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4th Wall Spring is in the AIR Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre

March 30th, 2016

4th Wall Spring is in the AIR Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre
Event on 2016-04-16 19:30:00
The stage at 4th Wall Players will explode Saturday April 16th with the laughter and mayhem of our Special "Spring Has Sprung" Murder Mystery Dinner Theatre. Come in you're favorite summertime outfit including Hula shirts, cargo shorts and flip-flops and be a part of experiencing the Events on the Edge Improv Troupe, formerly on the Spirit of Washington Dinner Train. Lie, Cheat, throw your friends under the bus. Enjoy a great evening of entertainment along with a tasty catered Asian buffet style dinner. Tickets are .50 plus Tax, Beer/wine available for purchase. "See Ya at the 4th!" Our Policy: There is a no ticket refund policy as this is a catered event. We will offer an alternative date if you have an emergency and aren't able to attend

at 4th Wall Players Theatre
15019 Meridian East- A
Puyallup, United States

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1929 Mystery Dinner Immersive Experience: Clairvoyance, Theivery and Thomas Wolfe’s “Look Homeward, Angel” – Oct 13th, 18th or 22nd

October 2nd, 2015

1929 Mystery Dinner Immersive Experience: Clairvoyance, Theivery and Thomas Wolfe’s “Look Homeward, Angel” – Oct 13th, eighteenth or 22nd
Occasion on 2015-10-18 18:30:00
THE IMMERSION This memorable, immersive secret dinner experience takes you back again to Asheville, January, 1929 as dinner guests await the arrival of this evening's honoree, indigenous son Thomas Wolfe. Returning for a brief stop by at his youth home, Thomas was invited on previous Eureka Saloon, now Lex 18, to dine with visitors and perform a reading through the manuscript of their new book Look Homeward, Angel. The manuscript is planned become mailed on publisher this week, so this is a private advance reading. The intimate supper, complimented by a visiting pianist, takes a dark and scandalous turn. Multiple motives, suspicions and chaos ensues. Happily, you will find special guests who is able to resolve the secret and return peace to the night while exposing a shocking future.. The proprietress of this Eureka Saloon has made great plans on her guests' enjoyment including bootlegged wine, beer and whisky, a four-course supper event and a hired jazz musician from Washington, DC who’s decided to travel the distance simply to hear to discover the young novelist he admires. After Mr. Wolfe's reading of a fairly spicy excerpt from his "tell-all" novel, an attractive dining experience accompanied by real time music and song appears to unfold seamlessly. Abruptly, but in the middle of all of this enjoyment the night takes a dark turn. A deceptive plot, prickled with mysterious motives and undesirable suspicions, is revealed in chaos. Thank goodness, visiting visitors in attendance can turn the night's digression and resolve the accusations and protective posturing. While reluctant to step into the role, they sense they might start a more impressive can of worms than anyone has bargained for. STYLE AND ENGAGEMENT This uniquely designed dinner experience blends historical facts, establishing and personages with fictionalized occasions which can be both enjoyable and fascinating. With an integral cast of 12 characters, visitors' interactions and involvement ranges from completely engaged secret sleuths to casual reserved observers. The only real instruction is always to play your authentic self. DRESS There is one guest requirement which can be to dress for supper inside style of the 1920s and 1930s. In case your closet does not provide option, we do ask our dinners to dress semi formal; coat and connect for men and cocktail attire for women. A week prior, guests will receive a mailed invite from the proprietress of the Eureka Saloon (present-day LEX 18) supplying instructions and information detailing the night's event. THE MENU & TIMELINE COCKTAIL RECEPTION 6:45 – 7:10 your selection of: French 75: Calls for gin, lemon juice, easy syrup and some bubbles. or Southside: The beverage is typically created using gin, lime, mint and easy syrup. or Sidecar: This one's a stiff one, made of Cognac, Cointreau and lemon juice. VERY FIRST COURSE Eureka Appetizer Sampler Local cheese, house made crackers, harvest greens, roasted autumn veggies, olives 2ND COURSE Chef's autumn potage THIRD COURSE ALTERNATIVES NC raised beef brief ribs, smashed garlic potatoes, neighborhood regular vegetables OR NC regional roasted squash, celery root puree, shaved brussel sprouts, mushrooms, spinach, fried tobacco onions FOURTH COURSE Lex 18 apple bread pudding with Catdaddy Moonshine cream .00 TICKETS INCLUDE: Cocktail tasting Four-course dinner real time Music and Musical Performances Elementary Watson! An Immersive Mystery Dinner Experience further Alcohol; Sales Tax; 20% Gratuity Charge are not included and you will be presented at the conclusion of show. LOOK HOMEWARD, ANGEL, published in 1929 A legendary writer on par with William Faulkner and Flannery O'Connor, Thomas Wolfe published Look Homeward, Angel, their very first novel, in 1929. About a new man's burning need to keep his tiny hometown and tumultuous family members in search of an improved life, the task gave evidence of their genius and established a strong legacy. The novel follows the trajectory of Eugene Gant, an excellent and restless son whoever wanderlust and passion form his adolescent years in rural North Carolina. Wolfe said that Look Homeward, Angel is "a guide made out of my entire life." His mostly autobiographical tale concerning the search for a larger intellectual life has resonated with and influenced generations of readers, including some of today's vital novelists. Deep with lyrical prose and vivid characterizations, this twentieth-century United states classic will capture the hearts and imaginations of every reader.

