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SAN DIEGO: Jai Ho! Black & Gold Bollywood Dance Party – Last Fridays at Queen Bee’s

September 21st, 2016

SAN DIEGO: Jai Ho! Black & Gold Bollywood Dance Party – Last Fridays at Queen Bee’s
Event on 2016-09-30 21:00:00
END OF SUMMER SPECIAL: FREE ENTRY TILL 10PM*(first 100 only, must pre-register & enter club by 10pm, one guest per e-mail address) Bollywood Dreams Entertainment presents:  JAI HO! BOLLYWOOD DANCE PARTY Black & Gold Edition Hosted by  PRASHANT: SINGER, DANCER, DJ After two rocking Jai Ho! Parties this summer, we are back to the beautiful Queen Bee's this month, with a new theme. Come dressed to impress in your sparkling BLACK & GOLD attire and be prepared to dance! Featuring: DJ UKEIM Ukeim plays everything from Latin Music (Salsa, Cumbia, Merengue, Bachata), Funk, 80’s, 90’s, Dance Music and Top 40’s. Catering to the wide variety of cultures found in San Diego, his musical selection connects and creates an experience that really captivates the audience. ________________________ FRIDAY SEPTEMBER 30thQUEEN BEE'S3925 Ohio St., San Diego, CA________________________SPECIALS:– FREE entry till 10 pm (first 100, pre-registration required)*– Dance Lesson at 10 pm– Henna by donation– Dance performance at 11 pm– Dance all night to the best of Bollywood, Bhangra & Indian dance music with DJs UKEIM + PRASHANT! * – First 100 only, must pre-register & enter club by 10pm, one guest per e-mail address. ________________________THE DETAILS:Doors open at 9 pm – 21+ w/ proper ID – Party till 1:45 am!– FREE entry till 10pm (first 100, pre-registration required)– advance tickets, at the door (price subject to change after 11pm)________________________Community ________________________ ABOUT PRASHANT:  TEDx Talk: Bollywood The Timing Is Right: DANCE PERFORMANCES: DANCE LESSONS: MIXTAPES: COVERAGE: A one-of-a-kind Bollywood entertainer, Prashant is a singer, choreographer, MC & DJ with one simple agenda, to make people dance all night long to an irresistible blend of world's greatest dance beats. Prashant's effervescent personality & charisma instantly strikes a chord with audiences of all ages & backgrounds. Through his energetic performances, Prashant has moved masses across the west & east coast of America & many places in between – including in NYC, Washington D.C., the Bay Area, Los Angeles, Montana, Virgina, Idaho, Seattle and Portland.The interactive dance lessons in his DJ set compels everybody to rock the dance floor, transforming any dance party into a full fledged Bollywood musical within minutes. ABOUT JAI HO!  North America's most popular Bollywood dance party starts a monthly (last Fridays) in San Diego at Queen Bee's. A popular destination for international dance music. Come teleport to the dream city, Mumbai, home to the alluring Bollywood film industry at the Jai Ho! Dance Party. It features a new flavor (theme) every time. Jai Ho! is a celebration of Bollywood Music & Dancing, it’s not just a dance party, it’s like being in a Bollywood Musical. It’s an invitation to be goofy, to smile, make friends on the dance floor, to sing & dance all night long! Authentic and crossover Indian Dance Music (Bollywood & Bhangra) with dance lessons, dance performances and LIVE singing – make this dance party an experience where anyone and everyone joins the fun and dances, regardless of age, culture or nationality. Jai Ho! is viewed by many as an experience beyond a dance party, the charismatic entertainer Prashant performs for the audience and even leads the crowd in dance routines, all of this while he is spinning electronic Indian dance music seamlessly. FAQs: Are there ID requirements or an age limit to enter the event?Strictly 21+, please bring state issued ID or passport.What are my transport/parking options getting to the event?Plenty of street parking available. Are tickets refundable?No.

at Queen Bee’s Art & Cultural Center
3925 Ohio Street
San Diego, United States

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Finding t?? M??t R???nt Gold Information

January 25th, 2015

T???? exist ??ff???nt assets ??? ???? t?? globe t??t ??n ?? ???? f?? ?n investment t? create cash ?? accumulate funds ?nt?? retirement years come. Evidently, t???? ??? assets w???? produce m??? money t??n others. However, t?? cash obtained w??? rely m??n?? ?n t?? return ??? w?nt t? get. Latest silver news ?? t?? idea t??t gold ?? deemed f?? ???ng ?n? ?f n?t t?? m??t beneficial retirement asset t? use ?n ? retirement plan ?????????? ?n ?n IRA account.

