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Brentwood, TN – FREE Real Estate Investors Training. Webinar. Learn how to make your money or energy work for you!

September 5th, 2016

Brentwood, TN – FREE Real Estate Investors Training. Webinar. Learn how to make your money or energy work for you!
Event on 2016-09-07 19:30:00
Do you know that majority of millionaires in United State keep their money in real estate?  Do you know that real estate is one of the most secure and proven ways to your financial independence? I can't think of a reason not to invest in real estate ASAP.  Ask yourself following questions:   Do you want to invest but don't have money?  Do you have money in your savings account that doesn't work as efficiently for you as you want them to work? Are you looking for Part Time Solid Income? ( 1000 – 10,000$ per week or per month ) Do you like helping others and make financial independence for your retirement?  Are you a Real Estate Broker or Salesperson and want to understand Real Estate Investors more in order to get more clients and increase your sales? Do you have a solid plan of how to make a successful business with good cashflow so you don't have to work anymore?  If any of these questions is the one that you ask yourself then join our nationwide webinar and we will help you to find the answer that works for you.  Can extra 350$ dollars per month make your life a little easier? This is an average minimum amount for a cash flowing property. Can you have multiple of them? -Yes! Yes! Yes! At our 1.5 hours REI webinar you will learn: How to save up to 70% on your taxes each year! How to pay down your debt faster! How to find money for investing! How to make 500 to 10 000 $ part-time! How to play the real estate game the right way! Why you should have a small business! How to think like an investor! Still don't want to invest? Join and learn how you can buy your first home for under market value and how to find the best deal out there! How to manage your credit, understand taxes better and how to pay off your debt quicker. Few words about us. We are a Nationwide Real Estate Investors Community and we love helping people to realize and achieve their dreams through real estate investing and continuous education. Many of our members as long as a group as a whole buys and sells real estate and we will teach you how to make money with us! We have many professionals nationwide who have many years of experience and you will get to meet and work next to them. You will find people who do deals all across the country:  New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Florida, Washington, California, North Carolina, Hawaii, you name it! Real Estate Investment is a great way to build your wealth long term and be able to retire without thinking about shortage of your savings or pensions. This is the best benefit that you can get for yourself starting today! You don't need to have any experience. The only requirement – you have to be coachable and teachable and have a desire. All you need is a will to learn and take action.  Watch our 1.5 hours online webinar and open a Real Estate world to yourself. Reply to this invitation to get exact instructions and reserve your seat.   Make your dreams come true TODAY !!!  Our partner and friend CPA and attorney Mark Kohler. His webinar series registration link:  QuickBooks Traning:

at Real Estate Investors Training
, (online meeting)
Nashville, United States

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Work A Day World In Washington Dc

May 25th, 2016

There is no other place in the world quite like Washington, DC. The capital of American politics, there are literally thousands of lawyers and lawmakers housed in the city.

A recent report actually says that Washington, DC is the lawyer capital of the world thanks to the need for people who can interpret upcoming laws and tailor those laws to their clients needs.

This is not to say that lawyers are the only profession that has taken hold in the nations capital. Businessmen and entrepreneurs from all walks of life have begun their companies in D.C. thanks to the high population base and the need for a variety of unique professions stemming from the role Washington plays in the rest of the country.

Because of this, living space in the city comes at a premium, even houses and apartment complexes have tended to spawn office space Washington DC because of the very real constraints put on square footage thanks to a great group of people squeezed into a relatively small area. office space Washington DC has become something that is so sought after that bidding wars have erupted for that prime piece of real estate. Everyone wants to have office space Washington DC that allows them to get to their clients and potential customers and allows their clients and potential customers to get to them.

The large population inside a small square mileage also means that there are many companies and firms which all do roughly the same job and provide roughly the same service, making where these companies are located a sort of litmus test for how good they are at their job. A company or firm that is located within walking distance of Capitol Hill or even the White House generally means that they have arrived in the world as office space in this area is going to be far more expensive than some place on the other side of town

Learn more about our services at

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Make work Life be right for you because of the Artist’s Method at Work

December 8th, 2014

Make work Life meet your needs because of the Artist’s means at the office
Event on 2015-01-14 12:00:00





Understanding How To “Ride the Dragon!"


By Mark Bryan, Julia Cameron, and Catherine Allen


Facilitated by Grif Sadow CPCC, PCC

  • ? THRIVE during the job you now have
  • ? Transfer to the career you wish
  • ? LAUNCH the business enterprise of your desires
  • ? are more authentic, effective, and better able to see and speak your truth in every issues with everything



WHEN:           This group will fulfill for 12 regular sessions

                      Wednesday afternoons – January 14th through April 1st 

TIME:             12:00 N-1:30 PM

WHERE:         Joule 1200 Washington Ave S, Downtown, Minneapolis, MN

COST:            0 includes all materials, payment options available




?? how exactly to stay creative in difficult and competitive surroundings


?? just how to remain creative with feedback and criticism


?? how exactly to overcome negativity at work


?? the way to handle a growing work load


The Artist's Way at the office, reveals why imagination and fascination will be the keys to success and satisfaction at the job and in life.  It will bring more imagination to your business, and crucial, it’s going to cause you to more innovative in your life in general.  The end result is supposed to be a heightened sense of authenticity, adventure, excitement, and candor.

