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some opening band for the decemberists

August 14th, 2016

Some cool washington bands images:

some opening band for the decemberists
washington bands
Image by Buster Benson

marching band
washington bands
Image by Jennifer Ennis

Dope Body at DC9
washington bands
Image by Metal Chris
Dope Body playing at DC9 in Washington DC on Tuesday 5 July 2011. They were the opening act for Liturgy.

I posted a review of this concert on my blog at:

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Some Home Security Tips for Washington Residents

June 22nd, 2016

If there’s one certainty in life it’s that criminals are always on the prowl. They’re opportunists constantly looking for something to take, and if you make it too easy for them you may discover things missing from your home one day. You’ve worked too hard for all of your belongings just to have a criminal take them from you like that, so you need to make sure your home is well-protected. Fortunately, there are some effective home security tips you can heed that will drastically improve your outlook.


The first thing you may have to do is change your attitude. Far too many homeowners believe that since there are so many potential targets in their city, their particular home is highly unlikely to be targeted. There are other factors to consider though. For example, how’s the economy doing? Crime tends to increase when times are tough. Also, what kind of reputation does your neighborhood have and how desirable is the property in the area? If many of your neighbors don’t have adequate protection and yet they have nice homes, chances are criminals will want to go to work in the area eventually. It would really be only a matter of time. Home security matters even if you house isn’t a mansion though because, as previously stated, criminals are opportunists and will take whatever they can get in the end. That’s why it always makes sense to believe that you could be targeted at anytime.


In general, the more measures you have implemented the better off your home will be. Criminals take notice of those kinds of things and if your house looks well-protected, they’re going to move on and find one that isn’t. After all, they don’t want to end up in jail, or worse. Their goal is to be in and out without being detected, and if they’re going to have to pass through a gauntlet of security measures they’ll just think that your home is too risky.


Not all home security measures are created equal though. Some have gaping holes in their effectiveness while others are so effective that even banks and businesses make use of them. Motion-activated flood lights would be an example of the former because they aren’t effective at all in the daytime, which is when most crimes take place. An example of the latter would be a home alarm system because it makes use of a variety of sensors to detect all manner of intrusions. Once an unauthorized entry is detected, the alarm company will spring into action by dispatching the police to your residence.


In the end, if you only implement one measure for your Washington residence, make sure it’s a home alarm system. All other options can be omitted, but an alarm really shouldn’t be. For best results, mix a few other measures in as well too though. Have a guard dog in your backyard, lock your doors whenever leave the house, install a deadbolt on your front door, and have motion-activated flood lights all around your home. In the end, it’s much better to be safe than sorry.

An alarm is the best security choice that money can buy. An adt Home Security alarm will definitely have the final say when it comes to unauthorized intrusions.

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How To Find Some Government Jobs

June 9th, 2016

Today there are a great deal of people searching for government jobs. These jobs are the most sought after jobs due to the fact that they do offer an employee job stability and great benefits too. However, many folks don’t know how to pull off finding them.

When you are interested in this kind of job, never give up any hope as so many other people have. All you will need is some understanding of just how this process will work and then you too can easily find yourself working for the government.The very first thing for you to do is find out which kind of government job meets your needs. These types of jobs can not always be found in the regular format like other jobs are found. Most of these jobs are recognized to be a vacancy announcement. Most of these announcements will list a number of the basic information in which you can expect to locate in a normal ad fro a job.You can find these announcements in a number of places. The website that is maintained by the U. S. Government known as USAJOBS is the name of the website. Its their personal management and there they list many government jobs which are open to most people.There are also some individual government agencies that do not always let everyone know about. You will find and contact these agencies and get hold of a complete list of all the jobs that are now available. Also you might find some in the job fairs too as this is a great source to find many agencies that advertise these kind of jobs.When you have found a job you are searching for, you will want to fill out a government form application and submit a resume too. The application will go through some reviews. If your application is accepted it will be sent to a hiring manager. You shall then be notified of an interview by a government official. With some luck you will find yourself working on a government job and will enjoy the wonderful benefits that they offer you and your family too.The public sector is about to take a real punch on the nose in the UK with the government spending review, some people are estimating that there will be over 600,000 job losses as a result, if you have a public sector job, good luck.

