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Reviving the Radio Industry through the Internet

September 2nd, 2016

Music has been considered a necessity for almost every person. Whether they are on their way to work or school, sitting in a quiet room and even before sleeping music has always been there. Especially today, there have been a lot of changes in the kind of lifestyle the people have because of technology. New and advanced ways have been created to help people experience music whenever and wherever they go. Every person today have their own mp3 and iPods to keep them entertained every single day, because of that the radio industry has started to get affected. Lesser and lesser people listen to radio shows now compared to before. They didn’t find the need to turn on the radio just to listen on radio shows that play their favorite songs, because with just a click on the computer they can now download it and store it in their iPods. However good that may sound there are still people who are looking for the kind of music radio different radio shows offer.

Today, along with technology there has been a huge step taken by the radio industry in keeping up with the kind of lifestyle every person experience. Since every person today already knows and somehow depends in the use of the internet, someone started crossing the bridge connecting radio shows and anyone through it. The creation of the website has started connecting the gap between people not only in one country but in other parts of the world as well. This website is all about the different radio stations all over the world. There is a long list of countries that you can click to find out what are the different radio stations in each country, and with that any person can just listen to the shows with just a click of their mouse. One good thing about this website is that you don’t have to sin-up just to listen to the radio shows that you want; you can just click and click away without having to worry on any fees. Although, there is an option that you can register just for the sake of saving and organizing all your favorite shows. The important detail about is that it plays on specific software that you are sure you would have in your computers or laptops. Some people might think that the whole website might not be possible, but to make the website real is the fact that you can contact any person behind the website by sending a message. This gives any person a chance to ask for anything especially if problem arises with the website.

Today, there are already 167 registered listeners enjoying this new development in the world of music. Any person can still listen to radio shows, without even having a real radio. Through your computers, music through the different radio stations is already possible because of the There is no more excuses why a person does not know anything about new song in the top chart!

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Listen to Radio Stations in the Internet

August 30th, 2016

There are a lot of ways on how to enjoy the different radio stations in your place. Because of the development of technology, there are innovated ways on how to do this and one of which is through the internet. Since one can see how people rage about the internet, it is just right for other things to adjust and try to see how the use of internet affects their work or business. Through the internet, a creation of a website called the LiteRadio is made to give the people a different taste of music with just a click on their computer. They don’t have to wait for the chance for them to listen on the radio inside their cars, because even at home they can just turn their computer’s speakers on. Because of this website the chance for DJs to be heard not only in their country but also around the world is possible. They don’t have to worry if someone is still listening to their show, because it is for sure that someone out there at the other side of the Earth is enjoying their show.

The LiteRadio is created with a huge number of radio stations that they support from different countries all over the world. The website focuses in giving different kinds of genres of music, and at the same time does not only focus in one generation. This website gives tribute to classical music along with those that are at the number one chart. They can easily be played with simple software in the computer without having to pay too much. Another advantage in using this website is that there is no registration fee that needs to be considered. The whole process will start anytime you want, since there is no need for you to signup. All you need to do is just to click on the country you like, whether it’s your country or not and then click on radio stations. After that you are all set, you can now listen to any type of song without the hassle of downloading it. You also don’t need to worry because there are people behind the website that you can contact if there are problems that arise. They can also be contacted if there are questions and suggestions regarding the website. The best thing that a lot of people like about this website is the fact that it is made to cater to a lot of countries. It gives a chance for people to understand and learn the kind of music there is in a certain country. This also helps people see the kind of wonderful change that innovation has brought to the lives of the people.

The has become of the best websites created not only because they way to bring about change. Also because they want to help the radio industry in its continuous development and the music industry. One can see how music can also step up in this kind of fast change.

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Radio and Internet Broadcasting Automation

August 18th, 2016

As communication techniques and mediums continue to increase and develop as time progresses, so does the need to generate the necessary data that is required to transport over this medium. The internet is a continually growing environment filled with endless possibilities involving the education, interactivity and development of information and knowledge over a wide stream audience. Many companies utilize various communication mediums over the internet, depending on the need and specific requirement. In marketing and advertising video and radio interactivity is the most popular. With this there is the increasing need for the appropriate radio and internet broadcasting automation.

