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Kaanchi Promotion on 98.3 FM Radio Mirchi? Subhash Ghai, Mishti, Kartik Tiwari

November 24th, 2014

The lead actors of Subhash Ghai’s movie ‘Kaanchi’ – Mishti and Kartik Tiwari are noticed having fun and enjoying themselves at this marketing occasion in Radio M…

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Indie Music Radio Play | Independent Music Radio Promotion

June 23rd, 2014 Indie Power record label promotes music. Indie music web promotion, indie music radio promotion, indie music distribution, and guer…
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Sherlyn Chopra Hot Photo Shoot in Kolkata – MTV Splitsvilla Promotion (Washington Bangla Radio)

September 21st, 2013

The war of love gets edgy, raw, and wild and raises the bar this season as the sizzling Sherlyn Chopra will play cupid to the contestants. Only the hotter an…

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Senate balks at promotion for Navy officer who shot down F-4

January 7th, 2013

Senate balks at promotion for Navy officer who shot down F-4
A Senate committee has refused to approve a promotion to admiral for a Navy officer who, as a young fighter pilot during a training mission, deliberately shot down an Air Force plane whose flier has suffered a life of pain from his forced ejection, The …
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Senate majority leader heads for Helena
The new majority leader of the Montana Senate believes this year provides a fresh start for the state Legislature. Bozeman Sen. Art Wittich said new leaders in the Senate and the House and a new governor could change the turbulent tone of past years.
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Ex-Rep. Frank on Senate seat: Put me in, governor
Frank told The Associated Press that he asked Patrick earlier in the week to appoint him to serve as a temporary successor to Sen. John Kerry, who has been nominated as secretary of state. Frank says he is ''well-suited'' for the job because he is …

In bi-partisan Senate, Andrew Cuomo could be the victor
The Democratic governor may have additional sway with the Legislature because of a closely divided Senate, experts and lawmakers said. A minimum-wage increase, allowing hydraulic fracturing and campaign-finance reform are all undecided issues …
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The Reasons Why Radio Promotion Gets Results

August 4th, 2012

Seeing that the first rate radio channels now have found out about just what exactly performs along with what isn’t going to for their target crowd, they are regularly capable to demand a very high rate to publicise on their syndicated radio programs which will probably end up being broadcast on radio stations across the country or perhaps also all around the world thanks to the power of Net radio.

So just what exactly does all this necessarily mean to the ordinary individual? Not much honestly, aside from the inescapable fact that people is going to continue to be equipped to acquire very good audio because of your favored radio stations for several years to come so long as companies will be in a position to keep selling their products and services through promoting on radio programs.

With regard to people in business, marketing and advertising on radio shows is going to be an especially fine marketing judgement. With the wonderful return of financial commitment, often labeled as ROI, radio advertising has evolved out to be an incredibly successful factor. So why does it do the trick? In that respect there are a number of reasons but one of the strongest ones is the establishment of a brand. Almost every day, many people tune in to their favorite radio programs to listen to a certain online persona, typically recognized as a DJ. This is the individual which can provide the actual introductions to the succeeding songs along with the comments all through the show.

Along with their very own comments, discourse and also on air personas, these folks create a reputation with their fans and also establish trust. That trust means each time that they recommend a product or service, their fans depend upon the advice and usually are a little more likely to buy the goods or solutions suggested on their best-loved radio shows. This usually means when you list your company on a favorite radio program, anyone can look forward to a really good return on your investment as that shows audience go right to your business or web site to make purchases.

I’m Vic Mokart and I very suggest the Radio Shows web site exactly where you will certainly get a hold of a great deal of information and facts regarding Music Radio Shows.