People, perhaps not bricks and mortar, make up organizations.  A business isn’t an it; it is an us.  By boosting your natural abilities of ingenuity, intuition, and awareness, this show can help you become a catalyst for good change in everything as well as in your workplace.  It will revolutionize the way you live and also the business you keep.


Workshop Designer and Facilitator -Grif Sadow CPCC, PCC


Grif is the Principal Strategist, Coach, and Lead Activator for the Grow Into More Institute.  He’s an educator, musician, and mentor who received their advisor certification and leadership training through the Coaches Training Institute. Grif is an avowed Laughter Yoga frontrunner, wedding officiant, and co-chairs pro developing the Overseas Coach Federation’s Minnesota Chapter.   

at Joule
1200 Washington Avenue Southern @ 35W
Minneapolis, United States

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A Work in Progress Theatre Business Gifts… Make HERstory

August 9th, 2014

A Work in Progress Theatre Business Gifts… Make HERstory
Occasion on 2014-08-30 14:00:00
Between the ages offour andfifteen I fought in my own house significantly more than a feather fat boxer in their prime. My household was not a safe destination.Andthrough the numerous adversities we encounteredgrowing up,my coloring publications and crayons had been my most loyal companions. Art, accidentally, proved to be a comfort to me through the entire traumatization I experienced. I have alwaysloved art, in every itsforms. But the minute somebody place a play in my furious teenage hands was the moment they stored my life."Make HERstory," is aground breaking and intensely entertaining solamente play which is used as a creative healingtool for variousorganizations through the eastern shore. (BCS in Brooklyn, NY, Stop the Silence in Washington, DC, additionally the Family Tree in Baltimore, MD etc.) On August 29th and 30th, A Work in Progress Theatre Company will show "Make HERstory" at LaMama Theatre in nyc. 10 percent of this proceeds will offer the Transitional Living Community's art treatment program in Brooklyn, ny. "MAKE HERstory", the main one girl show written and done by award winning actressBrock and accompanied by the djembe player Menes Yahudah, is an account covered up in lots of stories. It’s the story of Margret, atwenty-nine year old African United states unemployed actress and writerwho is juggling pounding the sidewalks ofNew York City to be a functional actress with the personal journey of self acceptance and self love. Additionally it is the tale of her more youthful self Maggie, a courageous, highly sensitive and painful, and optimistic 7 yr old self made artist growing up within the 12th ward of New Orleans, La.As sheuses the lady imagination to endure the abandonment and punishment in her home Margret/Maggie tag team telling us HERstory. Inside general public conversation with her subconscious brain,she examines the perpetuating abuse that resides in her family lineage andexplores the possibility of forgiveness while she fights for the success ofher childhood optimism. Itis reality's laughter, a GUMBO of true stories that neverhad the opportunity to learn – as yet

at The LaMama Theatre
74 E. 4th St.
New York, United States

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dc_179783_1 InspirationzStore Typography – Best Vlogger Ever fun work pride gift for globes best vlogging work – Desk Clocks – 6×6 Desk Clock

August 6th, 2014

dc_179783_1 InspirationzStore Typography – Best Vlogger Ever fun job pride gift for globes greatest vlogging work – Desk Clocks – 6×6 Desk Clock

dc_179783_1 InspirationzStore Typography - most readily useful Vlogger Ever fun work pride gift for worlds greatest vlogging work - Desk Clocks - 6x6 Desk Clock

  • Dimensions (in inches): 6 H x 6 W x 1/16 D
  • Glossy mirror like finish, UV coated, scratch resistant aluminum; appropriate moist environment
  • Silent uncovered quartz procedure. Requires one AA battery (perhaps not included)
  • Silver colored hour, minute and second arms
  • Figures are printed included in the image

Best Vlogger Ever fun task pride present for worlds best vlogging work Desk Clock is a fantastic complement to any space in your home or office. Made from durable high grade aluminum. This frameless clock has a high gloss mirror like, UV coated, scratch resistant finish and is ideal for a moist environment. Measures 6″ x 6″ and requires one AA battery; maybe not included. Battery box just isn’t covered.

List Cost: $ 45.34

Cost: $ 27.99

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Solve these systems of equations. Please shoe work.?

June 23rd, 2014

Question by Leo: Solve these systems of equations. Please shoe work.?



Best answer:

Answer by alli

Add your own answer in the comments!

