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Obama Hope Beating Clinton Help

November 4th, 2015

Hope mongering has been working superior to experience mongering. Now, other tale….

As befits US culture, politics is about slick attempting to sell toward masses. Hillary Clinton is selling Day-1 help to victims and sufferers. Barack Obama is attempting to sell effervescent desire to yes-we-can dreamers. This media hyped horse race is much like a fight between diet Coke and diet Pepsi, artificially sweetened prospects without genuine nourishment.

Minimal educated, minimum advanced and least wealthy and Hispanics are sipping Clinton’s fizzled-out drink. Probably the most educated, many privileged, & most economically effective along with African-Americans are gulping down Obama’s charismatic pick-me-up.

As to that is purchasing just what, evaluate these information: Clinton won the non-college-educated voters by 22 points in California, 32 points in Massachusetts, 54 points in Arkansas, and 11 points in nj-new jersey. In a Pew analysis nationwide survey, Obama led among people with university levels by 22 points. In Connecticut, Obama overcome Clinton among college graduates by 17 points plus in nj by 11 points. And note this: 39 percent of Virginia and 41 per cent of Maryland Democratic primary voters reported incomes of $ 100,000 or more – obviously well educated individuals who would favor Obama.

A simplistic conclusion is the fact that dumber you’re the much more likely you prefer the initial woman president as you believe this experience-selling status quo, business prospect. And the smarter you are the much more likely you prefer the initial black colored president because you accept the change-promises and platitudes from more authentic, inspirational prospect with all the brief resume. Clinton supporters appreciate the 10-point-plan-for-every-problem governmental pragmatist. Obamatons swoon throughout the big-picture, unity-promising political messiah.

Working-class Clinton supporters are love weary shoppers seeking decent meals at low prices at Safeway and good coffee at Dunkin’ Donuts. Obama yes-we-can-happy-facers happily pay excessive charges for your whole Foods experience and Starbucks shtick.

Here are a few realities that neither team desires to face:

Both candidates are establishment insiders.

Both are corporate-state politicians. Keep in mind that Robert Wolf, the CEO of UBS Americas, a significant banking business, has raised more than $ 1 million the Obama campaign. Large sourced elements of Obama money are law firms, investment homes, and real-estate organizations, and 80 per cent of his donors are associated with business, in comparison to 85 percent for Clinton.

Neither are real progressives or populists, like Kucinich and Edwards.

Both Clinton the fighter and Obama the talker will sell away when they confront presidential realities. Why? Because plutocracies understand how to retain power UPON elections. After 2 yrs it’s going to be clear your brand new president will have failed to extract the united states from Iraq, could have neglected to deliver universal health care, may have didn’t deal with unlawful immigration, may have done nothing to get a fresh and serious 9/11 research, will have done absolutely nothing to stop middle-class-killing globalisation, and certainly will have utterly disappointed most Us citizens. The president’s most pressing priorities will soon be reducing objectives and getting reelected, despite raising taxes. The only real people really astonished at all this will be those lacking just what the Greeks idea is a virtue: cynicism.

Finally, for anyone searching for serious governmental system reforms, its troubling that neither Clinton nor, especially, Obama have the courage to advocate needed constitutional amendments, such as replacing the Electoral university aided by the popular vote for president, getting all personal cash from politics, making universal health care the right, and preventing presidential signing statements that undermine regulations.

Realizing that Congress is not likely to propose such amendments, these candidates could advocate using, for the first time, exactly what the Founders provided united states in Article V: a convention of state delegates which could propose amendments, as described at If Abraham Lincoln and Dwight D. Eisenhower could support utilizing the convention choice, definitely Day-1-Clinton and new-direction-Obama should.

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Affordable Care Act: Enrollment Help

December 11th, 2014

Affordable Care Act: Enrollment Help
Event on 2014-12-31 00:00:00

Occasion type Library Program
Where Ballard Branch
Room Location Study Room
Audience Adults
Language English
Summary Through Feb. 11, The Seattle Public Library, Public Health – Seattle & King County and community-based agencies will work together to help you determine your eligibility for reasonably priced Care Act programs.
Description Trained staff from community agencies are open to respond to questions and assist with enrollment at five city-wide locations through Feb. 11.

