9/11 Mystery E-4B Doomsday Plane Over Washington DC

March 25th, 2012

The E-4B’s official designation is the National Emergency Airborne Command Post (NEACP), pronounced “knee-cap.” But the aircraft is more commonly known as the “doomsday plane,” because its premier function is to serve as a flying command, control and communications (C3) center in the event of a national emergencyor nuclear war. When the president travels on Air Force One, an E-4B usually follows behind the presidential entourage. Unlike Air Force One, however, the E-4B can be refueled in midair and so has considerably greater range. For this reason, when the president goes abroad on long trips he occasionally flies on an E-4B to save travel time. The plane also doubles as a mobile office for the Secretary of Defense. Recently, for example, when the newly appointed Defense Secretary Robert Gates traveled to London for talks with Prime Minister Tony Blair, he rode on an E-4B. According to various reports, his predecessor, Donald Rumsfeld, often used the plane, and much preferred it. A recent article in the Air Force Civil Engineer describes the E-4B as “a truly amazing” aircraft, and provides more details about its impressive specs. The 0 million dollar aircraft has all of the advanced electronics needed for world-wide communication. If Air Force One can be accurately described as a flying White House, then, the E-4B is a substitute pentagon. The plane’s electronics cover the full radio spectrum, from extremely low frequency (ELF) to high frequency (UHF). Which enables
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1/09/10 Globetrotters played the Generals at the Pepsi Center, Denver CO. Here they’re seen giving their interpretation of the NFL. Funny seeing football played on a basketball court, especially with rewind. Here with the likes of Firefly, Flight Time, Dizzy, Big Easy, Prince, and more… THE MAGICIANS OF BASKETBALL…For 84 tremendous years, the Harlem Globetrotters have thrilled audiences around the world. Today, a new generation of stars carries on this storied tradition with timeless basketball exhibitions.
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22 Responses

  1. voodoowichdoctor says:

    the real reason the? doomsday plane took off

  2. rejco100 says:

    Chaney was hiding in a secret room at the VP Home, hiding? under the bed with a bottle of Jack Daniels & his Teddy Bear

  3. steafandubhuidhe says:

    Cheney’s “undisclosed location”, no? doubt.

  4. hawkdreaming says:

    @wyoraider86 … i agree. a very important layer. and to add something to this, i have noticed what has to be the exact same aircraft? (or one like it) in video of flight 175 hitting the tower. it is flying the exact same track as 175 but is maybe a mile or more further away. i am trying to find the best videos of it… it is in some clips of the ‘side-on’ videos, and can be seen at about the 2 o’clock position as the camera pans toward the right during the explosion from impact. this is huge

  5. pekinobo says:

    Sure, 4 planes crashed, 3 hit their target and a mysterious aircraft isn´t a big deal on the very same day? I wonder when Lee? Hamilton is gonna performe his stand up comedian act, if he does a world tour I´m buying a ticket.

  6. OzzyPatriot says:

    I LOOKED like a plane used to coordinate the attacks of 911.

    But it was? just ‘swamp gas’.

  7. wolfdaddy205 says:

    ,,pay no attention to your brains people,?
    go back to sleep,
    the gov just luvs gettin’ paid to lie to u.s.

  8. wyoraider86 says:

    Very? good video I have been waiting for one on the E4B…I’m reading a book on it right now and It’s one of the pieces of the puzzle that often falls through the cracks…It adds yet another layer to story

  9. FreedumbFighter28 says:

    Great collection of footage……?

  10. maria610421 says:

    The People who call themselves Israelis, was behind the attack, the expert planning comes from good training, and persision. The world and their Dog know who was behind the attack, to get the Americans into another war, it was another pearl Harbour, another Liberty, another King David style? attack, another WW1 & WW2, Bankersters operation, like funding Hitler in WW2. Fund all sides of every war garantees Max profits, the Rocketeers of war and the blood of the fools who can’t wait to die.

  11. benna197 says:

    The laughing was? annoying

  12. 539124516 says:

    2:28 ?? ???

  13. ThyDisciple13 says:

    Gotta give props to the Generals,? they nailed that rewind bit perfectly.

  14. aubie358 says:

    was it the boobcats or the globetrotters playing at the? begging

  15. aubie358 says:


  16. TheDezert says:

    i just wanna smack the fuck out of the person who laughs like? a retard… sry but just feel like that atm…

  17. TheReKT says:

    the person recording and laughing got me annoyed >.

  18. XxMultix says:

    @jonathanazn24? Jump on it

  19. XxMultix says:

    That? laugh was getting annoying o.o

  20. RadicalRattleMusic says:

    man if they were allowed in the nba they? would beat the hell outta every team in there, lol…

  21. jonathanazn24 says:

    What was the cowboy song?? Tell me plz!!!?

  22. mikeswag12 says:

    Sachems suck a dick don’t judge ppl by there laugh they probably got abs so shet the hell up? or suck a dick

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