at Lex 18
18 North Lexington Avenue
Asheville, United States

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MODAGE Style Getaway “Mystery” Goodwill Buying Bus Tour

November 19th, 2014

MODAGE Style Holiday “Mystery” Goodwill Buying Bus Tour
Occasion on 2014-12-13 09:00:00




would youn't appreciate affordable, unique and trendy discovers? 

Attention ecologically aware and savvy shoppers, join united states in celebrating our last shopping coach trip of the year.  Dress to your beat of your personal style!  MODAGE | in which contemporary Meets Vintage will host a guided shopping coach tour that is fully guaranteed classic holiday encouraged enjoyable.  Conserve gasoline and enjoy daily of eco-chic shopping.  

Guests will relish a cushty and relaxing chauffeured limousine bus trip to your top five Goodwill stores.  Grab your other classic enthusiasts, your signature Style Maven luxe shopping tote and secure your chair regarding MODAGE Style limo coach. 

Are you up for difficult and our shock trip prevents?  Room is limited, this trip will reach ability.

 Breakfast bites, healthy snacks and beverages will likely to be supplied during the day.  Further, we are going to have one hour style break to meal. {Admission price does not include your lunch}.

 Click here to see our "Style Maven" Sweatshirt + Denim Tote.  

Click here to see pictures from current shopping tour. 

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Contact Information:

Email: | Direct:  240.595.2850 | Web:

Style Tour Important Details:

  • Please observe that we’re not accountable for lost or taken articles, journey cancellations due to unexpected circumstances and/or bad weather.  The trip is scheduled rain or shine.
  • Please gown correctly and wear comfortable walking shoes.
  • Check-in starts promptly at 8:30AM.
  • Please review your purchase very carefully.  We shall maybe not issue any style tour refunds, no exceptions.
  • Unable to attend?  Very good news, your style bus tour admission is transferrable!  Please e-mail united states to update your reservation.
  • One Early Bird solution, per Style Maven, no exceptions.   
  • All individuals must certanly be at the very least 18 yrs . old.
  • No seats are held without a reservation.  Seats are reserved on a first-come-first served basis. 
  • In the event that you paid via PayPal, your receipt is the verification.  
  • Upon receipt of repayment, we shall e-mail you our confirmation therefore the formal trip itinerary.  
  • Visitors can physically walk the entire time.  For special accommodations, please e-mail us.
  • Please indicate any meals allergies or health conditions in advance of the tour.
  • No tickets would be in love with the day of this tour.  Advance purchase preferred.
  • If you are not able to attend the Style Tour, VIP swag is likely to be mailed for a nominal charge.  
  • By attending this one-of-a-kind event, you agree that MODAGE may videotape, photograph, and record your vocals.  Additionally you agree totally that your picture can be utilized for marketing purposes without payment to you or your guests.

