Ace Combat: Assault Horizon First Playthrough – Mission 17: ‘Akula’ & Ending Credits

February 3rd, 2012

With only simulated radar data to go on, the remaining members of Warwolf flight head to Washington DC Lo and behold, they find the air ablaze with allies and splinter Russians as they arrive. Will Markov show up? And what will Bishop do if Akula appears? LOL @ fistpump LOL @ Bishop x Rehl (Will x Jan) pairing hint (doujin mangas are bound to arise XD) So here we go, this brings about the ending of my first-time playthrough recording session. The Ace Combat 4 thing I mentioned in the previous part might not happen. Whenever the scene changes, the resolution keeps shifting and forcing the footage to cut and refresh. This happens during all the transitions into briefings and story scenes, thus cutting off the first few seconds. When it comes to the briefings, which feature awesome music…that is unacceptable.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Intelligence and Law Enforcement Traitors. Protect the investigation, not the public? Protect the Patriot Act, not the public? Also see: The Terror Of Threat September 22, 2009 Senator Leahy Introduces Bill To Amend Patriot Act: Sections Of The Patriot Act Are Due To Expire On December 31, 2009. WASHINGTON Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy (D-VT) today introduced legislation to amend sections of the Patriot Act that are due to expire on December 31 and limit the controversial and problematic library records and national security letter provisions of the Act. Todays proposed legislation comes on the heels of an alternative bill introduced last week by Senate Judiciary Committee Subcommittee on the Constitution Chairman Senator Russell Feingold (D-WI) and Judiciary Committee member Senator Richard Durbin (D-IL) also aimed at fixing the Patriot Act. That bill, the JUSTICE Act, would not only amend the provisions beyond the three that are set to expire this year, but would insert privacy and civil liberties safeguards into each section of the Patriot Act, the FISA Amendments Act and other overly broad surveillance laws. The American Civil Liberties Union testified about the Patriot Act today before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution, Civil Rights and Civil Liberties. The Senate Judiciary Committee will hold its own hearing on Wednesday. The following can be attributed to Michael Macleod-Ball, Acting Director of the ACLU

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  1. icecreamtub123 says:

    @icecreamtub123 soz i ment? think

  2. icecreamtub123 says:

    @Squirreldeath coz guts says Colonol? wheres? number 6 and warwolf three said something similer i thing

  3. COD04MW says:

    @Squirreldeath He gets reminded o? what Guts said in “Aftermath”

  4. Squirreldeath says:

    Why does he say “Guts- damn!” All? of a sudden?

  5. rapha21021997 says:

    @omglowtf66 have you? liked this game?

  6. SporeLegacy says:

    13:48? Markov hacked your XBL D:

  7. seccery says:

    Hardest and most ridiculous fight in ACE series~

    Endless flares, auto-recovering, impossibly high HP, crazy conter-maneuver, and, most annoyingly, none of my ally planes can give him a single shoot!! These make AKULA the bastard a “legend”,which shoot me down for over 30 times.

    After 2 days in this mission with all kinds of failure, I now truely understand what is UNFAIR ! it`s “the game plays you, instead you play the? game” ACAH sucks !

  8. rangersneak says:

    Wait… you have a gamertag called Tomcat 171? Huh, my brother used to use Tomcat 71. You just? brought back memories of us dogfighting with each other.

  9. magickingsly says:

    I know im being a ass for pointing this out even if its just the credits but just saying? at 26:10 those AA got horrible aim….

  10. AceCmbatguy26 says:

    thats what? i call action packed…

  11. ranmoru456 says:

    i wish that the next ace combat franchise would be back at strangereal and that it would be focusing on the so-called mysterious “Razgriz? Air Command Squadron”

  12. rapha21021997 says:

    how is the guy at? the chopper 31:40 ? D-Ray?

  13. AceCmbatguy26 says:

    btw for? special ending go to 31:40

  14. mayood247 says:

    He said next like? a boss..

  15. arafat88ryu says:

    You right Ace… that shark bastard can pull some deadly counter maneuvers. But still, Sulejmani’s insane ace evasion stunts are legendary (I? doubt that anyone be able to copy it). XD
    Again another great AC playthrough done by our Ace! ;D
    Well, I better continue with your AC5 playthrough… XP

  16. TheBestArrow1802 says:

    two deaths later…..? xDDDD

  17. MetrolinkTrain638 says:

    24:59 I thought he was? gonna punch her

  18. qualityrkc says:

    @LJterp80 “If we didn’t? give him a fake one somebody else would have given him a real one” IS THIS LOGIC OR EMOTION? Can you prove your assertion?

  19. niverent says:

    This? guy looks insane.

  20. freakafarian says:

    liars and? thieves.

  21. ThisWeekInFascism says:

    Intelligence and Law Enforcement is the problem here, not the State Department or our form of self-government (*attention teabagger-traitors). What Patrick F. Kennedy is saying here is that the State Dept. takes orders from Intelligence and Law Enforcement, not the other way around. What this video shows is a man who has been threatened by Intelligence and Law Enforcement much like an unwilling witness testifying against the mob. They’re both guilty. One more than the other, obviously.?

  22. GunClingingPalin says:

    So they will allow the underwear bomber to kill all aboard the plane to catch some larger network? What is larger than? 1 terrorist taking down a plane FULL of people?

  23. lickdacat2 says:

    @JordanSageWrites He was just telling the truth. The government has staged every terror attack from? Oklahoma City to 9-11 with the help of Israel.

  24. lickdacat2 says:

    @TheChegis Was the audio there 6? hours ago. I just tried to find it and every video on the internet has this part taken out…..

  25. ItsAboutWhatUDo says:

    Also if reptilians exist then Patrick F. Kennedy is one of them. His eyes r creepy, i swear one eye is bigger than the other and he is always looking all over? the place.

  26. lickdacat2 says:

    This video is incomplete, he stated that the CIA requested he be put onto the plane. This part? was removed from the video or was in the part where the audio was gone.

  27. ItsAboutWhatUDo says:

    This also shows that every terrorist attack has something with our government behind it. 911 was an inside job & if u dont think so then ur the ones that r disgracing the families of? the victims.

  28. MrSchpankme says:

    Al-Queda? (the database), you have to know the names of the people your paying for terrorist activities.

  29. smuttierthanu says:

    is it just me….. or is this asshole lying his ass? off…..WTF…….this is crazy

  30. 4624tone says:

    THe ka da wa ba sa ra , studerin prick , nervious? as hell, wanted to give up the govt.., tried under his breath…WEre fucked in the USA! Knew for yrs., since 911 terorism was a planned myth to steal our freedoms from us….Fuck that.,

  31. RustyL121 says:

    Massive? cover-up happening.

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