To join insurance coverage, please have:
– Social protection figures for many household members
– Birthdays for several members
– Your newest earnings information
– If you are a resident of Washington State and you have a green card, your Green Card Number
Notes Library activities and programs are free and many people are welcome. Registration isn’t needed.

For more information about programs made available from the low-cost Care Act, check out
Contact Info Ballard Branch 206-684-4089 or Ask a Librarian

at Ballard Library
5614 22nd Ave. N.W.
Seattle, United States

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Take Assistance From Addiction Rehab

September 15th, 2014

If any user in your family is addicted, then seeking professional assistance from addiction rehabilitation centre is really what you should do. Rehab centre is will help the addicted get free from their compulsive behavior and lead a standard life similar to other people. Nowadays there are many rehab facilities whose recovery programs can adjust the precise requirements of an addict. A center of top quality can guarantee greater results since it may help an addict kind a resolution to improve. letter addict might in comparison to a chemical that’s amorphous and shapeless after which molded by the rehab center into a structured, crystalline type. This mutation is caused by the next steps.


Self Belief in Change: An addict is convinced that he’s not one for a lifetime; they can change; he’s that power and ability in himself as long as he can take to through their assistance.


Treatment: Only detox and withdrawal handling help with healthy diet is compulsory. The others is as much as the individual himself who has to pursue the dedication he made to change. Counselors guide and help him completely.


Inspirational: Counselors inspire and motivate the patient to create positive goals, change methods for ideas and pursue their objectives to achieve your goals.


Abstinence isn’t essential but is desirable. Self control is more essential. Today’s enlightened addiction treatment center realizes any particular one cannot stop overnight and managed decrease is an improved route to success.


Vital life skills are crucial. Any effective and concerned addiction rehab center will focus on this vital facet of the therapy since it is only within the outside globe that a reformed patient will face pressures and triggers that cause a relapse. Through a great grounding in life skills meaning better self control and maintaining a calm approach he is able to handle situations without being impacted. The results and link between such skills are enduring.


Within core of the treatment may be the patient himself and their resolve. Concerned and caring addiction rehabs will usually take this as the starting place in a rehab and work with it.


Find extra information on KEYWORD. Helpful and informative home elevators KEYWORD is available.

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Vicoden: side-effects and remedies

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Boston Terrier puppy having a Seizure?? Help Please

August 16th, 2014

If anyone has a clue about what is going on here to my litttle lady or knows just what its, i might want to involve some help. My vet diagnosed it as a siezure and…
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Drunk Help Wanted (Beer and Board Games)

July 6th, 2014

Video Rating: 4 / 5

Play on my Minecraft Server – IP: ? Hey Doods! ??? ??? Much Luv : The three-hundred and seventieth Hunger …
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Free Anime

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need to find rare texas longhorns helmet hat! HELP!?

June 18th, 2014

Question by STEPHANIE: need to find rare texas longhorns helmet hat! HELP!?
it’s a one-fit baseball type hat that looks like the helmet. it’s got a longhorn on each side of the it and an 04 and the outline of the state of TX on the back… looks like a helmet, but, it’s a hat, haha! anyone know where i can get one? mine got ink on it and i need a replacement. i’ve checked many hat stores and ebay with no luck. thanks for your help!

Best answer:

Answer by primetime p
ok go to goggle and type autograph jerseys then click the first one that says autographjerseys…………………………….

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FM Dallas

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Need Help on Determining a Hotel in Washington D.C?

June 18th, 2014
Hotel in Washington
by djwudi

Question by Who Knows???: Need Help on Determining a Hotel in Washington D.C?
I have a trip coming up to Washington D.C. I’ve never been there and I wanted to ask if I’ll be OK walking from these hotels to F Street?

George Washington University Inn
Lombardy Hotel
Washington Plaza Hotel

The George Washington University is near a Metro station which I could take another metro station then walk a couple blocks. I have to be up early for a class so staying close is a necessity.

So if anyone has any recommendations or can tell me if any of these are a bad idea for any reason please let me know.

Thanks everyone!

