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Dabbling in DAB Radios

September 15th, 2016

The British Broadcasting Service first broadcast audio signals in the digital format in the year 1995. FM radio and AM radio signals suffer from noise and other forms of distortions because high rise buildings and towers interfere with the waves. Digital Audio Broadcasting uses processors which eliminate these distortions. The programmes are very clear. DAB radios make use of MPEG and COFDM technologies to convert the analogue signals into digital signals.

There are three types of DAB radios available in the UK now. They are the Portable DAB Radio, the Table-Top DAB Radio and the Clock DAB Radio.

All the Radio sets are accompanied by Product Manuals which describe the features of the radio you wish to buy. But before you actually decide to buy one, it would be helpful to familiarize yourself with the technology and the products available. The programmes are broadcast from Digital Stations. You can customise some of your favourite stations and avoid looking for them every time you tune in. The Radio Data System gives you details of the broadcast on a LCD screen. The Pause and Rewind options help you to save your programmes when there is an interruption in your listening. The Electronic Programme Guide is a schedule of programmes given in advance to listeners. This can help them to tune in to their programmes. An External Line-in connects the DAB radio to a CD player or a DVD player. One can record programmes in his way. DAB broadcasts are free in the UK. The customer has to pay for the Radio set only and can enjoy uninterrupted hours of programmes.

At present, DAB radio broadcasts have one or two minor drawbacks. Programmes are broadcast in the mono format and not in the stereo format. DAB broadcasts cover only a limited area and when you are out of this cover, the reception on your set becomes feeble. These can be overcome when technology advances.

In the UK, the DAB radio broadcasts have become very popular in recent times. All the features mentioned above make the DAB radio an indispensable entertainment tool. At any place, and at any time, tune into your favourite station and start rocking.

Checkout DAB Radio reviews on Pocket, Personal, MP3, Car and Portable DAB Radios from Sony, Roberts, Pure and Ministry of Sound DAB Radios at DAB Radios Reviews Website.

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Compare Radios To Find The Best One

August 22nd, 2016
by konka*

In this busy life of ours, entertainment has become key to keep the stress, tension and depression at bay. Though there are many sources of spending your spare time, radios still remain favorite time pass to listen to latest songs, news and other interesting programs. As the market of electronics is constantly increasing, one can buy digital radios in varied sizes, shapes and designs. A music lover can go for a cheap FM radio ensuring great sound quality.

On the other hand, you can also satisfy your needs by having an AM compare radio with you. All these musical devices are being offered at affordable prices through many online sites which specialize in electronics. So, compare radios to make right decision of owning a music device. As latest devices are packed with high-end music features, almost everyone wants to buy radios. However, Sony digital clock radio is the most desired choice for people. It has been introduced in the market recently. The chief feature of this is that it can be placed both in the wall and on ceiling. It comes with a thermometer to show the updates on temperature.

Sony clock radio comes with aluminum finish and stunning looks. It has dual alarms and is capable of playing both FM or AM channels. This fabulous projector is available at cheaper rates from so many online sites. If you are now planing to buy radios, the online sites are highly advisable for you as they let you compare radios of varied price ranges. Moreover, these sites allow you comfortable shopping just sitting from your home or office.

Now, the electronic market is gearing up for the upcoming season of Christmas when most of the people in the world would be on buying spree. Dealers who specialize in entertainment gadgets seem to be all set for a big leap with their cheap radios. So, wait for few days and then only compare radios to find the best device for you.

Alfiedaniel is one of the famous expert who has been providing information regarding cheap digital cameras, cheap Electronic and also on different type business risks. He has been working for comparison portals along time and thus has given countless quality articles on television, cameras and photography, etc. This article is about price comparison.

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Top Wifi Radios in the Market

June 19th, 2016

What is Wi-Fi Radio? A Wi-Fi radio can let you listen to over 6,000 radio stations from around the world inside your office, hotel or residence. In addition, radio stations in the World wide web provide endless audio entertainment. If you are looking for a cheap radio that will provide a great deal of radio station options, you must try a Wi-Fi radio. Below are some of the greatest wifi radios in the marketplace today.