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Mixing drinks is hard work

April 6th, 2014

Some cool mix drinks images:

Mixing drinks is hard work
mix drinks

Image by Stv.

Mixed Drinks?! My favorite kind!
mix drinks

Image by urbanbohemian

Mixed Drink at Naha Restaurant
mix drinks

Image by Muy Yum

Only Drinks

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How do shutters work when recording video in DSLRs?

March 15th, 2014
video recording

Question by Charly: How do shutters work when recording video in DSLRs?
I checked out the tech specs for the Canon 5D Mark II and saw that the amount of guaranteed shutter cycles is only about 300,000, meaning, I assume, that the mechanical shutter is only guaranteed to take about 300,000 photos, right?

But then what happens when it is recording video? At a 30 frames per second standard NTSC video, then that means after only about 2 hours of shooting, the camera would have already gone through hundreds of thousands of shutter cycles. So what am I missing? Since there has to be a shutter speed to record video, then the shutter has to move, it can’t just stay open the whole time, right? If it can, then that would solve the problem of going though its shutter cycles in only a few hours, but then why is a physical shutter not needed to record video, but it is needed to take a photo?

Best answer:

Answer by MixedMojo
The sensor operates in live view during DSLR video recording. The cameras shutter remains open and does not actuate in the way you’re thinking it does. The video fps is accomplished by what is known as “rolling shutter”, which energizes the sensor from one end, to the other, in a scanning motion much like a CRT television scans each line very quickly (so quickly, at 30 fps your eyes can’t discern the scanning), which does not require a physical shutter to open and close. This is why manufacturers warn in the owner’s manual that the camera will become hot after prolonged video recording and may overheat and shut down. The sensor is basically on the whole time, which generates heat. So FYI, a DSLR is not the best thing to use for video recording. I’ve said it many times here, in many answers before yours. HDSLR video is a fad, an unimportant feature thrown in new cameras to get people to buy the camera. A DSLR’s form factor is not ideal for serious videography, although many “photographers” would claim that it is a function which should merit some form of respect. I regard those photographers as bozos. There is no way. Still shooters don’t do video, never have, never will.

Do what you want. But know that DSLR’s have inherent flaws in the video capability which do not lend them to be adept at it. Yes, even $ 3000 DSLR’s can’t do it better than a $ 3000 video camera. But a video camera can’t operate like a DSLR. So if you favor video, stick to a video camera. If you favor still photography, stick to a DSLR. If you like both, prepare to part with more of your money.

Give your answer to this question below!


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Developing a Service Catalog – The Strategies to Make it Work!

March 5th, 2014

Developing a Service Catalog – The Strategies to Make it Work!
Event on 2014-03-19 12:00:00

About the Program

IT Service Management is rooted in the idea of managing and delivering services, not operating and maintaining systems and technology.  This presentation will discuss how this is often a major paradigm shift (or culture change) with IT teams as most “techies” are extremely well versed in current and trending technology, but struggle with the concept of providing a “service”.  The objectives of this presentation include:

• Defining and discussing the general contents of an integrated Service Catalog.
• Detailing the Service Catalog’s relative importance to effective IT Service Management
• Providing tips on how to define, design, and deploy a robust Service Catalog

About the Speaker

As a pioneer in internet based commerce, Brian Flora began his career in IT by founding in 1995 while still in college at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa.  Brian later went on to work for other internet startups, including As System Architect and IT Director, he managed the delivery of 24×7 high availability, mission critical IT services during GoDaddy’s phenomenal growth from 28 employees to over 2000 in less than 4 years. In 2006, Brian co-founded Beyond20 and has since helped hundreds of organizations across industries and sectors manage complex infrastructure through effective processes.  When he's not at work, Brian actively competes in endurance sports and has competed numerous Ironman triathlons.



12:00 Noon to 12:30 PM – Lunch and Networking
12:30 PM to 1:50 PM – Program
1:50 PM to 2:00 PM – Survey, Prize Drawing
2:00 PM – Meeting Ends

at The Washington Court Hotel
525 New Jersey Avenue NW
Washington, United States

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Work That Needs Doing in the Senate

February 10th, 2014

Check out these Senate images:

Work That Needs Doing in the Senate
Image by SEIU International
(October 11, 2011) In advance of the Senate vote on the American Jobs Act, unemployed workers and their supporters gathered on Capitol Hill for a prayer vigil to urge the passage of the bill. – Washington, DC – Photo by David Sachs / SEIU

The three chairs in the Senate
Image by warthog9
Can you see those three chairs in the senate? Those are very special chairs indeed! The one in the center, and in front, is reserved for the Speaker of the Senate. The larger, more ornate one on the left is reserved for the Queen, or in her absense the Governor General, and the one to the right is reserved for the Queen’s husband or the Governor General’s husband.

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