The author is an expert in the field of council work and extensive knowledge to help those seeking council careers. Areas of expertise in fact include any qualified route to finding council jobs. To search and apply for thousands of council jobs go to

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Some Monuments of repute in India travel

April 9th, 2015

Asia travel will provide you an outstanding experience as the nation is basically the land of monuments which include the wonderful bits of architecture being recognized all over the world. You’ll love the splendid India at a few of the elegant monuments. These are splendid attractions and also the tourists from various areas of the planet are drawn to them. The monuments of India do reflect the real history of old culture and can talk about a few of them for the knowledge. Whenever you are on a travel in India and tend to be passionate to start to see the wonderful monuments this country, you cannot miss Taj mahal.

India travel is a globally acclaimed wonder and it is regarded as the monument of extraordinary beauty. The good thing about this monument is reflected when you see it face to face and on getting the glimpse, you will definitely really feel out of this globe. This is certainly one of the marvels of architecture while the king Shahjahan had been responsible for its construction in memory of their darling spouse. Taj is a genuine icon of love and romance and when the thing is it, you will find there is truth in love and relationship and it’s also deathless till eternity. Taj ended up being constructed regarding the banks of Yamuna in white marble into the honor for the wife for the emperor Shahjahan and her title ended up being Mumtaz mahal.

This splendid monument is in the variety of world history websites and in addition on the list of Seven miracles worldwide. The sweetness is extraordinary and there’s yet to see a parallel to it in virtually any nook and corner worldwide. Do not miss to have the glimpse of this splendid monument in the event that you go Asia. On the list of wonderful tourist destinations on Asia, you cannot forget to go to Red Fort. It is also called Lal Qila and it is among the list of masterpieces of architecture in Asia. This was built by the emperor Shah Jahan that is also the builder for the magnificent monument of Taj mahal.

You can travel to the fort and it’s also the house to the lush gardens, museums, mosques, palaces and a whole lot more. Its a marvelous experience to stay the fort. On the list of famous places in Asia, you’ve got the lotus temple and the Khajuraho temple. Lotus temple is a contemporary time wonder and is particularly called the Bahai household of worship. The architecture is within the kind of lotus and the tourists from some other part of the world visited this temple. It’s a temple specialized in the Lord associated with the universe. If you should be passionate about the erotic pictures that increase a feeling of love making in you, do not forget to go directly to the Khajuraho temple of Madhya Pradesh.

These are splendid temples and had been constructed in the earlier period over a period of 200 years. Visit Meenakshi Amman temple is a marvelous experience. This is an excellent temple because of the legend associated with it.

Priyanka Tiwari has deep curiosity about composing informative articles on Travel and Tourism Asia. Also provided her terms to a portal Travel in India where one can find informative data on go India.

via YouTube Capture.
Movie Rating: 5 / 5

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Some Reasoned Explanations Why You Need To Instruct Your Kid To Put A Helmet On

September 9th, 2014

Some Reasons Why You Need To Instruct Your Kid To Place A Helmet On
Bicycling is terrific train, no concern about any of it. Just about everybody has some pleased recollections of biking, even in the event only in youth. Can you keep in mind your fist solo ride, together with your parents calling, “You are capable of doing it, you can do it!”, as you glided later on all on your own the very first time?

Riding at regional park or simply across the neighbor hood is a popular workout for kids. As teens, it’s nevertheless just as a whole lot enjoyable, but you most likely took much longer trips as your mom and dad didn’t require you to have a lot guidance. Solo rides have been enjoyable once you wished to clear your thinking and just take inside the sights. You may even keep in mind very first bicycle helmet, that protective mind gear your dad and mum insisted you wear.