Gold ?n IRA, moment, ???? ?????nt?? shown ?n? recorded impressive high gains due t? restricted quantity ?f gold mined ?n? supplied ?n t?? market. T??? ?? great silver news ??n??????ng t?? fact t??t w? ??? ????ng ? struggling economy globally. T?? supply ?? letter?t increasing w???? m?k?? m?k? ?t? ????? enhance ???? time ??????? silver ?? scarce. S?n?? t?? ????ng difficulties economic climate t????g???t t?? globe ? market t??t ??? ? ??w supply ?f silver ?? t?? ???t spot t? invest in. T??? ?? m????? ?n application ?f t?? legislation ?f demand ?n? supply.

S?n?? ??? ??? spending ?n ?n? ?f t?? m??t lucrative metals ?n t?? globe, ?t ?? logical t? search f?? updated gold news quickly ?n? accurately. Y?? ??n find news ????t silver ?n ??????? ?f w?? ?f ??? ??? ???k?ng f?? available news ????t gold t??t ??? ????nt?? down. A?t???g? ?n??n? ??n ???? news ????t gold t????g? t?? ??? ?f lips advertising, ??m? news ??t ?f t??? method ?? letter?t trustworthy. Therefore, ?t ?? ??tt?? t? ??? t???? tw? tools ?f accessing t?? latest news ????t gold ?n t?? industry.

· Newspaper. Clearly, ??? ??n ??? t??? exemplary tool t? ???? ??? ?n looking f?? t?? latest gold news ??t ?n t?? market. Newspapers submit ???? precise information ??g????ng gold ???n t???g? ?t ???? n?t ???? t?? real demonstration ?f t?? changes. C?n??????ng fluctuation chart ?? ? basis ?? ???? crucial ?????????? w??n ??? ???? spent ???? money ?n gold ?? ?? deciding t? invest. S?n?? t?? cost ?f silver ?? modified f??m time t? time, ?t ?? ???? crucial t? have ?n up-to-date information ??????? ?f ??? don’t t??n ??? ??f?n?t??? ??? skipping ?n? exemplary possibility ?f improving ???? investment.

· Internet. Undoubtedly, t?? World Wide Web ?? t?? foremost device ?n looking f?? t?? latest news ????t silver. T???? ??? ? large number ?f websites t??t offer helpful information ??g????ng t?? investment ??? desire t? make. T?? latest news, fluctuation chart, gold cost, ?n? ??? important details ??n???n?ng gold ??? ???? supplied. S?m? internet sites sell gold on line t??t m?k?? ?t simpler f?? ??? t? purchase gold. But ?t ?? ???? crucial t? keep in mind t??t n?t ??? web sites ??? reputable ??????? ??m? ??? frauds ?n? tend t? m?k? false gold news.

Finding t?? ???t internet site t??t provides trustworthy silver news ?? undeniably difficult. Luckily, t???? ??? ? significant number ?f blogs t??t provide honest reviews ?n ??? sites t? assist ??? ?n ????ng t?? latest information ??g????ng gold. B? t???ng ??m? ?f t?? ???t reviewed internet sites, ??? ??n ??? ??w t??? fare w?t? ???? other. T??? ?? t?? ???t w?? f?? ??? t? figure out w???? ?n? m?k?? ??? comfortable. Utilize ?t t? ?? ? tool ?n ???? investment ???t???????? t?? gold ?n IRA t? g?t ? wealthy retirement years.

Gold News is very significant to investors and enthusiasts. Specialists declare that gold offers plenty of advantages particularly when you spend. To obtain additional knowledge about Gold Information check us out at

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Become a Collector of Gold Emerald Jewelry

December 10th, 2014

Become a Collector of Gold Emerald precious jewelry

Cleopatra is one of the avid fans of emeralds. These valuable rocks have obtained equal praises from both women and men in the past. An authentic emerald is truly a breathtaking beauty particularly if emerge gold and is particularly considered one of the best gemstones aside from diamond, sapphire and ruby. Traditionally, we utilize emeralds to commemorate the twentieth and 35th wedding anniversaries. Which is not only the band that is well-liked by people but the whole number of emerald precious jewelry and. It is really not only in a single an element of the globe these emeralds are famous but all around the globe besides.