Internet streaming, webcasting and podcasting is a popular choice for businesses. Online internet streaming of this sort is similar to the live streaming we experience in events gatherings in the sense that there is a need for a DJ or disk jockey to supervise over the data that is streamed. This is where automation comes into the picture. There are certain software and hardware developments which make the use of the communication medium over the internet, easier and more effective. A specifically programmed device or automation may be utilized to generate intelligent interactions that will automatically play the required data that is requested by the user. This making it more convenient for the company or business as there is limited need for monitoring and the absence of a human operator.

The proper manipulation of the actual device, software and the transmitter need not be monitored by a DJ throughout the broadcast, rather may be left independently to generate its own required data. Keep in mind however that there must be an adequate amount of data already installed for the broadcast automation to pick out. The internet requirement also requires constant variation and addition of data in order to continuously generate only the latest information over the media.


To know about automation, you can search about IC610PRG116 and IC610PRG117 online.

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Blue Muze Biz Buzz – Internet Radio

August 18th, 2016

Internet radio is moving in a new direction that is, in part, a response to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.  Following the DMCA, it was not economically feasible for thousands of internet radio stations to pay blanket fees for use of mainstream music.  Therefore, a new market for royalty free independent music is being created.  It is still not clear if independent internet radio will rival the power of terrestrial radio and it is also very difficult to measure the success of independent artists who may not be registered through Soundscan.

So, what might be the driving force behind this new development?  I believe the only way for independent internet radio to succeed is to attract people.  Hopefully, as people become aware of a reasonable alternative, it then becomes a matter of taste. 

I think the timing may be right as we have been bombarded by the same songs mixed with a few new songs (averaging about 17 in rotation) for years now.  Traditional music industry resources have diminished and infrastructure has downsized considerably.  The downsizing of the traditional music industry can no longer provide enough music to satisfy the listening public.

Actually, supply has exceeded demand in the area of music for many years, but the supply is no longer limited to terrestrial radio and the majors.  Many believe independent music is taking a small portion of the market share, but again, it is very difficult to measure as many sales go unreported.  I believe the only real indicator will be the number of artists who are able to sustain themselves in the very near future. If independent internet radio survives, then we should see growth that is borne out of a return on investment rather than a love for music.  It will take a while for the results to come in, but I suspect the Internal Revenue Service will be monitoring this very closely if it starts to show signs of life.

Meanwhile, royalty free internet radio does seem to be growing if you look at Live 365 or Shoutcast.  In addition,  I am able to Google hundreds of standalone stations that are playing independent music (I suspect I could find more if I had the time to dig a little deeper into the search results). 

I think one element that will make independent internet radio a viable option will be the growth of mobile devices such as Blackberrys, iPhones, iPods, and a whole new generation of cell phones designed to offer the same  new features as their competitors.  The other element that will provide a boost will be the standardization of input jacks allowing mobile devices to play on car stereo systems. 

The culture has already changed as young people are listening to music on their mobile devices. It will take a while for this culture to be accepted by older generations, but the signs are very positive as I just saw a granny at Target wearing ear buds.  Seriously, this medium has become viable as it is now the medium of choice and will likely become the easiest to support in a growing market.

Another positive sign is the explosion of podcasting as an alternative to radio. Podcasts are programs that may be downloaded from the internet that bear many similarities to terrestrial radio with the exception of timing.  Podcasts are not in real time, so call-ins must be recorded, for example.  However, the only limits to podcasts are the rights to music that is played and the imagination of those folks who are creating the podcasts, called podcasters or casters.  The music must be podcast friendly, or offer content (i.e. independent music) that is outside of the scope of the DMCA. Many popular podcasts like those featured at Mad Caster Networks are now featuring indie artists and reviews, which will help to provide indie artists with exposure to a larger number of potential fans.

There are some issues that remain for independent internet radio.  For example, money remains a problem for many independent stations that are fueled by love for music and a desire to provide an open medium to deserving artists.  It is also interesting that the majors are responding with their own internet stations which has a tendency to bury the independents in the search results.  Guess what?  The internet is the ultimate free market society.  That is, a large component of success in gaining the top spots from search engines may be bought with advertising dollars.  Yes, it is possible to organically grow a viable site based on good ol’ “word of mouth” and search engine optimization (or SEO), but money still talks.  This will be one of the obstacles for independent internet radio, along with the possibility of more legislation influenced by music industry lobbies under the guise of protecting music.

