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Serenade! Celebration in Gaithersburg (Ensembles from Japan, USA, Netherlands)

May 13th, 2016

Serenade! Celebration in Gaithersburg (Ensembles from Japan, USA, Netherlands)
Event on 2016-06-25 15:30:00
The sixth annual Serenade! Washington, D.C. Choral Festival, June 23-27, 2016, continues on June 25th with a concert at 3:30pm at Asbury Methodist Village (Gaithersburg, MD) featuring Kobra Ensemble (Netherlands), Tucson Girls Chorus (USA), and Ensemble Planeta (Japan). Free performance. Suggested donation -. The Kobra Ensemble consists of Ingrid Doude of Troostwijk, Star Rabbit, Lea Klarenbeek, Lonneke Cones, Saskia For Bach and Pitou Nicolaes. Since its founding in 2010 they have developed a unique style, which is characterized by a diverse musicality and a lively stage presence. With a mix of early and contemporary classical works, folk music and close harmony, Kobra impresses audiences with their amazing chamber music abilities. The ensemble also crosses artistic boundaries by collaborating with other art forms: several costume designers, visual artists, video artists, instrumentalists, composers and arrangers. Ensemble Planeta, a female group of four Japanese singers, is known for their performance of the works of Bach, Brahms, Schubert and other classical composers and traditional European folk music. Their exceptional voices feature non-vibrato style, which takes audiences inside a unique worldview of timeless and cross-genre repertoire. The songs are arranged and produced by Nahoko Kakiage, the recognized creator of classical crossover style of music in Japan. This is the ensembles first visit to the United States. Founded in 1985, the Tucson Girls Chorus is recognized as an outstanding choral education program working with girls from Kindergarten through High School in seven choirs. The two upper choirs tour nationally and internationally, and have produced CDs.

at Asbury Methodist Village, Rosborough Theater
301 Russell Avenue
Gaithersburg, United States

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Philip Gregory Band – Today reside Japan Benefit Concert at Eastern Washington University EWU

August 5th, 2014

That is a benefit concert for Japan at Eastern Washington University EWU in Cheney WA which is close to Spokane. This will be into the pub mpr. Here my band the Phi…

Colin Huggins into the park and an improv dance by a couple regional ballet dancers.
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the facts about being an Exchange pupil in Japan

July 31st, 2014

Exactly what the exchange programs won’t let you know.
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Japan, Indonesia, Australia, Korea, QRP India on tropical bands from Europe

April 2nd, 2013

Tropical bands reception on Degen 1103, whip antenna, near Voronezh city 00:00 – 3925 kHz, 13:30 UTC – Nikkei, Chiba-Nagara, Japan. 00:30 – 3325 kHz, 13:31 U…

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Made in Japan (promo package)

November 6th, 2012

Some cool Online Radio images:

Made in Japan (promo package)
Online Radio
Image by Julius – Laid Back
Made In Japan is a Brussels based trio featuring producers Billy Palmier and Gusto and singer Vinylic. They will release their first EP "Babyspace" on the 25th of September on the Citywurl label with remixes made by Georgia Anne Muldrow, Mitsu the Beats and Cris Prolific.

Listen to this EP ( + bonuses) on the Laid Back online radio.
Pre-order it through Rush Hour.
Get Billy Palmier’s mix played in the Laid Back show a few months ago.

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KVRI(Blaine,Washington) 1600kHz 15 Aug 2012 1000(UTC) received in Japan

October 4th, 2012

??????? ???????1602kHz?????????????????????????????????? SA at 0:05 “This is KVRI Blaine” I can hear it clearly. This radio station is in Blaine of Washington. I received this radio station using Delata Flag Antenna which I introduced newly when I went DXpedition in Toyama, Japan on 15 August 2012 at 1000 UTC. SDR:WiNRADiO WR-G31DDC Excalibur ANT:Delta Flag (F:NE B:SW) + RTR(Remote Controllable Termination Register)+16?1MT(FT-50#75)
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Japan hotels?? Anyone know the Shinjuku Washington Hotel or the Rose Garden?

October 4th, 2012

Question by mail4cme: Japan hotels?? Anyone know the Shinjuku Washington Hotel or the Rose Garden?
Are they good placed to stay? Are they in a safe area? Any info or suggestions will be appreciated. Need to stay in Shinjuku

Best answer:

Answer by TokyoE
Most places in Tokyo and Japan are safe.

The location of these hotels are on the west side of Shinjuku where there are many office and government buildings.

Choose whatever fits your budget, both appear to be business class style hotels.

Add your own answer in the comments!

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Candy Spooky Theater live HALLOWEEN concert in Tokyo Japan! Visual Kei horror Jrock PV

May 24th, 2012

La Carmina ( ) presents footage from the Candy Spooky Theater and SaTaN HALLOWEEN concert, Meguro Rockmaykan on October 31 in Tokyo! (COPYRIGHT NOTICE – Jack from Candy Spooky gave us full permission to film videos at the show.) La Carmina and Yukiro attend the Visual Kei Horror concert with their “latest victim,” Sebastiano Serafini – ???????? ?????? . The band’s performances included This Is Halloween from Nightmare Before Christmas. Coming up next – video of SaTaN’s performance at the show. Introducing her TV hosting / fixing and Japan coolhunting business… La Carmina & The Pirates. – We specialize in Japan, Goth, alternative, cosplay, burlesque, LGBT, fashion, pop culture. – Our services include TV production coordinating, on-camera hosting, Japanese translation and guiding, coolhunting, consulting. – We’ve worked with CNN, NHK, Travel Channel, Canal Plus, Sony Australia, Dutch Pepsi, Norway TV – LEARN MORE – – La Carmina is a professional Japan Goth fashion/subcultures blogger, travel TV host & arranger, coolhunter & trend consultant, author of 3 books (Penguin USA and Random House), designer and writer. Her popular blog has been featured in major publications (TheNew Yorker, Washington Post, WWD, Village Voice, Time Out New York, LA Times). She contributes articles about Asia travel, pop culture and Goth fashion for CNN and Lip Service. Her books include Cute Yummy Time (about decorating
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X Japan – Born To Be Free (HQ Full Song, Music Video Shooting)

September 29th, 2011

X Japan’s Born To Be Free Music Video Shooting at Club NOKIA in Los Angeles, CA. (July 1st 2010) CHECK OUT: Japanese Rock Internet Radio Show PLEASE DO NOT RE-UPLOAD THIS AS IF YOU RECORDED THE VIDEO.

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My Revoltech haul from Japan

June 6th, 2011

Some cool Online Radio images:

My Revoltech haul from Japan
Online Radio
Image by kelvin255
Thanks to Fried Toast for the heads-up, I got the VF-1J, Jun, Yoko and Fulldrillized at TRU for only 2999 yen!

Chun-Li and the magazine-exclusive Haruhi busts were from the Kaiyodo Hobby Lobby shop at Radio Kaikan building, Akihabara.

blog graph/georgia popplewell – carribean free radio
Online Radio
Image by > ange <
global voices Carribean Regional Editor

It ends.
Online Radio
Image by angel.a.acevedo
Our Saturday show ends Nov 7 after 5 yrs. Radio Revolution FM on La Nueva 88.3 fm

• Saturday show 2004 – 2009
• Now we launch our 24/7 online stream.

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