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PARKING PASSES ONLY Washington Nationals at New York Mets

August 24th, 2016

PARKING PASSES ONLY Washington Nationals at New York Mets
Event on 2016-09-03 19:11:00

at Citi Field Parking
12601 Roosevelt Ave.
Flushing, United States

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Museum of Television and Radio New York

June 7th, 2016

The museum is situated at 25th West 52 Street in the middle of the Manhattan Town, New York. The purpose of establishing a museum is to keep the record of all the television and radio programs and to inform the public that how the media has influenced our culture and society. The museum is also known as “The Paley Center for Media”.


The museum was founded by William S. Paley, in 1975. The museum was first built in East 53 Street, later it expanded and moved to a new building, designed by Philip Johnson. In 1996, the California State opened a similar kind of museum in Los Angeles.

The museum has so many screening rooms and theatres. It has two large theatres and a large library equipped with a large collection of video. Individual and family consoles are available to watch move individually or with family or group.

What’s To Do and See?

Most of the collection which is kept in the museum is one that has an impact on the society and culture. It is said that there are more than one hundred and twenty thousand programs are kept in the museum. Some programs which are kept in the museum are more than 90 years old. Museum also has a comprehensive collection of classical radio announcements from 1918 to 2010. Some modern television series are also included in the collection of museum such as Friends and Desperate Housewives.

Examples of the Collection

The Museum of Television and Radio offers more than seven hundred videos from around the globe. This collection of overseas programs is available in different categories such as language, culture and mental.

The theatres in the museum are used to broadcast popular television series to the visitors. All kind of programs are offered in the theatres. Museum also has a large collection of commercial programs as well that were broadcasted in the early twentieth century.

The museum offers many public programs where many professional people, journalists and actors are brought together. The purpose of these programs is to raise the awareness about the history of television programs in people.

The museum offers a lot of interesting collection for children as well. The collection includes classic and contemporary programs that children will love to enjoy. The Recreating Radio workshops are offered which help children and parents to learn about the sound effects, reading script etc.

The museum also has a gift store located on the main floor that offers a lot of interesting things to visitors.

Museum of Television & Radio Tourism Information

You can reach to museum through public transportation such as subway line, bus, taxi cab. The adults’ admission ticket cost $ 10. Students and seniors are charged $ 8 and children under 14 are charged $ 5 per admission. It also offers membership program as well. Members gets discount in public programs.

The museum remains open from Wednesday to Sunday. The opening hours from Wednesday to Sunday are 12pm to 5 pm. On Thursday, the timing is from 12pm to 8pm. Taking snapshots or using camcorders is prohibited.

You might be interested in learning about New York Museum of Television and Radio and also New York Museum of the City

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The Latest York Campaign

May 28th, 2015

This New York Campaign
Event on 2015-06-14 13:30:00

The campaign of 1776 went from longer Island to Pennsylvania and right back through nj. Concentrated primarily inside nyc area, many big battles, with all the Uk chasing Washington's fledgling military until, emboldened, Washington counterattacked inside brilliant dual victory of Trenton & Princeton. This illustrated lecture will cover the males, commanders, and battles of this exciting and important campaign. Presenter: Michael Sheehan.

at Stony Aim Battlefield State Historic Website
44 Battlefield Road
Stony Point, United States

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Fake Barack Obama Pranks Nyc!

April 26th, 2015

Shop Joggers, SnapBacks, Cargos & More Another Fake Celebrity Prank: Subscribe:…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Sightseeing Nyc With a Film-Buff Boyfriend

March 18th, 2015

Sightseeing nyc together with your boyfriend in tow could be difficult. Most likely if you were with your girlfriends you wouldnt have qualms about investing an afternoon in Bloomingdales or dragging them halfway around East Village to be able to get photo taken standing on the actions alongside Carries apartment. When its your boyfriend but somethings surely got to provide. So if youre thinking about watching a fashion show at Macys or checking out the Gossip woman Hotel, ensure that you indulge your boyfriends passion by ordering a pizza from restaurant found in Men in Ebony II, or looking into the Ghostbusters fire place.

Grab a Bite using the guys in Ebony

The man you’re dating is bound to inform you that sightseeing ny and a clear stomach just do not mix. So before he, or his belly, have the chance to grumble, whisk him away to Bens Pizza, that is essentially the most famous pizza joint into the entire of New York City. Unfortunately, Rosario Dawson wont be serving you, but that doesnt signify you shouldnt stop by 177 Spring Street for a slice for the restaurants greasy pepperoni pizza, with probably the most readily useful crust youre ever prone to sample.

Visit Spidermans Home

From New Yorks most readily useful pizza, to getting together with brand new Yorks most well-known pizza distribution child! A lot of the Spiderman trilogy ended up being shot around la, however, if you take the subway to Queens you are able to still understand youth home where Spiderman lived along with his Aunt Dorothy. Spidermans road is 69th Street between Metropolitan Avenue and Sybilla Street in Forest Hills. Whilst youre in Queens perhaps you are tempted to wander uptown to 92nd Street near Elmhurst Avenue. This is the target of Betty Sanchez from Ugly Betty while the mint-green, colonial home that she lives in is a popular attraction for those sightseeing ny.

Relive Karens Disastrous Double Date at Salernos

Another movie filmed around Queens is Goodfellas, and the Italian restaurant Salernos, based at Hillside Avenue on Richmond Hill, Queens, is recalled to be the area that Hill took Karen on their very first disastrous dual date. Obviously, Hill was able to wow Karen later by whisking the lady through home at old Copacabana Nightclub, based at 10 East 60th Street at Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. The nightclub could have since closed you could nevertheless understand entrance useful for the electrifying tracking shot.

