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Jewish Singles Washington DC Seated Speed Dating

June 29th, 2016

To many Jewish people marrying within their own faith is very important, if not imperative, so Jewish Singles Washington DC has put together a wonderful evening of speed dating. Hosted by Professionals in the City, this event brings a large group of single Jewish women and men together in one place, rather than meet through other methods.


Many people try to find love through matchmakers, the personals, and online Jewish singles sites only to be disappointed by the outcome. I have a good friend who spent over two years pursuing online dating sites and there were times she met men she clicked with, but as time past, she slowly realized that what they wrote in their profiles are not at all what they’re really about. Other times the men would show up looking nothing like the photos they posted.


I couldn’t watch her go through this any more so another friend of mine suggested she check out a Jewish Singles Washington DC speed dating event. That friend went to one speed dating event and is now madly in love with the man she met.


At first my good friend was skeptical and found the whole idea ridiculous. She just wanted to keep meeting Jewish single men online. So I went to the event with her and we both had a blast. I wasn’t looking for love at the time but she met several men that interested her and I made some good friends.


When she got home she used Professionals in the City’s excusive online message system to communicate further with those who really sparked her interest. After about a month she finally met “the one.” If she hadn’t tried the event they may have never crossed paths. There are so many ways to meet other Jewish people, but if those ways haven’t worked for you so far give Jewish Singles Washington DC speed dating a try.


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Eddie From OhioReserved Seated Show

October 30th, 2012

Eddie From OhioReserved Seated Show
Event on 2012-12-15 20:00:00

Too energetic to be labeled just "folk" and not angry enough to be pegged "alternative," Eddie From Ohio continues to defy description with their unique blend of vocals and acoustic instrumentation. A bedrock foundation of hand and stick percussion and a textural flavoring of guitar/bass/harmonica support the four-part harmonies and lyrically-driven original music. While this combination has drawn comparisons like the Grateful Dead meets Peter, Paul & Mary, or like Jewel fronts the Barenaked Ladies, EFO fuses a multitude of musical influences to create their own trademark sound. Performing Songwriter writes, "The manic strumminess recalls Ani DiFranco or Dave Matthews, but there's also a deep undercurrent of high, lonesome mountain harmony that should appeal to fans of Alison Krauss and Union Station."

With this trademark sound, EFO has produced nine CDs independently (selling over 100,000 copies to-date), toured from Florida to Washington State, cultivated massive postal and email lists, received air play from hundreds of radio stations worldwide, been invited to play the Main Stage at prestigious festivals like Philadelphia Folk, Falcon Ridge Folk Festival (Hillsdale, NY), Telluride Bluegrass Festival (CO), and Strawberry Music Festival (CA), appeared on syndicated radio programs Mountain Stage, West Coast Live and World Cafe, and were awarded "Best Contemporary Folk Group" by the Washington Area Music Association five times since 1997.

Not bad for a Virginia-based band that began in 1991 playing covers in neighborhood bars when three James Madison University graduates (Robbie Schaefer, Eddie Hartness & Michael Clem) teamed up with Virginia Tech alumnae Julie Murphy (now Murphy Wells). After a popular seven year Tuesday night residency at Bad Habits Grille in Arlington, VA, EFO graduated from town taverns to renowned listening rooms and concert series throughout the country, where their tight harmonies and humorous lyrics, set against an eclectic array of musical forms, can be featured to best advantage. Since signing with a national booking agent in 1996, the band has covered the country, from The Somerville Theater outside of Boston to The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco.

The band continues to perform but on a more limited basis since September, 2005 when vocalist Wells was diagnosed with breast cancer. Fortunately, after an intense year of chemotherapy, Wells is on the road to recovery and remains active in cancer cure fundraising.

In 2006, bassist/guitarist Clem produced his first solo CD (produced by Hartness), and guitarist Schaefer has found quite a calling in children's music, releasing a successful CD and hosting a daily satellite radio show on XMKids. Percussionist Hartness continues to keep the beat for a number of local artists and stays active in the world of audio engineering.

Wherever and whenever the four reconvene on the stage, an EFO show is always an experience to remember.

at Jefferson Theater
110 East Main Street
Charlottesville, United States

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