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Senate House

September 24th, 2016

Some cool Senate images:

Senate House
Image by IanVisits

Senate Building
Image by TechSavi

Indiana Senate Chamber
Image by indianaglbtconnections

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Senate House

September 13th, 2016

Some cool Senate images:

Senate House
Image by a.drian
New Year’s Eve 2007/8, London

Senate square
Image by LHOON
Senate square, Helsinki

senate • chamber
Image by origamidon
Montpelier, Vermont USA • The elaborate Senate Chamber of the state Capitol building. • After 140 years, the Vermont State House still commands the landscape of Montpelier, the smallest capital city in America. The House and Senate chambers are the oldest legislative chambers in their original condition anywhere in the country. – from the State of Vermont’s website.

Between 1778 and 1808, Vermont had no permanent seat of government, and its legislature met 47 times in 13 different towns around the state. In 1805, Montpelier was established as the permanent seat of the legislature, contingent on the town erecting suitable buildings and conveying them and the land to the State by September, 1808. Subscriptions and pledges were made, and the land was donated by Thomas Davis, son of Jacob Davis, the first permanent settler of Montpelier. The first wooden State House, "whittled out of use" by representatives’ pocket knives, was replaced in the late 1830s with a Barre granite building designed by Ammi B. Young. It looked similar to the present Capitol, but was smaller, In January 1857, fire destroyed the Capitol so that reconstruction was necessary, with only the Greek Revival portico remaining. For the third time, Montpelier raised the funds. Architects Thomas W. Silloway and Joseph R. Richards designed the exterior and interiors, respectively. Standing on a small rise with a spacious and carefully landscaped approach, this Renaissance Revival building combines dignity of purpose with grace and beauty. Ceres, the goddess of agriculture, stands atop a gold-leafed dome. – per Central Vermont Historic Walking Tour’s Montpelier’s State Street Tour list.

From Wikipedia: The dome is topped by a statue titled Agriculture though more commonly referred to as Ceres, the Roman goddess of agriculture. The original statue was carved by Vermont artist Larkin Goldsmith Mead, who carved the large bust of Lincoln in the Hall of Inscriptions on the State House’s ground floor. The current statue is a replacement, and something of a piece of folk art, based on Mead’s original. It was carved in 1938 by then 87-year old Dwight Dwinell, Sergeant-at-Arms (in Vermont this official position is similar in nature to the White House Chief Usher).

? On December 30, 1970, the National Park Service designated this structure a National Historic Landmark (#70000739); one of only 17 in Vermont.

National Historic Landmarks are nationally significant historic places designated by the Secretary of the Interior because they possess exceptional value or quality in illustrating or interpreting the heritage of the United States. Today, fewer than 2,500 historic places bear this national distinction. [And only 17 in Vermont.] Working with citizens throughout the nation, the National Historic Landmarks Program draws upon the expertise of National Park Service staff who work to nominate new landmarks and provide assistance to existing landmarks.

National Historic Landmarks are exceptional places. They form a common bond between all Americans. While there are many historic places across the nation, only a small number have meaning to all Americans–these we call our National Historic Landmarks. – from the National Park Service.

? This Statehouse has also been listed on the National Register of Historic Places (#70000739), since 1970.
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? Shot during a visit to Montpelier, Vermont, to participate in the Third Annual Worldwide Photo Walk, one of 1,000 locations around the world where photographers meet-up & shoot away, all on the same day. • Why? More info.

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In July, 2010, I started a project to visit and document all seventeen Landmarks in Vermont. Here they are (in order of designation by the National Park Service):

