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Fake Barack Obama Pranks Nyc!

April 26th, 2015

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Grand Theft Auto V Soundtrack: Nightride FM [Fake Radio]

April 29th, 2014

This video was entirely created by me. Nightride FM was a radio station in Grand Theft Auto V, and its host was supposed to be DJ Kavinsky. Announced in earl…

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How to make a creepy fake diary?

November 27th, 2013

Question by mac: How to make a creepy fake diary?
I wanna make a fake diary that freaks people out and makes them think I’m insane but I’m not sure what to put in it. I want there to be something about worshiping Satan and maybe creepy writing in another language but im not sure how to do that. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Best answer:

Answer by Smells like New Screen Names
Satan is cheap vaudeville.

You want to really creep people out, write it as a child molester.

or if your point is a creepy horror tale, then think more Lovecraft than cartoony Alice Cooper.

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March 26th, 2012 Follow this link to sign a form for a full investigation into OBAMA ! { The articles of impeachment are required with immediacy to secure the USA from further sabotage of the interest of all citizens as the violations have broken the articles of faith in which the oath of office are sworn to protect, invalidation of an elected official is a determinent post causal as having affirmed office, the immediacy therien to prohibit further election is removal from office for further trial. Confirmed Obama’s Birth Certificate Not Authentic 2012 ! Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio said President Barack Obama’s birth certificate is not authentic. Arpaio revealed the findings of a investigation into the president’s birth certificate at a 1 hour and 20 minute news conference Thursday, calling the certificate “suspect.” Arpaio’s team of investigators said they found that the long-form birth certificate was created electronically and never existed in paper form. The president’s Selective Service card was also questioned. Arpaio’s investigators claimed the document has “failed every test we put it through.” At Thursday’s news conference, investigators said they will request a criminal investigation. They also said they have identified a person of interest in the forgery of the birth certificate. Arpaio said he is not accusing the president of the crime. He said they will investigate who is behind the “possible forgery and fraud.” “I

In boldly asserting the authority of international powers over and above the legislative branch, Panetta and Obama are openly declaring that they no longer represent the American people and instead are water carriers for a global dictatorship that has usurped the sovereignty of the United States.
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Fake Pot Bill Passes NC Senate, Now On To House

February 10th, 2011

Fake Pot Bill Passes NC Senate, Now On To House
The North Carolina Senate has unanimously approved a bill to outlaw small packets of herbal incense that pack the mind-altering effects of marijuana, but also carry health risks.
Read more on WXII-TV Winston-Salem

Senate president Haridopolos softens stance on Florida tax cuts
Senate President Mike Haridopolos is softening his stance on tax cuts but still says Florida lawmakers first must focus on spending reductions.
Read more on The News-Press

Senate Eyes More School Funding, House Plans Cuts
RICHMOND – It’s either good news or bad news facing school districts in Virginia, and it will be up to the General Assembly to decide which it will be.
Read more on Leesburg Today

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Fake Half-Life 2 running in Mac OS 9.2

January 9th, 2011

Some cool 92.9 images:

Fake Half-Life 2 running in Mac OS 9.2
Image by twilsie

Image by IRRI Images

Thao at lake
Image by IRRI Images

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Ryan Lewis – Fake Empire

June 9th, 2010

Fake Empire was shot entirely with regular cameras (Canon 5D, Nikon D3, etc.), batch-edited in Photoshop and produced in Final Cut Pro. The music was produced primarily in Pro-Tools/Reason. It samples The National (Brooklyn, NY) – Fake Empire off their album Boxer. Check back as it will probably be remixed both musically and visually for the “VS.” (Macklemore and Ryan Lewis) EP with vocals by Macklemore. CREDITS The National – Fake Empire (Sample) Georgia Roberts – Thesis Advisor Jason Koenig ( – Photographer Johnny Valencia ( – Photographer Ben Haggerty (Macklemore)- Main Actor Tricia Davis – Actor Kevin Veatch ( – Guitar, Bass, Engineer Andrew Joslyn – Violin Zach Fleury – Drums, Percussion Jonah Peters – Percussion Ryan Lewis – Music Production, Photography, Writer, Film Production, Sequenced Drums, Sequenced Strings, Organ VOCALS P Smoov Rosanna Veatch Zach Fleury Sol Xperience (Oldominion) Macklemore Anna Clausen Isabella Du Graf & More.

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