Article written by Del Boland and distributed by permission of Del Boland and Blue Muse Publishing, Inc. A podcast dedicated to indie music entitled “Spotlight on Emerging Indie Artists” and an indie radio broadast entitled “Blue Muse Indie Radio” may both be found at, a free online resource for songwriters , bands, and musicians.

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Propel Your Job Search With Satellite Internet In Washington

July 20th, 2016

The economy has hit you especially hard, taking away your job and making home payments difficult.  As you search for a new job in Washington, skimping on an Internet service is not a risk you can take.  After all, the Internet is a vital tool in helping you secure employment quickly and easily.  Unfortunately, you’re limited to the slow, frustrating services of dial-up Internet.  But, it doesn’t have to be this way anymore.  Your job search can benefit from the best Internet on the market, satellite Internet.

At this pivotal juncture in your life, you need the most advanced Internet service available.  Satellite Internet will propel your job search in Washington and drive your future career to success with a fast, reliable connection.

For years, you’ve been told by cable and DSL providers that dial-up service is your only Internet option.  Their services do not extend to where you live, leaving you with an outdated web connection.  However, satellite Internet is available all across the continental U.S., even in the most rural areas of the country.  All you need is a clear view of the southern sky in Washington as well as electricity to take advantage of the most modern web technology.

One of the greatest advantages of satellite broadband are the fast speeds at which you can surf, download and upload to the web.  In fact, it functions at speeds up to 50 times faster than dial-up.  What used to take minutes to download and upload literally takes seconds with satellite Internet.  You can surf job search engines at top speeds, upload a resume and a cover letter at the same time, and quickly respond to e-mails from potential employers.  Outside of your job search, you can upload hundreds of photo, music, and video files each month with satellite Internet broadband.

Satellite Internet also provides more convenience to your job search by better opening your lines of communication in Washington.  It features what is called an “always-on” connection, meaning you can instantly sign onto the web.  All you have to do is click the Internet icon on your desktop, allowing you to check your e-mail or upload resumes within seconds versus waiting minutes just to sign on.

Additionally, satellite broadband does not require a phone or cable line in order to function.  This means you can schedule job interviews in Washington while uploading resumes and cover letters to job websites.  With satellite broadband, you no longer have to choose between being online and on the phone and can utilize both outlets to further your job search and procurement.

There are sure signs that the economy is turning around and you can be at the forefront of this surge with a satellite Internet broadband connection.  It will enable you to quickly search job sites, download information and upload resumes with ease, and allow you to keep in better touch with potential employers without tying up your phone lines.  Ditch the dial-up and propel your job search with satellite broadband in Washington.

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How To Create Your Own Internet Radio Show

May 29th, 2016
by Buou

Creating your own internet radio show is not a hard nut to crack after all, if you just know how to do it. Here is a five step guide which will help you produce your own show.

When I first heard music on internet radio, I was thrilled at the possibilities. Gradually, my curiosity for the medium increased. I always thought of creating my own radio program and uploading it on the internet for everyone to enjoy. So I decided to find out what was needed to make my ideas a reality. Some brainstorming sessions with hours of research helped me know how to do it. Armed with my newly earned skills, I created my own radio show and put it online. It was thrilling to enjoy my own radio show with my family and friends. I got dozens of pats on my back! Even today, I fondly remember my endeavor.

Here is what I learned from my experience. If you too want to create your own internet radio show, as a hobby or as a business perspective, it could be useful. Go through these steps in an orderly way to podcast your own show.

Determine the Purpose

Before you initiate, you must determine the purpose of your show. What would drive you into a real commitment to offer valuable information to your listeners? What are your interests, hobbies, skills, and passions in life that would prompt you to sustain the service? You should sort out this before you begin. Don’t start working on an internet radio program on a subject you yourself are not interested in. Go for a subject that arouses real passion in you, no matter how unpopular it seems. There will be people out there looking for the same kind of radio program.