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CD Release: How to Use Radio Promotion to Boost Airplay and Build New Audiences

June 6th, 2012

I often get calls from artists who want to know more about using a radio promotion company to help boost airplay and build new audiences. Most artists believe they ought to launch into a full-blown campaign as soon as they have their hot-off-the-press CD. Some artists should do just that, others should not, depending on your career goals, of course. Use radio promotions to identify hot markets for touring. Be prepared to tour in the markets where airplay is greatest. The best use of a radio campaign is to track the cities and radio stations that have added the recording. Plan support tour dates in those cities no later than four to six weeks after the campaign has been completed. Once you have the radio stations that have become familiar with your music, those stations become key points of contact to help promote a tour date. When you notify the station of the upcoming tour, they are likely to extend airplay, promote the date, do phone or live interviews and possibly even work with the promoter or venue as a co-sponsor. The radio station may even be able to recommend specific venues and promoters in the area at the start of your booking process.

Use the radio promotion’s campaign to leverage better dates. As you contact the various venues in the markets of greatest airplay, mention the radio campaign, the station playing the recording and what degree of airplay the recording is receiving. Knowing that radio is supporting the act can often be the persuasive factor necessary to land a date. There are two methods of radio promotions to consider–hiring a radio promotion company or doing radio promotion on your own. Here is a set of criteria to help you decide which works best for you.

Method One: Hiring a Radio Promotions Company

Acts with intentions to expand their touring beyond their own region or to tour nationally would benefit from working with a professional radio promotions company.
Costs range from $ 400-$ 600 per week for an eight to twelve week campaign. Be prepared to spend at least $ 2400 for an eight-week campaign and if all is going well, you might want to add an additional two to four-weeks. These costs are just for the company. Some companies charge additionally for expenses like shipping and phone. You need to have enough promo copies of the CD available as well. Each promotions company will tell you how many stations they service.
Select a company that is well established in promoting to your genre of music and radio format. Some of the main formats are: A3, Americana, NAC/Smooth Jazz, Rock, Adult Contemporary, Country, Adult Alternative, Gospel, R&B, New Age, World Music, Latin, Rap, Urban, College depending on which radio chart is used.
Know which format your recording fits. If you intend to use radio promotions as a tool to push the act to the next level, you should research formats and listen to the stations playing those formats prior to making the recording. When interviewing companies to work with, they will review the recording before taking on the project. They are just as anxious to have a successful campaign as you are. They have a reputation to maintain with the various radio stations. Their credibility is at stake with every project they pitch.
Ensure that the recording will be available in the markets where the campaign is concentrating. This can include signing with a distributor who will stock the local stores, or it can mean the recording is available through any of the online retailers. If the recording begins to receive airplay, radio stations want to make purchase information available to callers.

Method Two: Self-Managed Radio Promotion

Consider the range of your touring. If you tour within a specific region or remain close to your home base, it may prove more cost-effective for you to manage your own radio promotion. Although some regions of the country do have radio promotions companies that concentrate solely on a single region, most conduct national promotions campaigns. If you have no intention of touring outside your region, or plan to move more slowly, region by region, the expense for a national campaign may be prohibitive and unnecessary at this time. The money spent on the regions you do not intend to tour will be wasted. When touring is restricted to one area, it is easier to select tour cities and research the appropriate radio stations on your own, city by city, as you need them. Your costs are then spread out over an extended period, as are the necessary promo CDs. You are able to concentrate on each city you intend to tour. The main concern for you is scheduling time to send the promo CDs, make initial calls to the station to check on the CD arrival and then at least once a week, make a follow-up call to check on the airplay the CD is receiving. This is no small task and it is time-consuming.
Hire a friend or fan part-time or assign someone from the band. The solution to the time-consuming nature of this project might be to hire someone for a few weeks at an hourly rate, the total being much lower than the professional company. If they are organized and have a pleasant phone manner, they can accomplish much the same result as a professional company. The difference will be that the professional company has an established reputation and music directors at the various stations will take their calls. Your employee will have to spend some time establishing a relationship first. Then again, your campaign doesn’t necessarily have to be completed within a specific time frame. You are able to target the cities of greatest importance as you decide to set tour dates in those markets.
When making the recording budget, include money for promoting the recording. Set aside dollars for shipping costs, phone calls, promotional CDs and packaging materials. Research the number of stations you are likely to target and make sure you have included that number in your initial count for manufacturing. Most artists’ recording budgets omit any additional money for promotion. Make booking gigs and building an audience easier for yourself by designating money to market the new CD. This in turn will help leverage your bookings at targeted venues in desired markets.

