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Tippmann 98 Custom 3-Piece Tactical Conversion Kit

December 23rd, 2010

Tippmann 98 Custom 3-Piece Tactical Conversion Kit

  • 3-piece tactical conversion kit for Tippmann 98 Custom paintball markers
  • Includes sturdy front shroud/foregrip, fixed stock, and magazine
  • Turns 98 Custom into popular AK47 tactical-style marker
  • Made of reinforced composite material for unmatched durability
  • Works with 98 Custom, Custom Pro, and Model 98 markers; 90-day warranty

TURN YOUR 98 CUSTOM INTO A AK47 TACTICAL STYLE MARKER INCLUDES 3 PIECES FRONT SHORUD/FOREGRIP MAGAZINE WITH GRIP PLUG FIXED TACTICAL STOCK KIT WILL FIT ALL 98 CUSTOM AND CUSTOM PRO MARKERS SOME ASSEMBLY REQUIRED *MARKER NOT INCLUDEDUpgrade both the look and functionality of your Tippmann 98 Custom paintball marker with this three-piece tactical conversion kit. Boasting a front shroud/foregrip, fixed stock, and magazine, the kit turns your Tippmann 98 Custom, Custom Pro, or Model 98 marker into an AK47 tactical-style marker–a must for serious paintballers who value versatility in the field. Even better, each piece is made of a reinforced composite material, so you needn’t worry about the pieces wearing out after just a few paintball outings. Easy to install, the three-piece tactical conversion kit is backed by a 90-day warranty.

About Tippmann
Tippmann’s mission is to provide innovative, high-performance and durable paintball markers and accessories to the world and stand behind them with renowned customer service. Tippmann Sports is a premier manufacturer of high performance paintball markers and accessories. Founded in 1986 by Dennis Tippmann Sr., Tippmann Sports prides itself in its pursuit of cutting edge technology and design. Whether you’re just starting out or an advanced player, Tippmann has something to start or add to your game.

List Price: $ 79.00

Price: $ 79.00

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Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball Gun Review

November 30th, 2010

Tippmann 98 Custom Paintball Gun Review

The Tippmann 98 Custom is amongst the most popular paintball guns anywhere. The truth is, it is possibly the best choice for any newbie looking to get the best value for his or her dollar. So why do I say that? Simply, because the 98 Custom offers the most features and options any beginning paintball player needs without the fluff. With that in mind let’s breakdown its main features so that you can easily understand why this paintball gun is such a fantastic choice.

Tippmann paintball guns are high grade made in America markers. Tippmann is world renown for quality making quality paintball gear and the 98 custom is no exception. In reality many paintball players have termed the 98 as being the AK-47 of paintball guns. Why you ask? Because the 98 Custom can literally take a beating and go on ticking or so the expression goes. It’s true this paintball gun may be dropped, dragged in the mud and it will still shoot precisely and reliably. Very few other paintball markers can claim that. Which explains why this paintball gun is so loved, because you can trust any time it comes down to an intense action packed paintball fight, this gun will shoot every time.

More upgrades available then a game of pick up sticks. There are so many upgrades designed for this Tippmann gun that there is virtually nothing that cannot be upgraded or modified on this gun. From barrels to hoppers, to triggers you can customize this paintball marker to fit your playing style. Many of the more popular choices most paintball players add to this gun is a collapsible stock and cyclone hopper. The biggest reason why both of these upgrades are preferred is by adding a stock kit you increase stability and handling which dramatically improves your accuracy and by adding the cyclone hopper you improve your rate of fire.

This paintball gun is made to last. Now by made to last I’m not referring to its high quality manufacturing, but I’m talking about the lifespan of this paintball gun. There is nothing more frustrating to a beginning paintball player then to spend a couple hundred bucks for a gun only to discover out in a year or two they have outgrown the gun and need a new one. Not so with the Tippmann 98 because of the sheer quantity of upgrades and parts readily available for this marker you’ll never want for a better gun for a long, very long time. Actually, unless you plan on being a serious tournament style player, you will never need a high end expensive paintball marker. In that case the 98 Custom will probably be all the gun you’ll ever need.

So it’s easy to see why so many paintball players tend to play with the Tippmann 98 and why if you are considering buying a top quality marker then this might just be the paintball gun for you.

Learn more about this excellent paintball gun by reading our full detailed comprehensive review of the Tippmann 98 Custom paintball gun and find out for yourself why it’s widely known as the best paintball marker in the world.

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Tippmann 98 Custom: The Ideal Starter Marker

November 24th, 2010

Tippmann 98 Custom: The Ideal Starter Marker


The Tippmann 98 Custom is popular with players. It is renowned for its reliability, ease of use, durability, upgradability and reasonable price. As a beginner, you could do a lot worse than choose this solid performer as your starter marker.

Many paintball players have started their paintball journey with a Tippmann 98 Custom. There is, therefore, a wide network of support out there for you should you need it. It is also a popular marker for rent at most commercial fields as it is so reliable. This gives you an opportunity to have a go with one at your local field before making a purchase.

The Tippmann 98 Custom is easy to strip and clean. It is a simple clam shell design which can be dismantled into halves for easy maintenance. There are, however, many small parts that can get misplaced if you break it down completely on the field. You need to remove all the wrench screws to disassemble the marker and clean it properly. The barrel can also be removed easily for thorough maintenance. It is available with a maintenance pack comprising: oil, barrel sleeve, cleaning cable and spare o-ring.

The Tippmann 98 Custom is a solid workhorse. It is made from die cast aluminium which ensures its durability and sturdiness. It can stand any amount of use and abuse and will last you for many years.

One of the most impressive features of the 98 Custom is that it can be upgraded so easily. There are more upgrades available for this marker than any other. As a beginner, you would be wise to take your time upgrading rather than do it all in one go. Some of the best upgrades are the response trigger and the flat-line barrel for increased distance and accuracy . The Custom Pro consists of a double trigger and a drop-forward. It is an upgraded version of the 98 Custom and is very good value for money.

The Tippmann 98 Custom is a semi-automatic gun. It is fully compatible with compressed air, co2 and nitrogen.It is fitted with ACT (Anti Chop Technology); chopping balls is unheard of with this marker. It has a firing rate of 8 balls per second, a quick release feeder elbow and a 200 round hopper. The gun is effective up to a range of 150 feet, although anything over 100 feet is a challenge for a non-upgraded barrel. The marker also has a front fore-grip and a built in sight with sight-rail. With appropriate upgrades, it makes a good sniper marker.

Within its price range, the gun is a most dependable buy. The Tippmann 98 Custom will serve you well and will, with upgrades, evolve with you as you progress at the sport. It’s great value for money, hard wearing and would be the perfect marker to get you started.

Hawksbill Paintball
Hawksbill Sports was established by players, for players. Our goal is to give you the products you need to enjoy the sport of paintball. We have low prices and fast shipping and promise the best customer service you can find anywhere

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