Who You Likely To Call?

The tiny firestation that serves as the Ghostbusters Headquarters is, in reality, a real building and can be viewed whenever sightseeing brand new Yorks Tribeca area. The 8 Hook and Ladder is based at 14 North Moore Street and is nevertheless a functional firehouse. But a decommissioned building in l . a . ended up being used in the Ghostbusters movie the interiors.

Norman Osborns Apartment in Spiderman

In Manhattan you can visit the apartment of Norman Osborn, Spideys arch-nemesis. Normans apartment at 5 Tudor City destination at East 41st Street ratings a hat-trick for your film-buff boyfriend, because it ended up being house to no less than three iconic movies. Tom Hanks character lived in Splash, Norman Osborn in Spiderman and most famously it had been the house associated with intended bomb victim because cult-movie classic Scarface.

Marta Sanders-Cooper may be the New York Destination Professional for Shorex, specialising in unique and unmissable, expert-led trips & excursions in major towns worldwide, to get the best in city sightseeing. Ny trips are custom made and constructed from an extensive menu of activities, destinations and excursions, many of that are unique to Shorex.

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New York Giants @ Washington Redskins Highlights | LIVE 9-25-14

December 19th, 2014

Movie Rating: 4 / 5

Denzel Washington gave an Oscar worthy performance in this controversial film…Malcolm X.. One of the great actors with this time…without concern..
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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November 13th, 2014

Occasion on 2014-12-06 14:00:00
WOW! “DIDN’T KNOW MY OWN STRENGTH” DEBUTS IN NYC on historic United states Theatre of Actors! – 314 W. 54th Street, New York, NEW YORK! TIS THE GROWING SEASON! Unrelenting stamina is what this uprising playwright has! On December 5th 2014 the phenomenal, riveting, effective and refreshing phase manufacturing “DIDN'T UNDERSTAND MY VERY OWN STRENGTH” will debut in the “BIG APPLE”! Yes, New York! From birthing place of “Brick City” and residents of “Franklin County”, this humble playwright brings an exceptional cast to grace the exact same stage of few greats of our generation like Denzel Washington, Bruce Willis , & Denis Quaid. Kick off this season's with great CHEER & VICTORY! You've SURVIVED another 12 MONTHS! Celebrate LIFETIME with this amazing cast! Featuring the talented Steven Strickland, Gareth E. Lawson, Dr. Barbar Clark, Terri Cann-Adofo, Sadeeah Bunch, Paul Edme, Sophie Schondorf, Regan Farrar, Kayla Stewart, Nathan Lewis, Luis Mendoza, Emi Asano, Gavel Phoenix, Sonja Kirkwood, Neil Mayers and Elyse Ingram with unique visitor look 5 occasions Tiffany leading of IN-A-WAY, Michael T Baker! Even though the importunate statesman insists that life is a long journey, as well as the feral and bungled logician exclaims it really is a conference; short and invariably comes to an end desolately, the proven smart categorically refutes both modest standpoints. Whether it’s a journey or a conference, life's provides for the taking are innumerable and copious. From arcane knowledge for the curious brain and mesmerizing beauty the beholden attention, toward saintly virtues for the viceless soul. Nevertheless, whilst the journey (Or event) unfolds, life's human being transients are awed whenever life abruptly acts misfortunate and needs full servitude to imposed verdict. Inside remarkable story Didn't Know my personal power (DKMOS), artistically and gloriously depicted are common gents and ladies whom championed the explanation for their misfortune and became fighting warriors. After enduring invidious and varying ordeals from stigma and effectation of the medical cataclysm known as Cancer, indignant presence dictated by domestic violence, to mourning departed beloved, salvaging destructed belongings and reconstructing tattered houses post nature's usually destructive outbursts. DKMOS duly glorifies the part of families and united communities – as well as not likely allies, and illuminates for general public notice how their untiring help sways victims' once apparently hapless quandary to be a long-lapsed but rousing story. It’s the story of ordinary individuals who emerged triumphant after a lengthy and vehemently resented session with helplessness, indignity, and uncertainty. DKMOS is a chance at play; to witness frozen faces whenever misfortune strikes, irrepressible tears whenever helplessness follows, and finally have your long-awaited turn to increase in full admiration for the heartening ending as victims of life's monstrous part reclaim their straight to fight for a misfortune-free life. Synopsis By: Mohamed Boto Playwright & Executive Producer: Michael G Carr Co-Producer: Mohamed Boto Director: Dwayne Hickman Assistance Director: Dwyane Clark GENERAL – .00

314 W 54th Street
Ny, United States

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André Rieu – The music regarding the evening (reside in new york)

September 3rd, 2014

André Rieu & the Johann Strauss Orchestra doing “The music of Night” Live in Radio City Music Hall, new york. For concert times see: http://w…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Americahas got skill 2014 - Radio City Music Hall - Extreme

Americahas Talent 2014 – Radio City Music Hall – Extreme.
Movie Rating: 5 / 5

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a tour of Washington Heights in Manhattan, new york (component One)

August 24th, 2014

a tour of Washington Heights in Manhattan, New York City (Part One)

September 4th 2013 a short drive through my old stomping ground. Washington Heights is high in history and architecture and well worth a trip. The video clip cam…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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New York Mets vs Washington Nationals

July 25th, 2014

New York Mets vs Washington Nationals
Event on 2014-09-13 19:10:00

at Citi Field
12001 Roosevelt Avenue
Corona, United States

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