The goal of any radio promotion campaign, large or small, is to create audience awareness of your group and the new recording. National promotions companies use charts to mark progress. If you choose to do your own regional campaign, your benchmark will be the number of stations that begin playing the CD. If those stations report to a specific chart, it is not unheard of for an independently, self-promoted artist’s CD to achieve chart notoriety. I’ve worked with a number of artists who conducted their own campaigns with great success and charted. They spent many hours of each day calling and then recalling. Their efforts were rewarded. Yours can be as well.

Ultimately, your goal is to use the radio airplay to boost bookings and build your fan base. Radio recognition helps both causes. Include some aspects of radio campaigning in your marketing program.

And, I invite you to learn more about this and other topics important to your career development and to sign up for my free weekly audio Biz Booster Hot Tip! Every Monday you’ll get another valuable strategy and technique that you can put to use immediately. Plus, get my Free report: 5 Booking Strategies that Work when you sign up.

Jeri Goldstein is the author of, How To Be Your Own Booking Agent The Musician’s & Performing Artist’s Guide To Successful Touring 3rd Edition.

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Bollywood World – I Hate Luv Storys Promotion on Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM

May 19th, 2012

Imran Khan and Sonam Kapoor promote their new film I Hate Luv Storys on Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM.
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Shaitan Promotion at 98.3 Radio Mirchi

July 13th, 2011

Sharad Khandelwal and Anurag Kashyap promote their movie Shaitan at 98.3 Radio Mirchi
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Careless Information through the radio promotion sector

April 18th, 2011

Careless Information through the radio promotion sector

The first thing to understand about Radio Promotion, is always that it can be veiled in mystery plus a “black magic” ambiance for the reason. It is not any coincidence which you constantly hear the same songs for the radio continuously, while other seemingly great songs never understand the light of day. Why is this? Is there some type of financial motivation behind what gets aired? Well we know stories in the illegal “P” word; Payola. Isn’t that illegal? So what else can it be? Could or not it’s how the songs that individuals hear are in reality very good and beyond our city you can find multitude of individuals who really adore these songs and constantly request them? Or maybe it’s the idea that the majority of the artists being played around the radio have major record deals. As an aspiring musician, We have asked myself these questions many an evening whilst driving home, flipping through radios stations that seemed to all be playing the same crappy song. On one such night, while trying to find something apart from “Lady Gaga Bieber Bruno”, yes each will run together i believe, I stopped to contemplate it this also really I came up with.

I have read many reports that outline how bad both the radio industry as well as the record label industry are going to do due to rise with the Internet and also the digital freedom revolution. I wont get into numbers as that would easily become a book. But the fact is both industries are seeing slow financial growth. So what exactly is it the two industries really make their money off of? Well for radio, their revenue is practically exclusively generated through advertisements. So divided into laymen’s terms.companies pay a radio station money to air an audio commercial on air, with the idea of reaching that stations listeners. The larger the listenership, the harder expensive the ad time. Get it? So coming from a radio stations perspective, the more expensive their listener base, greater money they pull in. Ok so now lets consider that the record label makes its money. Although this is changing due to the mind numbing speed where record labels have become irrelevant to distribute and promote music, an increasing label still helps make the most its cash on CD sales. Company, for anybody that are itching to call me out on it, I oftentimes tried CD sales as a possible encompassing concept for your sale of any music be it downloads or physical delivery of the music.

So, now lets discuss why a label plus a radio station may wish to keep airing an audio lesson, regardless of whether it’s annoying you aren’t really that great of your song. Well first lets begin with the record label. It is really an undeniable fact that most signed acts never make back the money the record label invested in them. That is why you are able to check out a major label website and find bands and artists that you have never even heard about. I mean it.go towards the biggest major label website you can imagine and find out in case you even know half of their roster. As due to this, major record labels need to have a minimum of a number of major stars which make enough to pay for their particular costs but in addition offset the losses with the failed bands. Now obviously if you have a big star which is capable of make it happen, being a company it is merely rational to attempt to direct numerous resources so that as much energy towards “thing” that’s working. Hence you hear of bands which can be signed although not permitted to release anything. So that explains why an archive would’ve an interest in promoting a similar song frequently well as over again.