Developing A Format and Outline

Decide on a format of your show: will it be a music program, feature or talk show. This will determine your initial expenses. Organize your program outline in such a way that it suits the theme and makes maximum impact on the listeners. Gather all the media for your radio show. This could be audio clips, narration, promotional ads, interviews etc. You can include anything you desire in the program. As a producer, you are in control of how your program flows from one clip to the next. Arrange the clips in such a way that the program makes sense to the listeners. If the program podcast is not coordinated, users will not appreciate it and you will lose your clients.

Picking Software

You’ll need to choose software according to the type of radio program. Here are few software solutions used for specific tasks:

Shoutcast A free internet radio software solutions for streaming audio.

Helix Server Basic Free streaming media server software which can distribute live and on-demand video and other media

Quicktime Streaming Server Lets you deliver live or prerecorded content in real time over the internet

Quicktime Broadcaster QuickTime Broadcaster allows just about anyone to produce a live broadcast event

Peercast Free way to listen to radio and watch video on the Internet

Andromeda A delivery-on-demand software, it scans your MP3 files and presents them as a fully-featured streaming web site

Use software to put special effects such as ‘fade-ins/fade-outs’ between audio clips.

Export the Final Product

When you are through with all this, export the final product as an mp3 file, a compressed sound file format. As you know, compressed sound files work best on the internet because large files take longer time in streaming.

Upload the Show

Upload the show onto the web using your FTP client. Check the URL to which your file is uploaded to ensure the sound file is audible and is playing back on the web.

You are ready with your internet radio show. Spread the word about it and get ready for the applause!

You can podcast your show from the radio station of your choice over the net. A comprehensive internet radio station list would assist you in this regard.

The author is currently associated with Grace Digital Audio, who specializes in creating turntable USB and internet radio station list, allowing you to convert your old vinyl collection directly to MP3 or CD with the included Audacity recording software.

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Online Music Promotions in Internet Radio

May 19th, 2016

One thing that is fast becoming a great tool for online music promotions is internet radio. Of course there are the now familiar social networking options such as Myspace music pages for new and old musicians alike. But internet radio offers an improved marketing ability by allowing getting recorded or live tunes to a large audience. Internet radio is a commonly used thing these days. Some people have sworn off regular radio since they found it. It allows much more strict presence in all genres. If being a blues singer, get a demo to an internet radio channel that plays only blues.

There are even channels made especially for independent artist and their music. This can be a wonderful tool considering that when talent scouts are looking for new recruits, this is likely one of the places they will go first. With internet radio stations being online now for over three years, I’d speculate that a lot of people use them for filtering through musicians to find the best ones they can find for their specific needs or genres.

Music promoters will tell you that it is all about the music. Most budding musicians didn’t set out to become a famous rock star. They started out playing for their own entertainment and grew to enjoy the art of their own music enough to want to share it with others. A lot of musicians have gotten famous these days from Youtube videos and other networked sites. So it is entirely fair to assume that just because we haven’t heard of a huge band who made it big coming in from Internet Radio, that is likely only because its inception is only three years old. I’ll be glad to place a bet that someone will benefit from it hugely if they haven’t already.

Please check out a site that offers a download called Destiny Music Player so one can also tune into the newest independent musicians and their talents. This program is not resource hungry and plays as most music players do in the background while allowing continuing working. Internet radio is also one of the few things that the larger employers will allow their workers to utilize about the World Wide Web. So if thinking to reach a fan base is doable when people are riding in their cars doing other things, imagine how focused they could be right now, listening to new tunes in their ears.

I take pleasure in inviting you all to to explore all the fun of music.

Author is an executive with the musicianatlas, to promote your music online. Her hobbies are writing and reading. For the guidelines how to promote your music online visit the website How to promote your music ,Music Promoters,online music Promotions

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Listen to websites music and radio on the internet

May 8th, 2016
by sm3287

I remember when I had my first internet connection on and I would just delve on to any site that I could find while surfing. Because I was very much interested in music, I would be on music websites all day long. One of my favorite websites is Since I discovered it back in 2005, it was different that it is now, sporting a different design. What I loved about it is that you could listen to practically huge parts of songs that would go up to maximum 2 minutes, before you would purchase them. This made me very happy, as I was able to discover a lot of good music and know what I am buying before paying for it.

