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DAB Radio Is Here To Stay

May 26th, 2016

With DAB radio all the rage now, is it really as good as everyone says it is? A portable DAB radio will help keep you occupied while you are out and about as you will be able to keep up to date with the news, or just listen to its mp3 player before you get home. You will always be in touch as almost all the UK is now covered.

DAB Radio is pretty much weather resistant so it does not matter if it is sunny, snowing, raining or whatever you will always receive a crystal clear reception without the hiss, fading and crackle found in analogue radios. It is clear because it produces a digital signal from land based technology instead of satellite as in television and as there are now lots of transmitters around you will never be far away from one.

A modern day personal DAB radio is lightweight and compact for you to take around the golf course but they are absolutely stylish enough to put on any sideboard inside your house. Standing upright you can easily see which program you are listening to when looking at the clear LCD screen. Also there are lots more programs than are available on an ordinary radio.

Tuning into the stations is not a problem as most of them automatically tune themselves. You don’t have to fiddle with dials to get a good signal, once it finds a signal that is it. its also a lot easier to make sure that you’re on the channel you want as they sort them by name rather than frequency so a name will appear rather than a number. The display usually shows details on the title and artist if you are listening to a music channel.

To turn a portable radio into a personal one you will find a jack socket to plug in an ear-piece. This means you can listen in comfort wherever you are and not be a nuisance to anyone else around you.

Most of the leading radio makers have brought out various models of digital radio but leading the way seem to be Sony, Roberts and PURE.

I think that you can safely say that we think that DAB radio is here to stay for a while although it will probably change over the years and would make an excellent Christmas present.

With the way that the economy is today I have had to become the money advice expert for our family and would like to share some ideas that I have found.

These ideas vary from buying household items such as christmas gifts and incorporate social things like finding the best golf goods.

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Stay informed about India news

January 19th, 2015

There are numerous leading and supporting web portals of news networks in Hindi on the web. There are many media ventures which were produced by the Sahara Asia television. The group of media specialists is undoubtedly and expert. They upgrade the people on a 24*7 basis. Their global network is very vast. Reporting is completed extremely efficiently.  An eagle attention was maintained the world news, recreations news, latest governmental news, worldwide news also nationwide news. India news has been really sought after. The experts are very skilled keeping in mind their site visitors updated about all of the present happenings within the latest news Asia and political news. You can get all good updates on lifestyle news along with the activity news. There are various updates on celebrity gossips, latest Hollywood news in addition to movie reviews. It’s believed by major portals that it is essential to have a correct and a detailed reporting of various forms of breaking news Asia. This is apart from the occasions and latest news.

Various study, general public views and poll concerns can be found by these internet portals towards valuable visitors. They highly believe in the right and detail by detail reporting of various types of activity news really quick period of time. If a person has an interest for reading by what has occurring inside the Bollywood news part or with the favorite Bollywood star, they can surely achieve this. There are different latest updates on entertainment news, celebrity gossips and latest news. You will find updates about music launch, celebrity news plus on line news. Independent of the celebrity gossips and entertainment news, web portals are providing general public viewpoints, study and poll questions aswell on site visitors.

To get all kinds of current updates about national, politics and international news, the web portals on the web could be visited. There are various web sites where one can get details about politics,  international and national news. There are numerous groups for finding such news. There are many different national news independent of the latest news India.  After that you can find governmental news, breaking news India in addition to Asia news. All updates are available in these portals. Here a person can additionally get Hindi news along with coverage of international news. Latest political information is additionally available. A person are going to be kept updated with all forms of headlines and breaking news.

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Q&A: Does my basal body temperature stay elevated after ovulation only if I’m pregnant?

January 8th, 2014

Question by Amanda: Does my basal body temperature stay elevated after ovulation only if I’m pregnant?
I’m ttc and the past few days my basal body temp has stayed slightly elevated (about 98.0-98.3) does this happen only when pregnant or does it stay elevated after ovulation? I ovulated and had sex four to five days ago. Thanks 🙂

Best answer:

Answer by «?????’? ????»
Unfortunately it stays high after ovulation regardless. Temp rise will only confirm ovulation has occured if it has been high for 3+ days. The only way you might be able to detect pregnancy is if it stays high 18 days past ovulation. But by that time a HPT will work anyways. Mine is high then dips day of period. Best of kuck!

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How many days should I stay in Washington DC? Do I need a car?

October 22nd, 2013
Washington music
by gwai

Question by Steve: How many days should I stay in Washington DC? Do I need a car?
I am going to Washington DC this summer. How many days should I spend? I can probably spend 10 days if I wanted to. Is that too much? I will probably rent a car for part of the time for the sites a little farther away, but do I need it for the entire time?

Best answer:

Answer by Stargatebabe
1. You don’t need a car the whole time. There is a wonderful and cheap subway called the Metro. Here’s the map.

2. How long? You could live here a lifetime and not see it all. It depends on your interests. Certainly a week would be good.

The Smithsonian Museums on the Mall are free. The monuments are free. The Capitol tours are free. Check with your local Congressman/Senator for free tickets to see Congress in session and other things like the FBI building and so forth. Mt. Vernon charges. The Battlefields like Manassas charge a National Park entrance fee. Harpers Ferry is Free.

