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“Forward is not a good idea…”

July 12th, 2016

A few nice Washington Radio images I found:

“Forward is not a good idea…”
Washington Radio
Image by FuelModel3
Adventures in fire line driving on the Walker Ranch fire. From the radio traffic: "Forward is not a good idea…".

A basketball sized rock under the transfer case is the only thing keeping the truck from rolling.

Casey Dennehy with The Nature Conservancy in Washington State, who was the passenger for this little adventure, took this photo.

Washington Radio
Image by Joint Base Lewis McChord
Photo by Ingrid Barrentine

Staff Sgt. Kimberley Sims, 1st Weather Squadron, monitors a TMQ-53 Automated Observing System June 8 in the parking lot of the squadron headquarters. The portable system provides current weather data for the Airmen.

I disagree with my opponents’ positions but support their right to express them freely!
Washington Radio
Image by afagen
Jon Stewart / Stephen Colbert Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear (Rally to Restore Sanity / March to Keep Fear Alive) on the National Mall, Washington, DC

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Good price of discount on theatre seats awaits one and all

May 24th, 2015

Theatre is in itself is a robust medium that guarantees to amuse the young and old, bachelors and married couple, infact promising to just take anybody’s activity quotient to such an even that  wouldn’t have really been expected prior to. Therefore, in the event if this festive season you are additionally upto absolutely nothing much, just go full ahead and get a hefty discount on theatre seats. Essentially, treating them as a ready passport to catch some of the latest concerts, plays and opera shows happening in the London’ theater region of Westend.

Discount on theater seats draws theatre aficianados in hordes

For a long time, Westend has believed in doling out huge discounts to theatre lovers for many of its most well known and taking place programs, activities and plays. And in some way assisting it down in its endeavour are several solution retailing websites which prosper to supply theatre enthusiasts profitable discount on theatre tickets being wanted by them.

Further, in case it is become believed, most such sites excel available hefty discounts for a great  wide range of programs taking place on theatre district. Therefore, into the scheme of things, readily recommending that whosoever is serious about buying theater tickets for a particular show not just conducts an effective research on such diverse portals but also does take time out to enquire hard with regards to would arrive at the values.

Service Providers and their selection of solutions

There are a number of merchants online that more then ready to offer a lucrative rate of discount on London theatre tickets. Wherein, in a few offer discount on theatre tickets on certain days of the week whereas other people could be ready to offer tickets with a tagged along solution of purchase one get one free, or better yet offering a ticket at half an amount for just using up their solutions.

Thus, while trying to go ahead and get a hefty discount on London theatre tickets, it really does make sense this 1 had been to honestly start thinking about all of the advantages that could accrue in return. Benefits that would become offering one really an unbridled sense of joy that would come via viewing and appreciating a play or a show with kids or that some one regarded as certainly not special.

Buy Discount London Theatre Tickets from, an array of companies of Theatre Tickets at low priced charges for all top western End Shows. Find London Theatre Tickets here for musicals & plays and all sorts of events throughout the UK.

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Sigma 70-200 Lens – the ideal choice For Professional Telephoto Lens

November 25th, 2014

Looking for ? expert cam that’ll satisfy ??ur passion? Then the Nikon COOLPIX S9100 ?? whatever you can ??k for. It ?? classy, trendy ?nd compact ?ll at th? ??m? time. The 12.1 megapixel cam h?? high resolution LCD ?nd works effectively ?v?n ?n low tones ?f light.

Excitement! With ? good telephoto lens and macro lens distinction y?u can, fr?m a safe distance, capture exciting shots of wildlife and climate phenomena. Photo ?our buddies reactions whenever th?? ??? ?our photographs beautifully framed on ?our wall.

Throughout the day, th?r? w?ll be chaos at home. The tree w?ll b? decorated ion Christmas Eve, w?th the set of Doves be?ng plac?d at th? top. The massive cross is k??t ?t th? top. You h?v? gift ideas b??ng unpacked on Christmas time Morning, carols be?ng sung, people hugging ea?h other, go?ng down?ide ?nd playing inside snowfall, buying presents and watching tv inside the?r homes on which would b? winter. All thes? circumstances alllow for ??m? wonderful photography and provide ??u the chance of a lifetime t? simply click. With multiple lenses leased at camera contacts Rental ?nd Wide Angle Lens Rental, ??u w?ll b? in a position t? achieve similar. Nikon makes som? contacts espe?i?lly for thi? event, one? that c?n be leased thr?ugh Nikon Camera Lens Rental.

find out here

You w?nt t? u?e off-camera lights. Inbuilt or on-camera flashes just ?lw?ys don’t d? the secret. You w?nt t? hav? soft lighting ?nd w?nt t? avoid harsh shadows. Try using ? flash diffuser, ?n umbrella ?r ? soft-box t? soften th? illumination. For outdoor portrait y?u m?ght experience harsh shadows under th? chin ?r eyes. Try united states?ng reflectors or a digital flash to fill ?n th?s? shadows.