Now lets take a look at radio stations side. Knowing a radio station wants its listeners to concentrate (hehe), we will need to assume that a music director or program director knows he cannot please everyone. Since music is subjective, even just in a niche genre, a music director is involved in satisfying the broadest part of listeners they can. This still doesn’t explain why certain songs are always played. To understand why these music directors choose what they do, we have to have a look at a psychological occurrence. Now, there were studies done that report that hearing an audio lesson repeatedly that you simply don’t particularly like, begins to create an appealing phenomenon. What happens is people begin to gradually range from disliking to ignoring, and from ignoring for the “song stuck in head” phase. And that will result in a person actually liking an audio lesson they previously would not have. So how does this affect a music directors playlist decisions? Well, since its generally accepted a signed major label act may have money behind it in promoting along with other stations and through other means, its assumed this psychological event will occur the place that the listener is exposed and gradually sets out to love an audio lesson even though its not good. So so far as keeping a listener base, it’s a secure bet. This obviously pleases the radio executives that enjoy continued listenership with as little risk as it can be.

So in conclusion, I do think its clear that money drives a few things i hear while I drive. I am optimistic though, particularly with the revolution in mid-air politically, digitally and artistically. It is due the point where I don’t ought to hear the radio to listen for music and I think that the emergence of Satellite and internet radio will pave the way for individuals to share with r / c what they want to hear and dictate to record labels who they need promoted. But We are just an aspiring musician dreaming.

David James is really a music enthusiast and singer and social worker by day. There are lots and a lot of resources around that can help independent artists realize their hopes for learning to be a working musician. The secret is to get realistic and be aware that you’ll find just one or two huge superstars that command the many attention. However, like a musician doesn’t mean you should be huge just about all doesn’t mean that you will need to starve. With the digital revolution well underway, san francisco spa ways previously to slice from the clutter. Whether it be distribution, gigging, or radio promotion , if we put our minds together, you can get it done!

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3 Simple Steps to Succeed With Your Online Music Promotion

March 16th, 2011

3 Simple Steps to Succeed With Your Online Music Promotion

Online music promotion is an essential part of any artist’s successful marketing campaign in the “new music” business model.

The music business has been forced to change its business model as a result of the internet. This in the long term is good for musician’s bands and artists as they have more control of promoting themselves online using the various platforms of web 2.0 and are not as beholden to record companies as they were.

So how do we market music online?

Well it’s the same 3 step plot that’s always been there.

People hear music – People like the music – People buy the music
It’s almost as simple as that!

1. People Hear Music

Radio has traditionally been a very successful driver of album and single sales. People want and need to hear the entire song and need to hear it several times until it gets into their subconscious.

So do not bother with 30 second samples and streaming. Let the fans download specific music tracks for free and allow them to integrate your music into their daily lives.

2. People like Music

Having heard a song a few times people may decide they love the song and become fans and they will pay some money later once you have got them into your marketing funnel.
As opposed to letting them hear 30 – 40 seconds of the track and then they just move onto the next thing that’s on offer.

3. People buy Music

Once you have established a relationship with that fan and they have received free music from you or your artist you can start to think about building an economic relationship with the fan.

Giving music away is part of your online music promotion and so is selling music. I am not just saying give all your music away and make money on the live concerts and gigs. This goes much deeper into the psychology of selling.

Fans will buy music and associated products like Concert tickets and Merchandise.

You cannot convert a music browser into a purchasing fan in a few minutes. They need to hear the song around 7 times and feel a rapport with the artist.

Once the fan has downloaded free songs and you have established that relationship with them. You are now able to connect with them via Twitter, Facebook or YouTube and send them marketing messages.

Hear music – Like Music – Buy Music

ABC – It’s tha


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