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Online Music Promotions in Internet Radio

May 19th, 2016

One thing that is fast becoming a great tool for online music promotions is internet radio. Of course there are the now familiar social networking options such as Myspace music pages for new and old musicians alike. But internet radio offers an improved marketing ability by allowing getting recorded or live tunes to a large audience. Internet radio is a commonly used thing these days. Some people have sworn off regular radio since they found it. It allows much more strict presence in all genres. If being a blues singer, get a demo to an internet radio channel that plays only blues.

There are even channels made especially for independent artist and their music. This can be a wonderful tool considering that when talent scouts are looking for new recruits, this is likely one of the places they will go first. With internet radio stations being online now for over three years, I’d speculate that a lot of people use them for filtering through musicians to find the best ones they can find for their specific needs or genres.

Music promoters will tell you that it is all about the music. Most budding musicians didn’t set out to become a famous rock star. They started out playing for their own entertainment and grew to enjoy the art of their own music enough to want to share it with others. A lot of musicians have gotten famous these days from Youtube videos and other networked sites. So it is entirely fair to assume that just because we haven’t heard of a huge band who made it big coming in from Internet Radio, that is likely only because its inception is only three years old. I’ll be glad to place a bet that someone will benefit from it hugely if they haven’t already.

Please check out a site that offers a download called Destiny Music Player so one can also tune into the newest independent musicians and their talents. This program is not resource hungry and plays as most music players do in the background while allowing continuing working. Internet radio is also one of the few things that the larger employers will allow their workers to utilize about the World Wide Web. So if thinking to reach a fan base is doable when people are riding in their cars doing other things, imagine how focused they could be right now, listening to new tunes in their ears.

I take pleasure in inviting you all to to explore all the fun of music.

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PBM PROMOTIONS: Entrevista de ”Osmani Garcia” en la 98.3 radio con Enrrique Santos

November 21st, 2014

PBM PROMOTIONS: Entrevista de ''Osmani Garcia'' en la 98.3 radio con Enrrique Santos PBM PROMOTIONS EMPRESA DE PROMOCION ARTISTICA Osmani Garcia de invitado en el programa radial de la…
Movie Rating: 5 / 5

high quality song from GTA Vice City Emotion 98.3.
Movie Rating: 5 / 5

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November 5th, 2012

Event on 2012-12-08 18:30:00
Koffee's Lounge
2632 Goergia Ave, Nw
Washington,D.C 20001

21+ ONLY (18+ to perform)
Load In: 5:00 PM,
Show Start Time: 6:30 PM

at Koffee Lounge
2632 Georgia Ave NW
Washington, United States

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Book Promotions on Steroids – The Power of Internet Radio

June 7th, 2012

In today’s competitive book market it’s imperative to create a marketing campaign that is second to none. It doesn’t matter whether you are self-published or traditionally published, and especially if you are a relatively new and unproven author. Publishers expect you to do your part more than ever before to promote your book.

In most cases, if your book doesn’t rack up sales in the first 30-60 days, you’ll be quickly dumped off their priority list. And this dooms your book to permanent mid-list status or worse. Your initial tiny promotional budget will have been eaten up-and then the pressure will be on for you to get sales for your book or loose complete support.

So, don’t miss a beat. Along with every possibility to promote your book, don’t forget Internet radio. Depending on your book’s genre, there are literally thousands of radio talk shows now, thanks to the advent of Internet radio. Do your research. You’ll want to be sure that the Host and programming is suitable before you make your pitch. No sense in pitching a book about fishing to a political program.

When you get interviews lined up, be sure to get your book materials mailed or emailed to the host. Ask what their preference is. If you’ve never done an interview before, relax. It’s easy with the right host. He or she will lead you almost magically. You’ll usually be sent guidelines. Some will send you a list of questions that will be asked. Some prefer to keep the spontaneity of the program fresh and withhold their episode questions.

As a host myself, I prefer to keep things somewhat spontaneous-however, I don’t believe in “Gotcha” questions, so I let my guest know about the direction I will be heading shortly before the interview. My show is part of a complete promotions package so I’m usually in touch with the author and their publicist in advance on a number of different angles to promote the book.

In any event, when you put together a great marketing and promotions package for your book, be sure to include Internet radio. Your successful interviews will help open doors to other great opportunities in traditional radio, print media and even television.

Patricia Kelley is a “change teacher” and guide for individuals and businesses seeking to move into and through change. This can include everything from small changes in one’s life or business–to the larger “revamping” of same. She is an expert in conscious marketing and PR in many areas–including books and authors. Kelley is also a writer, speaker and workshop leader on conscious marketing, embracing and creating change, and The Feminine Path. Let her help you in your personal or business change.

Kelley also hosts The Promote With Patty Show on Sedona Talk Radio

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