Best answer:

Answer by ckm1956
It all depends on WHERE on F street you’re headed.

1) GWU Inn
– Stayed there. Nice easy walk to Foggy Bottom Metro. Also, there’s a Starbucks in the hospital lobby before you go down to the Metro.
2) Lombardy : 1/2 way between FB & F West stations
3) Holiday Inn
– Further from “F”; middle of a few stations
4) Washington Plaza , see #3

First of all, these areas should be ok during the day. Fairly busy. Still, use common sense. If something looks “iffy”, walk the other direction.

I don’t live there, but I’ve done a TON of walking round the city.

I’ve found the Metro pretty easy to use. If there isn’t a Metro station near, don’t be afraid of the WMATA buses or the DC Circulator buses.

Take time to visit some of the “sights”, depending on your interests. The Capital, Smithsonian, White House, & Lincoln are my favorites.

Also, look for small, local places to eat.

Have a great time.

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Q&A: What are some good nightclubs in washington dc?!? Help, thanks!?

June 17th, 2014

Question by Pecos: What are some good nightclubs in washington dc?!? Help, thanks!?
Never been to Washington DC. What are some good nightclubs there? Nothing too ghetto yet not too stuck up, looking for top 40 type of music, thanks!!

Best answer:

Answer by Sheena Mehta
Oh! is that u wanna rock Washington dc. so please look down at the information mentioned below

List of Nightclubs in Washington DC
Ultra Bar,
Four Night Club
Kstreet Lounge
Shadow Room
Ibzia Nightclub

These are inded rocking ang highly zesty

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Physics problem, urgent please help?

June 15th, 2014

Question by John: Physics problem, urgent please help?
A 98.3 W, 159.9 V light bulb is plugged into
a 70.3 V outlet.
If energy costs 6.2 cents/kW · h, how much
does it cost per month (30 days) to leave the
light bulb turned on?
Answer in units of cents

Best answer:

Answer by kasab
Power is proportional to the voltage squared.
Power drawn by the light bulb = 98.3 W * (70.3 V/ 159.9 V)^2 = 98.3 W * 0.193 = 19 W = 0.019 kW
Cost per month = 0.019 kW * (30 *24) h * 6.2 cents/kW·h = 84.82 Cent

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Song on the Red lobster radio in Vancouver Washington?? Please Help!?

June 10th, 2014

Question by Mike: Song on the Red lobster radio in Vancouver Washington?? Please Help!?
First off, ITS NOT MERCY MERCY ME by marvin gaye!
its sung by a man with kinda hip hop feel semi reggae folk.
sounding semi new…
all i remember is the chorus (i think)
it goes “I cant be too, cant be too …..(?)” but i remember after the chorus it fades with the guy saying mercy mercy mercy mercy….
I tried googling based on what i remember and all i get are Marvin Gaye. I love MG but this isnt the song im looking for.
Please Help im going nuts!!!! if you live in Vancouver wa and you have heard this song anywhere and at Red Lobster, PLEASE tell me!
Thank you!

Best answer:

Answer by Mustang Al
Could It Be The Paragons ?(
It seems life has played a game on me
I’m lost in a sea of misery
My love has turned her back on me
Heartaches, why won’t you let me be?

I said now, baby, have some mercy please
Don’t leave me, baby, on bended knee
Oh please, mercy, mercy, mercy please
Have mercy on me
Mercy, mercy, mercy please

How can I face life without you
What would I do if we were through?

Don’t you know, love
I wait for you every single night
Hoping you’ll return and make things right
You don’t show and I’m sitting here all alone
To pray you’re gonna call me on the phone

Baby, have some mercy please
Don’t leave me, baby, on bended knee
Oh please, mercy, mercy, mercy please
Have mercy on me
Mercy, mercy, mercy please

You know I love you and I’m begging
For one more chance, one chance, once more

I know life’s got many a twist
Loving you, baby, is a thing I can’t resist
Your love and understanding you’ve been giving me
Without it, I just can’t go on living

Baby, have some mercy please
Don’t leave me, baby, on bended knee
Oh please, mercy, mercy, mercy please
Have mercy on me
Mercy, mercy, mercy please
Have mercy on me..

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