Mother had an excellent point whenever she suggested you to put a helmet on – it really is something we do even as adults. Numerous a severe damage is averted by the observe of using a helmet.

Bike helmet designs for teens are many different than these for grownups. a kids’s helmet is normally adorned with a great amount of enjoyable designs, colours, and cartoon character decals. Ladies can choose from designs just like the Disney Princess collection, in colors well-liked by women, whereas men have actually bike helmets with an even more “macho” type of decoration and colours, with cartoon characters best to men, like Energy Rangers.

When purchasing a bicycle helmet for a kid, it’s imperative to get the fitting size. You may find a helmet to match young ones from toddlers to age 12. The bike helmet box informs you just what generation it would fit. However, it’s simply a guideline. Before searching for a motorbike helmet, have your child check it out on. The fit shouldn’t be unfastened, but must be cosy enough in order that it might maybe not transfer effortlessly.

Grownup bicycle helmets have two fundamental designs, one with a pointed straight back, plus the second with an extremely spherical design. A third design can be obtained, specifically built to end “helmet hair”. All bicycle helmets must have protected straps that hook together under the chin which are adjustable.

Grownup helmets have actually fewer ornamental designs,as pleases the greater sedate tastes of adults. The smooth, pointed straight back model is sort of well-liked today, along with it is aerodynamic features, upping your velocity considerably, in case you’re into race. Many grownups want to “personalize” their helmet with stickers, and even paint your complete helmet aided by the design of their choice.

A hair-safe bicycle helmet appears funny, however can perform wonders in maintaining styled locks. When you get pleasure from cycling in your meal, but don’t require your hairdo flattened by your helmet, get a hair helmet. It’s purchased further home within the a lot of the helmet to help keep your “do” intact.

As the final expression, it is not recommended you buy an utilized bicycle helmet. It could be defective and your first concern is protection!

Carl H. Timbur writes articles on many topics. Check always their latest article on Motorcycle Luggage and Motorcycle Saddlebags

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Totally free Anime

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What are some good, inexpensive restaurants in Fayetteville, N.C.?

June 24th, 2014

by wallyg

Question by harveymac1336: What are some good, inexpensive restaurants in Fayetteville, N.C.?
No chain restaurants, please!

Best answer:

Answer by Grim
I use to hang out in Fayetteville, NC. You have only to choices is all or nothing, theirs not to many options beside clubs or strip clubs sorry.

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FM Dallas

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Q&A: What are some good nightclubs in washington dc?!? Help, thanks!?

June 17th, 2014

Question by Pecos: What are some good nightclubs in washington dc?!? Help, thanks!?
Never been to Washington DC. What are some good nightclubs there? Nothing too ghetto yet not too stuck up, looking for top 40 type of music, thanks!!

Best answer:

Answer by Sheena Mehta
Oh! is that u wanna rock Washington dc. so please look down at the information mentioned below

List of Nightclubs in Washington DC
Ultra Bar,
Four Night Club
Kstreet Lounge
Shadow Room
Ibzia Nightclub

These are inded rocking ang highly zesty

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Fox News: 50 years after March on Washington, some see rap music as a problem

May 31st, 2014

Video Rating: 1 / 5

Iration from the 808 State of Hawaii playing a cover of Mary Jane’s Last Dance. Live @ U Street Music Hall in Washington,D.C.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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some Financial blogs?

April 18th, 2014

Question by cladoad: some Financial blogs?
are there some Financial blogs?

Best answer:

Answer by todayplus
Financial blogs

dig system of finance.

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What are some good free online radio stations?

April 9th, 2014

Question by kc: What are some good free online radio stations?
Not mog, not spotfy not Pandora not rdio. Somethin else because each has there own individual problems

Best answer:

Answer by Rainbow Dash
Go to or They play all of the radio stations that are on, well, the radio lol. You should listen to 102.7 Kiis Fm.

But I guess that’s not an online radio, so go to, type in your favorite singer [ex: nikki minaj], and it will play a continuous, nonstop mixes of their songs.

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