind” experience, in the Victorian Mansion that belonged to Anne Starrett, in the very heart of Up Town.

Your delights here start entering. Here in Port Townsend, the precious wooden carved stairs offer you the harmony you would expect from a song. And on the way up, you bring your delighted eyes to the painted “cúpula” as the climax of your first visual ecstasies.

If in the other wonderful Victorian “treat”, The Old Consulate -which, like its name indicates, was built to serve that very honorable purpose; and still distills the irresistible charm and elaborate beauty of its time.

You can lodge, overlooking the amazing Puget Sound, if you lodge in the James House.

There you’ll find the charm of elegant and well chosen antiques all about; but each of the rooms will provide you , in all comfort, a flavor all it’s own!

But Port Townsend is all this and more.

Port Townsend is a compendium of all these gifts in the middle of crystalline waters for you to admire, and sail and kayak or wind-surf. There are also luscious woods for your appreciative eyes; growing in the midst of homes, gardens, parks, and beside some lovely beaches, for you to hike at your leisure.

Fun, cultured, multi-talented people are all around; entertaining themselves in art or arts and crafts, and entertaining you with their art, and their stories.

You can expect excellent taste and variety in boutiques; and excellent, affordable antiques -if you take some time to look.

An unforgettable visit to Port Townsend will quench well your thirst for the European flavor…in your very own back yard!

Life invites you to Port Townsend….

And a deer or two on your space, grazing gracefully the lawns they grace with their grace. In Port Townsend you can hardly avoid playing with words, and finding poetry; whether it is verbal, emotional, or visual

In Port Townsend you’ll find old, beautifully carved woods in the lobby of “The Rose” movie house you attend and the Victorian bar and restaurant you treat yourself to afterward.

Movies are excellent selections (as the Oscars came to demonstrate). The Live Theatre is truly splendid, and even migratory birds love to meet you here on their way South or North!

Not only can you drive to Port Townsend from Seattle, Victoria BC or Vancouver BC… now you can also fly from Seattle, and Port Angeles. You can sail in, or come on foot. You’ll love it -And we’ll love you!

In Port Townsend, we’d love to have you stay with us… Always love, light and laughter Leticia Huber 🙂

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REM – Radio complimentary European countries (9:30 Club, Washington DC, 3/18/83) [12/16]

August 10th, 2014

REM performing Radio Free European countries within 9:30 Club in Washington D.C. on March 18, 1983. Setlist: Gardening at Night/9-9/Catapult/Pilgrimage/7 Chinese Bros./ …

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Flying to Europe

October 31st, 2013

Some cool Flight to Washington images:

Flying to Europe
Flight to Washington
Image by benuski
Flying on a KLM flight from Washington DC to Amerstdam

Honor Flight group
Flight to Washington
Image by Travlr
The oldest vet present was 98 years old, and there was one Medal of Honor winner among the group.
Honor Flight from Columbia, South Carolina takes World War Two veterans to visit the World War Two Memorial in Washington, DC.

Columbia River from plane
Flight to Washington
Image by dherrera_96
The Columbia River, taken on my return flight from Seattle to Albuquerque (via SLC). Oregon is on the left side of the river, Washington State to the right.

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MCSI Spring Series: The City:Suleiman Osman: “Searching for the Authentic City: Gentrification in the United States and Europe”

April 7th, 2013

MCSI Spring Series: The City:Suleiman Osman: “Searching for the Authentic City: Gentrification in the United States and Europe”
Event on 2013-04-30 16:15:00
Suleiman Osman (George Washington University) will speak on "Searching for the Authentic City: Gentrification in the United States and Europe"

at Pitzer College
1050 North Mills Avenue
Claremont, United States

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Japan, Indonesia, Australia, Korea, QRP India on tropical bands from Europe

April 2nd, 2013

Tropical bands reception on Degen 1103, whip antenna, near Voronezh city 00:00 – 3925 kHz, 13:30 UTC – Nikkei, Chiba-Nagara, Japan. 00:30 – 3325 kHz, 13:31 U…

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Top Business Class Airfare Deals – Cheap Flights Between UK, Europe & USA From Just $1,550 Return

June 16th, 2012

The transatlantic business class flight sector has seen much volatility in recent years. Let’s briefly review the sector and consider how we can reduce our premium airfare.