Georgetown and Dupont Circle provide nightlife. Rock creek park is the home of the National Zoo and the pandas. Friendship Heights is great shopping and eating up Wisconsin Avenue. Bethesda is just over the line into Maryland. Great walking, shopping, eating, and art films.

Old Town Alexandria is just across and down the river. You can get the ferry from Georgetown Harbor for $ 20 and get a guided tour from the Potomac River all the way to Old Town. Go shopping and eating. The original George Washington Memorial is there. Gadsby’s Tavern, the Robert E. Lee house, and so on are all there. You can walk it or take the Dash shuttle bus and return by Metro if you don’t want to do the ferry again.

Many of the Embassies have evening programs, cultural events, and tours. Check their listings.

Wolftrap is an outdoor venue for live theater and famous bands. The Birchmere is great for live famous bands. Thje Kennedy Center is also a mecca for live theater and concerts. But check the Washington Post for all the music concerts that are free. There are dozens all over town.

Many museums are off the Mall. Some do charge admission. Don’t miss gallerys/museums like the Cocoran or the Phillips Collection.

3. Car Trips:
Several other areas close by are worth seeing. Baltimore with Ft. McHenry is close by in the Harbor. There’s the Aquarium there too. Richmond is 90 miles away for a day trip to the capital of the Confederacy. Monument Avenue is a scream with huge monuments to Confederate leaders…and Arthur Ashe the tennis player.

If you get too hot, the Delaware Shore Beaches are 130 miles away and a really good time. Dewey Beach tends to the younger set with great bars, beaches, and cheaper hotels. Or go the other direction to Virginia Beach past Norfolk and also visit Williamsburg on the way there.

That should cover 10 days.

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Hideous laughter in the darkness of the night coming from under your bed? Flee or stay and fight?

September 17th, 2013

Question by Rapper Jess Rite: Hideous laughter in the darkness of the night coming from under your bed? Flee or stay and fight?
But fight WHAT? Whatever could it be? Perhaps one of the monsters dreamed up by Dean Koontz in his many novels? Or maybe something which crawled out of the CERN experiment in Switzerland? Or something that flew out of Washington, D. C. on Tuesday and couldn’t decide where else to hide from angry citizens?

Best answer:

Answer by fashiongirl13
have a heartattack or start crying and grap my phone and call someone

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Q&A: What hotel should I stay at in downtown Seattle?

July 25th, 2013

Question by nyolls: What hotel should I stay at in downtown Seattle?
Headed there for a few days in August. Want to stay somewhere nice and walking distance(or close) to everything. What hotels fit that bill that are in the 200-250 range? Was thinking Pan Pacific/Westin/W or something like that.

Best answer:

Answer by Buster Hymen
Stay at the Marriott.

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What is a good hotel to stay at in washington dc?

July 16th, 2013

Question by Cocolexis: What is a good hotel to stay at in washington dc?
im looking for a hotel in the city not far from the main attractions such as the white house & captial buliding and is pretty cheap any tips?

Best answer:

Answer by Mean Green Answering Machine
If you are going alone or with a small group then you ought to stay at the American Youth Hostel. Its really close and is cheap compared to hotels in Washington. You will have to share a room with other people but who cares, you are there to see Washington, not the inside of a hotel room.

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I was wondering if anyone could recommend a decent place to stay not too far away from QWest Field?

June 24th, 2013

Question by yp_kevin_portland_600: I was wondering if anyone could recommend a decent place to stay not too far away from QWest Field?
I am coming up to Seattle from Portland for the U2 concert on June 4th. From what I understand QWest field isn’t in a great neighborhood. Any information on public transit would be welcome as well.

Best answer:

Answer by Aymers
If you can afford it, there is a hotel right across the street. OR stay at the Pioneer Square hotel or the Marriott downtown (walking distance or short cab ride).

Just use Google Maps, search Hotel and see what ya get!

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Q&A: How long does the radio in a car stay on?

June 14th, 2013

Question by wildroses?: How long does the radio in a car stay on?
When you shut the car off and still have the radio on, how long does it stay on until it shuts off? just curious….
no, not the battery. you know how when you turn off the car and then you want to listen to the radio so you turn the key back, but the car is shut off??? well eventually the radio turns off after a while and it’s like after 20 minutes or so, but i wanted to know exactly how long.

Best answer:

Answer by bernzo
Depends on the car . Who is the manufacturer ?

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Q&A: Family intend to visit Washington DC would like to stay in a small town north of city. Any recommendations?

June 14th, 2013
Washington DC
by wallyg

Question by SUZANNE: Family intend to visit Washington DC would like to stay in a small town north of city. Any recommendations?
Ideally we would like to stay somewhere like Richmond – but north of the city, between Washington DC and New York. Preferably also on train/bus route to city since we won’t have a car.

Best answer:

Answer by IndianSummer
I’m a little confused; Richmond isn’t North of WDC, it’s about a four to five hour drive south of WDC. If you want to stay in a place between New York and WDC, Baltimore or Philly are good places. Philly has a lot of history and the Amtrack line is easily accessible.

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