Wi-Fi Web Radio (Model: R227) – This black cheap radio is manufactured by Sanyo. It originally costs 199.99 US dollars but you are able to now avail it for only 139.99 US dollars. You are able to save a total of 30 percent or 60 US dollars once you buy now. This product works well with wireless broadband or Ethernet connections. It also features an FM PLL tuning a media player that will play wirelessly from your personal computer. In addition, this product also has a stereo aux input too as an alarm and clock function. Its dimensions are 5.3 inches by 8.7 inches by 4.4 inches. This low-cost digital radio only weighs 5 pounds.

Grace Wi-Fi Radio (Model: ITC-IR1000B) – This product is manufactured by Grace Digital. Low cost portable radios which are of high quality like this 1 normally cost about 200 US dollars but it is possible to now purchase it for only 158.49 US dollars. Which is about 19 percent or 36.50 US dollars worth of savings. You’ll be able to listen to much more than 16,000 radio stations from all over the world with this low-cost radio. It also has the feature to select radio stations by country, region or musical genre. In addition, it is possible to also play or stream wirelessly your music library from your desktop computer. Moreover, this Net radio is compatible with perhaps any wireless Web connection be it 802.11b or 802.11g. It’s also WPA and WEP compatible. The products dimensions are 11.9 inches by 7.2 inches by 8.6 inches. It only weighs 5.7 pounds.

World wide web Radio with Built-in Wifi and Alarm Clock (Model: AIRMM01) – This black low cost digital radio is considered among the top low cost FM radios in the market. It’s manufactured by Aluratek. It originally costs 150 US dollars but as a limited time offer, it is possible to purchase it for only 89.99 US dollars. That’s about 40 percent or 60 US dollars worth of savings. This cheap radio has USB 2.0 connectivity. It also comes with a USB flash drive. The product only weighs 4 pounds. Its dimensions are 8 inches by 5 inches by 4 inches.

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NOAA Weather Alert Radios and Emergency Preparedness

May 18th, 2016

Even though the calendar now indicates Spring and we recently moved the clocks ahead one hour so it stays lighter later,  It seems like harsh winter weather remains. One day we experience  a quick teaser that Spring was on it’s way with plenty of sunshine and unseasonably warm temperatures. Less than 24 hours later we can experience  a high wind warning for storm force winds, record snow fall, flooding, seisimic activity as well as a myriad of other disruptive weather related conditions.  Spring officially occured when the Vernal Equinox on March 20, 2011 at 11:21pm Eastern Standard Time. That is when on the Northern Hemisphere day and night are approximately of equal length.  Here in the North Eastern United States, some spring flowers are beginning to bloom and the Robins are being spotted in our back yards.

A lot of us are fascinated by the weather. It seems like weather is the primary topic of many conversations. Plans are made and canceled because of the weather. Yet we have no control over what mother nature has in store for us.

However, we can be prepared for all types of hazards by owning an All Hazards NOAA Public Alert weather radio.

NOAA is the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration part of the US Department of Commerce. NOAA weather Radio broadcasts (NWR) is a national network of radio stations that continuously broadcast weather and emergency information including all types of hazards including chemical releases, oil spills, Amber and Silver alerts, tornadoes, hurricanes, heavy rains, snow, ice, flooding, etc. 7 days a week 24 hours a day. A NOAA public alert radio has the ability to reach over 95% of the US population with 1000 transmitters which make available broadcasts to all 50 states, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands and the US Pacific Territories. A special NOAA radio receiver is necessary to have access to these transmissions. Messages broadcast may be life saving. A NOAA Public Alert Radio should be among your emergency preparedness items.

Be Safe Plus LLC advocates being prepared for the unexpected and among others carries a variety of NOAA weather radios with battery backup systems. Be among the first to know about a weather or hazardous situation. Be Safe.