Another place you can listen to music is Rhapsody. I am living in Romania and cannot use it now, for it is not available in my country. But I used a tool that hid my IP and could finally listen to music on it. The joy here is that you can listen to full songs that are bitrated at 128k. Not bad. The website has an incredible collection and you will definitely find what you’re looking for here.

Another place to listen to music online is iTunes. An amazing library of over 11 million songs will definitely find your favorite one among them. The great use of such websites is that they will help you know how the music you want to get sounds, before actually paying for it.

If you are looking for a good radio station that you will be able to listen online, then I recommend you the Hearts of Space. This radio on the internet is very much famous and since it has been airing, it has changed the way people perceive the radio and also the music that you can listen to it. Basically, it is a music radio that features no commercials and only the best music that you will ever hear in your life.

There are many artists that you will not know about when you will take your first listen of it and slowly, in time, as you will get accustomed to this type of music, you will see that the music you once took the time to listen was crappy (usual crappy radio music, TV music videos, etc) and that this is the music that really matters and should be extolled.

In order to listen to this type of music, you require having a good attention span, patience and having a thing for mysterious music. Some of my favorite artists number Jeff Pearce, Ashera, Hammock, Sounds from the ground, Soundflowers, William Basinsky and many, many more. I discovered Max Richter recently and if you love modern classical music, this is the best artist out there, along with Jóhann Jóhannsson that you could check out.

If you always come tired from work and want to properly relax, just listen to such Free Online Music at Internet Radio Stationand you will sleep like a baby.

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Internet radio music: Acoustic live music

April 19th, 2016
by urish

Acoustic live music is something that many people enjoy listening to, for it is a music that is very much different from anything else out there that you can hear on the radio. If you are living in Bristol, then you will be in for some of the most wonderful such shows on the planet. There, you will see that a lot of famous acoustic bands will come to perform and it will definitely be a treat for the ears to be there and attend such an amazing show.

The Cafe Bar on Gloucester Road is one of the most famous venues in the city and there, a lot of performances are taking place very often. You will see that there are a lot of people in this area every night, looking to have a great deal of fun with their friends and loved ones by listening to some high quality music.

If you are looking for alternative music, then the Moles Club is definitely the best choice for you and it can be found on George Street. The ambience here is very much laid back, so having a great time and also chilling out are the order of the day.

On the St. Thomas Street, you will find some of the finest bands in town performing at Fleece and Firkin. The atmosphere there is just full of good sounding decibels and people who are just in love with acoustic music and know a lot of about the history of the city’s musical heritage.

Also, I know that live music is very much entertaining and that there are a lot of people that want to listen to it when they are right there where it is performed, yet if you have nay problems and you will not be able to be in the right place, then you could resort to listening to internet radio. Yes, I know that the experience will not be the same, but at least you will be able to listen to your favorite band playing your favorite songs.

If you don’t know any radios on the internet, you should know that there are many you could check out and some of them are really specialized in certain genres of music. What does this mean? Well, it means that you will have a greater share of a certain genre of music, while you will be tuned to that radio stream.


In the end, you should know that live music is a different experience, an experience that is original, unrepeatable, and amazing in its essence. If you are looking for tour dates of your favorite band, you should better take a good listen to the specialized internet radio stations and you should also make sure that you will visit the band’s website.

Keeping these things in mind, you will never miss on such a wonderful and unique experience that brings people together to sing, dance,listening Free Online Music forget about stress and in the end have a wonderful and great time. Get some more info at Internet Radio Station

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Kind Web Radio photographs

December 19th, 2015

Some cool online Broadcast photos:

Rádio Discussion
online Radio
Image by Silveira Neto
Participei em Maio de 2009 do programa rádio debate, que age acerca de segurança da informação mas podemos conversar muy acerca de o projeto de lei do Senador Azeredo de Cybercrimes age vigilantismo na online.

Rádio Discussion
online Radio
Image by Silveira Neto
Participei em Maio de 2009 do programa rádio debate, que period acerca de segurança da informação mas podemos conversar bastante acerca de o projeto de lei do Senador Azeredo de Cybercrimes age vigilantismo na online.

Rádio Debate
online Radio
Image by Silveira Neto
Participei em Maio de 2009 do programa rádio debate, que period acerca de segurança da informação mas podemos conversar muy acerca de o projeto de lei do Senador Azeredo de Cybercrimes e vigilantismo na online.

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