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September 23rd, 2016

Event on 2016-09-25 12:00:00

at The Edgewood
3415 8th Street Northeast
Washington, United States

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Meet & Greet with Chris Kuczynski, from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

May 4th, 2013

Meet & Greet with Chris Kuczynski, from the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
Event on 2013-05-23 08:30:00

CCA Washington Representatives Policy Breakfast Series – May 2013

Come to meet Chris Kuczynski, Acting Associate Legal Counsel and Director of the ADA/GINA Policy Division, at the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Healthy, delicious breakfast to be served.

April CCA Washington Representatives, a monthly gathering of CCA members with government officials and legislators, will feature Chris Kuczynski, Acting Associate Legal Counsel and Director of the ADA/GINA Policy Division, at the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Please, join us in person.

CCA Washington Representatives Policy Breakfast Series
Thursday, May 23, 2013
Time:                        8:30 – 9:30 am
Locke Lord Strategies

                             701 8th Street Northwest #7

          Washington, DC 20001

RSVP required:  Eventbrite tickets would serve as RSVP, or email

Kuczynski joined the Commission in February 1997. As Director of the ADA/GINA Policy Division, Chris supervises the development of regulations, policy guidance, and technical assistance publications on Title I of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Title II of the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA). He regularly advises EEOC field and headquarters offices, including the offices of the Chair and Commissioners, on complex ADA and GINA issues.  His leadership was critical in the issuance of final regulations implementing GINA (published in November 2010) and the ADA Amendments Act (published in March 2011).  As Acting Associate Legal Counsel, Chris assists the Legal Counsel in implementing all aspects of the work of the Office of Legal Counsel.

From January to October 2003, Chris was a Special Assistant to former EEOC Chair Cari Dominguez, and from October 2003 through April 2004, he was Associate Director of the White House Domestic Policy Council.  Chris was a trial attorney in the Disability Rights Section of the U.S. Department of Justice from July 1993 until February 1997, and a litigation associate for three years with a major Philadelphia law firm. 

He has a B.A. in English from Villanova University, a J.D. from Temple Law School and an LL.M. from Yale Law School.

Healthy, delicious breakfast to be served, courtesy of Locke Lord Strategies. 

Note: For CCA members-only. No conference call availability.

at Locke Lord Strategies
701 8th Street Northwest #7
Washington, United States

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A Rare Opportunity for Professional Photographers and Aspiring Videographers

December 11th, 2012

Bradenton, FL (PRWEB) July 10, 2012

Celebrating its fourth summer school program, Skip’s Summer School is about to set a new standard in imaging education.

“The top requests following last year were for more hands-on instruction and a more centralized U.S. location. So, we’re bringing in seven of the finest photography instructors in the industry for hands-on teaching. We’ve got Cinestories for a total immersion two day film-making workshop. There are eleven other instructors involved in some incredible platform programming on customer service, publishing, branding, creativity, business and even a couples panel on the challenges of working with your spouse,” commented program founder, Skip Cohen.

Also added to this year’s program are two catered lunch time panel discussions. This year’s stellar panel of sponsors will discuss ways to build an effective network and the founding staff of Resource Magazine, will be sharing ideas on how photographers can get their work published and build stronger editorial images.

This year’s added benefits for attendees are extensive. It all starts with a 60-90 minute website review session that includes marketing ideas as well as a review of gallery images and a thorough discussion of a stronger more effective presence and better brand building.

“Every year attendees wait for summer school and look forward to learning something new. I wanted to start things off earlier and give them things to think about long before August. You can’t be in business without a website today, but so often the real building blocks for an effective website have been lost in the shuffle and the rush to establish an online presence,” said Cohen.

Also Included in the benefits is a $ 75 full-registration fee for next year’s WPPI convention (a savings of approximately $ 200 – $ 300) and special discounts and products from Nik Software, Profoto, SmugMugPro, Album Epoca, Marathon Press, SongFreedom, BayPhoto Lab, WHCC, Adorama and Tamron.

“This is all about education and supporting the professional photographic community. SmugMug Pro is even working on an exclusive webinar ten days after summer school to help attendees maximize their online effectiveness with SmugMug’s tools!” Cohen went on to comment.

This year’s Skip’s Summer School will be held at the Oakbrook Hilton, just ten miles from Ohare Airport outside Chicago. Special programming starts with a mini-trade show on Sunday, August 5 and continues through noon on August 8.

