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Diamond Band For A Special Someone

August 30th, 2016

Finding a wonderful diamond band for the love of your life is often a very difficult task as there are numerous styles as well as designs to make your pick from. To find a diamond band for a man is far more difficult than a woman. There are several metals such as gold, platinum and titanium which are used for making a beautiful band. However, usually have a preference for gold as it amalgamates well with hard metals, which increases the malleability of the design along with making it more durable. In today’s time use of platinum in making of the diamond bands has also increased. Platinum is used in its purest form only and addition of any other metal is highly avoided.

While making a selection of diamond band it is important to take into consideration your lifestyle also. In case you are working then it is better to opt for a high quality and a durable material and the diamonds should be well set within it. However, while making a selection of a band for your engagement or wedding keep in mind your likes and dislikes.

Diamond band should also have a proper fitting and should not trouble you. The edges of the band should be round, blunt edges should be avoided. Avoid purchasing a diamond band light in weight as it can easily bend. There are jewelry stores who sell bands which are not strong, so make a prudent selection and do not fall in the trap. They try to sell bands of low quality at price similar to high quality ones. Make a selection of the band which is extremely graceful and elegant. Select a band which has diamonds around the band partially as it will cost you a little less. Other alternate if you can shell out more money would be to go for a diamond band having diamonds all over.

In today’s time diamond bands are an apt choice for engagements, anniversaries as well as weddings. The men prefer a square shaped band as it has a masculine touch to it. Besides thickness of the diamond band also contribute in giving a masculine touch. In case a man prefers to go with a round shaped band then in that case he wants to go for a softer look.

A diamond engagement ring signifies a commitment, similarly a diamond band spells that love of couple goes full circle. The diamond bands have no gender at all and can be worn by both men and women. The bands worn by grandparents as well as parents can be passed to the further generations irrespective of their gender and can be reserved for emotional reasons. When it comes for a married couple to renew their vows nothing works better than buying diamond bands.

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An Impartial 3rd Party Review Of The Global Information System From A Person Who Didn’t Join

March 7th, 2015

in the event that you’re looking over this review, you’re trying to join The Global Information Network (GIN) and also you’re searching for more info just before do this. If that’s the truth, go on and look at this entire review when I will touch on who they really are, whatever they offer together with business opportunity they’ve due to their users. Before continuing, i wish to reveal that I’m not a member or supplier of worldwide Suggestions Network to make sure that you’ll be getting an unbiased viewpoint in it.

Who Is The International Information Network And Just What Do They Sell?

In the event that you’re doing some homework before joining, it probably is sensible to know some back ground home elevators them. Well, to tell the truth, it’s actually unclear who they are. According to their formal web site, the individuals who’re behind worldwide Information Network are high-ranking users of a few secret-society teams. Many of these groups range from the Bilderberg Group, The Freemasons, Skull and Bones together with Illuminati. To increase the mystique for the company, the website continues on to say that the group was encouraged to form by billionaires, royalty, former heads of government and experts… all of which don’t have an “official” connection to the organization.

The group offers personal memberships to several information which reported to be secrets your rich course has employed for centuries to help keep the working course uninformed. Some of the topics covered within the subscriptions include money-making possibilities, asset protection, health information and “secrets” of this secret communities. As they offer several different subscriptions, they only give information the degree 1 membership. The rest of the memberships are labeled “Classified”.

How Do You Generate Income With Worldwide Suggestions Network?

The settlement plan is pretty hassle free. For every $ 1,000 degree 1 account which you in person offer, you’ll make a $ 200 payment. You’ll additionally make a $ 200 commission out of every amount 1 account offered by one of the individually sponsored affiliates. In addition mentions on the site that you’ll receive money from $ 150 month-to-month account cost from members of one’s company. There’s really little else on the payment plan considering that the commissions they pay on other membership levels aren’t disclosed.  

Is Global Information Network A Scam?

While there is clearly a shroud of secrecy and mystery around GIN, I would not necessarily phone it a scam. It could well be a good income opportunity. The actual compensation plan appears pretty profitable since it’s a high-ticket kind business model. A very important factor is for certain, if you wish to sponsor some affiliates into your team, you’ll want to produce leads on the web. When you can produce leads online and include some effective offline advertising, you might well be on the road to building a nice earnings from your home.

Success along with your worldwide Information system company calls for a functional knowledge of personal branding and lead generation. Learn to grow your downline when you’re an Alpha Networker both offline and on line. Extra on line training that will help you Sponsor worldwide Ideas Network Reps is available with Jaime Soriano.

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Can someone please help me with my homework !?

May 7th, 2014

Question by 😉: Can someone please help me with my homework !?
The density of copper is 8.92 g/cm cubed. the mass of the piece of copper with the volume of 9.5cm cubed would be?

Best answer:

Answer by Hai
density = mass/volume
8.92 = mass/9.5
9.5(8.92) = 9.5(mass/9.5)
84.74g = mass

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Can you send someone a music video from yahoo?

April 9th, 2014

Question by Gina Beana: Can you send someone a music video from yahoo?
I want to sed a music video throught the email. Can I do it?

Best answer:

Answer by tori.miller2011
yea you hit send to a friend or something like that

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Someone that could mix music?

March 15th, 2014

Question by Syd: Someone that could mix music?
Does anyone know of a person/company that can mix music for a dance team around the oregon/washington area? Or any really easy softwares that I could use to do it myself? I just need a few songs cut and mixed together with a few special effects added?

Best answer:

Answer by cat
You dont need to download anything you already have one on your computer!

start>all programs>windows movie maker

It will allow you to have two tracks of music working at the same time and you can cut and paste them like normal.