?Be Safe Plus LLC is an e-commerce website that specializes in safety, sports therapy, wellness and exercise solutions.  Be Safe Plus carries innovative safety products including NOAA weather alert radios and Emergency Preparedness items

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Meet The Modern Clock Radios

May 15th, 2016

Clock radios have been in existence for quite some times. The original ones were fairly large and bulky but the new ones on the market are steam lined and greatly improved. The ones currently being manufactured are very sophisticated and will fit in with any room or office arrangement.

They are especially designed to fit in any situation. Whether a person is going completely modern and wants extra additions or has a contemporary arrangement there is one that will fit in perfectly. Modern designers are well aware of current trends and have reacted accordingly.

Many people who sleep soundly when awakened by a loud, sharp sound sit up, with heart pounding, wondering what is going on. In contrast, those who wake up to soft music can gently come awake without being shocked. This has been found to be a wonderful alternative for a number of people who must be awakened by an alarm.

People who own iPods have the advantage of being able to purchase one of these units with a dock for it. There are also units that have both the iPod and an iPhone. Most of them also allow for re-charging the units while the owner sleeps which is a great advantage.

Music is much more pleasant to hear, first thing in the morning, compared to a loud buzzing sound. With this type of alarm a person has a choice of listening to commercial music, their personal music, a news program or a buzz. The average person prefers one of the first two choices.

Designers, engineers and manufacturers are well aware of all the latest innovations in technology. They have applied this knowledge to develop the most modern and up to date units possible. As time goes on it will be interesting to see what develops next in this ever changing field.

The world runs on the premise of time. Whether getting to work, to school, to an important meeting or whatever, being there at a certain hour is important. Clock Radios are used by many people to make sure that they are not late and have proved very effective. This is something that affects everyone’s life. Even people who are retired often have meetings or other events they wish to attend on time. Having one of these units is a gentle reminder that can be used during the day as well as first thing in the morning.

Most of us hate being abruptly woken up by the annoying buzzer of our alarm clocks every morning. Alarmclockradiostore provides its customers with alternatives like clock radios and iPod dock radios that play our favorite song to wake us up.

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Portable Two Way Radios

April 26th, 2016

Portable two way radios are a convenient and relatively low priced means of communication. Two way radios are transceivers – that means they can both receive and transmit messages simultaneously. They are unlike broadcast receivers (such as the ordinary radio) which only receive messages or signals. A good example of the two way radio concept is the mobile phone and the hand held radio referred to as the walkie talkie. There are different categories of portable two way radios and each has its benefits and the circumstances for which it is most suitable.

The conventional portable two way radios operate on a fixed RF (radio frequency) channel. Even where a two way radio has the ability to tune into more than one channel, the user is required to select only one since the radio can only operate on a single channel at a time. Radios with multiple channel capability have a button or a channel selector as part of their control panel. Often, the frequency regulator responsible for a certain area will allocate different channels to different organizations. For instance, one channel can be assigned to a cab company in order to facilitate communication between the dispatcher and the taxi drivers.

A trunked radio is another type of portable two way radio – it uses a set of pre defined rules to automatically pick the radio frequency channel on its own. Digital versions of the trunked radio have the ability to multiplex – in other words, they can handle multiple conversations using the same frequency channel.

The other type of portable two way radio is the duplex radio. It can transmit and receive messages on different frequency channels. Equipment used for communication in a duplex system can only function where there is certain core infrastructure such as a repeater and a base station. The base station is used to re-transmit the signals received from one portable radio to the others as long as both radios are within the range of the base station’s signal reach.

There are three types of duplex system radios – the half duplex that requires the user to press a push button before relaying a message, the full duplex which can simultaneously receive and transmit signals and the hybrid duplex which applies both the half and full duplex systems. The advantage of this type of radio is its ability to extend the geographical area within which communication takes place between the end users.

Another classification of portable two way radios is the analogue radio and the digital radio. The analogue includes the AM radios used in aircraft and the walkie talkie. Its advantage is that, in areas with weak signals it has a better ability to communicate (but only as long as good quality equipment is used). The digital radios include the standard safety radio. This portable two way radio allows simultaneous communication between multiple users and can also send non voice data such as a text message.

