12/31/11 – Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-GA) Delivers Weekly GOP Address On Commitments For 2012

May 1st, 2012

In the Weekly Republican Address, Georgia Sen. Johnny Isakson lays out the commitments Republicans have for the American people for the new year. Sen. Isakson says, “It’s no secret that the number one issue facing our country is jobs. So the number one goal of the Republicans for 2012 is to continue to make it easier for American small businesses to create jobs. We’ll accomplish this by focusing on three things: fundamental tax reform, regulatory reform and energy security.” Concerning tax reform, Sen. Isakson says, “We should lower tax rates, do away with certain specialized and targeted tax deductions, broaden the tax base and close loopholes. Many of these suggestions were included in President Obama’s own deficit commission’s proposal, the Simpson-Bowles plan. Unfortunately, the President chose to ignore that plan. Congress cannot wait any longer to get our nation’s fiscal house in order. This means tackling the nearly .5 trillion in additional debt that the Obama Administration has racked up in just the past three years. Democrats have pushed over and over again to raise taxes on the American families and small businesses to pay for their unsustainable spending habits. This is absolutely the wrong solution, especially in a time of a recession. Instead, we must dig our way out of this debt by reforming our tax system, cutting spending and extending opportunity for businesses to grow.” On regulations, Sen. Isakson says, “In 2012, Republicans will continue to fight to
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  1. sogero2 says:


  2. ncrdisabled says:

    How about cheaper heath care . I am on medicare and still can not afford my meds. I reach the donuts hole in 3 months . Then I would have to put out 1/2 of what? I get per year form social security. Close it now!!

  3. Jimania says:

    Isakson makes a video in an election year, hmmm. Why have I not seen or heard of Isakson during Obama’s reign of marxism? I hear Isakson’s words but he needs to show me that he is willing to raise hell and be vocal on reversing 50+ years of socialism. Reverse socialist doctrines, elminate socialist control like the Dept of Ed, EPA,? etc., ferret out communists and marxists in our government, eliminate “circuit courts” that try to create laws from the Bench, and most of all eliminate the IRS!!!

  4. chilich33z says:

    Fuck this loser?

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