About Skip’s Summer School

Photo industry executive, Skip Cohen, wanted to find a way to provide aspiring and professional photographers with a way to “recharge their battery” mid year. The Summer School project was the first in a series of special programs designed to help elevate the skill set of aspiring and professional photographers.

Other programs have included the Akron Photo Series, various book projects, corporate consulting within the photographic industry and two major blogs, SkipsPhotoNetwork and PhotoResourceHub Every program to date has been about helping photographers improve their skill set and focus on better control over their marketing and business efforts.

For more information about Skip’s Summer School or Marketing Essentials International, visit or contact skip at skip(at)mei500(dot)com.

Photo Cameras & co.

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Working In Capitol Hill In Washington Dc – Opportunity And Scope For Pursuing A Great Career

July 19th, 2011

Working In Capitol Hill In Washington Dc – Opportunity And Scope For Pursuing A Great Career

When it comes to a career opportunity the scope for a wonderful career is excellent in Capitol Hill in Washington DC. There are array of jobs in Capitol Hill that you can choose from to build a successful career for yourself. Amongst the different Washington DC jobs, the jobs in Public Affairs are perceived as one of the most sought after job by aspiring youngsters. You can pursue a career in the Public Affairs sectors as a Writer, press secretary, Communications Associate and so on and so forth.

Communications associate

Communications associate is an important white collar Washington DC job that comes with a good pay package and growth as well. This job will require an individual to take the responsibility for management of several incoming press inquiries; helping the executive director with research and development works; assisting in the growth and implementation of several social media activities; production, promotion and distribution of press releases and other such related media materials; performing primary research employing the required on-line resources for firearm-related analyses and studies.

If you are keen to undertake this promising job then you must have the potential to prioritize and multi-task. Besides, you also need to possess strong communication, writing, and research skills; you need to be detail-oriented as well. If you have a B.A. or an equivalent degree, you can always apply for post as communications associate. This is a rewarding career with excellent pay package and includes excellent perks such as incentives, health and dental benefits.


Another important Washington DC job is being a writer in the communication industry. In this kind of job profile you will be required to provide a different range of communications support which include writing and editing; checking progress of occasional publications; and the management of company’s official online website, social media feeds and blogs.

For bagging a job as a writer in the communication industry you need to have good writing and editing skills and must be detail-oriented. If you an equivalent degree you can also easily apply for a post of writer in any of reputed media-related companies of Washington DC.

Press Secretary

Press secretary is another amidst the most renowned Washington DC jobs.  This is a job profile where your responsibilities will include writing several press releases and other related media deliverables, writing talking points and also assisting the Senator’s press operations.  Any individual who has a Degree in journalism or communications can always apply for this post.

These are some of the most renowned and important Washington DC jobs that you can look forward in the in Capitol Hill. There are also several Washington DC part time jobs in the Public Affairs sectors as well, especially for the students who cannot opt for full time jobs.  

Silas Reed, Writer for WashingtonDCCrossing writes articles that inform and teach about different Washington DC job profiles.  Please visit for a list of some of the many jobs we offer in the Washington DC area.

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Smart media opportunity

July 5th, 2011

Smart media opportunity

PSP flash memory cards are mainly employed only with the PSP array of solutions. This is absolutely genuine as the PSP is the proprietary format specially intended by the Sony. All digital units made by Sony will include these cards as memory storage. The current sizzling item is the play station portable equipment that employs the PSP memory format.


The use of the memory storage card will unquestionably includes the use of a card reader, specially if you intend to produce data to and from your desktop to laptop computer. It is claimed to be very best companion for the digital media units as it creates the channel in between the card and your electronic unit.


If you are pondering about initiating a public relations/media communications hard work it can make perception to have an understanding of the media markets to enable formulate a communications approach. In this report we will explore the big media markets and practical considerations connected with a very low spending budget communications program.




As talked about in (Component 1) of this sequence, there are thirty major cities in America known as the Top rated-thirty media markets. They are referred to as major media markets for the reason that the population levels exceed through one million people today across a vast demographic audience and they are:


Atlanta, GA


Milwaukee, WI


Baltimore, MD


Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN Boston, MA


New Orleans, LA Chicago, IL


New York, NY Cincinnati, OH


Philadelphia, PA Cleveland, OH


Phoenix, AZ Columbus, OH


Pittsburgh, PA Dallas/Fort Truly worth, TX


Portland, OR Denver, CO


Sacramento, CA


Detroit, MI


St. Louis, MO Houston/Galveston, TX


San Diego, CA Indianapolis, IN


San Francisco, CA Kansas Town, NE


Seattle/Tacoma, WA Los Angeles, CA


Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL Miami, FL


Washington, DC


These media markets symbolize the most significant bang for the buck if you get booked for newspaper, radio or Television interviews for the reason that of the sheer volume of viewers and radio and Tv audiences. Just about every of these metropolitan areas have at least one anchor newspaper business situated in them (The Boston Globe, The Columbus Dispatch and the Chicago Tribune, and many others), for example, and even smaller sized newspapers can reap a substantial amount of reaction from a basic mention of your challenge. Do not underestimate any media in these metropolitan areas or the surrounding spots within a a hundred-mile radius. If you are wanting for large time coverage and major public awareness, these metropolitan areas are they location to focus your time and sources.


