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Virtual Gastric Band with Self Hypnosis

August 29th, 2016

Bariatric surgery, or weight loss surgery, includes a variety of procedures performed on people who are obese. Weight loss is achieved by reducing the size of the stomach with an implanted medical device.

By using suggestions, guided visualisation and hypnotic techniques, Hypnotherapy can reproduce all the physical benefits of Gastric Banding just as though it has been performed in the real physical world.

After using Hypnotherapy you will really believe and feel as though you have actually undergone an operation, but of course without any of the discomfort, pain and health risks of surgical intervention. 

Afterwards you should find that you can comfortably eat small portions of food, but larger meals will be uncomfortable, and if you ignore the subconscious message that tells you, you have “had enough” you may feel sick and actually be sick.  The power of the unconscious mind can cause strong physical and biological reactions and Hypnotherapy taps into this phenomenon. 

The memories of the operation should remain with you so that you are always aware of the reduced size of your stomach, and the impact this will have on your eating habits.  The whole Virtual Gastric Band experience using Hypnotherapy is painless, very relaxing, yet at the same time realistic and effective.

Research shows that Virtual Gastric Band operations using Hypnotherapy are more successful than the real thing, with the added bonus that there are no medical complications, drugs or side effects. In 2009 it was reported in The Daily Mail that a mother of 3 lost 4 stone with this method.

It can cost more than £7,000 to have a real gastric band fitted privately and it is only available on the NHS in extreme circumstances or where all other attempts to lose weight have failed. The surgery involves fitting a band around part of the stomach which slows the passage of food and restricts the amount the stomach can hold.

With many Hypnotherapy sessions there is the added benefit of soothing music at strategic points, helping the listener to relax even more, and absorb the information whilst the therapist guides the listener with gentle suggestions, positive language, and life changing imagery.

During Hypnotherapy, whether it is self-hypnosis by way of a CD or mp3 download, or face-to-face, rest assured that you will always be in control at all times, able to awaken immediately should the need arise and attend to anything that you need to. Hypnotherapy cannot make you do anything or say anything that you would not normally say or do, and it will never coerce you to try to do so.

It is important if you attend a clinic or a therapist’s practice for face-to-face Hypnotherapy that you enquire about reversing the Gastric Band operation. If your subconscious mind is responding the way you want it to, it makes sense to use the same method to undo the process, rather than just ignoring the feelings that you still have one fitted. So check with your Hypnotherapist what they offer in this case, and ask things such as  “do I have to return to have this done, if so what will it cost?”  “What if you are not available or I can’t afford to return?”

If you buy a Self-Hypnosis CD or mp3 download, check that a Virtual Gastric Band Removal or Reversal session is included, otherwise you will have to pay more to buy another session!

Remember, Self-Hypnosis is a powerful self-help tool for implementing change within your life. It is simple, effective, and non-invasive, produces long-term changes, and can be used by almost everyone.  By using self-hypnosis pre-recorded material such CDs and mp3 downloads, you will have at the touch of button, a full Hypnotherapy session that can be used whenever you need to, as often as you need to. It’s as simple as that. 

Sharon Shinwell. Dip Couns. Dip HP. Dip CBT. Dip Sup. MBACP.
Is a published author, UK qualified Counsellor, Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and Clinical Supervisor.

Sharon works in Private Practice in Manchester seeing individuals and couples. She also produces a range of Self-Hypnosis Audio CDs and mp3 downloads to improve health, and combat fears, phobias, unwaned habits, and for personal development. All these can be ordered direct online or by telephone so visit our website:


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Womens Self-defense Workshop

February 11th, 2015

Womens Self Defense Workshop
Occasion on 2015-03-22 15:00:00

Women, come out and learn potentially life saving techniques such as for instance efficiently working with the most common assaults against ladies, utilizing verbal and spatial skills to avoid various kinds of assalts, protecting youreself against somebody attacking you in bed, how exactly to reduce the chances of chokes and strangles and EVEN MORE. Find out how NOT become a victim! Self defense purposes Kits from Deadly Dymes is likely to be available for purchase along side demonstrations on how best to utilize them. Dont skip this possibility! Exemplary for females of ages including high school students getting ready to go off to university. (ages 12 or over please) Bring your moms, siblings, aunts and friends! Join on the web, space is bound!  on the web money just at the door.

10per cent of profits will gain Courtneys home, a nearby Washington DC dependent non revenue that helps ladies and young ones escape and heal from domestic sex trafficking & commercial intercourse explotiation. 

For extra information (301) 336-7000

at Dennis Brown Shaolin Wushu Training Center
2150 Industrial Parkway
Silver Spring, United States

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self hypnosis?

May 8th, 2014

Question by Daniel: self hypnosis?
is self hypnosis videos on the internet bad or dangerous?

Best answer:

Answer by sandjoy542001
Don’t do it. You can open up your spirit to the wrong thing.

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pro self tanners?

May 3rd, 2014

Question by utgcfcyvgcuk: pro self tanners?
what is the best self tanner? NOT drugstore…


Best answer:

Answer by WrecklessBby;
the only best non drugstore self tanner would be going to a tanning salon!
other then that you have to buy a self tanner at a store
OR, you can go to the tanning salons & buy the self tanners they have there. just ask them for their best products!

