ACI – Air Florida Flight 90

April 3rd, 2012

Air Florida Flight 90 was an Air Florida flight of a Boeing 737-222 airliner that crashed into the 14th Street Bridge across the Potomac River in Washington, DC on January 13, 1982 immediately after takeoff in a severe snowstorm. The accident claimed the lives of 78 people, including four motorists on the 14th Street Bridge. However, a few survivors from the shattered aircraft were rescued from the icy river by a combination of heroic efforts of civilians and professionals. Some of that heroism was commended during President Ronald Reagan’s State of the Union speech a few days later. The National Transportation Safety Board determined that the cause of the accident was pilot error. The pilots failed to switch on the engines’ internal anti-icing equipment, used reverse thrust in a snow storm prior to take-off, and failed to abort takeoff per FAA regulations even after detecting a power problem while taxiing, and visually identifying ice and snow buildup on the wings.

Shot on September 15, 2008. We take off from the 30th Street Heliport and fly south down the Hudson River. We fly by lower Manhattan and Ground Zero. We then fly over Ellis Island and around the Statue of Liberty. We now head north up the East River by the South Street Pier and over the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges. Now in Midtown we fly by the iconic Empire State Building and the United Nations. We then turn inland as we fly over Roosevelt Island and around the Queensboro Bridge. We turn north and fly over Central Park and then over to the Bronx. After circling Yankee Stadium, both the old and new, it’s around the George Washington Bridge and back south down the Hudson River. We fly past Grant’s Tomb and then it’s back to midtown for landing back at the 30th Street Heliport. Zip Aviation was the company hired for this Grand Island tour. Full length videos can be found on my web site @
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  1. jeffhardynumber says:

    ratings bar? looks like a HB pencil

  2. Orangebike666 says:

    It is not bad that the commercials were left in? the video…. Just reminds me of shitty commercials.

  3. matta3333 says:

    His bones were? broken in 67 places and he functioned?! WHAT?!

  4. MrLucasRiley says:

    The airline declared bankruptcy in the wake of this crash. It ceased operations in ’84 and sold off its assets to other? airlines.

  5. Ilovekirby says:

    I never even heard of “Air Florida”
    Did it merge before the mid? 1990s when I was born?

  6. MrPixarGuy says:

    Not? ACI

  7. radudeATL says:

    Commercials?? Weird.

  8. mmichaeldonavon says:

    Have worked “high EPR” indication problems. Lots of times there were leaks in the forward “PT-0” probe lines (to the transducer). The engine section probes, PT-7, cause the EPR gauges to go “high”; the PT-0 probe inputs pressures cause the EPR gauges to read lower – thus, the two pressures “balance”, at the transducer, and the cockpit gauges will be the correct “Engine Pressure Ratio” (of engine inlet press vs.? exhaust press). No input from the front probes (outside the eng), high reading.

  9. epopchock says:

    I could ask the same? question.

  10. RbVDK says:

    focking adverts!!! Why didn’t you simply edit them? out??

  11. imcapnberry says:

    all the captain had to do was firewall it? and everything would have fine

  12. Fanik10 says:

    Let us all remember the Flight 90 distaster on the 30th Anniversary. Many lost, few saved, 1 expert helicoptor pilot, 1 medic fighting the odds,? 1 selfless man, 1 passenger refusing to die on his son’s birthday and 2 brave civilians.

  13. mattxr2i says:


  14. noreason2701 says:

    how big is? ur pennis

  15. jstrawse says:

    I was in the area that? day , and as it started to snow our contruction company shut the job down for the day so I headed home to Pa. I got home about 3 pm and watched it on the news that evening, I told my wife how we just crossed that bridge earlier today on the way home . I will never forget watching that woman clinging on to the life line from the helicopter.

  16. LuLyouMaD says:

    hey i did this? in GTA4

  17. FlyBot791 says:

    Wouldn’t live any where else. Great video! I? live on International and do computer repair house calls. WNYComputerRepair

  18. drzlajke says:

    its? 150$

  19. afridi310us says:

    Love NY.? Great city in world.I have been in in this great city for past 25 years.

  20. tranquiliz3r23 says:

    thats what? makes New York special…

  21. Demon01313 says:

    you wouldnt understand the magnitude of how? awesome it is until youve been there

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