Firstly, get certification ?? y?u ?r? abl? t? wander around the ground. But make sur? you ar? aware you ??n ?nd c?nt get. Certain activities, ?spe??all? th? throwing activities such a? hammer, discus, shot and javelin w?ll hav? specific safety needs you mu?t bear in mind ?f f?r ??ur very own and ?thers safety. Being hit by a javelin is ?n? sur? way ?f spoiling the remainder ?f y?ur times photography. If ?n doubt follow th? other specialists around, but remember th? photographers etiquette of letter?t standing ?n front ?f another photographer. There ?r? ??rt?in places th?t are normal t? stand, such ?? the track t?w?rds the finish of th? 100m ?r ?bout 10m straight back through the sand for the long jump. If ??u ?re lo?king f?r m?re imaginative rather th?n commercial work you w?ll undoubtedly want to th?nk ?b?ut ?ther areas.

Before y?u concern your?elf with aperture ?nd shutter rate, you ne?d to find out th? purpose of th? lens. Just what ?re y?u united states?ng ?t for? Are y?u shooting up-close food photography ?r landscapes? If ?ou l?ke to shoot v?ri?u? kinds of photography, ?ou m?ght w?nt to ??nsid?r sticking w?th ? standard lens. For landscapes ?nd cityscapes, you’ll n?ed an extensive angle lens. If ?ou n?ed to cover a wider range ?nd depth of industry, thi? is the lens for you personally. A telephoto lens ?s the exact opposite. Make use of this when ?ou require a narrow angle range, lik? for portraits. Shooting ??m?thing incredibly close-up, l?ke small ladybugs? Then macro lenses ?re the photography gear you’ll need.

The Panasonic 7-14mm i? ?n a small grouping of powerful contacts that combine sixteen lens elements w?th?n twelve teams. This includes f?ur ED lenses and tw? aspherical contacts. Image resolution fr?m ea?h corner ?s high and y?u w?ll n?t be disappointed. The digital camera lens ?l?o features F4.0 brightness ?ver the zoom range. The lens ?v?n shoots great images ?n th? blazing sunlight. The digital camera lens als? offers face recognition for g?tting those great photographs.

Nikon S9100 ?s targeted ?t those consumers whom aim f?r an excellent zoom ?nd ? faster digital camera. It totally warrants its price w?th its exceptional functioning also ?n low-light. It ?s no-doubt the best choice available when ?t involves portability, manual working ?nd flexibility ?n shooting choices. Now capture ??ur ambitions with a fantastic ease ?nd multi functionality. Therefore ?f you ar? planning t? buy a digital camera, then Nikon COOLPIX S9100 will likely be a be?t choice.

The post Sigma 70-200 Lens – a great choice For Professional Telephoto Lens showed up first on Super Telephoto Lens.

Super Telephoto Lens

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Morphine Good

October 22nd, 2014

The track that gives the title towards the first Morphine record album: Good, 1992.

Vicoden: unwanted effects and remedies

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Adrian Lux feat. The nice Natured – Alive (Basto Radio Edit) (formal movie)

September 10th, 2014

Adrian Lux feat. The nice Natured - Alive (Basto Radio Edit) (formal Video)

choose the solitary right here: Adrian Lux feat. The great Natured – Alive (Basto Radio Edit) (formal Video) from Ultra Music. Ultra Music is certainly one s…

Download on iTunes: Listen on Spotify: Grab your copy on Beatport: Donate to A…

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Good Food, Great Drinks Await at Lancashire

June 28th, 2014

And, why wouldn’t it come? It is after all Lancashire’s historic, traditional food. Long back, mill workers (especially the women) would leave the stuff on slow cooking and move out for work. On their arrival in the evening, they would put down the pot and eat the stuff. It was cheap and nutritious and thus, a favourite of all. Time changed but Lancashire Hotpot never lost its sheen. Even today, a few restaurants try to cook this food, exactly in the conditions they were made in the earlier days. So, if you or any of your known-ones are here in Lancashire, don’t miss out on this delicious dish which is usually made out of lamb meat and regional spices.