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what’s self esteem?

April 26th, 2014

Question by basketballstar0707: what’s self esteem?
what is high and low self esteem?

Best answer:

Answer by Jessica R
self esteem is the thing I don’t have

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Cool Self images

November 14th, 2013

Check out these self images:

439 – Self Portrait

Image by Christophe Verdier
Again one photo where i try a self portrait as Harcourt, it’s little better i think.
Encore un auto portrait façon Harcourt , c’est meilleur je pense.

Strobist info :
SB28 – 1/64 zoom 85 with grid on my head
SB28 – 1/32 zoom 50 with Barn doors on the background
Canon 580exII – 1/32 +0,7 zoom 28 with barn doors on my face
Canon 430ex – 1/64 zoom 105
SB24 1/16 zoom 24 with gread on my hair

Triggered with pocket wizard.

The new design of my website is online, don’t hesitate to go see.
Le nouveau design de mon site web est en ligne, n’hésitez pas à aller le visiter.

Thank you in advance for your comments
Merci d’avance pour vos commentaires

one self

Image by Franckie


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Cool Self images

November 10th, 2013

Some cool self images:

Note to Self: “Just trust yourself, then you will know how to live.” ~ Goethe

Image by SweetOnVeg
Rainy Day Inspiration :: Featured on Sweet On Veg…

double self portrait

Image by Tattooed JJ
I was tagged again by Anthony and
since the game is changed a bit so I thought I would play along with a
multiple choice quiz:

Which one of the statements is NOT true?
1. I have been to over 55 countries

2. I have more than once been booked on flights but my plans changed within 24 hours of
the flight and plane I would have been on crashed

3. I have a tattoo of the rolling stones lips and tongue on my check and I dont mean the one on my face

4. I have Tattoo of a coca cola logo on my back

5. I have had TB and malaria

I am tagging

Greg Lilly
Dave DiCello

I will post the answer in tomorrows post

PS I think your meant to post a self portrait for this tagging so as much as I hate SP, I went for a double distorted one :)

“The Self-Sacrifice of Marcus Curtius” – Attributed to Lambert van Noort

Image by Tilemahos Efthimiadis
Attributed to Lambert van Noort (c. 1520-1570/1)
The Self-Sacrifice of Marcus Curtius
oil on panel

(Donation of Theodoros and Aikaterini Rodokanaki, inv. no. 158)

?????????? ???? ??????? ??? ????? (?. 1520-1570/1)
? ????????? ??? ?????? ????????
???? ?? ????

(????? ???????? ??? ??????????? ??????????, ??. ????? 158)
?????? ??????? ??? ??????? ???????????, ?????.


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What is the besic principle of the self- calibration system?

October 21st, 2013

Question by ch z: What is the besic principle of the self- calibration system?
The friction coefficient vehicles is used to test the friction of runway.
The calibration system is important part of it.
The self- calibration system has already been used.
I want to know the besic principle of the self- calibration system.
Who can help me?

Best answer:

Answer by .Gl?w.i?.???.D???.
Not sure what your asking exactly.

Self-calibration offers many advantages, including the possibility of standardizing measurements of accuracy.

If this doesnt help then your best bet is to search for it on google.

Know better? Leave your own answer in the comments!


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Q&A: What is the most common cause for self injury?

June 9th, 2013

Question by slices_of_heaven: What is the most common cause for self injury?
Can depression cause self injury, or does self injury cause depression, does it go both ways?

What is the most common underlying issue causing the problem?

Anyone who’s had this problem, and gone to therapy and help, did you find out exactly what was making you deal with stress in that fashion?

Best answer:

Answer by crazyme
Borderline Personality,that is the major symptom,especially cutting.A lot of times it is just a relife of built up emotion an outlet for the pain on the inside to come out,someone with borderline self hurts not for attention or to kill their self but as a release,it makes them feel better.But It could be other things to would talk to a doctor .

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Nice Self photos

May 2nd, 2013

Some cool self images:

A Long Overdue Self-Portrait

Image by Jayel Aheram
I have not done a self-portrait in a long time. Many of my recent portraits are taken by other people of me. I thought it was long overdue.

We are still awaiting word, awaiting orders that will allow us to help the victims of Cyclone Nargis. It is a depressing thought that we have come all the way from Okinawa and not even see the coastline of Myanmar, not even lend a single hand, not even offer a single bottled water to the desperate people of Myanmar.


According to Mr. Pantele, the owner of the awesome Incredible Artist Gallery, The Harsh Desert will be part of a four-month exhibition in Los Angeles. I do not know the details yet, but as soon as I find out more I will inform those interested parties. I might be able to actually attend my own showing for once!

I am still unable to access my personal emails. I am starting to realize how much I depended on email. My friend Stacy usually sends me awesome email updates of the going-ons in California and I miss them! I feel so isolated. It is an odd thing. I have, with the exception of MySpace, Facebook, and email, full internet access. However, I never felt so cut-off.

I am still, very much, or rather, even more so since I have read The Revolution: A Manifesto, a supporter of Ron Paul. It is my intention to attend the Republican Convention in Minnesota in support of Ron Paul. Hopefully, we will affect change within the broken and corrupt Republican Party and bring it back to its Jeffersonian roots and ideals. A party that values life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness not war, security, and the police state.


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