If you dont like how it works then go to the searchbar and cut and paste this into it

recording studio program free download 16 track WAV

then instead of having two tracks to work with you’ll have sixteen.

If you have trouble doing it yourself type: how to edit music
into the searchbar and visit one of the music blog sites.
(If you come back here to ask questions please let us know the NAME of the program that you downloaded so we can go look at it to figure out the problem)

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Q&A: Can someone help me find a funny slogan for a high school band T-shirt?

October 26th, 2013

Question by kelsey w: Can someone help me find a funny slogan for a high school band T-shirt?
We are making shirts for a Washington D.C trip and i am in charge of designing the shirt.I go to Lincoln High School and our mascot is the Cardinals. I am looking for a funny slogan that fits in with the trip. Thanks

Best answer:

Answer by Maddalyns mom
At lincoln High its our mission
to be the best
and poop on the Competition
(have a cardinal somewhere on the shirt)

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Why is speaking to someone in third person annoying?

July 9th, 2013

Question by mike: Why is speaking to someone in third person annoying?
Why is speaking to someone is third person annoying? For example…If someone was talking to Mike and said, “This Mike is pretty bad,” or “This Mike is pretty.”

I know speaking about yourself in third person means you have a personality disorder, but I don’t know what speaking to someone in third person means.

Best answer:

Answer by jordan
I believe you may mean referring to oneself in third person which is more common. For instance, my name is Jordan. If I said,”Jordan doesn’t like milk because Jordan thinks it’s too thick to be refreshing,” I would be speaking in third person. It’s annoying because of its rarity and the undercurrent of arrogance it assumes, as if I believe myself so great that I’ve created a narrator for myself.

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Q&A: Plesase help me someone one is good in Advance Biology?

February 19th, 2013
by runran

Question by Ashley: Plesase help me someone one is good in Advance Biology?
1.What is the purpose of the external callus? What is the purpose of the internal callus?

2. What gland secrectes calcitonin? What gland sectetes PTH?

3. What is the effect of calciton on the bone cells? What is the effect of the PTH on bone cells?

4. What gland secrectes human growth hormone, and what affect does this hormone have on bone tissue?

5. Waht effect do the sex hormones have on bone growth?

6. What are the major types of joints in the body and which type is associtaed with most of the movement in the skeleton?

7. What is the purpose of the articular cartilafe in a synovial joint?

8. What is purpose of the synovial flud in a synovial joint?\

9. What poduces synovial fluid?

10. List the six major types of synovial joints in order of decreasing range of motion.?

Best answer:

Answer by KatyZo
This is just another reason why teachers should be wary of typed homework assignments. There is a difference between asking for a little help with one or two difficult questions and asking someone to do your homework for you.

Do you really trust just any stranger to do your homework for you? Do you expect to learn anything this way? If you are in “Advanced Biology,” you really need to know this stuff. Start by reading the material and actually trying to answer most of the questions on your own. The tests are not going to be easy, especially if someone out in webland answered your questions for you.

Read the text, go to class and participate, and try to do your own homework. You may find that you are capable of a lot more than you are giving yourself credit for.

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Q&A: Can someone oder these from least to greatest?

January 24th, 2013

Question by Nicole Borm: Can someone oder these from least to greatest?
-3, -5 -3 -7.

Best answer:

Answer by DAVID
-3, -5, -3, -7.

Multiply all bottom numbers together: 7 x 6 x 5 x 9 = 1890. Multiply each top number by 1890 divided by the respective bottom number. Replace bottom number with 1890. Then fractions can be easily compared. Remember when ordering minus numbers the least number is the one that would be the greatest if it were a positive number. So, for example, -4 is less than -2.

-3/7 = -3 x (1890/7) / 1890 = -810/1890
-5/6 = -5 x (1890/6) / 1890 = -1575/1890
-3/5 = -3 x (1890/5) / 1890 = -1134/1890
-7/9 = -7 x (1890/9) / 1890 = -1470/1890

Least to greatest: -5/6 (-1575/1890); -7/9 (-1470/1890); -3/5 (-1134/1890); -3/7 (-810/1890).

Hope you follow my working.

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Can someone provide some guidance for a college student earning an electrical engineering degree?

January 10th, 2013

Question by drbubbles24: Can someone provide some guidance for a college student earning an electrical engineering degree?
I’m interested in using my degree in electrical engineering for the design and construction of assistive devices for deaf and hard-hearing or design and construction concerning architecture, theater technology, and similar. I want to possible do something involving music and entertainment. It may sound silly – maybe even something involving special effects/ testing – similar to the guys on the Discovery Channel Show – MythBusters. Any assistance, advice, or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Along with my engineering courses, I plan to take a theater course in lightning/scenic design. Anyway, please help!!!

Best answer:

Answer by fullbandwidth
It doesn’t sound silly at all, in fact I admire you for having such commitment. As the parent of a disabled person and an engineer, I believe there are far too few engineers focusing on the needs of the disabled.

I don’t know how close you are to finishing your degree, but if you still have some classes to take, I’d suggest an acoustics class (probably offered by the Physics department), and some digital signal processing classes (EE department). Stuff about industrial lighting, sound amplification, etc. may not be offered at your university, but you might find an online course, or a short course offered somewhere.

In terms of finding a job in those areas, I think you’ll have to scour a bit harder to find them. However, think about this – even if you don’t find that job when you first graduate, keep it in mind as a long-term career goal, and try and gather as much relevant knowledge at whatever job(s) you do take. For example, I worked in military active sonar systems for a few years, and learned a lot of acoustics and DSP.

You might also find blogs and forums for the deaf, and see if they have links or resources pages that would identify companies who work in the areas you describe. Galludet University in Washington DC is a deaf-specific school, so you may find faculty there who share your interests.

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