[01] 09/22/60 – JUSTIN S. MORRILL HOMESTEAD, Strafford, Orange County
[02] 01/28/64 – TICONDEROGA (Side-paddle-wheel Lakeboat), Shelburne, Chittenden County
[03] 06/23/65 – CALVIN COOLIDGE HOMESTEAD DISTRICT, Plymouth Notch, Windsor County
[04] 12/21/65 – EMMA WILLARD HOUSE, Middlebury, Addison County
[05] 11/13/66 – ROBBINS AND LAWRENCE ARMORY AND MACHINE SHOP, Windsor, Windsor County
[06] 06/11/67 – GEORGE PERKINS MARSH BOYHOOD HOME, Woodstock, Windsor County
[07] 05/23/68 – ROBERT FROST FARM, Addison County
[08] 12/30/70 – VERMONT STATEHOUSE, Montpelier, Washington County
[09] 11/28/72 – MOUNT INDEPENDENCE, Addison County
[10] 12/20/89 – STELLAFANE OBSERVATORY, Springfield, Windsor County
[11] 11/04/93 – NAULAKHA (Rudyard Kipling House), Dummerston, Windham County
[12] 06/19/96 – OLD ROUND CHURCH, Richmond, Chittenden County
[13] 06/19/96 – ST. JOHNSBURY ATHENAEUM, St. Johnsbury, Caledonia County
[14] 12/09/97 – ROKEBY, Ferrisburgh, Addison County
[15] 05/16/00 – ROCKINGHAM MEETING HOUSE, Windham County
[16] 05/16/00 – SOCIALIST LABOR PARTY HALL, Barre, Washington County
[17] 01/03/01 – SHELBURNE FARMS, Shelburne, Chittenden County

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Senado / Senate

April 28th, 2016

Some cool Senate images:

Senado / Senate
Image by Marcio Cabral de Moura
Ottawa, a capital do Canadá.
O Senado do Canadá (em inglês Canadian Senate; em francês Sénat du Canada) é um componente do Parlamento do Canadá, que também inclui o monarca do Reino Unido (representado pelo governador-geral) e a Câmara dos Comuns do Canadá. O Senado canadense é composta por 105 membros que são indicados pelo primeiro-ministro do Canadá, e aprovados simbolicamente pelo governador-geral. As posições no Senado são divididas igualmente entre Ontário, Quebec, as províncias marítimas (Ilha do Príncipe Eduardo, Nova Brunswick e Nova Escócia) e as províncias do oeste canadense (Alberta, Colúmbia Britânica, Manitoba e Saskatchewan). O número de posições dado a Terra Nova e Labrador, bem como os territórios de Nunavut, Territórios do Noroeste e Yukon, são dados à parte destas divisões regionais. Os senadores ficam no cargo até a idade de 75 anos.

Popularmente conhecida como "Câmara Superior" (Upper House), o Senado canadense é muito menos poderosa do que a Câmara dos Comuns, a "Câmara Inferior" (Lower House). Embora a aprovação da Câmara dos Comuns e do Senado seja necessária para legislação, o Senado raramente rejeita leis criadas e aprovadas pela Câmara dos Comuns – cujos membros são democraticamente eleitos. O Governo do Canadá está nas mãos da Câmara dos Comuns – o primeiro-ministro do Canadá apenas permanece em ofício quando possui o suporte da maioria da Câmara dos Comuns. O Senado não possui tal influência, e não exerce tal poder no governo do país.

Os membros do Senado realizam encontros na Parliament Hill, em Ottawa, Ontário.

Ottawa, Canadian capital
In the east wing of the Centre Block is the Senate chamber, in which are the thrones for the Canadian monarch and her consort, or for the federal viceroy and his or her consort, and from which either the sovereign or the governor general gives the Speech from the Throne, and grants Royal Assent to bills passed by parliament. The senators themselves sit in the chamber, arranged so that those belonging to the governing party are to the right of the Speaker of the Senate, and the opposition to the speaker’s left.

The overall colour in the Senate chamber is red, seen in the upholstery, carpeting, and draperies, and reflecting the colour scheme of the House of Lords in the United Kingdom; red was a more royal colour, associated with the crown and hereditary peers. Capping the room is a gilt ceiling with deep octagonal coffers, each filled with heraldic symbols, including maple leafs, fleur-de-lis, lions rampant, clàrsach, Welsh Dragons, and lions passant. This plane rests on six pairs and four single pilasters, each of which is capped by a caryatid, and between which are clerestory windows. Below the windows is a continuous architrave, broken only by baldachins at the base of each of the above pilasters.