Brazil and Colombia have probably the most manufacturing of emerald as well as other South US countries. The whole Africa, Nigeria, Zambia and Zimbabwe will also be in which many emeralds are mined. Columbian emerald is the most popular of the types. This gem is available in many different colors like blue green, yellowish green and a lot of various shades in green. From each one of these colors, lawn green is the most favored. Moreover, as soon as we talk of value, this is directly proportional to the greatness regarding the color. Size may also change its worth. But flaws are actually unavoidable in virtually all emeralds plus they are also extremely delicate aswell. This is why care will become necessary when managing this rock.

There are a great number of imitation emeralds in the market like YAG and spinal triplets. The rock underwent a few procedures. And there are many methods in order to understand what type is genuine. Emeralds may be used in earrings, rings, necklace, bracelets and pendants. Gold emerald jewelry is extremely bright and would compliment how you look. Accent stones are put into emerald jewelry like diamonds, ruby and sapphire. However, if you might be kind of quick in money then select another combinations such as amethyst, citrines and garnets.

Gold emerald precious jewelry would fit you in nearly every occasion. Additionally, you will find correct means of cleansing them and an ultrasonic cleaner should never be properly used. Since emeralds have actually internal flaws the strategy where you clean them could in fact destroy it. Usually do not also utilize soapy water once the detergent contains harsh chemical substances which may damage the stones. And, make certain you have a certificate when you purchase silver emerald jewelry to make sure that they have been genuine.

Lam Bong is an Author residing in Sydney, Australia. He is thinking about reading and producing internet sites. His latest internet site is mostly about fleece coat for females and choosing the most readily useful fleece coat for males on the internet today.

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Gold Derby Q&A: Kerry Washington (‘Scandal’)

November 17th, 2014

Gold Derby Q&A: Kerry Washington ('Scandal')

Subscribe to Gold Derby’s YouTube Channel – Actress Kerry Washington (“Scandal”) chats with Gold Derby editor Matt Noble. She is the … Akeem Jackson added to the protective scoring in Washington’s (FL) 70-0 opening round playoff win against …
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07-Rome OST-jeff beal-Riot into the senate pullo finds the silver (only end)

August 3rd, 2014

07-Rome OST-jeff beal-Riot within the senate pullo finds the gold (only end)

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Yamana Gold: The Story Behind The Company

May 8th, 2014

Yamana Gold: The Story Behind The Company

Yamana Gold, Inc. is a Canadian-based gold producer. It began operations in 2003 with large gold production, gold development, exploration properties and land positions in Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, and Chile. Yamana Gold seeks to build on this base through the development of new mines, existing operating mine expansions, throughput increases, in addition to advancing its exploration properties, and by targeting other gold consolidation opportunities with the primary focus being on its American-based operations.

With the purchase of other gold mining companies, Yamana Gold added several mining properties in 2006, like RNC Gold and Desert Sun. Further planning for exploration and development includes the targeting significant levels of copper mining activities starting in 2007. Other mining properties that Yamana had added with the purchase of mining companies in 2005, 2006, and 2007 are Meridian Gold, Viceroy, Meridian Gold, and Northern Orion. The portfolio of Yaman Gold includes:

Seven operating gold mines namely: Minera Florida, Gualcamayo, Fazenda Brasileiro, Chapada, El Peñón, and Jacobina, and an indirect interest of 12.5% in the Alumbrera mine and
The many advanced and stage projects near development and exploration properties in Chile, Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil.

The major corporate members of Yaman Gold are: Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Peter Marrone, who is also the founder of Yaman Gold, Ludovico Costa, the President and the Chief Operating Officer, and Charles B.

Main, Executive Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer.