We look forward to seeing you on the Style Tour!  

MODAGE has already established the honor of being featured inside magazines below.  

at Goodwill of Greater Washington Headquarters
2200 Southern Dakota Ave NE
Washington, United States

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NightScream Mystery Thriller Complete Film 1997

October 4th, 2014

NightScream Mystery Thriller Full film 1997

Drew is a girl who drives to a small town she has never ever gone to whilst in a trance. This past year in this city Laura, who looked just like Drew, was murde…

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Pandora Hearts Cosplay Releases Your Curiosity for Fantasy and Mystery

July 13th, 2014

Pandora Hearts Cosplay Releases Your Curiosity for Fantasy and Mystery

Pandora Hearts  Alice Cosplay is your best cosplay idea possible if you want to release your  curiosity for fantasy and mystery. Well, when referring to Alice, nearly  everyone will recall that Alice in Wonderland. But here the Alice is a  Bloodstained Black Rabbit in Pandora Hearts manga. And now to cosplay Alice in  Pandora Hearts becomes a trend among cosplayers to explore their costume fun.

Honestly  speaking, Pandora Hearts manga gains its reputation to have some reference to the  famous Alice in Wonderland. However, this story is also successful due to its  twisted storyline and intriguing character combo. Alice is the heroine of the  story with a height of 150 centimeters. The storyline revolves around her and  Oz, another protagonist in Pandora Hearts. The intriguing story has been  developed over Oz gradually revealing the mystery behind Alice, the Abyss, and  the strange organization of Pandora.

In the fiction,  Alice makes her first appearance as a chain that persuades Oz to form a  contract with her in the Abyss. Actually, she is the infamous Bloody Black  Rabbit, short for B-Rabbit, the most powerful chain in the Abyss. In the story,  Alice is clinging to find her lost memory, which forms a big part of the story.  She is hotheaded and loud-spoken and says that she thinks without regard to the  consequences. Despite this, she has a soft side, especially when Oz is  involved. In human form, Alice gets a rich yet complex personality and conducts  paradoxically. All in all, Alice is a character of mystery and fantasy.

Alice is seen  with long dark brown hair with two side plaits, wearing a long bright red gown  with extravagant white bow tie on the front, and tall lace up boots in white. The  overall semblance exudes a fantastic style with mystic accent. Alice’s look is  eye-pleasing and impressive so as to signify her distinct personality.

When it comes to  portraying this role, the placid features of Alice even make it really easily  to get all things ready. The costume would be simple; the boots are easy to get  and the hairstyle can be also effortlessly styled to be vivid. In a word, it  can be easy to complete the Alice cosplay look. With the least effort, the  finished look will be astoundingly eye-catching.

It can not be  denied that many cosplayers choose Pandora Hearts Alice for that entertainment  fun. In most cases, the result is a great achievement and thus regardless of  stature and curves, nearly everyone can be dressed up successfully to fulfill the  real return of Alice in Pandora Hearts.

Now pay a visit for more about Pandora Hearts Alice Cosplay. If you are a big fan for manga of fantasy and mystery, why not release your zeal with Pandora Hearts cosplay?

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Mystery Book Discussion Group

June 29th, 2013

Mystery Book Discussion Group
Event on 2013-07-18 11:00:00
Location: Conference Room

Do you like mysteries? Join us every third Thursday from 11:00 until 1:00 for our Mystery Book Discussion Group. Every month features a different mystery theme! Hot water and tea bags are provided.

at Avon-Washington Township Public Library
498 North State Road 267
Avon, United States

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Minus The Bear – White Mystery (Live in Sydney)

April 16th, 2013

Minus The Bear performing White Mystery live at Metro Theatre in Sydney on 9 February 2008 Love live music? SUBSCRIBE for thousands more live videos and new …

Minus The Bear - Throwin' Shapes (Live in Sydney)

Minus The Bear performing Throwin’ Shapes live at Metro Theatre in Sydney on 9 February 2008 Love live music? SUBSCRIBE for thousands more live videos and ne…
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OOPS, UPS & DOWNS: The Murder Mystery of Humpty Dumpty