At Shortwave Radio Gear we take pride in offering a versatile selection of top-quality shortwave,emergency powered, weather, and portable two way radios for every level of listener from the first timer to the seasoned radio enthusiast.

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Marine Radios DSC and GPS

April 30th, 2015

Safety is a vital concern to boaters and a lot of would agree that integrating GPS into marine electronics has been a real benefit. Combining your marine GPS products using the Digital Selective Calling feature of a marine radio pays a whole lot larger dividends and could well save your life. Here’s how it functions:

Digital Selective Calling, or DSC, is an alerting signal you could deliver directly from your radio toward usa Coast Guard alongside vessels in the region. The USCG is busy deploying Coast Guard 21 around the world. Coast Guard 21 enables the USCG to receive automatic pop-up alerts on the monitoring systems that do not only signal a distress call but provide necessary information towards watercraft in stress, including its exact location if the DSC radio is hooked up to a marine GPS unit.

Simply hit the DSC switch situated on the front panel of the radio while the USCG gets a computerized alert with the after information:

Name and description of watercraft in stress
MSSI Number and Registered Owner
Precise GPS location
Date and time of the stress call
Emergency contact information
Nature of stress (if entered on your own radio)

When a stress call is received the USCG can start a search and rescue mission.

Your marine radio encodes your GPS location into the DSC sign and broadcasts it over channel 70. When the USCG (or other people capable of getting DSC) acknowledges the signal, the channel automatically switches to channel 16 to be able to communicate. The USCG gets everything from your own MSSI registration into the alert.

For DSC to exert effort precisely, it must be configured with a marine GPS device. This frequently involves hooking the devices together in an easy setup needing two wires. Sign in your marine GPS unit manual for more information.  You must also correctly enter your MMSI number in to the DSC radio (you could possibly get an MMSI number from ). Without a 9 digit MMSI quantity the USCG cannot acknowledge your call. Once you are assigned a number, consult with your marine radio manual to see how to enter it in to the radio.

To recap, in order to be capable deliver your precise GPS location in a distress call, configure your marine radio to deliver alerts towards the USCG over channel 70 by after three simple actions:

1. Link your marine GPS device to a DSC-enabled marine radio
2. Get an MMSI number from
3. Enter the MSSI number into the DSC radio

Hopefully, you won’t ever have to send a stress signal. But simply in case you ever do, with both GPS and DSC it is possible to enjoy your marine adventure with total reassurance as you can summon help to your exact location with the touch of a button.

Desire to find out about top-quality marine gps? has most of the leading brands of discount marine electronic devices for yachting, sailing and fishing.

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Disabling Internet Radios and Music?

March 25th, 2014

Question by Z: Disabling Internet Radios and Music?
Hey everyone,
I work in a computer lab full of students and many of them like to go online to listen to online radio stations and music and I have been trying to disable these things for the lab. Is there a way for me to disable music stations being played. I know you can go to the internet explorer options and enable only certain sites the only problem is that there are a lot of computers that I would have to disable one by one. Is there a way for me to disable them without me having to do this one by one?

Best answer:

Answer by phirephoto
Without knowing your full lab setup, you may be able to do something at your router or with the DNS, assuming you have your own DNS or even a caching DNS server.

Add your own answer in the comments!

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Ayub Bacchu-Balam-Asif-Fahmida discussing about FM Radio’s royalty issues [part 3]

March 22nd, 2014

Ayub Bacchu-Balam-Asif-Fahmida discussing about FM Radio's royalty issues [part 3]

AjkerBangladesh, Independent Television.


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How can I listen to US online radios abroad ?

March 21st, 2014

Question by c16rl: How can I listen to US online radios abroad ?
I want to listen to an online radio located in the states ( but I can’t since I am currently traveling to Europe. How can listen to the radio while being abroad ? I don’t want to download songs illegally instead of listening to the radio and the website just won’t allow me to listen to it outside the US.

Thank-you !

Best answer:

Answer by Balerie
I have searched the internet and found these sites you can listen online to radio stations that are streaming live;
here is a list of websites to try below.

Good Luck!!

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