Small Metropolitan areas


Scaled-down metropolitan areas, all those that do not look in the list previously mentioned, can nevertheless make sizeable success in places with populations ranging from about 250,000-750,000 people today. While not deemed a big media current market, protection by Tv, radio and newspapers concurrently can produce very an effect on public awareness. Once more, these cities will need to not be overlooked in the communications considering.


Compact TOWNS


Compact towns consist of population centers from about 25,000-100,000 folks and numerous instances only have a area newspaper business, some regional magazines and a couple of nearby radio stations. Television broadcasts are often received from neighboring metropolitan areas and as a result of cable.




Each city, no make a difference how tiny or how substantial, has a healthy purchase within just the media Newspapers organizations are headed up by editors and specialty column writers and the electronic media (radio and Tv) all have producers and hosts.

Hello I am an Affiliate,network and social media expert and I enjoy working on the world wide web to make funds. I have been operating on the net for several years now and thats all I do. I can dwell really great with the money I can make from all that I do on the web. I am happied married with no young children and adore going on vacations all around the entire world, in the make a difference of reality I take about 6 to 8 vacations a year mainly because all I will need to make money is an worl

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A Great Opportunity for Right People in Sports Radio Jobs

February 17th, 2010

Sports Radio Jobs – A New Horizon to Explore

With advent of Radio broadcasting system and its amazing growth, primarily due to the exploded growth in the audiences, made Radio broadcasting as a major field in Media industry. The renewed interest in sports activities world over, brings cheers to Radio broadcasting services as they can offer pretty nice sports programs through Radio broadcasting, term it as sports casting. This sports casting is financially rewarding for the right people. Presently many Radio broadcasting services have been started dedicated to only sports related programs. These Sports Radio Broadcasting services attract many sports loving audiences and their ratings are growing day by day. These Sports Radio broadcasting services offer many job opportunities for right people.

To be successful in any field, one requires the basic knowledge of the area in which they excel. It requires lots of talents, hard work, dedication and much more understanding the changing world scenario. One of the job opportunities in Sports Radio is the excellent opportunity of Newsman/ woman, as it is simply news reading one need to have the ability to speak nicely in good voice, with proper pitching of the sounds, ups and downs.

The Skills you must have

A talented sport person can avail for the opportunity of commentator; this is a very tough job. It is unlike the TV commentator, TV commentator need to speak very less only, the video and visuals running parallel will keep the viewers in front of TV. Nevertheless, a sport casting in Radio is entirely different. You should able to make the audience to sit through full period of sports activity listening you. Unless the listeners get a feeling of minute-by-minute happenings in the field, the details you provide should act like visuals passing through the mind of the listener. Listener need to get the feeling of seeing the sports activity just in front of them, without missing ant instants.

To be successful in this job opportunity, you should be well equipped with origin of the sports, history, statistics and recent achievements. You need to be a prolific speaker, very good command over language, good voice musical toned, standing jokes and much more. Controlling your emotions plays a major part in your success are a sportscaster. The sports casting jobs in Radio bring you good revenue and much needed celebrity status. You will be known as an expert among the audiences.

Different Roles involved

If you are sports enthusiast and like to promote sports, you can be crewmember of the sports program produced for broadcasting in Radio. You can be producer, director, assistants, presenter, interviewer and any such jobs of a crew. Interviewing renowned sports icons is fantastic, not only you get a chance to spend good time with a celebrity but also you can get a close peep into their behavior, culture, mannerisms and charisma. The audience will be benefiting from these types of interviews.

The Sports radio Jobs are like any other jobs in Radio broadcasting, with the unique feature of knowing specially the in and out of sports activities, sports celebrities, history and origin of sports. Many opportunities await you in this growing field. If you have mastered the craft of Radio broadcasting and if you have all fundamental requisites for sportscasting, no need to worry go ahead and make a career in Sports radio broadcasting.

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