December 13th, 2012

Some cool FM Washington images:

OOPS, UPS & DOWNS: The Murder Mystery of Humpty Dumpty
FM Washington
Image by mgb321
Sheree Ali Film Maker

Journalism intrigued Sheree after college in Boston, and she landed a career as a reporter in New York, New Jersey, Bahamas, Washington D.C., Philadelphia and as news writer/researcher/editorial desk associate at World News Tonight, NBC Nitely News, WOBM Radio, KISS-FM New York. She discovered that hard news "borders" conflicted with her genuine level of representing the facts to society and what were the facts from the news director’s reality. During this time, Sheree met international heads of state, international royalty abroad and state side, congressmen and senators; more than a chapter in the yellow brick road of her life.

The embrace of these life-long alliances by far sparkled change that News Executives and Program Directors reprimanding her for her honesty could never thwart. These friends, perspectives, the exposure, and the opulence were engined as a savant "gift of society"… for Sheree. With "angels" as her guides, she abandoned journalism and entered the Hollywood community as a personal and executive assistant to high end moguls, CEOs, CFOs and lawyers of studio and TV network entities. There, the shoe seemed to fit because they appreciated cultural savvy, refined tastes, endeared loyalty and smooth intellect.

Farley’s Chapel Cemetery, Shepherd, Texas
FM Washington
Image by d4vidbruce
Farley’s Chapel Cemetery (aka Old Big Creek Cemetery), FM 2666, Shepherd, Texas

Burial place of the Bruce family:

William Washington Bruce, his wife
Rachel Louisa Bruce, their son
Henry "Halton" Joseph Bruce, his wife
Jessie Bruce Rix,
and others.

Google Earth | Google Maps

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Mystery Book Discussion Group

December 1st, 2012

Mystery Book Discussion Group
Event on 2012-12-20 11:00:00
Location: Conference Room

Do you like mysteries? Join us every third Thursday from 11:00 until 1:00 for our Mystery Book Discussion Group. Every month features a different mystery theme! Hot water and tea bags are provided.

at Avon-Washington Township Public Library
498 North State Road 267
Avon, United States

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9/11 Mystery E-4B Doomsday Plane Over Washington DC

March 25th, 2012

The E-4B’s official designation is the National Emergency Airborne Command Post (NEACP), pronounced “knee-cap.” But the aircraft is more commonly known as the “doomsday plane,” because its premier function is to serve as a flying command, control and communications (C3) center in the event of a national emergencyor nuclear war. When the president travels on Air Force One, an E-4B usually follows behind the presidential entourage. Unlike Air Force One, however, the E-4B can be refueled in midair and so has considerably greater range. For this reason, when the president goes abroad on long trips he occasionally flies on an E-4B to save travel time. The plane also doubles as a mobile office for the Secretary of Defense. Recently, for example, when the newly appointed Defense Secretary Robert Gates traveled to London for talks with Prime Minister Tony Blair, he rode on an E-4B. According to various reports, his predecessor, Donald Rumsfeld, often used the plane, and much preferred it. A recent article in the Air Force Civil Engineer describes the E-4B as “a truly amazing” aircraft, and provides more details about its impressive specs. The 0 million dollar aircraft has all of the advanced electronics needed for world-wide communication. If Air Force One can be accurately described as a flying White House, then, the E-4B is a substitute pentagon. The plane’s electronics cover the full radio spectrum, from extremely low frequency (ELF) to high frequency (UHF). Which enables
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1/09/10 Globetrotters played the Generals at the Pepsi Center, Denver CO. Here they’re seen giving their interpretation of the NFL. Funny seeing football played on a basketball court, especially with rewind. Here with the likes of Firefly, Flight Time, Dizzy, Big Easy, Prince, and more… THE MAGICIANS OF BASKETBALL…For 84 tremendous years, the Harlem Globetrotters have thrilled audiences around the world. Today, a new generation of stars carries on this storied tradition with timeless basketball exhibitions.
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