Lancashire, besides its scenic beauty and surroundings, is also known for its pubs and warm & welcoming locals. There are some really good restaurants, pubs and hotels here, so even accommodation is never an issue when you are in this part of England. But, I must admit that it is good food in Lancashire that brings me here, time and again. I in fact encourage (even push) my people (usually friends) to visit this wonderful place and its pubs. Once in a pub, you are welcomed by some great food stuffs and an entire line up of wines and beers to taste and drink. Come and lose all your pain in your brain! Lancashire is a place to be, whenever you feel like escaping the boring office life. And, do make sure that you go through some information online about this place and its innumerable attractions (shall I say, breathtaking attractions?) so that you don’t miss out on any great one.

The transport facility is great here; so you can always move from one part of Lancashire to another. And, then, there are so many restaurants and hotels that you shouldn’t worry about getting a room. If you are taking your family with you, do make sure that you book your rooms in advance so that you don’t have to face that last minute inconvenience.

Summarising all the information here:

If in Lancashire, do check out Lancashire Hotpot. Lancashire is known for its good food. Good Food Lancashire!

You can come here for both your short-term and long-term vacations

There are plenty of restaurants and hotels. But, still book your accommodation before you land here.

It’s not simply a matter of keeping things local. It’s knowing everything about the provenance of our food. At The Clog and Billycock, we ensure Good food Lancashire, using authenticate ingredients for the dishes inspired by Nigel Haworth. Come to Pubs Lancashire, Come to The Clog and Billycock.

Lewis Carroll has 10 years of experience in writing Articles, Blogs and creative writing for numerous online article-submission directories. Besides this, she is also into Wildlife Photography and music.

Only Drinks

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Ideas For Choosing A Good Gurkha Cigar

June 26th, 2014

Lighting a cigar and enjoying a clean cocktail is a good way to unwind after an extended day at work. When you’ve got simply found the pleasure of lighting up a Gurkha Cigar, then you may be intimidated with the extensive alternative of those and different cigars obtainable within the market. In the event you stroll right into a tobacconist’s retailer stacked with rows upon rows of cigars, you may be bewildered as to where to start. For those moving into smoking cigars for the primary time, choosing a light, cigar, with a light tan coloration is the very best choice. The darker cigars are considered full-bodied cigars and have a spicier flavor and very robust for a beginner. If you’re buying on the internet at on-line cigar shops, find out if there are good mild Gurkha Cigars available. However, for the first time, chances are you’ll choose to go to a cigar retailer to purchase a very good gentle cigar. Inspect the cigars and go in for a fresh field that will give you one of the best taste, taste and aroma. Dryer cigars will burn too sizzling and irritate the style buds. Find a cigar that’s rolled out evenly with no arduous spots. Inspect the cigar for any discolorations or cracks. Be certain the tobacco is rolled tightly which is at all times the signal of an excellent cigar. The filler tobacco shouldn’t have too many variations in color. Most cigar connoisseurs will take a whiff of the cigar to test its aroma which to them is crucial factor. If you’re uncertain as to what model to pick up, ask the tobacconist who will at all times be pleased to suggest some good brands. In case you purchase Gurkha Cigars or some other model, be sure you retailer them properly in a humidor so they are going to last longer.

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What are some good, inexpensive restaurants in Fayetteville, N.C.?

June 24th, 2014

by wallyg

Question by harveymac1336: What are some good, inexpensive restaurants in Fayetteville, N.C.?
No chain restaurants, please!

Best answer:

Answer by Grim
I use to hang out in Fayetteville, NC. You have only to choices is all or nothing, theirs not to many options beside clubs or strip clubs sorry.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!

FM Dallas

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Q&A: Why do energy drinks put me in a good mood?

June 20th, 2014
energy drink
by dmertl

Question by John: Why do energy drinks put me in a good mood?
Anytime I drink an energy drink it puts me in the best mood ever. I dont understand? Because when I drink coffee it actually makes me feel like shit and makes me bitter. Or when I drink a starbucks refresher it just wakes me up and does nothing else. Is there like a chemical in energy drinks that has this effect?

Best answer:

Answer by E-Six
its the small amount of coca they sprinkle on it

What do you think? Answer below!

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Q&A: What are some good nightclubs in washington dc?!? Help, thanks!?

June 17th, 2014

Question by Pecos: What are some good nightclubs in washington dc?!? Help, thanks!?
Never been to Washington DC. What are some good nightclubs there? Nothing too ghetto yet not too stuck up, looking for top 40 type of music, thanks!!

Best answer:

Answer by Sheena Mehta
Oh! is that u wanna rock Washington dc. so please look down at the information mentioned below

List of Nightclubs in Washington DC
Ultra Bar,
Four Night Club
Kstreet Lounge
Shadow Room
Ibzia Nightclub

These are inded rocking ang highly zesty

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