On the east and west walls of the chamber are eight murals depicting scenes from the First World War; painted in between 1916 and 1920, they were originally part of the more than 1,000 piece Canadian War Memorials Fund, founded by The Lord Beaverbrook, and were intended to hang in a specific memorial structure. But the project never eventuated, and the works were stored at the National Gallery of Canada, until, in 1921, parliament requested some of the collection’s oil paintings on loan for display in the Centre Block, and the murals have remained in the Senate chamber ever since. Edgar Bundy’s Landing of the First Canadian Division at Saint-Nazaire, 1915, depicts the first landing of Canadian troops in France, at Saint-Nazaire, led off the Novian by the pipe band of the Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment) of Canada, and watched by officers, troops, and townspeople; Algernon Talmage painted A Mobile Veterinary Unit in France, showing a scene on the Cambrai front, where a Canadian Mobile Veterinary Unit is taking wounded horses to an evacuating station; Railway Construction in France was painted by Leonard Richmond to show the construction of a railway by the Canadian Overseas Railway Construction Corps, in the deepest trench in France; James Kerr-Lawson was commissioned by the Canadian War Memorials Fund to create Arras, the Dead City, which depicts the ruins of Arras Cathedral as they were in 1917, as well as The Cloth Hall, Ypres, a painting of the destroyed, 600 year old Cloth Hall in Ypres; Claire Atwood’s On Leave documents – as battlefield scenes were thought inappropriate subject matter for female artists – the home front activities of the Canadian Expeditionary Force at a YMCA canteen in one of London’s train stations as they await their train to the battlefront; The Watch on the Rhine (The Last Phase) was painted by Sir William Rothenstein to symbolically represent the defeat of Germany, with a British howitzer facing across the Rhine, and old and new Germany embodied in the ancient hills and factory chimney; and Sir George Clausen’s Returning to the Reconquered Land was painted to illustrate agricultural land behind the front lines in France, and shows people returning to their destroyed homes following the armistice.

Senate Lobby
Image by roytsaplinjr
The lobby outside the New York State Senate Chamber

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Senate Discussion

January 23rd, 2016

Some cool Senate photos:

Senate Debate
Image by Walwyn

Senate Square, Helsinki
Image by zoer
Dealing with on the Square. Click right here to learn more towards Square from wikipedia.

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Senate Health Business Zones Testimony

December 19th, 2015

have a look at these Senate images:

Senate Wellness Enterprise Zones Testimony
Photo by MDGovpics
Lt. Governor Anthony Brown testifies on SB 234 about Establishment of health Enterprise Zones. by James W. Brown at Annapolis

Senate Health Enterprise Zones Testimony
Picture by MDGovpics
Lt. Governor Anthony Brown testifies on SB 234 regarding Establishment of wellness company Zones. by James W. Brown at Annapolis

Senate Health Enterprise Zones Testimony
Photo by MDGovpics
Lt. Governor Anthony Brown testifies on SB 234 regarding Establishment of health Enterprise areas. by James W. Brown at Annapolis

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Bob Corker Fights Ted Cruz on Senate Floor You Voted For One thing After 21 Hours Of Filibustering

May 2nd, 2015

Bob Corker Fights Ted Cruz on Senate Floor  You Voted For Something After 21 Hours Of Filibustering

Tennessee Senator Bob Corker was not timid about dealing with his Republican colleagues over defunding Obamacare, tweeting last week it really is a “box canyon” strategy that’ll “fail and weaken our…
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SONA: PNoy, pangunahing may pananagutan sa operasyon sa Mamasapano ayon sa Senate report

April 5th, 2015

State associated with Nation is a nightly newscast anchored by award-winning broadcast journalist, Jessica Soho. It airs Mondays to Fridays at 9:00 PM (PHL Time) on GMA News TV Channel 11. For lots more…

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The Senate Voted Down a 40-percent Minimum Wage

August 4th, 2014

The Senate voted down a 40-percent minimum wage hike Wednesday that would were the first step in a push by Democrats to raise wages for low-income worke…

July 1st, 2014 • Mississippi Senate prospect Chris McDaniel did actually discuss the increasing wide range of irregularites and illegal votes that occurred durin…
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07-Rome OST-jeff beal-Riot into the senate pullo finds the silver (only end)

August 3rd, 2014

07-Rome OST-jeff beal-Riot within the senate pullo finds the gold (only end)

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Janet Napoles Senate Hearing – Viral Spoof

July 28th, 2014

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