– We saw the emergence (and subsequent bankruptcy) of the independent “all-business class” airline. The likes of Maxjet, Silverjet and EOS entered the market to much fanfare offering low airfares between London and the US which undercut the major carriers. Ticket prices were as low as $ 750 return on Maxjet and even top class EOS could be had for well under $ 2,000 return.

– The major carriers were forced to compete and cut their own prices and we often saw sub-£1,200 / $ 2,000 fares on the London – New York route.

– Eventually the high oil price, competitive marketplace and finance difficulties took their toll on the all-biz carriers who – despite claiming one-fifth of the premium market – all went under.

Today the only all-business operations are all backed by major airlines. Privatair continues to run all-biz services worldwide on behalf of Lufthansa, Swiss and KLM. British Airways runs an all-business service from London City to New York (with a stop in Shannon) while its subsidiary OpenSkies (which had absorbed French start-up L’Avion) offers flights from Paris to NYC and Washington DC.

Since the financial crisis business class capacity has been cut which has put upward pressure on airfares. Here are a few tips to reduce your transatlantic premium airfare:

On day flights think about “downgrading” to premium economy – consider OpenSkies’ Biz Seat (with 52″ pitch). While prices are up on last year, returns to Paris can be had from around $ 1,750 though special offers can be less. Check online agents which often sell consolidated OpenSkies fares at around $ 1,400. London is only a short hop away on the high speed Eurostar train.

Icelandair always has very competitive business class fares between London and New York via Reykjavik – from around $ 1,700. Some downsides – Icelandair uses narrow body (757s) cabins and their business class only has 39″ pitch. Iceland is also the home to the volcano which significantly disrupted Euro air travel.

Check out prices from “off-beat” airlines such as Kuwait Airways (London Heathrow to New York JFK) and Air India from NYC to Frankfurt, Germany. Returns on Kuwait Airways can be around £1,000 / $ 1,450 – but note it is a “dry” airline.

Keep an eye on special offers from major quality airlines like Swiss which is competitive on the London-New York route and special sale fares on British Airways and Virgin Atlantic. From NYC consider Jet Airways to Brussels and Singapore Airlines to Frankfurt.

Happy flying!

For a host of useful articles and tips for the air traveler and frequent flyer you are most welcome to head over to

If you are serious about your flying then consider investing in the Ultimate Airfares & Upgrades Guide from You will learn many useful insider strategies to find the world’s very lowest airfares, how to reduce your cost of traveling in first or business class, the lowdown on round-the-world tickets, getting frequent flyer elite status…all this and much, much more. Please click here:

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Can anyone help me find a way to sponsor my music trip to Europe?

August 24th, 2011

Question by simplymayowa: Can anyone help me find a way to sponsor my music trip to Europe?
In the summer of 2010 I am scheduled to travel to Europe with the Washington Ambassadors of Music, however the cost is a little too much for my family to handle. This trip is incredibly important to me not only because I will be able to play music in other countries but also because I will be able to experience other cultures which is an opportunity that is too valuable to pass up. If anyone could help me find a sponsor for this trip or give me ideas on how to make some money it would take an enormous amount of stress off of my family and I would be very grateful.

Best answer:

Answer by mary
Why don’t you organise a concert? you could play your music and ask some of your musician friends to play for free. Charge an entry fee.

Give your answer to this question below!

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Christopher Hitchens – ‘America Reconsidered’ (Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty)

July 11th, 2011

Christopher Hitchens is one of the most prolific and controversial writers in the English-speaking world. A prominent atheist, he is the author of “God is not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything,” which became an international best-seller in 2007. He has also written books on topics ranging from the partition of Cyprus to Thomas Jefferson and the Anglo-American relationship; his most recent is the memoir “Hitch 22.” RFE/RL writer at large James Kirchick recently interviewed Hitchens at his home in Washington about his left-wing revolutionary past, his views on America, Iran’s nuclear program, Turkey’s Islamist turn, Putin’s Russia, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and sampled his views on a variety of international figures. Throughout most of his professional life, Hitchens railed against what he believed to be the abuses of US power, from Vietnam to the Cold War policies of the Reagan administration. He hasn’t changed his mind about those matters, but he has developed a new appreciation for America and its role in the world.

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