Chapada is one of the seven operating gold mines, is an open pit gold-copper mine located northwest of Brasília in Goiás State, and in 2007 it began commercial production. In 2010 the annual capacity of the flotation plant was increased to 22 million tones. It was a significant 10% increase over 2009 and was 38% higher than the feasibility study throughput level. With the integration of the output from the Suruca gold deposit, the mine was updated to maintain the increased throughput level for the next 15 years, early in 2011. Suruca, which was discovered in 2009, is located six kilometers northeast of Chapada. It is expected to start its contribution to the production in 2013. In 2010 production of gold was 135,613 ounces, and copper 149 million pounds of copper. The estimated and forecast target of production to be achieved by the end of 2011 is 130,000-140,000 ounces of gold, and 145-160 million pounds of copper. The estimated time period for the mine to last is more than 15 years.

Yamana Gold’s operating and development-stage mines contain some 19 million ounces of proven and probable gold reserves and produce nearly 1 million ounces annually. It also mines silver. In 2006 Yaman Gold had a gold production of 30,000 ounces; this doubled in 2007 and again in 2008. Yaman Gold began production in the Gualcamayo mine in Argentina in 2009, which has an estimated 2.4 million ounces of gold reserves. The target of the company is an annual production of 2 million ounces by 2012. is a free resource about the mining industry for the discriminating mining investor

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Pokémon Heart Gold – Episode 22 [Radio Tower]

December 29th, 2012

Remember to Comment and Like if you enjoy the video, it really helps me 😀 In this episode I; Take on the 7th Gym Battle Gym Leader Pryce Music goes to: Make sure you don’t miss a single episode by subscribing to the show! Follow me on twitter so you can be updated on when I upload a video:

Ian Rogers of TopSpin Media stops by to discuss some of the early freemium music services such as Yahoo’s Launch, and how that has changed forms to services like Spotify and of today. We’d like to thank our sponsors Fenwick & West and Assistly. Go to for an exclusive This Week in Venture Capital special offer. For more, visit and for more of Ian Rogers, catch him host This Week in Music every Friday at 4pm PST: 03:00 – Introduction to Ian Rogers and going over his background in computers & music 05:00 – Ian discusses his obsession with music in a young age at Indiana University 06:00 – How the internet helped connect people, not just for nerds! 07:00 – Newsgroups having FAQ’s: Are they still important? 08:30 – Managing the FAQ for the Beastie Boys in the late 90s 09:30 – How Ian got connected with the Beastie Boys and got dubbed “The Fourth Beastie Boy” 11:00 – Ian Rogers moonlighting as the manager for the Beastie Boys 12:00 – Turning a design company into a web design company. 17:00 – Taking the small Beastie Boys website to the big leagues. 20:00 – Going from Beastie Boys to Yahoo! 22:00 – Integrating the Cloud with music 24:00 – Yahoo built the first /month music service with Yahoo! Music Unlimited 26:00 – Media 1.0 vs. Media 2.0 30:00 – Publishing content on YouTube and creating content for TV: Which is more efficient? 31:00 – VC’s still thing Video Games are a hot commodity 32:00 – Publishers directing
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Despite obstacles, Judo champ Kayla Harrison seeks Olympic gold

December 1st, 2012

(Boston Globe) Four years ago, Judo athlete Kayla Harrison came to Pedro’s Judo in Wakefield during a tumultuous time in her life. Now, she is looking toward London and the 2012 Olympics. By Lauren Frohne /

FM Boston Radio

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Oberhofer – Gold

October 20th, 2012

Combining kitchen-sink instrumentation with playful lyrics and sweet harmonies, Oberhofer offers eccentric, undeniably catchy indie pop. Based around musician Brad Oberhofer, the project began in 2008 when he relocated from his native Tacoma, Washington to New York to study music composition at New York University. He made his recorded debut in 2010 with the self-released single o0o0o0o0o, showing his penchant for lo-fi bedroom synth pop, and raised his profile touring with bands like Sleigh Bells, Neon Indian, Twin Sister, and Bear in Heaven. By the following fall, Oberhofer connected with legendary producer Steve Lillywhite (U2, Rolling Stones, Talking Heads) in Brooklyn to record full-length debut Time Capsules II, elevating his sound with more orchestral elements and fuller arrangements. The album arrived on the Glassnote label in late March 2012 as Oberhofer toured extensively, including performances at the Coachella Music Festival

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